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by Ron Ewart

Who has charged the "Nuisance Abatement Team" with unconstitutionally entering private homes?

(Jul. 26, 2010) —You can kiss Fourth Amendment protections against illegal search and seizure goodbye.  Those protections no longer exist.  Your home is no longer your castle; it is the government’s domain to do with as they will.  Jack-booted thugs, and we do mean thugs, can come on your land, come into your home with guns drawn, search your home at will and make a shambles of it, take what they want, write you up for alleged violations, terrorize you and then walk off without a by-your-leave ….. all without the benefit of a warrant, signed by a judge for probable cause of a crime having been committed.  That’s right!  It is happening right now in the rural areas of Los Angeles County and it is coming to a county or city you live in, if it isn’t there already.

We have predicted for years that if government keeps writing law after law after law, eventually people will stop obeying an ever-rising plethora of stupid laws.  Government, in response to citizen resistance, will call out the jack-booted thugs, the goon squads, or the equivalent of the Nazi Secret Service, to force you into compliance with the law by fear, intimidation and threat of huge fines and jail sentences for non-compliance.  We further predicted that in the end, America would become a police state.  It appears that it already has.

Los Angeles County, in response to rural non-compliance of environmental ordinances, has formed what they call the “Nuisance Abatement Team”.  The enraged locals call it the NAT squad.  The name sounds innocuous enough but its name camouflages what it is and does.  The County has given the “Team” broad authority to come on your land and force compliance with draconian environmental law, literally at the point of a gun.  They are dressed in black swat team clothing with complete police force equipment and they are armed with police side arms and M-15 rapid-fire rifles, tear gas, stun grenades and other armament.  The SWAT team arrives at your property, unannounced, in several black SUV’s with black tinted windows.  You can’t see in, but they can see out.  They swarm out of the SUV’s and surround your home.  In true Nazi from, they are there to strike fear into your hearts and intimidate you by their very presence.  If your dog barks at them, they will shoot your dog.  You will comply, or else they will make an example out of you and you will pay with fines and jail time!  But the good news is, at least they won’t execute you.

Los Angeles County has turned what would normally be civil violations, into misdemeanors and higher crimes.  Having an in-operable vehicle on your property is a crime and you can be punished with fines and imprisonment if you don’t remove it, within a very short time frame.  If you ignore the order to remove it, you are forced to appear in court to defend your alleged crimes.  You are guilty until you can prove your innocence, in direct violation of constitutional law.  If a neighbor files a complaint with the county that ends in police action against you, you cannot confront the actual accuser in court, because now the accuser is the government.  Decisions by the courts are nothing more than rubber stamps of the unconstitutional law they use against you.  Their intent is to “purify” the rural areas to city standards and drive you off of your land if they can.

The basis for these draconian environmental laws was born in the United Nations in June of 1992 at the Rio Conference.  Out of the conference came a position paper entitled Agenda 21.  21 stands for Century 21.  [check out the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, and the Statement of principles for the Sustainable Management of Forests] The United States signed on to the provisions of Agenda 21 at the conference and President Clinton literally codified it into American law with an Executive Order, without a treaty being debated and ratified by the U. S. Congress, as required by the Constitution.  The provisions of Agenda 21, as now written in American law, are unconstitutional, but to our knowledge no one has challenged the ordinances drafted in compliance with Agenda 21 in American courts.  Lower courts uphold the environmental protection laws as written without questioning their constitutionality.

We were contacted by landowners in the Antelope Valley within Los Angeles County and made aware of what was transpiring there with the County’s “Nuisance Abatement Team.”  We could not believe what we were hearing, even though we had predicted this very thing would happen years ago.  We intend to do more individual stories on what Los Angeles County is doing to the landowners of the rural regions of the county, with their Nuisance Abatement Team, aka “goon” squads.  We will also research other such incidents in other counties of America.  It is only through the stories of actual people and their suffering, that others can understand the magnitude of the unconstitutional abuse that is taking place in the rural lands of America.  It is an all-out assault by our government on a minority of Americans who, by in large, feed the rest of us and a good part of the world.  We suggest that you log onto the Antelope Valley website at http://www.theavto.org and see for yourself what these brave rural folks are having to endure at the hands of the Los Angeles County “Nuisance Abatement Team.”

Some might think that these events are isolated to Los Angeles County, but they are not.  Because of the increase of enforcement of environmental law all across America, many counties and cities are resorting to fear and intimidation with heavy-handed police presence and legal sleight-of-hand to subdue the rural population into compliance with environmental ordinances.  These tactics have been used by arrogant governments, despots and dictators throughout history on the rural inhabitants, for two reasons.  People in big cities are easier to control and are dependent on government.  People in rural areas still believe in self-reliance, independence, responsibility ….. and freedom.  They don’t want no “cotton-pickin'” government messing in their lives.  And in America, at least for now, the rural folk own guns.  However, if you can control the rural population with fear and intimidation, you can control the seeds of insurrection, civil war, or revolution.  Remember, it was the independent farmers of the Colonies that made up the rag- tag bunch of irregulars who took on the well-trained British forces in America’s Revolutionary War.

The fact is, dependent people won’t bite the hand that feeds them and a tyrannical government is acutely aware of it.  In contrast, rural, independent people will fight to the death for freedom.  The harder government squeezes them, the greater the likelihood of violence against that government, and the government is squeezing rural landowners real hard right now.  The government will be directly responsible if spasmodic or pandemic violence is the result of their squeezing.

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  1. I live in rural Texas and can guarantee you that if anything similar to this was to approach my closed gate, the SUV’s would not get to my inner fence without casualties. You are correct, Ron, I moved into the country on 70 acres of isolated land to get away from the government and any encroachment by said government will be met with resistance of the strongest kind. I do not need nor want anything the government is involved in. If and when there is a revolutionary move on DC, I will be front and center as our Founding Fathers did. Lock and Load.