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by Stevex09, blogging at http://stevex09.wordpress.com/

Stimulus, auto, mortgage and housing, health care, banking and lending, student loans, financial regulation, energy, environmental regulations, immigration…

In 18 months the Obama regime has taken control of all these industries, and there will be much more to come. (information control and access to the internet)

In a nutshell:

Stimulus: a TRILLION dollar giveaway and payoff to his supporters.

Auto industry:  Bankruptcy and bailouts = preservation of and job security to unions.

Mortgage and housing:  After blocking and stalling regulation of Fannie and Freddie, the very people responsible for the collapse opened the coffers of the American taxpayer and have given a blank check to Fannie and Freddie.

Health care:  The government takeover of one-sixth of the U.S. economy and massive redistribution of wealth.

Banking:  Now that “finance regulation” is being passed to the tune of 2300+ pages of bureaucratic b.s., the government has complete control of everything from the credit bureaus to how big and small banks are run.

Student loans:  The government essentially decides who qualifies for higher education.

Cap & Tax: Soon to come, the surrender of American industry to foreign control. And the surrender of America’s sovereignty.

Immigration: Amnesty on a massive scale. The overwhelming of government social services which is already unsustainable.

All this boils down to the restructuring of the U.S. budget and redistribution of America’s wealth, not just within U.S. borders, but also abroad.

Now that complete control has been secured, it’s going to be interesting to observe the application. The talk about “unintended consequences” is nonsense. There is absolutely nothing “unintended” about it.

The massive deficit created by the Obama regime will soon result in heavy tax increases on virtually everyone. You can bet a VAT (value added tax) will be implemented soon enough. The European-style government control dreamed about by Obama and everyone in the U.S. Congress has become a reality.

America taken down by a fraud, an imposter, … and no one to blame but ourselves.

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  1. The United States Government regrets (fails) to inform the American People that a political coup d’é·tat of your republic has been accomplished by a constitutionally ineligible usurper and his band of criminal associates. You are now subjects under his control. Sorry we couldn’t do anything stop it.
    A coup d’état (English: /ˌkuːdeɪˈtɑː/, French: [ku deta]; plural: coups d’état), or coup, putsch or overthrow, is the sudden unconstitutional deposition of a government, usually by a small group of the existing state establishment—typically the military—to replace the deposed government with another body; either civil or military. A coup d’état succeeds when the usurpers establish their legitimacy if the attacked government fails to thwart them, by allowing their (strategic, tactical, political) consolidation and then receiving the deposed government’s surrender; or the acquiescence of the populace and the non-participant military forces.

    Nothing is going to change until 1) Americans get angry enough or 2) Americans get hungry enough.


    “A republic, if you can keep it.” –Benjamin Franklin

  2. The ignorant yak-ohoes who unthinkingly voted for 0hoe-Ahoe are
    equally responsible as anyone for this disaster.
    I wish that I could have done and said more to educate friends and co-workers. I know that I got thru to most, because they told me so.
    I printed articles for them to read, emailed all the pertinent info for them to research and digest, but I did notice that short, to-the-point info was best at holding their attention and convincing them to share with their groups.

    I could puke on all 0 and the Ohoes are doing…..been so for toooo loooong.

    I know you all feel the same.

    My family and I wish you all the blessings and freedoms we all deserve.

    1. Vic Hern, because of the hate-filled rages that they’d go into when I and others tried to get them to at least question and research on their own, rather than taking our word for it, the background, ideology, and agenda of Oilbama, I detest those who voted for Oilbama and want nothing to do with them. Their devotion to The Won was identical to religious zealism, as if we were questioning and doubting their messiah. They were uninformed then and most remain uninformed now, yet then and now they disrupt conversations and fling accusations of lying, ignorance and racism as if they know it all. The know-it-all know-nothings have hoisted this travesty on America and Americans just as suredly as those with hands-on participation in this silent coup and they continue to impede any progress being made toward correcting and reversing the damage. In a perfect world, not one of them would be allowed to vote or voice an opinion on anything more important than American Idol competitions because that’s where their knowledge and wisdom reaches their end.

      I, for one, will never forgive them and will never count any of them among my friends, nor will I even knowingly associate with any of them.

