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by Kathleen Gotto

Federal laws prohibiting illegal immigrants from entering the country exist but are not enforced by Congress.

(Jul. 2, 2010) — Citizens from countries such as Mexico, South America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, et al, are sneaking into this country, circumventing and breaking our immigration laws and using hospitals, schools, and other social services that have been funded by American taxpayer citizens. They are illegal aliens who are robbing and plundering this country and becoming increasingly in-your-face and violent about it.

I do not use the term “undocumented workers” because it is just a euphemism used by those who disrespect the laws of this country and want to try to redefine the issue. Their purpose is to throw sand in the eyes of Americans and attempt to cast the lawbreakers from other countries in a whole different light. They cite compassion, the humanitarian issue of uprooting families, and America being a nation of immigrants. Let’s not be fooled. Compassion is inherent in our immigration laws, which allow people from other countries to enter this country legally by going through our long-established immigration process, swearing allegiance to this country, learning English and becoming Americans. If they don’t want to pay the small price of time and effort to become Americans, they need to stay home in their own countries.

Yes, we are a proud nation of immigrants. But there is a huge difference between the legal immigrants of yesteryear who became United States citizens and assimilated into this country and the illegal aliens who remain loyal to their own countries and demand to be given every right and entitlement that was intended only for American citizens. Mexican nationals have been the most radicalized and numerous, and they are emboldened by some American citizens who have joined forces with them to try and destroy our sovereignty.

There was a recent story and video on CBS about an illegal alien Mexican family leaving Phoenix, AZ because of the new immigration policy set to go into effect on July 29, 2010. It is sad to see the effect such an uprooting has on the children. However, the pain their parents are causing them is simply the fruits of a decision the parents made when they decided to take a shortcut to live in America. The illegal alien parents are the ones responsible for any pain their children experience as the result of our Constitutional laws, not America. And oh, where was that Phoenix family now heading? Back to Mexico, perhaps? No, they said they are moving to Colorado.

It is now out in the open that we have radicalized elements living in this country who desperately desire the destruction of United States sovereignty. They despise our freedom, liberties, and the supreme law of our land, the Constitution. They are of the cabal of globalists who have a distorted vision of a New World Order. Illegal aliens are pawns in their hands as they help foment the revolution that is breaking forth on our southern border. One of the goals of the NWO is to do away with the borders in North America between Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.

Of course Mexico will try to fight Arizona’s attempt to protect her citizens, because like a parasite, the Mexican government finds it easier to live off its host than to effect law and order and economic advantage and opportunity for its own citizens. And let’s not forget the greedy American corporations who will also suffer economic loss with the upholding of our immigration laws. They have a symbiotic relationship with illegal aliens. They feed off each other. Unfortunately, both groups ultimately hurt American citizens by taking away jobs that so many are desperately seeking in these economic hard times.

So, Americans, are you ready for the flood? If this Phoenix family is any indication of things to come for the state of Colorado, the rest of America also needs to be prepared. In the meantime, toughen up! If you support legal immigration and the upholding of our laws, let them call you a racist. That is such an old tune and juvenile attempt to squelch free speech. Fight back! Write and call your elected officials and tell them to adopt Arizona’s immigration laws to protect your state from the influx of illegal aliens that will surely increase. This is no time for complacency; it is a time to fight for our Constitution and the laws made from it. If we don’t, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

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  1. According to my city’s (Rockville, Montgomery County, Maryland) current monthly publication, 20%+ of Rockville’s 60,000 +/- population are illegal immigrants (overwhelmingly Hispanic/Latino) and 25%+ of them do not speak English.

    During the past three years Montgomery County has built and funded not one, not two, but three day laborer employment centers despite overwhelming opposition from local businesses and citizens. If that isn’t bad enough they are all staffed and operated by members of CASA de Maryland which receives $3 Million +/- annually from the county.

    Natural born and/or naturalized U.S. citizens who speak English have just about become outcasts in our own country.

  2. “Coming to a town near you.” It’s been in my town for as long as I have lived here (42+) years. We are now 95% hispanic, thousands of illegal residents. Crime has jumped, gangs, drive-by shootings, home invasions, robberies continual (if it isn’t chained down or locked up, it will be gone the next day, and even then there’s no guaranty it’s going to be safe). We’ve lost count at how many times our cars have been broken into, windows busted out, while sitting in front of our house or in the driveway (both day and night attacks). Our fence & cars have also been covered in grafitti more times than we can count, & we live on the good side of town, lol. We’ve lost 13 hospitals in a 2-county area due to backruptcy (illegals using facilities for everything from the sniffles to whatever and not paying for the services). It’s not coming here….It’s already here and has been for a very long time. Do our representatives care? No, they are siding against and boycotting AZ for their stand against illegal immigration. That’s why my husband and I are going to vacation somewhere in AZ this summer, even though we really can’t afford a vacation this year. We’d rather spend our money there in support of their stand than here in this state where citizens are punished and illegals rewarded.

  3. “…we are a proud nation of immigrants. ”

    I believe this used to be true, from this country’s beginnings until about a century ago, definitely more than half a century ago. As most Americans today are native born citizens and even natural born citizens, that old truism is outdated today. In my opinion, it would be in our best interest to leave this one behind in the Old Facts archives.

    The illegal alien parents are the ones responsible for any pain their children experience as the result of our Constitutional laws, not America.

    This is so true. Thank you for telling it like it is. From now on, I plan to do the same whenever I hear anyone making the US out to be the bad guys for stepping up and enforcing Constitutional law regarding immigration.

