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by Ron Ewart, Guest Contributor, ©2010

What is Obama doing to America?

The budget should be balanced.  Public debt should be reduced.  The arrogance of officialdom should be tempered, and assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed, lest Rome become bankrupt.” (Marcus Tullius Cicero, philosopher and statesman of Rome – 106 BC to 43 BC)

(Jul. 11, 2010) — The most powerful nation on Earth?  Hardly!  With our apologies to the fairer sex, America is ruled by the pink-panty crowd, afraid to offend, afraid to portray strength and afraid to win, but not afraid to deceive, lie, cheat and steal.  It apologizes when no apology is warranted.  It skirts around victory with our sworn enemies but refuses to close the deal in the hopes that our friends and enemies will “like” us and think we are being magnanimous and compassionate. The true reality is, our enemies look upon us as weak.  Brave men and women have died and sacrificed needlessly for wars we didn’t have the stomach to win.   That should be a treasonous act.

We cut one-sided deals with dictators in countries with nuclear ambitions, who purposely ignore their promises, then take our “goodies” and continue their nuclear programs in the dark of night and in secret.. Our stupidity gives them the time to harden their nuclear operations underground, where our bombs can’t reach them.

We negotiate in weakness with our enemies, who then stab us in the back at every opportunity.  Instead of holding them accountable for not honoring their contracts or treaties, we enter into more worthless contracts and treaties and provide more goodies.  It’s a shakedown at best and the American taxpayer gets to pay for the egregious mistakes made at the hands of their corrupt and negligent government.

Generals in our military are sick of playing pussy foot with our enemies when they know they have the power to conquer any country on Earth ….. a power that is denied them by the inept, inexperienced, spineless and pink-panty- wearing leaders of America.  General McCrystal finally had it and laid bare the festering anger and frustration that permeates a military rendered almost impotent by a community organizer and the inmates that have taken control of the asylum known as the U. S. Congress.  Obama is a Lilly-livered, weak-kneed village idiot that should have never become president, if the media had exposed the sordid details of his entire socialist/Marxist life, early on in the campaign, or answered, once and for all, whether Obama is a natural born citizen of America, as required by the Constitution.

Then there is the matter of illegal immigration.  We will prosecute wars in foreign lands at great cost to the taxpayer and the blood and treasure of our young men and women in uniform, but we refuse to protect our national borders against an invasion of people who seek our generous benefits, without having to go through the proper doors and pay the price of admission.   It is so bad that open warfare has erupted all along our Southern border and we shrink from engaging the perpetrators, while tens of thousands of illegal aliens, drugs and white slaves pour into America every month.  Each month America’s national culture is diluted by the poor folk of broken and corrupt countries, who seek not to assimilate but to “steal” our jobs and our safety net generosity.  We send billions to Mexico to fight the border war, at taxpayer expense, but won’t put the resources on our own border to seal it.   That too is treason and a direct violation of the government’s absolute duty to defend America from all enemies, foreign and domestic.  Further, government refuses to enforce current law on businesses hiring illegal aliens, thus increasing the power of the magnet that draws them here in the first place.

Every month the cost of this invasion by the hordes from poor countries gets larger and larger, while those who occupy the seats of power in what is America’s Rome, use the chaos at the border as blackmail to pass amnesty legislation.  This amnesty they desire is not for altruistic or compassionate reasons, but is for the sole purpose of adding socialist-minded illegal aliens to the voting rolls, to maintain perpetual liberal-progressive power.

The only thing that will save America from this unprecedented and hostile invasion by a foreign power, is putting troops and unmanned drones on the border with orders to shoot to kill anyone found crossing the border, outside of authorized border crossings.   If this was done, illegal crossings would cease almost immediately.   Irrational compassion will be the death of us.

The only way to win the war in Afghanistan is to use an over-powering force and bring the entire country to its knees with nothing less than unconditional surrender, just as we did in World War II.  This includes the taking down of the current corrupt government.  Anything less is a stab in the hearts of those who are forced to meet this enemy with rules of engagement requiring their hands be tied behind their backs and their guns empty.  More treason!

This author bears no illusions that the Lilly-livered, weak-kneed criminals and cowards in Washington DC will do any such thing.  So be prepared for the all-out invasion of our Southern border to continue and the war in Afghanistan to go on indefinitely, or we will pull out with our tale between our legs just as we did in Vietnam, with the sacrifices of our dead and wounded having been for naught.

On the other hand, there is one area in which the prevailing power in Washington DC shows great courage.  For this deed they have put on their iron jockey shorts and grabbed their swords, spears and body armor.  They are not at all reticent about passing law after law to subjugate the American people and take away their liberties.   They show no cowardice in giving up American sovereignty by ratifying unconstitutional treaties.  They lack no courage when it comes to spending America into bankruptcy, or nationalizing businesses, or destroying the engine that made America the most powerful and generous nation on Earth ….. Capitalism.

Their arrogance and elitism is open and notorious.  They cannot tolerate criticism and look down on the people from their ivory towers of corruption.  It has been reported that they have sent copies of the Constitution to be used in all of Washington DC’s restrooms, but not for reading.  They thumb their collective noses at those who oppose them.  They demean the tea party movement as being nothing more than a bunch of rabble rousers who seek to overthrow the American government and are just a hair’s breath away from violent acts to do just that, in the spirit of Timothy McVeigh.

They seek to pass legislation to silence their critics by controlling the print  and electronic media in a scheme called the “Fairness” Doctine.  They pass legislation to further the brainwashing of our impressionable and gullible school children, who are forced to attend our public schools of indoctrination.  They pass legislation to lock up all of our resources and confiscate private property, with reckless disregard of constitutional protections.