  3. This is just the beginning, if you look past these takeovers and look deeper into all these 2000 plus page bills and regulations that haven’t been seen or read, there are for sure mechanisms built in to help the Democrats and Obama stay in office. Sad to say, we the American people have sat idly by and watched it all happen right in front of our eyes. Not that there was much we could do when they have stacked the deck, high-jacked our system by ramming through all this legislation, turning a deaf ear to what the people want while brokering their backroom middle of the night deals. I just wonder how long it will take before the nation explodes into massive unrest when they realize that we have probably seen the last legitimate election, if you could call the 2008 election legitimate. After watching the liberals cry and scream racist, throwing tantrums, forgetting their own history of the Democrat created and nurtured KKK, which they now contend was a Republican organization, calling Tea Party patriots KKK racists. Completely forgetting that it was Lincoln and the Republicans that freed the slaves and pushed for equal rights. They have conveniently forgotten that the KKK was and is a liberal Democrat organization. The scariest thing is, the liberals control the media and they are hell-bent on distorting any historic reality. If there is any chance of returning this nation to our founding roots, it must be this November, however, by all indications, watching how the liberals are using the race card, it’s not going to be easy. This could literally be that last chance for the American people to rise up and take our country back. If we the people don’t get these far-left nuts out, you can bet that the next law passed or executive order signed will be to cancel term-limits for the President so that we can have Obama for the rest of our short miserable lives. You might say I’m the crazy one, but think about it. They lied cheated and stole the last election, managed to fundamentally change the entire structure of our nation in less than two years. Obama would love to be another Chavez because he truly believes that with his wealth of knowledge as a community organizer that he knows what’s best for all of us. And the craziest thing is, it’s not only quite possible this could happen, as things look right now, it’s likely. Crazier still are the liberals who still weep and croon over their messiah; they are just as vulnerable to the crushing takeover of American freedom as anyone. It’s amazing how these “Useful Idiots” have lapped up so much Koolaid that they either can’t or don’t want to see it. How is it possible, with all we have learned regarding Obama’s lies and deception, hidden secrets, locked down records, that this guy is anything but a usurper. Yet the media still to this day steadfastly calls anyone questioning Obama’s past a crazy tin-hat wearing lunatic. How is it possible that there is not one single Judge in this country who will stand by their oath and force the truth out of this liar, not one.

    There is only one way to correct this mistake and it’s coming in 100 days. We must all get out there and push the people to get off their lazy butt and vote in November. Friends, neighbors, co-workers, EVERYONE. It can not be a close election this time because we already know how close elections turn out when liberals are involved, like Minnesota where a comedian wins with the votes of felons. If there is one thing we can be sure of, Liberals will go to any length to win and stay in power. And if we look at what they have already done to destroy our country, just think of the damage we can expect with another two years of their incompetent sadistic control.

    The past is the past and as we can see, nobody is going to investigate anything on Obama as long as he is in control, so it’s up to us, American Patriots to get out there and make sure it doesn’t happen again. I would be willing to bet that if the Republicans can win in November, we might finally start seeing some investigations. It’s the last best hope we have. And by the way, if you’re at a Tea Party and see a plant or an infiltrator trying to make the Tea Party look bad, call them out and make mince meat of them. Let the organizers know.

    Don’t let the NAACP or the Liberals control the message. This next few months will be tough, and we might even see some civil unrest as the Liberals become more and more desperate to keep their grip on us, but we must not give in or give up, we must stay steadfast and determined and TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK.


    1. I don’t think you’re crazy, ProudBlackMan. I think – no – I know you’re right.

      For what it’s worth, it’s comforting to me when I hear you, Kevin Jackson and some of the other black Americans who won’t be slilenced speaking out about this false racism crap that the NAACP and New Black Panthers are spreading all over the lamestream media. With so many black Americans remaining silent, it’s impossible to know if they’re in agreement with the radical black groups or if they’re fearful of them because of the smears and even the beatings they’ve perpetrated against the black Americans who’ve publicly disagreed with them. Hearing from those of you who have the courage to speak up just the same assures me that there are other black Americans who believe as you do but choose to remain silent, anonymous and safe. I appreciate you guys who speak on their behalf and on the behalf of all silent yet patriotic Americans.

    2. ProudBlackMan:
      This needs to be on the front page of every newspaper and liberal website in America!
      God bless you and God bless America!

  4. One of the reasons America wound up in the sad shape that it is in today is because of the civil rights turmoil of the sixties where there was a loud cry for an end to discrimination and to establish equal civil rights for all! Look at the people involved with government today that were a part of sixties back then! There were a lot of discrimination lawsuits back then as there are a lot claims of discrimination going on today. So I ask “what about us?” What about people like us who know that there is a ongoing Constitutional Crime being committed this very moment in the United States of America and we are working very hard to have our voices heard and listened to by the corrupt government and the corrupt MSM but to no avail because in essence everywhere we go to report this crime we are being told to shut up about it! Well, isn’t that discrimination too? Why can’t we file a federal class action discrimination lawsuit where the complaint would be that “we are being silenced” in a discriminatory way and therefore our civil rights are being violated! Don’t we have a right to be heard and listened to just like the Black Panthers? How about gay groups! Their voices are heard and listened to by the government and courts! Look at the attention unions have been getting over the years. Illegal immigrant groups are also heard and listened too by the government and the courts, they get to file complaints as well! But when people like us try to file complaints about a Constitutional crime of the highest order, we are treated with a deliberate discriminatory ignorance by the government and courts! Is it possible that we can file a class action discrimination lawsuit as a strategic means to combat this corrupt government and it’s Constitutional crimes in order to help us take back this country? What do you think?

