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by Robert Quinn

Tale of a “flawed” birth certificate now threatening our Constitution and Country

This image was originally posted at The Daily KOS and represented as Barack Obama's "birth certificate"

(Jun. 2, 2010) — A long time ago, about one and one half years or so, I received an e-mail questioning the authenticity of a Hawaiian birth certificate which Barack Obama had posted on the “Daily Kos” website to silence claims that he might not be eligible to seek the Presidency of the United States. Was this the “transparency” he promised America? It seemed so until questioners pointed out that his posted document (which I’ve seen and copied), titled “Certification of Live Birth” (COLB) had the birth certificate number blacked out, contained no birth hospital name, attending physician’s name, birth witnesses’ names, etc.  All required information….and all missing! This was “transparency”?

Article II, Section 1 of The Constitution states: “no person except a natural born Citizen of the United States, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President…” The only Hawaiian document conferring natural-born status was a Certificate of Live Birth, which would have all the above missing information on it. A “Certification of Live Birth” (COLB) only confers, at best, a naturalized citizenship status. Obama, a Constitutional scholar, was obviously aware of this and knew that he could not allow the Hawaii Department of Health’s original birth certificate to be seen for if it agreed (which he so claimed) with the COLB he had posted on Daily Kos, he was thereby ineligible to seek the Presidency; hence, a reason for his spending (to date) an estimated $2,000,000 in legal fees to prevent disclosure! Imagine – if it was a true “Certificate of Live Birth,” he would have posted it immediately, not substitute a false or limited document in its place, unless he was hiding something incriminating.

Seeking Truth:  Are We Asking Too Much?

Copies of my letters which questioned Obama’s eligibility went to all on my e-mail list and to those specifically quoted or referred to in those letters. Below, following each quote or reference, are my comments and any response received.

A federal judge, James Robertson (U.S. District Court, Washington, D.C.), throwing out one lawsuit, stated Obama’s citizenship was “thoroughly vetted and massaged by America’s vigilant citizenry during his two year Presidential campaign.”  Nonsense!  In truth, then-Senator Obama had his attorneys block the release of any documents which might have confirmed (or denied) his eligibility. The judge’s above statement was completely false since he and the rest of America never had access to these documents. Also, candidates are not vetted by “America’s vigilant citizens.” The Constitution spells out the requirements and procedure.

The Judge’s Response:  SILENCE.

Bill O’Reilly of Fox News told his national audience that Fox could have easily obtained a copy of Obama’s original birth certificate from the Health Department. Not true! I wrote to him that this was a completely false statement since the records were sealed from public access. He never retracted this falsehood….never advised his audience that he had misinformed them. Lawyers presently arguing cases on this issue could have enlightened him had he asked. He also refused to explain why Fox never attempted to secure or view a copy of the original birth certificate. That would have been the obvious action to expect from Fox.

O’Reilly’s response:  SILENCE, both toward me and, more importantly, toward his viewers and listeners.

Glenn Beck of Fox News said “birthers believe Obama’s KGB Control may have put his birth announcement in 1961 Hawaiian newspapers with a road map of getting an African man into office.” A funny but meaningless comment. I had written him that Hawaii automatically notified newspapers of reported new births and individuals could also place birth announcements. Remember, securing a U.S. naturalized citizenship status for one’s baby had many advantages for later on but eligibility to seek the Presidency was not one of them. Beck also considered anyone questioning Obama’s eligibility as “dumb.” Are the plaintiffs and lawyers “dumb”? Are the judges presently hearing legal challenges also “dumb” for so doing? I also advised him that “we are speaking about Presidential eligibility, an issue which our Founders felt important enough to become the second article in our Constitution, not a footnote or suggestion!

Beck’s response:  SILENCE.

The U.S. Supreme Court received copies of all these letters, covering Obama’s refusal to allow release of his Hawaiian Hospital certificate of live birth, his 1981 Passport to Pakistan, Occidental College entrance records, his disdain for our Constitutional requirements and for the servicemen and women who risked their  careers through lawsuits which simply asked Obama to confirm his eligibility. So serious is this issue that I sent five copies of each relevant letter to each of the nine members of the Court:  45 copies in all.

The Court’s response:  SILENCE.  Not one member even acknowledged receipt of my letters.  How sad….earlier I had asked, “If the Supreme Court ignores this issue what need have we for a Supreme Court?” Has their silence answered that question?

Halt:  Who Goes There?

If the above challenge was given by sentries to the three million members of the U.S. Military worldwide and required a true original birth certificate be produced, only one person, I repeat, one person would refuse to produce it, as he has refused every previous request….Barack Obama, the putative Commander-in-Chief of the Armed  Forces. How can anyone fail to realize the implication of such a refusal?

