Report: Monroe County, TN officials threaten citizens distributing information about local corruption


Contact: George Raudenbush (423) 761-9518, Daniel Morgan (423) 519-6540

Tellico Plains, Sweetwater and Madisonville are in close proximity within Monroe County, TN

(Jul. 29, 2010) — MONROE COUNTY, Tenn. — Christian Citizens against Corruption.

Monroe County Tennessee Sheriff Bill Bivins wasn’t very happy when Christian Citizens against Corruption sent a news release two days ago through a Christian News Wire service implicating him in an attempted murder plot and may connect his office to the recent murder of Monroe County Election Commissioner Chairman, Jim Miller.

Two Christian Citizens against Corruption workers reported attempting to leave a parking lot of an East Tennessee Health Care Facility around 3:00 pm yesterday when a black Ford F-150 pulled up behind them blocking the workers’ vehicle from moving. The car’s driver, Daniel Morgan, identified the driver of the black truck as Travis Jones, a detective of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department. Wearing no uniform and showing no badge or identification, he angrily ordered the driver and passengers out of the vehicle. Mr. Jones made a holstered gun visible during the ordeal.

Fearing for the safety of his passengers, Mr. Morgan cautioned the passengers in the vehicle from leaving the vehicle as detective Jones was not displaying typical police behavior. According to passengers, Travis Jones was forced to move his truck as an ambulance became impatient with him blocking the road. Mr. Jones left the scene after he observed Mr. Morgan making a cell phone call to state officials, during which he made a police report of the incident to Sergeant Kevin Smith of the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

Later, CCC workers encountered an employee of the Sweetwater Valley Oil Mart (a BP Station in Tellico Plains) who stated that she had orders from Melinda Bivins not to receive any Christian New Wire releases at that store. Sweetwater Valley Oil denied that a Melinda Bivins worked in their office. Melinda Bivins is a relative of the sheriff.

Mr. Morgan’s father, Scott Morgan, was jailed a little over a month ago for exposing corrupt public officials. Sherriff Bivins retaliated in response to an earlier press release by Daniel Morgan by sending Scott Morgan into a concrete isolation bunker where prisoners are severely punished, tortured, injured and maimed. God performed a miracle according to Scott Morgan, “I prayed and God safely released me back in with the other prisoners unharmed. Prayer had saved my life.”

The CCC asks everyone to pray for Sherriff Bivins.

Every American citizen is endowed with an inherent right and responsibility to hold public officials accountable.

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