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As of 12:52 p.m. EDT, June 22, 2010, a total of $501.00
has been raised for the Legal Fund,
and the Matching Grant Challenge
has been met!  Thank you all!

by Sharon Rondeau

Thomas Jefferson had stated that the English Parliament had no right to try to rule the 13 colonies because it was a "foreign legislature." Are we again ruled by "foreigners"?

(Jun. 22, 2010) — As a result of our call for fund raising for the purpose of completing an investigation and a subsequent matching grant offer, we have raised the requested $400 to complete the final phase of an investigation.  In fact, we have exceeded that by $101!

We thank all of you for your help and belief in The Post & Email, Inc.

Previous donations to the Legal Fund have paid for all of the UIPA requests made to the Hawaii Department of Health over an 18-month period, the results of which included internal emails exchanged among Ken David, Janice Okubo and Dr. Alvin Onaka of the Health Department which revealed that requesters of information were being “checked out” on the internet for their possible political leanings or affiliations before Health Department employees would answer their requests.  In some instances, they did not answer at all.  These documents could prove valuable in the continuing legal challenges to Obama’s eligibility and cover-up on the part of Hawaii public officials.

Donations can still be made to the Legal Fund; simply indicate that in the “Purpose” line in the Paypal form.  If using surface mail, you may send it to:

The Post & Email, Inc.
Legal Fund
P.O. Box 302
Stafford Springs, CT  06076

If your donation is not designated for the Legal Fund, it will go to the purpose you designate or to pay our writers.

Thank you again.  We will have a report for you within 3-4 weeks.

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