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June 23, 2010

At the www.goarmy.com website, it states, "As a Soldier in the U.S. Army, you're tasked with upholding the Constitution and protecting America's freedoms." Is that what today's Army is doing, given that they are taking the orders of someone who is most likely ineligible to give them and is violating the Constitution every day?

Dear Editor:

The following email was sent to Mr. Chuck Dasey, U.S. Army Spokesman:

From: Tom Arnold
To: chuck.dasey@us.army.mil
Date: Wednesday, June 23, 2010, 5:26 PM

Mr. Dasey, you tell me how Barack Obama, the putative president and so-called “Commander-in-Chief,” was able to legally and ethically secure the resignation of a four-star general and American hero, Stanley McChrystal!  Obama has no legal or moral authority to do any such thing!  Barack Obama (assuming that’s his real name) is not, as our Constitution defines it and requires, a “natural born citizen”!  I don’t care if he looks “black” (he’s mostly Arabic in ethnicity, and he has admitted to being a Muslim as opposed to Christian).

I don’t care if the people elected him “President,” as it was by fraud.  He never possessed the qualifications to run for office in the first place, yet he lied and claimed that he did.  That alone makes him guilty of high crimes, including treason. I don’t care if the man is charismatic; so were Adolf Hitler and Jim Jones!  I don’t care if there’s a conspiracy of “heavyweights” like George Soros, Rupert Murdoch, Michael Moore, the Clintons, John McCain and Sarah Palin, O’Reilly, Beck and others to keep him in office.  I don’t care if he has numerous social security numbers while most of us ordinary folks are restricted to having only one.  I don’t care if he, Obama, knows who I am, because I am just an ordinary everyday American citizen.

I have constitutionally-guaranteed rights, or at least I used to, and I and literally millions of other American citizens are demanding to know, Barack Obama or Barry Soetoro or whatever your name is, who the heck you are and why you are trashing our Constitution and altering our form of government and our way of life.  What’s your answer? What’s yours, Mr. Dasey?

Are you, Mr. Dasey and the U.S. Army, going to proceed full speed ahead with the court martial of another American hero and true patriot, Lt. Col. Terry Lakin?  Shame on you!  Yo will be on the “wrong side” of history in the annals of the United States of America!  But, you know what, I don’t think you give a damn!

Obviously, neither does your so-called “president” and “commander-in-chief”!


Tom Arnold

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    1. “The Democrat and Republican parties are things of the past. You are either a Marxist or a PATRIOT…choose a side. There is no middle ground to hide behind anymore.” – Steve Cooper

      I blame these radical, left wing professors that are spewing hate in the Universities. They are brainwashing the youth to be haters of Israel, capitalism and the USA.

      We have God on our side; this is about good vs. evil. Choose a side….

  1. James–I agree with you. I hope somehow McChrystal meets with each one of them.

    He may have voted for barry–but on a personal level he is not friendly with him-and the ball started rolling when barry chastised him on Air Force 1. What experience does barry have to threaten a high ranking military member. And what was the threat????

    1. Just curious, but are you the Congressional candidate Miki Booth from the great state of Oklahoma? Of course, you don’t have to answer if you wish.
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: I will let Miki speak for herself, but she has withdrawn from the race.

      1. I am indeed sorry to hear this. She is a staunch advocate for Obama to produce a valid birth certificate, and she put her son’s birth certificate where her mouth was at the National Tea Party. She also did a good interview with you Mrs. Rondeau, on the Obama/Columbia University Treason and Sedition trial. I am still waiting to hear if there is one judge in America who has the courage to do something with the presentments, the 17 criminal counts against Obama. Dr. Manning did an outstanding job, but he, like so many others, has failed so far. Let’s hope that brave Lt. Col. Lakin will be a little more successful in getting Obama to come clean. I understand his court-martial has been delayed until the fall. I guess Obama needs time to do more planning on how to get this patriotic obstacle out of his way.

  2. By the way fellow American patriots, I started a new page http://einhornpress.com/IllegalAlienorCommanderinChief.aspx on my Web site, am trying to keep it short, and am leaving it open-ended to see what happens in the Lt. Col. Lakin court-martial, if it even comes to pass, since I think the military has no authority to convene it until Obama’s valid credentials to act as Commander-in-Chief can be firmly established. There’s enough info on the illegal alien sitting in the Oval Office to be found elsewhere on my site anyway. I share my sentiments with Tom Arnold’s attitude in his letter in this Post & Email editorial completely. Thanks for speaking up friend!

