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by Neil Turner

Capt. William Edward Nordeen was killed by a car bomb in Greece, responsibility for which was claimed by a left-wing group called "November 17"

(Jul. 3, 2010) — Government corruption is everywhere:  in local courts, grand juries, the military, and our elected representatives at both the state level and in Washington, DC.  The events in Monroe County, TN reveal how our legal system has been taken out of the hands of the people, seized by career bureaucrats who refuse to follow the laws on the books, and openly failing to prosecute crimes.

Some Background

In what many consider to be the first act of terrorism in the current “War on Terror,” USN Lt. Commander Walter Francis Fitzpatrick’s ship’s commander’s brother, Navy Captain William Edward Nordeen, died in a terrorist bombing in Athens, Greece on June 28, 1988.  As Executive Officer and purser on the USS MARS (AFS-1), Lt. Cmdr. Fitzpatrick polled the crew on his ship, and they unanimously agreed to use some of the ship’s Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) funds to send a burial detail to represent the ship at Captain Nordeen’s full military honors funeral at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C. on July 6, 1988.

Sometime later, Lt. Cmdr. Fitzpatrick blew the whistle on some upper-command protocol and supply violations and suffered the consequences of a witch-hunting “Attainder” Courts-Martial.  After 19 of the 20 made-up charges were thrown out, he was found guilty of “Dereliction in the Performance of his Duties” (mishandling the ship’s MWR funds), and his chance for further promotion to Navy Commander (equivalent to U.S. Army Lt. Col.) was ruined. He therefore retired honorably as a U.S. Navy Lt. Commander, and has been fighting corruption in Government and the Military ever since.

In March of 2009, following a shooting incident in Samson, AL, wherein the U.S. Army put soldiers in the streets in obvious violation of Posse Comitatus, Lt. Cmdr. Fitzpatrick filed charges of Treason with U.S. Attorneys in Tennessee against Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, of having “broken in and entered the White House by force of contrivance, concealment, conceit, dissembling, and deceit” (altering our form of Government unconstitutionally is an act Treason). The putative Government has so far refused to acknowledge or act on these charges.

Fast Forward to 2010

Following futile efforts to serve these charges of Treason with the Monroe County Grand Jury in late 2009, Fitzpatrick learned in January 2010 that the Grand Jury Foreman, Mr. Gary Pettway, had held that position since January 1990 , over 20 years in a row, in blatant violation of the laws that require at least 24 months between terms of service as a juror and also requires that selection of the foreman be by random means.

When Fitzpatrick’s efforts to bring charges against Mr. Pettway and the latest judge who appointed him in violation of the law, and others for obstruction of justice, were completely ignored and not acted upon, Fitzpatrick filed papers to make a certified and legal Citizen’s Arrest of Mr. Pettway while he was illegally serving as the Grand Jury Foreman, on April 1, 2010.  Fitzpatrick had asked the police to send a law enforcement officer to whom Mr. Pettway could be remanded once arrested and had notified four or five friends so that they could witness and videotape the event.

Instead of being able to turn over the legally-arrested Pettway (Tennessee has detailed and strong Citizen’s Arrest laws which were followed to the letter of the law) to law enforcement, Fitzpatrick was himself arrested, taken to jail, and held incommunicado for five days.  The entire event can be seen here.  Fitzpatrick was charged with:

  1. Disturbing a meeting by interrupting a Grand Jury while in session in order to arrest the jury Foreman, Gary Pettway
  2. Riot
  3. Resisting arrest
  4. Disorderly Conduct.

After reviewing the short video, I would ask that you judge the veracity and accuracy of the charges levied.

Arraignments in Madisonville, TN

On June 28, 2010, Lt. Cmdr. Fitzpatrick and Desert Storm Navy veteran Darren Huff, Oath-Keeper and Chaplain for the Georgia Militia, who was one of the videographers (seen at 1:50 videotaping over the left shoulder of the arresting detective, Travis Jones, in the Citizen’s Arrest video) were summoned to the Monroe County Courthouse in Madisonville, TN (160 miles from Darren Huff’s home in GA) for their arraignment on various bogus charges (three for Huff, and six for Fitzpatrick – you will be incredulously stunned when you read them below).