    Here’s another one for you. In his speech yesterday, Oilbama made the statement I keep hearing repeated by others, including cable and tv news, about crime being lowest in areas that are inhabited mainly by illegal aliens. That’s not fact. The fact is that crime is least reported in those areas because the crime victims are aware that they are also criminals who are in the US illegally and can (and should) be deported if/when identified.

    Example: On CNN yesterday, about an hour after a talking head again made the statement about crime being lowest where mainly illegals from Mexico live, they ran a report about a woman who had immigrated here illegally from Mexico with her abusive husband. The story was supposed to draw my sympathy but, between the woman having been here long enough to finally summon the courage to call on a shelter for battered women yet still not able to speak a lick of English and the fact that this report contridicted the report about the low crime stats because it explained that battered illegals don’t often call the police for fear of deportation…well, I don’t think any person deserves being beaten by someone who’s promised to love and care for them, yet I don’t that’s reason enough not to deport illegal aliens. (Just so you know, the woman from the news story will not be deported with her husband; she’s been granted amnesty through the battered women’s group that’s been helping her. I hope they help her learn English, too.)

    Illegal aliens…I think I could get used to saying that again.

    1. Yes! I would like to agree with about “we are a nation of immigrants” being long outdated and is now so over- used by the pro-illegal immigration people I now consider the use of that phrase abuse! If you look throughout the history and evolution of civilization I do believe a person would many examples where “we are a nation of immigrants” can be disputed. I have one concept that I tell my wife in regard to that propaganda idea! Yes, sure, while America was under construction there was a need for temporary additional help to build America’s infrastructure. But the infrastructure has been built! It was built many years ago so the need for temporary additional help has passed! I like to use a house under construction analogy. If you wanted to build yourself a new home from excavating the land to completion and especially according to building code, you too would need some temporary additional help! You would need a contractor to prepare the land. Another contractor to layout your utilities and sewer plumbing. Somebody to build the concrete foundation, then the house itself! Electrical, roofing, windows and doors and so on. It takes a lot of hired help to just build a single-family dwelling! But! This is where the big “but” and the analogy come in…that hired help doesn’t stay with you forever! But for the pro-illegal immigration people …you must also while building your home provide accommodations for the hired help so that they will have a place to live after the house is built! You see, to the pro-illegal immigration people with their abused propaganda phrase “We are a nation of immigrants,” there is no such thing as temporary hired help! To them it’s really more like …
      ” you can’t survive without us and you will always need us, so give us citizenship now!” And that is just not true!

      1. I understand what you are saying and there is some truth to it. However, taken too far, it disparages those who come here legally. We still have immigration laws in effect that invite people of other countries to come to America, and we should respect those who have taken the long and legal route to get here. Two groups of people who in my own experience have been highly educated and offer a benefit to this country are East Indians and Asians. There are others from different countries, of course, but those are the two present-day immigrant groups I have had the most contact with.

        So, in my estimation, we still are a proud nation of immigrants. The faces and circumstances may have changed from 100 years ago, but that does not diminish the benefit to those who come through the immigration process, swear an oath to this country, and assimilate into the American culture. It is not legal immigrants who are the problem; it is the illegal ones who suck the lifeblood out of this country.

    2. Kathleen Gotto, a nation of immigrants would consist mainly of immigrants or, at the very least, a majority of immigrants, and that’s just not who we are anymore. Perhaps we’ve become A Nation That Welcomes Immigrants.

      NUTN2SAY, you’re right about every civilization since the beginning of time having started out populated by immigrants. The first humans lived somewhere in the Middle East (as per Judeo-Christians) or Africa (as per evolutionists) and then every civilization everywhere in the world after that was begun by immigrants. Even Native Americans weren’t so native and could even be called A Nation of Immigrants when you consider that their ancestors immigrated to what would later be called North America by way of the Bering Strait. At what point are immigrants no longer immigrants? How many generations until they can call themselves natives?


    Our ENEMIES can declare they are American by FAITH not blood or birth, AND collect welfare

    From: puzo1.blogspot.com today –

    Brianroy said…
    Contrary to Obama is the Supreme Court Law, the original intent of the Founding Fathers (regarding what a Natural Born Citizen is), and the history behind it: the history reaching back to the Bible for Nature’s Law, and the Greeks (like Plato) for the Law of Nations.
    Being an American, therefore, and contrary to Obama, is by a combined action of Nature’s Law and the Law of Nations, where by blood being joined to a people by Covenant Oath: when a parent or ancestor is adopted into a national family or the nation of the United States of America, those descendants who follow him, being born by blood or birth, and soil, become Americans through their fathers by blood and by birth in the United States or one of its sovereign territories. The nationality of the child as an American Citizen is not dependent upon their ethnicity, but the Covenant Citizen Relationship of the parent with the United States, the location of birth, the domicility of the child, and the fact that the child is subject to the laws and sovereignty of the United States.
    If it were merely a matter of faith and not of blood or birth under the Law, then anyone in the world who runs up a US Flag, and says by faith that they are now American — without union by blood, birth, soil, and an officially recognized covenant oath with and to the US — Obama declaes as an American?
    So therefore, in Obamaworld, from the Pygmies in Africa, head-shrinkers living on the Amazon, to active members on the Chinese Communist Parliament or in the Russian spy agencies…anyone who simply says, “by faith, I am an American”, is so. Do we now pay these Social Security welfare checks and change the rules of who collects the benefits of US taxpayers if they should be unemployed, and having a financial hardship?