Reflections for Those Who Dismiss Challenges to Obama’s Eligibility

  • Obama knowingly posted a limited or a false COLB on a website, claiming that the Hospital copy matched his. If so, that would have made both  documents COLB’S and Obama a “naturalized” citizen at best. Once challenged, however, he realized the implication and immediately refused any access (to date) to the Hospital copy. Why? If it was a true “Certificate of Live Birth,” at worst it would make his initial claim of its being identical to his copy false but it would not make him ineligible for the Office. If, however, it was not a “Certificate of Live Birth”….need I continue?
  • Whenever Obama’s attorneys appeared in court to defend him they never once offered a Certificate of Live Birth to prove his eligibility, instead claiming Plaintiffs or Courts had no “standing” on the issue. Would they use this defense if Iran agreed to discuss nuclear disarmament with Obama but insisted that he first provide a valid “Certificate of Live Birth” to confirm his right to speak for our divided Nation?
  • When an active, decorated Army Officer went to court, refusing transfer to Afghanistan until Obama produced a valid “Certificate of Live Birth” to silence the many lawsuits challenging his eligibility, the officer risked a military trial and possible imprisonment, yet Obama, rather than resolving this issue, sent  lawyers to court to prevent disclosure of his Birth Certificate. Think about it:  any document which could and should corroborate his eligibility he keeps hidden from view!  Do we really need the proverbial house to fall upon us?
  • Just the other day, Fox News called itself “the most trusted name in News.” Many viewers and listeners ask Fox why it hasn’t reported on any of the previous or current eligibility lawsuits. Ignoring all mention of them is truly “unfair and unbalanced,” especially for a news organization. Incidentally, the rest of the news media is so quiet on this issue they make a “silent” movie film seem deafening by comparison.
  • Millions are clamoring for Obama to produce a valid Certificate of Live Birth yet, at a recent meeting he asked that people stop asking for it. What a pathetic response to a burning issue.
  • Obama has never, I repeat, never been “vetted.” Remember, the birth certificate which he put on a website was not a Certificate of Live Birth and was obviously a deliberate deception on his part since he knew it would not justify his eligibility.
  • The passport he used to enter war-ridden Pakistan in 1981 was not a U.S. passport since U.S. passports were not issued in 1981 to regular American citizens. Also, his school and medical records, etc. were all blocked by him from public access.
  • Who would spend over $2,000,000 in legal fees rather than simply produce a legitimate Certificate of Live Birth when seeking the office of President, unless the Certificate would confirm  not his eligibility but his ineligibility?
  • The U.S. Senate “vetted” John McCain yet later refused to “vet” Barack Obama when requested to by Republicans.
  • Some argue that if the lawsuits presently in various courts force Obama to release documents confirming that he is not a “natural-born” American citizen there will be riots in the streets if he is removed from office. Why, I ask, if he obtained the office unlawfully by deception or fraud, should he be rewarded with the prize he unlawfully sought? Are Truth and Honesty no longer desired attributes in a candidate? In 1973 some members of the Supreme Court voted to permit the killing of innocent children in the womb while other members today are more concerned about riots in the streets. How ironic; the first group didn’t fear God’s anger while the second group fears Man’s!
  • If the withheld documents would truly confirm Obama’s eligibility, as his supporters contend, why won’t any member of the Democratic Party suggest their release to the public? The answer is obvious.
  • When Obama defenders claim eligibility arguments are racially-motivated, consider that Alan Keyes, a black man who is a former presidential candidate, instituted a lawsuit against Obama, charging he is not a “natural born” Citizen. Is Keyes racially motivated?  Think about it.
  • Other issues, such as Obama’s possible British, Kenyan or Indonesian citizenship, are being addressed by many others, adding to this list against someone who has given a new meaning to the word “TRANSPARENCY.”


I have been writing for 18 years regarding Catholic teaching. A few people have inquired if I have gone “political” recently by writing about Obama’s eligibility. As I responded to them, I now respond to present readers. My “eligibility” writing is driven by our Constitution, for without it, we will invite anarchy. Until Obama satisfactorily addresses all the unanswered issues, his legitimacy cannot be blindly presumed.

With respect to all, I remain
Yours in Truth,

R. Quinn

cc:  Everyone I could think of

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  1. I believe I’ve read as much about the NBC issue and related details as most anyone over the last 2-3 years spending hundreds of hours on the subject. Obama is unquestionably an imposter not only as POTUS but his entire life’s story is largely a fiction and most folks in Congress, the federal judiciary and senior military know it. Yet these officials are prepared to protect the status quo even if it means forgetting their oaths of office and ignoring facts openly arrayed in front of their own eyes; yes, even resorting to police powers to shield him from just one serious eligibility inquiry. Why? Because (I suggest) most firmly believe that to do otherwise would shred the fabric of the nation forever with race riots, blood in the streets, etc. Reality for them (and maybe for us) is that large segments of the populace have been effectively dumbed down in our schools, spoiled by our cush standard of living and permanently atrophied by the lack of demands placed upon them by their fellow Americans. No draft, welfare in all forms, race and gender based hiring and promotions and more. So the Constitution is now viewed as an old white man’s fix. Life becomes what you can take from ‘the man’. Payback is sweet for the end not the means is all that matters. Sadly, many of us have lived to see the best part of the movie called The American Dream. Its ending may not be one we would have chosen.