The Courthouse scene was not your ordinary “arraignment” scene: two TV cameras, 150 people inside and 100-150 outside, eight armed Law Enforcement Officers with side-arms and clips, not the usual tasers, and about 65 incarcerated men and women (Monroe County seems to have a Sheriff’s Department on a rampage, in many of the townspeople’s opinion).

The “arraignments” of Huff and Fitzpatrick were based on indictments handed down by one of the current Grand Juries. Monroe County has two which alternate from month to month.  Since Pettway is still the illegally-appointed Grand Jury Foreman of one of them for another consecutive year, the judges apparently felt they should use one of the two of which Pettway was not Foreman; jury-rigging at its most blatant.

The Jury foreperson for these indictments, appointed by Judge Amy Reedy, was a Ms. Angela Davis, an illegal member of the Grand Jury, since she had served on a petit jury less than a year before, which court payment records prove.  Remember, one cannot serve on a jury, petit or grand, within two years of prior service, according to TN law. This, of course, would make it an illegal Grand Jury, and all indictments by them would therefore be null and void.

Huff appeared first, and Judge Ross read the charges:

  1. Participating in a riot (violation of T.C.A. 39-17-302, against the peace and dignity of the State of Tennessee)
  2. Disrupting a lawful meeting
  3. Did harm, or threatened to harm a juror.

Judge Ross:  “Do you understand the charges, Mr. Huff?”

Huff:  “I don’t know quite how to answer.”

Judge Ross:  “The Grand Jury has indicted you.”

Huff:  “Who is my accuser?”  (NOTE: Everyone has a Constitutional right to face or know his accuser).

Judge Ross refused to name one, as there apparently is none, as far as can be determined, but said: “You will have to ask your attorney.”  (Huff didn’t have one, but that doesn’t seem to matter to this rogue judiciary in Monroe County.)

Judge Ross:  “I will be recusing myself from your trial, which you will be notified of in the near future.”

NOTE 1:  While waiting to be called, Huff was talking with a reporter from the AmericanFreePress.net and said, “It seems that the police here are making lots of arrests – terrifying the town.”  An observer sitting behind them leaned forward and said, “Yep.  You got it!”

NOTE 2:  While walking down the street after his “arraignment,” Darren met an older woman with her great-granddaughter who asked, “What’s going on?”

Darren said pleasantly, “It’s the domestic terrorists’ arraignments.”

Great-Grandma stepped back and said, “I recognize you.  Aren’t you one of them?”

Darren:  “Yes, ma’am, I am.”

Great-Grandma:  “The people of this town are terrified (mumble, mumble … the judges and the sheriffs), so you won’t get much support from them.  I appreciate what you’re doing.  Please, don’t back down!”

Lt. Cmdr. Fitzpatrick, in full military dress uniform, was up next, and Judge Carroll Ross read the charges from a statement by the illegal Grand Jury foreperson, Angela Davis:

  1. Participating in a riot (violation of T.C.A. 39-17-302, against the peace and dignity of the State of Tennessee)
  2. Disrupting a lawful meeting
  3. Did harm, or threatened to harm a juror
  4. Attempted to cause public annoyance or alarm
  5. Resisting arrest by detective Travis Jones
  6. Coercing Gary Pettway with the intent to unlawfully intimidate, because Pettway exercised a right or privilege secured by the Constitutional Laws of the U.S. and the state of Tennessee.

All of these were gleaned from the video mentioned above.  Judge Ross asked if Fitzpatrick understood the charges.

LTCDR Fitzpatrick: “Who is my accuser?”

Judge Ross did not answer the question, since there is no one.  He then went on a rant:

“You’re the Defendant.  You cannot ask any questions…Mr. Pettway is doing a great job for us, and he’s black!?!?”

He tried to intimidate, mock, belittle, get people to laugh at, frighten, threaten, and force LTCDR Fitzpatrick to cave in and admit defeat.

Finally: “No one can bring charges of Treason against Obama in any Court in any County in any State.’”(Now we know what all this jury-rigging is about, now don’t we?)

