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by Linda Starr, blogging at http://lgstarr.blogspot.com

Charles Manson, cult leader and convicted serial killer of the 1960’s, used to preach race war and tried to incite it…Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s politics of the “Twelfth Imam” require CREATING mass bloodshed to usher in the ‘Mahdi’, the ultimate savior of mankind…and now the Faux First Lady who is the total antithesis of Laura Bush: Michelle Obama Rouses NAACP Before Vote Condemning ‘Racist’ Elements of Tea Party

The Tea Party represents Americans who want to return to the principles of our Constitution and of our Founding Fathers. By relentlessly insisting, against all evidence, that we are racist can only imply that the NAACP and their supporters intend on pressing for a race war as a way of achieving their political goals. Shame on them. And shame on Michelle Obama using her position to facilitate this kind of division in our country.

Or are they just playing the game of race “chicken” with us, hoping that we’ll just give in to their agenda and abandon the U.S. Constitution as “reparations” for all of our sins?

Do their ends really justify their means?

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  1. I can certainly understand why various groups must try to keep hyphenating-American Citizens because once these “American Citizens”(ALL) realize
    they have the same rights and responsibilities and deserve to be heard,and should
    be treated with equal respect will render these organizations moot,with no reason for being.

  2. And now National Propaganda Radio is also trying to discredit the Tea Party. Mara Liasson’s July 14 broadcast on “All Things Considered” (NPR) tied the Tea Party to birthers and reported thus:

    “Not every Tea Partier is a birther, of course, but the birthers do make the ultimate constitutional argument–the false charge that Obama himself is unconstitutional because he wasn’t born in the United States.”

    Of course, it is a lie to label the alleged birther claim as a “false charge,” since Obama has never established as a fact that he was born in the U.S. Surely he would have long ago provided the needed documentation–an official copy of his real birth certificate–if he could have, and there are many reasons to believe that Barry Soetero/Barack Obama was not born here.

    It is also a lie–pure propaganda, paid for with public money–to call the birthplace charge “the ultimate constitutional argument.” Regardless of Obama’s birthplace–and NPR news staffers must know this by now–the fact is that the man Obama claims as father was not an American but a British Colonial. So British law governed Obama Jr.’s birth status, and that would be impossible for a natural born citizen of the United States. The Constitution mandates that the president must be a natural born citizen. To be such requires an American father. This is not rocket science, but the truth cannot seem to penetrate the willful ignorance of the left.

  3. For the first time in my adult life, a first “lady” has not only publicly taken a controversial stand, but a demagogic and racist one at that.

    Truly, the Obamas have brought a new low to White House politicking.


  4. The NAACB (the “B” is for “Bigots” and includes FLOTUS obviously) hasn’t been about anything but promoting racial division as a political weapon for the last 20-30 years. And black person in that organization should be deeply ashamed.