  3. A first I was angry about this news , then , after I looked @ some pics posted on yahoo that showed Obama & McChrystal in the Oval Office with a caption explaining how “OBAMA” was terminating McChrystal of his position , the picture made it look like “OBAMA” was a good foot taller than McChrystal and it also made him look about 75 lbs heavier , it made McChrystal look like a wimp !! I am starting to think this whole scene is a Political Play to make “OBAMA” look like he is in control , This guy needs to go , America needs “OBAMA” to stand trial for Treason against the U.S.A.

  4. The truth of the matter is that he can’t. He’s being allowed to. Until America rises up en masse and demands the truth, this Muslim usurper will continue his illegal rampage against our rights and our Constitution.

  5. Great letter, Tom! I trust you won’t be holding your breath waiting for a response from either Obama or Dasey.

    You hit the nail squarely on the head, NUTN2SAY! Never in my 67 years have I felt another Civil War coming.

  6. Check out http://www.prisonplanet.com/obama-fires-mcchrystal-selects-petraeus-to-oversee-opium-fields-in-afghanistan.html sometime. Do you think maybe McChrystal is positioning himself to lead the upcoming revolt against the wealthy Usurper? I hear now the chain-smoking hypocrite is going to ban smoking on submarines in December. I guess the liar’s 62-cent-tax per pack of cigarettes on those making under $250,000 to pay for free illegal alien children health care was not enough to get these men who spend three months under water to quit. I understand that forty per cent of the military smokes. Wow, that Muslim mulatto is begging for a revolt. We may soon have a military made up mostly of smokeless queers and floating brothels. You know what the soldiers will be doing when we need them. Obama and his rogue government are doing a diabolical job of destroying America before our eyes in a very short time, and most Americans sit around gulping down fat food in front of their TV’s and computer games, where they “see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil!”

  7. I think LTC Terry Lakin should immediately seek out General McChrystal, explain his situation and asK for McChrystal’s help. Lakin, along with ValleLy and McChrystal at his side will get the discovery into the truth about Obama.

    LTC Terry Lakin, seek out General McChrystal!

    1. I wouldn’t count on that happening. I read today that McChrystal voted for Oilbama. Since shortly after The Won’s coronation, McChrystal has lived and breathed Afganistan and probably knows as little about the eligibility issue as most Americans, and most of what they think they know about it is the BS that the lamestream media has told them.

      I think that those of us who’ve followed the ineligibility issue since before the Nov 2008 elections many times forget that the majority hasn’t followed it along with us, and that they know little to nothing, or, in most cases, lies, about the eligibility cases.

      1. Don’t kid yourself Auntie. The military knows and all of congress knows.

        A while ago the general was asked if he would run for president. I wondered where that came from. I think he gave an indirect answer tho.

        McChrystal for President!!!

      2. McChrystal for president? If he were to run, it would be with a D by his name.
        The story about him voting for Obama is not contrived. He is a political liberal. He is a social liberal. He banned Fox News from the television sets in his headquarters. Yes, really. This puts to rest another false rumor: that McChrystal deliberately precipitated his firing because he wants to run for President.

        There’s something seriously wrong with a man who tries to control the news that reaches those working under him. There’s even more wrong with a military General who bans the only cable news station that doesn’t put a negative spin on our military and their efforts in the Middle East. Liberalism really does appear to be a mental illness.

    2. James,

      I think you have made some great suggestions that people out of the fold may not realize! Gen. Mc Chrystal is of our most elite soldiers (Special Forces) and he has access to a number of agencies and intelligence apparatus where he can gain the necessary information for discovery in LTC Lakin’s case. My fear is that the agencies and intelligence apparatus I am speaking of is complicit in the cover up and will do whatever it takes to continue the ruse on the American citizenry!

  8. I think Mr. Arnold should (as well as others) start asking the bigger question of who has the ability to enact a coup de etat upon over 300 million American citizens including all elected officials whether democrat or republican and the Main Stream Media! The ILLEGAL USURPER Obama is just part of the much bigger problem that’s unwarranted and was unjustifiably put upon the American people. Folks! This is big! This is huge! This cannot be ignored and absolutely must be somehow and someway brought forth to the forefront as the most single topic of discussion in America! The current entire crop of government officials and apparently all of the MSM think of you and me as FOOLS! We have no Constitutional Law in America right now! The Constitution with this ongoing act of treason perpetrated by our present corrupt federal, state and local governments has been abolished without the permission of WE THE PEOPLE! Folks! There is something terribly wrong taking place in America right now this very moment and the government and the MSM are complicit in this wrong doing! The America People must rise up and find out who, what and why this CRIME of TREASON is being imposed upon them!