Judge Ross then ordered the matter set over for trial (date and judge to be determined). Ross then recused himself and Judge Amy Reedy (no wonder, since they are sooooo complicit in this jury-rigging and obstruction of justice).

Both Huff and Fitzpatrick have been notified that there will be a Scheduling Hearing on Wednesday, July 7, 2010, at 1:00 pm at the Monroe County Courthouse in Madisonville, TN.

Some Conclusions

  • There is no named accuser
  • There is no police record of a criminal act
  • The charges are by an illegal Grand Jury; therefore, all are null and void
  • The judge cannot deny anyone his or her Constitutional right to bring charges of Treason against anyone, anywhere, when there is reasonable evidence that such Treason has been committed
  • If anyone has disturbed the peace and dignity of the State of Tennessee, it is the violent, undignified, and corrupt law enforcement and judiciary in the State of Tennessee
  • Madisonville, TN may just be Ground Zero for the beginning of the end for usurper Obama and his corrupt administration.

The FBI has been notified.  Tennessee Senators and Representatives have been notified.  Now the nation has been notified.  Stay tuned for “The Rest of the Story.”

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  1. Mrs. Rondeau,

    Please continue to report on Lt. Commander Fitzpatrick’s courageous struggle for justice and the rule of law in his pursuit of the criminal usurper. The denial of his basic rights and freedoms at the point of a gun of a very corrupt government is as egregious as it is despicable. Breaking news of the goings-on here is difficult to find, so I much appreciate the public service provided by The Post & Email in this regard. – tw

  2. With such gross injustice and corruption in the heartland, these United States are surely near total collapse and totalitarian rule. But for one hope of remedy, I would view the situation as totally hopeless.

    What I have found as the only possible remedy and glimpse of light at this late hour is “The Restore America Plan”, found at http://WWW.RESTOREAMERICAPLAN.NET .

    This peaceful plan to reverse 150 years of corruption of the Republic and replace all de facto juries and offices with de jure, under the Constitution, is now under way and growing rapidly in strength and numbers as Patriots learn the truth.

    Just law and government, by the people, can be re-instituted. Take a look and join in. It may not be too late, but we must all lend a hand.

  3. The article states, Mr. Gary Pettway has served as Grand Jury foreman for twenty years. That is twenty years of jury duty. Minimum wages, plus gas. If, Mr. Pettway is employed elsewhere his civic responsibilities must have cost him tremedously financially. Could it be he has a pension with the County for his service or is a County employee or patron in some respect. “Follow the money”, should be interesting to see who is paying this person.

  4. This is nothing new; it has been going on for years. It happens in Arkansas and LA; I know, as I have lived in both. People talk about it if there is no one around, but they will not stick together to do any thing about it, for fear of the people they will be going against.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: “When the government fears the people, there is liberty; when the people fear their government, there is tyranny.” — Thomas Jefferson

  5. The foul play is far worse than the brief account stated in the article. There is much more to it that details how the warrants are fraudulent. An FBI agent swore out a false complaint based on hearsay in another state and did so only after consulting with the local yokels in MC TN. No one ought to be surprised since this isn’t anything new for a great many courts in the US. The good ole boys network has made law their home. Nothing like a rigged court to play god in.

  6. You might also want to have a look at the original Investigative Report on Grand Jury Conduct for Monroe County, Tennessee dated February 11, 2010. Pay particular attention to Exhibits E & F in the Appendices. MacPUBLIUS

  7. To ch and Helen regarding the validity of findings by an overly ripe Grand Jury:

    Even though some members of the Grand Jury may have been illegally empaneled, it may be that its findings may still stand if the Grand Jury was otherwise acting in a proper fashion. This principle was explained to me by Stephen Pidgeon in the context of Obama’s Supreme Court appointments, where, if he is considered a de facto President rather than a putative President, his SCOTUS appointments could stand even if he were to be eventually thrown out as a fraudulent, premeditated usurper. This is all the more reason why these crimes against We the People must be corrected as soon as possible.

  8. my bad, there is a third website and that is Canada Free Press. JB Williams has covered this story from the beginning and has done a great job informing the folks of TN of what is going on. And then there is always citizentsunami.wordpress.net which has tons more information.

