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July 13, 2010

Article II, Section 1, paragraph 5 of the U.S. Constitution states, "No person except a natural born Citizen...shall be eligible to the Office of President..."

Dear Editor:

I’ve sent the following to Governor Brewer:

Contact the Governor of Arizona:

…Why sending: — Making a Comment

…County: — Outside of Arizona

…Subject: — Legal & Law

…Topic: — Re: Obama Federal Immigration Lawsuit

Dear Governor Brewer,

The State of Arizona is presented with a great opportunity due to the “Obama Federal Immigration Lawsuit.” This opportunity is both powerfully strategic and fundamentally legal because the instigator, Mr. Obama, continues to evade the fundamental issue of his Eligibility under the U.S. Constitution to lawfully serve as the U.S. President and Commander-in-Chief.

Governor Brewer, please do America an immense favor:  Seize this opportunity and go on the offensive to force Mr. Obama to follow basic Constitutional Law rather than simply and narrowly addressing the immigration lawsuit.

The strategy:  File a “Quo Warranto” lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Washington, DC that requires Mr. Obama to prove with documentation — to the court, and to Arizona — that he is Constitutionally eligible to serve as the President, and thereby that he, himself, has “standing” to bring the lawsuit against Arizona.  For Mr. Obama to prove his eligibility, he must prove that he is a “natural born” Citizen — and not merely a “native” born Citizen (perhaps born in the U.S., or with only one parent a U.S. citizen).

However, this is IMPOSSIBLE for Mr. Obama to do, because his father (Mr. Obama Senior) was a temporary visitor from Kenya (of the British Commonwealth), and was NEVER a U.S. citizen.  As a result, Mr. Obama Jr. was a Dual Citizen at birth of both Great Britain and the U.S., and this automatically disqualifies him from being eligible to serve as the President and Commander-in-Chief — because he is NOT a “natural born Citizen” (where both parents must be U.S. citizens and the person must be born on U.S. soil).

Mr. Obama has forced you to become an “interested party” in this matter.  As a result, you now have the “standing” to use this strategy to defeat the very root of the problem.

Please allow your legal team to go on the offensive by filing a “Quo Warranto” lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Washington, DC to force Mr. Obama to finally prove citizenship at birth, and thus his eligibility (or lack thereof) under the U.S Constitution.  Mr. Obama’s past public “testimony” regarding his father’s citizenship is self-incriminating, and he can ONLY LOSE.  This is a virtual slam-dunk case!

Thank you for leading the way in this battle to save America, and the Constitution, from deception and destruction.


Josh Martin


Editor’s Note: Hat tip to Robert Cody Judy for pointing out that Obama signed a notarized Candidate Nomination Paper for Arizona in late 2007 stating that he was a “natural born citizen” and met all of the constitutional qualifications to be President and Commander-in-Chief.  Did Obama commit a crime when he signed it?  If so, can the officials in Arizona prosecute him?  Do they have the fortitude to do so?

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  1. NumbersUSA.com is an aggressive organization involving the immigration issues. They have been out on the front lines. It seems they will find this Letter compelling enough to take action following its supremely brilliant tactics. Suggest its originator, specifically including its ‘Editor’s Note’, consider directing this posting to Jim Robb’s attention via immigrationinfo@numbersusa.com.

  2. WOOHOOOOO! JUST found this:
    “Sen. David Vitter, speaking at a townhall meeting in Metairie, La, is shown here in an exclusive video saying that he supports conservative organizations challenging President Barack Obama’s citizenship in court.

    This is the first time that a sitting Senator of the United States has acknowledged the controversy of Obama’s birth place that just won’t go away.” read more & see video here:http://www.oilforimmigration.org/facts/?p=7109

    1. Dear CeCe,

      To me this is once again just another ploy, this time by Vitter, to avoid the real task that needs to be carried out in America which is to confirm and verify that the Founding Fathers intended presidential candidates to come from parents who both are U.S. citizens! Look at what he says…He said “first and foremost” Americans need to “fight the Obama agenda at the ballot box starting this fall.” Americans need to fight the Obama agenda? If that is what he thinks then what do people need him for? This guy took a sworn oath to be a servant to the Constitution and yet he’s want’s to talk birth certificate like many others do and not NATURAL BORN CITIZEN which is what’s necessary at this time! He says this is a matter for the courts and that is not true either. The House and Senate can take this matter into their own hands and resolve the issue and not the courts! Vitter is just evading responsibility while at the same time trying to look like he’s concerned! I think he’s just another “good ol boy” club member looking for a way to get re-elected! The issue is Obama’s father and not the birth certificate! The birth certificate is a diversionary tactic to avoid what really needs to be discussed which is Article 2 Section 1 and the role a candidates parents and their citizenship plays in the selection of the highest held office in the United States! Beware of those who only want to talk about the birth certificate!