    1. NUTN2SAY, I don’t think the civil rights movement of the 60s is the cause the corruption in our govt and courts system today. The blame falls squarely on those in the govt and in the courts who’ve manipulated and misused laws resulting from the fight for civil rights. Those in the govt and in the courts who may not have actively helped in that manipulation and misuse are just as guilty for having silently allowed it to happen.

      Some good things came from the civil rights movement of the 60s but, unfortunately, those good things were immediately siezed and corrupted by the radicals in power, who twisted them into evil tools to be used in their evil purposes.

    2. I think we’ve all seen how far you’ll get with lawsuits under this administration. Think of how many lawsuits have been brought and not one has ever been heard on the merits. Not one single case. And there were some 150 Military and State Representatives in one of them. I’d say between our Atty General, the entire DOJ and the messiah’s masterful personal Atty, combined with a chain of Liberal US Circuit Courts and Judges, it’s seems pretty obvious that there is little or no likelihood of any lawsuit making it anywhere right now. Also, the pressure you would be inviting on yourself would be insurmountable.

      I believe that there are enough common sense thinking people who are paying attention and are finally waking up to what’s been going on here. Those Politico poll numbers are BS. I don’t know of any single friend, acquaintance or colleague even considering voting democrat. We just need to get out there and push a grass roots message so that in November, the people we know and the people in our community are informed and VOTE.

      We can deal with the past later, once these nut-jobs get voted out. These discretions will not escape these criminals from what they have perpetrated on us.

      Like Lincoln said, “Eventually, The Truth Will Out”

  5. Spot on, Steve! These are the intended consequences. Cloward-Piven, Alinsky, the whole Chicago thug nature of Obama’s entire political career, have been put on a national scale since his power grab of the White House. Great article!

  6. It has become quite apparent that we are no longer guaranteed an Article IV, Section 4, Republican form of Government! In fact, it seems the more “We the People” oppose the governments regulations and intrusion into our lives, the more they ignore us! And to add insult to injury, they themselves have no idea what they’re voting on!

    Talk about “standing”! Just how broke must I become before I’m considered an “injured party”?

    Who would ever have imagined that the Progressives could have destroyed our Country in such a short period of time? And what’s going to happen when there are more people in the wagon then those pulling it?

    Let’s face it folks, even if we win both the House and Senate in ’10 and then the Presidency in ’12, we’ll never get back to where we were. It has always been, three steps forward and one step back! So even if we do get people we, somewhat, trust in government, they will continue to erode away our Freedoms and Liberty’s. That’s just the way it is, There is no longer such a thing as a virtuous politician! Thank God they came in 1776. We could certainly use them now!

  7. How Can The Manchurian Pres Obama Spread Anything Or Do Anything If He Is A Imposter Without Any Legal Papers,, This Legal Kenyan Has A Phoney Social Security Card, Yikeess, I Do Not Think We Need To Go Any Further Obamas Grandmother Madelyn Dunham Was A Volunteer At The Oahu Circuit Court Probate Dept And Had Access To The Social Security Numbers Of Deceased People, Yikees Arrest The Phoney Now For Using 15 Differant SSN Cards Plus 39 Differant Addresses, Yikeess, Whiner In Chief Obama Next Move Jail, The Jig Is Up, And Do Not Blame G.W. Bush, B.I.O.B

  8. Wouldn’t it make sense for someone in the House or the Senate to stand up with a little bit of backbone and state the obvious, “like maybe we should stop sending bills for the usurper to sign into law when he remains un-vetted, continues to hide all his records, doesn’t have the authority to sign anything on our behalf, and that he really should be in Gitmo as the terrorist that he is.” I think that the folks in Government who are playing this game with obama, are just as guilty as he is, and I am sure not impressed either with RINO’S such as Brown, Snowe, Collins, McCain, Graham and the like. The entire lot of them, including the Judiciary, are all acting like the fools they are, playing their “make-believe government”, at our expense, with their high salaries, wonderful benefits programs, while totally ignoring the Constitution, (as if it didn’t exist), and selling out our Country for a few pieces of silver, and turning it into a 2-bit, 3rd-World Dictatorship. They are literally daring Responsible, Caring and, Patriotic Citizens to pick up arms and arrest them, but that certainly will not happen without bloodshed (theirs), and unless people in Government choose the right side and start coming forward now with evidence that will convict these thugs, then and only then we could hopefully deal with this disaster without too much bloodshed.