    Darren Huff has documented his entire saga at his site truepatriots.yolasite.com

  9. ch – great observation. now multiply it by 40+ TN counties and you’ll really begin to get the big picture. Then you’ll also understand why the Commander has yet to have a full 13 Member GJ hearing on the matter. There is so much to this story and it touches on every American’s life. Please do yourselves the favor and visit thejaghunter.wordpress.net or t-room.us

  10. There are two websites that have detailed this entire saga. I find it odd that neither of them were mentioned in Neil’s editorial; especially since he is aware of both sites.

    The thejaghunter.wordpress.net has the entire story going back to Samson, Alabama. Neil chose not to go into the story but it is the basis of the Commander’s Treason Complaint. I’d suggest you either visit his site to learn the details AND Google Samson Alabama murder rampage. The Treason Complaint is sound.

    The second site is the T-Room.us We have spent the last eight weeks documenting and detailing the entire chain of events. There is much critical detail left out of Neil’s post along with key documentation of every item filed either by the Monroe County Courts or by the Commander. We did this documentation as a service to those who wish to learn from the Commander’s dogged experience. He has demonstrated, through his own tenacity, how one must keep pushing the legal system to honor his First and Fifth Amendment rights.

    Keep up the great work and educate, educate, educate.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Neil’s piece was an editorial and therefore not meant to contain all of the details that a full news story would. We at The Post & Email support all efforts to expose government corruption, wherever it may be.

    1. “We at The Post & Email support all efforts to expose government corruption, wherever it may be” which is precisely why this site is one I visit often. Sharon, you do an exceptional job managing the content and the site.

      For those who wish to learn more, which we all hope and pray you do, the other five sites have a wealth of information and material for you to review.

      I will share a tidbit that was not mentioned by Neil, that is, Operation American Freedom has hired an attorney to assist as co-counsel to the Commander. Stay tuned. Much more to come.

  11. If the Grand Jury has been illegal for 20 years, that means every case heard by them is not legally tried and the judges for all the cases are gulity of fraudulent trials. Lots of cleanup to do. It would be interesting to see all the trials, and people now wrongly in prison due to this. There might be some REAL HOPE for people illegally in prison because of this illegal Grand Jury. I hope Fitzpatrick pursues all these cases and gathers a CLASS ACTION SUIT against this county and the judges for falsely imprisoning citizens with illegal trials. Wow.

  12. This is the kind of situation that sparks revolt from a disenfranchised citizenry. How can a story like this riddled with blatant corruption in both the courts and law enforcements and be kept out the media?

    Why do neither of these two have an attorney? Where is the ACLU in all this?

    1. @Thomas:

      How can this be kept out of the media? — Very simple! The same way just about EVERYTHING ELSE that “dares” to bring Obama’s constitutional eligibility to be President into question has been kept out….of course, aside from the ridicule that those questions about his eligibility are met and dismissed with. If the “general public” were even remotely aware of some of the corruption within our Court system…. another reason why this administration is trying its best to gain total control over the Internet. It has become the last best source of information for those of us who care to know what is really happening in this Country. It’s a “monkey-wrench” in the smooth-running gears of their Propaganda Machine, and they would like nothing better than to rid themselves of this nuisance (yes, it’s only considered a “nuisance” for now. If it were perceived to be a real “threat”, I’m certain there would have been drastic steps taken already — not legal, but it’s not like they care!)

  13. Thanks for the updates on this, Neil. I was wondering what happened in the last court session. The corruption of this administration and our justice system is sickening.

  14. Is this statement by Judge Ross on video?

    “Finally: “No one can bring charges of Treason against Obama in any Court in any County in any State.”

    It’s even worse than we think it is……………….

    1. I don’t live in Monroe County but it sounds much like the county I live in. I’ve had the pleasure of serving on jury duty twice in the past 25 years. Both times the criminal court judge introduced his hand picked grand jury foreperson as someone that he brought back every term. I never served on the grand jury but people that did said they would listen to testimony and then follow the grand jury foreman’s lead in deciding on handing down an indictment. The judge has a handpicked grand jury foreman directing the grand jury on what to do.