  3. Re: “This is a virtual slam-dunk case!”

    Well, yes and no. Governor Brewer may have standing as an interested party to bring a Quo Warrato action, but there is still the problem of convincing the judges of the definition of “natural born citizen”.

    Will the judges accept the definition that most of us have accepted: an NBC is one born on U.S. soil to two citizen parents?

    Of course, there still is the undisclosed birth certificate. There has to be a reason he has avoided releasing it.

    Re: Governor Jindal’s bringing suit regarding the drilling moratorium.

    That would be interesting indeed, since by the above definition he is not a natural born citizen. Even though he was born on U.S. soil, neither of his parents were naturalized citizens at the time.

    1. The Supreme Court may very well simply decide the definition of natural born citizen by using one or more of four precedent cases in which the Supreme Court affirmed the term as meaning born in the country to citizen parents. The 1874 Minor v. Happersett case is one of those cases.

      Also, I hear that Justice Kennedy wishes to retire once Obama is gone in 2013. Well, by being the 5th vote in an eligibility case, he could retire and go fishing alot sooner!

  4. Tony and Thomas Morato:

    I agree that it is something that needs to be done, but there is an overarching difficulty with QW …

    The DC Court is, after all, heavily “influenced” or even controlled by DOJ’s AG Holder (who is another possible bringer of QW) – HOWEVER can anyone reasonably suppose that Holder and/or the DOJ will go after their boss-man on such a serious charge???

    I think it unlikely in the extreme which is why I believe that the type of QW action put forth in the Kerchner et al v. Obama et al is the only lreasonable QW possibility.

    Once any legal proceeding gets to the discovery of documents, though, I suspect our National Nightmare will resign. Even so, that will not be the end of the legal proceedings, but merely their start as there are many criminal charges that will deservedly arise – and not just with the single individual but many others.

    1. First off, Kerchner v Obama is NOT a quo warranto action. Second, it was turned down twice already, the second by the Third Circuit court of Appeals which then asked Puzo why he shouldn’t be found liable for damages and costs suffered by the defendants in having to defend what the court considered to be a “frivolous” appeal of the dismissal of the case by the New Jersey Federal District Court (http://tinyurl.com/25ttlcw), so saying that this is the only reasonable QW possibility is not true at all. I suggest you read what Leo Donofrio wrote last year on the subject and on “interested persons” at http://tinyurl.com/294yjkb before you dismiss this option for Governor Brewer to fight back.

  5. This is definitely ripe! And don’t forget he already has the Supreme Court pissed-off at him for his comments during the State of the Union Address!
    Not only should Governor Brewer challenge his presidency, so should Bobby Jindal and all this moratorium crap!

    I always said that this guy is so arrogant, that sooner or later he’s going to hang himself! When he finally gets taken out of the White House in handcuffs, it will be of his own doing!

  6. I’ll bet Brewer’s advisers will probably tell her that doing so will be too politically toxic for her, even though it is the right thing to do. The only thing that will convince her is if there is a massive outpouring of letters from AZ citizens asking her to use that option to defend their state against the predatory Usurper in the White House.

  7. No one wants to see the non-nbc usurper removed from office more than me. However the governor would fall on her sword if she at this point perused QW on the grounds that BHO is unconstitutional. Any politician who breathes the words “birth certificate” is immediately discredited and called a racist. A completely baseless claim, but unfortunately it is what it is.

    I, like millions of other concerned citizens, have followed this eligibility story on BHO months before the election and continue to follow it. Lets face it folks… no one person is going to bring down the 1st “black” president of the US, even if elected illegally. No politician wants their name to appear in any history books as the “one” who brought the “black” man down.

    The NBC issue requires relentless pressure on congress and an organized peaceful march on D.C. from the millions that seek justice.

    1. Why is it, Thomas, that so many folks such as yourself forget that he is just as much WHITE as he is black. He should garner no additional favoritism and should be called a mixed color rather than one or the other. We, down here in the South, have called them mulatto for 200 years. I personally don’t care what “color” he is. What is more important is that he is a illegal alien criminal that is stealing our country with his scum.