These Lilly-livered, weak-kneed apologists, partner with national and international money changers, power brokers,  socialists and radical environmentalists to lock up America in the distorted image of Europe and the United Nations and further their goal towards global government.   These internationalists are intent upon stealing America’s wealth, its resources, its freedom and its very sovereignty.

The people and the states that gave the federal government its limited power, as codified in Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution, need to rein in that government, or this Lilly-livered, weak-kneed, cowardice and corrupt government will usurp all power and render the states and the people impotent and slaves of the realm.


Ron Ewart is President of the National Association of Rural Landowners (NARLO), P. O. Box 1031, Issaquah, WA  98027

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  1. All the Kingdoms of the world, and all means of governance are being shown inept in dealing with the problem of the sinfulness of the human heart. There can be no just government without transformed hearts, and no just government without the means of bringing the just to positions of power. The Gospel is not America, but the death and resurrection of the Incarnate One, Jesus Christ, and the only viable political answer is His Return, to rule and reign with the indomitable meek. Even so, come Lord Jesus, and O, Holy Spirit, grant that we may be prepared and vigilent for His return.

  2. Revolution is always preceded by the words of patriots. When words continue to fall on “deaf ears” (our gov’t) then history shows, people rise up physically. I think we are close to this point. May God help America and the rest of the world! We have come to many nations aid, who will come to ours, I wonder?

  3. OK then. If there are people who do care then let’s start asking everybody why is there a national silence regarding the subject of Article 2 Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution and NATURAL BORN CITIZEN and Obama being a factual White House Usurper and ILLEGAL “Occupant” of the White House! I bet you in the end though it will be shown that nobody cares!
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I know every reader of this site cares…and we can spread the word.

  4. I wonder if the issue is lack of initiative or knowledge or care. Could that which on the surface looks like the slothful masses lost in serious denial really be an overwhelming and debilitating lack of knowing what to do? Or the paralyzing sense that being just one, alone, akin to being an ant up against the elephant?

    Example: Average Joe-American-Trucking-Man [JATM] could serve to influence others by distributing the truth about Obama via their travels. JATM could enlist other non-union independent truckers to join in. These JATM’s could use their trucks as rolling billboards on wheels that spread the truth about Obama via huge banners hung on the sides of their container-sided big-rigs featuring the words ‘RESIGN NOW’ and including a link to The Post & Email. These modern-day patriot-horsemen could additionally use their ‘CB-Handle’ [communication tool-system] to talk to other truckers they come in contact with while driving their extensive travels, and recruit and enlist many more like-minded truckers into the mission. JATM, at the local eating establishments they frequent, could enlist the locals to get involved by distributing printed cards to the other independent truckers….etc…etc…on and on….JATM could organize a million-trucker-man DRIVE-over-DC event, rolling into DC by the thousands with their trucks and their banners and bringing DC traffic to a standstill and forcing tens of thousands of commuters to read the banners!

    In America, what once was the land of the most innovative and creative take-charge independent-minded thinkers, it is a wonder scenarios like this one hasn’t heretofore played out all over the expansive ‘fly-over-country’???
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: You have some great ideas, Kailuagirl!

  5. The problem we now face is the lack of answers. What can we do other than write, call, email, march with the Tea Party, sign petitions, make donations, spread info to others, etc.?
    What is the answer when our representatives and the media refuse to expose the usurper? What is the answer when petitions & letters are pitched in the trash by the very same ones who feign interest just for a vote?
    What else when the highest courts continue to push the corruption under the rug if the cases even make it that far?
    What is the answer when our own military will stand against us to obey him? More than half don’t know or believe BO is illegal.

    How can We the People reign in our corrupt state and federal officials before November? I don’t think any arrests have been made as a result of Rev. Manning’s trial. Or did I miss something? Lt. Lakin’s situation doesn’t look too promising either. All cases brought against BO to date have been ignored, dismissed, delayed, or just fall into a black hole.

    With this fast paced destruction of the USA, I fear we won’t have November elections. Obamaniac is fully aware his agenda could be destroyed so he’s foaming at the mouth over Martial Law. If riots or anything else should occur, he CAN and he WILL declare Martial Law. That’s playing right into his hands and we’ll have a Dictator for life.

    The Black Panthers intimidating voters & calling for the killing of “crackers & their white hoes & white babies” and charges were never filed or any action taken against them, the Arizona lawsuit, & the IN OUR FACE future mosque at ground zero, etc., are clear indications he wants violence in the streets.

    We are in serious trouble as the FBI, CIA, SCOTUS, Senators, Congressmen, and even our military won’t stop him.

    So what’s the answer?

  6. Obama is not stupid, and he is not incompetent. Everything that he is doing has a purpose, and is being done according to plan (whose plan is up for debate!)

    It is not true that nobody cares. Lots of us care and would give our lives and fortunes to save our beloved country. It’s not too late…

    1. You’re right, a lot of people do care…but, to date we have been unable to do anything to remove someone who is clearly not eligible to be president of the USA from continuing to pretend to be president.

      I am not “giving up” but it’s difficult to remain optimistic.

  7. The problem here though Mr. Ewart is that in general the American Patriot is now extinct and those Americans that are not patriots don’t give a damn! The government has sold the American Citizen out to the highest bidder and everybody is happy with their football, soccer, Kate Plus 8, American Idol and where the next fast food hamburger and fries is located! Nobody Cares! Nobody Cares to stand up once and for all and do the right thing to turn the situation around!