      1. Hi fuller… note the word black are in quotes. That is the label the MSM has given him. I would not call him any particular color as that by itself can be considered racist in nature. I’m in total agreement that many are complicit in this crime against our nation and legal action is necessary. All I’m saying a QW on the basis of nbc eligibility (which i personally fully support) is political suicide for her.

    2. Thomas, I agree that what you say is what will happen, but Gov. Brewer is already being called a racist simply because of the AZ immigration law. She has absolutely nothing to lose at this point. I have heard many Hispanics stand up for AZ. The drive-by media would have all of us believe that all Hispanics are against AZ when, in fact, the opposite is true. Many came here legally, jumping through all the hoops, taking all the tests, paying all the fees & wanting to assimilate and become Americans. They did everything right, and American citizens are proud to call them one of our own. It’s a slap in the face to them if amnesty is granted to those who came here illegally.

      Gov. Brewer isn’t a racist. She just wants the law followed as it should be. Hopefully, she will also stand for the constitutional law where Obama is concerned. He is an ILLEGAL president and may also be here in this country illegally. My thoughts on him is that he is a foreign And domestic enemy who is here to overthrow our government. He’s dangerous and I feel that anyone who can get him removed will end up in the books as a hero (eventually).

    3. Any march on Washington at this time would NOT be viewed as peaceful by 0 and the Ohoes. It was not that long ago that I felt as you do…………but……..no more.
      The Black Panthers are HIS deciples and defenders, as should be obvious by now, and will soon, if not already, become his brown-shirt personal military force.
      Gov Brewer should be encouraged to go on the attack and be offered OUR protection and support.
      The “winner” of this massive struggle will write the history and name the heroes.
      It better be WE THE PEOPLE, or WE are all totally XXX if not dead.
      Elections 2010 and 2012 will be even more twisted than 2008, as the Ohoes are thoroughly desperate and will stop at literally nothing to stay in control.

      1. I agree. If the Black Panther and the Arizona lawsuit issue wasn’t bad enough, recently, Michelle O. jumped in to create more racial tension and rallied NAACP support to denounce the Tea Party as racist. They plan to march on DC sometime in October the same day as the next Tea Party rally. Can you imagine the outcome? M. Obama is helping the usurper to stir to pot of violence so he can declare Martial Law. This scenario is just another game he’s playing so he can suspend all elections to achieve Dictatorship for life.

        Please everyone…stay cool! We must see the November elections!!!!!!!

        I have my second wind after reading about Fitzpatrick. I will continue to write my representatives and I don’t care how many times they hang up on me! I won’t give up this fight. I also plan to write and call Rep. Boehner again, who isn’t in my state; but, who cares at this point? He is the Minority Leader isn’t he? I will respectfully request his support for Govenor Brewer and if I don’t like the response I’ll contact him again. And I’ll keep calling & writing my state reps and others over & over to request the same. I might even write a letter to Judge Pig Ross down in corrupt Monroe County Tenn. just because I fee like it.

  8. 12thGeneration American–
    that is THE question, indeed! Will this American Woman stand up for what is right ? Governor Brewer has already received my letter of support! I have been long awaiting for SOMEONE to stand up. I am proud of the gentleman who resigned from the DOJ recently over the voter intimidation case. God Bless him and his sense of what is LAWFUL!
    Gov. Brewer, stand up and know millions will stand with you shoulder to shoulder! It is NOW TIME! God Bless YOU!

  9. There is no doubt he committed a crime. He committed a crime when he failed to list his aliases to the Illinois bar too. What legitimacy does our legal system have when it aids an obvious usurpation simply because it claims the sole trier of truth and fact yet refuses to try truth or fact. I’m fed up with this charade as is any person whose interests are apolitical and solely seeking the preservation of our entire nations survival as a lawful constitutional republic. As of now all three of those terms can not be used to describe our form of government. Political and judicial guile rule the land. That must be brought to an end ASAP.

  10. Will Governor Brewer be the great American patriot we have been waiting for?!?! Will she seize the moment or let it go to waste?!! America needs a leader, and Jan Brewer just might be what we have been waiting for!?!? God bless her and God bless America if she is in fact that leader!

    1. Governor Brewer can be a true American hero, and possibly the next president of the USA if she does the right thing to expose the truth about Barry the usurper.