  2. We know Obama is the ILLEGAL president of the United States of America! What we don’t know is who is behind this mother of all conspiracies which has duct tape on the mouths of Glenn Beck, Andrew Breitbart, Sean Hannity, Bill (who’s watching out for you) O’Reilly and all the others! This should be double investigation. We should be demanding an explanation from all the MSM pundits as to why they are acting in a treasonous way and also be demanding an explanation from the corrupt democrats and republicans as to why they gave America an ILLEGAL PRESIDENT!

    1. HA! It was that Bill O’Really person that really lit a fire in me to do the research piece on obama’s newspaper birth announcements. When I watched him contemptuously waving around a computer printed page with the two “first ever discovered” images of obama’s birth announcements from the internet printed on it, pompously proclaiming that it was “proof”! And he has the nerve to bash the MSM, when he not only accepts a thing like that as “evidence and proof”, but uses his popular show to put his own stamp of approval on that worthless nonsense! Did his staff actually do anything except google and print? Nope. Did he do anything other than announce obama IS a natural born citizen because the googled newspaper ads told him so? Nope. Foolish.

  3. When ” OBAMA ” Can Prove he is the Constitutional President ( ie ) ” Natural born Citizen ” Legal Definition U.S. Supreme Court circa Late 1700’s early 1800’s & Still is today ( Has not changed )==”A Child born on U.S. Soil to Parent(s) not owing foreign alleigence to any other Country ” ___”OBAMA’s” Dad is a Non U.S. Citizen , therefore does not qualify ,,, When “OBAMA” Can prove that to be wrong , Then We will talk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I really don’t want to see obama’s (barry soetoro’s) real birth certificate; too late for that now, we all know what he is, where he came from, and that he has spent $2,000,000 tax payer dollars to hide his background. I just want his death grip on America gone, and that this compulsive lying, communist, marxist, usurping, islamic terrorist, jihadist be arrested for TREASON, along with all the co-conspirators, who are currently protecting him. We had better keep Gitmo open. Thank You God – that there are a number of Great Patriots coming forward, in ever increasing numbers, to help save America from total destruction. It had better happen soon though, or we will all be surely doomed, and then “everyone will be awake”, just from the wailing and gnashing of teeth alone. About then we will ALL KNOW what we are missing, but it will be waaay tooooo late!!!!!!!

  5. Fact: to be a “Natural-Born” American citizen one;s parents MUST BOTH be Americans. One MUST also be born in the US (Jus Sanquinis AND Jus Soli)

    The Office of the Presidency is the sole office under which these requirements MUST BE met.

    Obama could have been born on the White House steps and he would still NOT BE a “natural-born” American,BOTH his parents were NOT Americans.

    1. In addition,because of Obama’s treasonous acts including while a US Senator, having given aid and comfort to an enemy of the USA ,Raila Odinga of Kenya,by overtly campaigning for him in Kenyan elections (a matter for which Obama is currently under investigation at the International Criminal Court in the Hague),is PRECLUDED FROM “Holding any office under the US” (See 18USC,Part 1,Chapter 115,Sec.2381)

  6. I’m so glad that the author mentioned obams’s birth announcements in the HI newspapers. Click on this link to read the most complete piece of research done on this topic to date. I promise you that this piece has information not posted anywhere else before. This has only been posted for the past few days, and I’m telling you, anyone who is seriously interested in the topic of the “proof” we have been fed regarding obama’s birth in HI should read this:

    1. g. marie,

      thanks for posting this link. great find.

      New age we live in. Citizen researches have to find out things gov’t and traditional media hide from us.

      End times.

    2. G.Marie, that link is an interesting read. Unfortunately, it is mostly about Obama’s place of birth and little about Obama’s foreigner father. The birth certificate should be revealed, for it may show a foreign birth. But if it shows a Hawaiian birth, Obama is still not a natural born citizen for he was born subject to a foreign power — the same condition which makes naturalized citizens ineligible to be President.

      I found these 3 errors in the article:

      1. The author states that the 1790 act considered children born abroad to US citizen parents to be “citizens”. The 1790 act said they were “natural born citizens”. 5 years later, that act was corrected with the 1795 act which said those children were “citizens”. Towards the end, the article does later quote the 1790 act correctly, but fails to mention the 1795 act.

      2. The 1874 SCOTUS Minor case stated that there were doubts that US-born children to foreign parents were “citizens”, although some have extrapolated that statement to mean “natural born citizens” since it followed the SCOTUS statement that there was no doubt that children born in the US to US citizen parents were natural born citizens. I don’t support that extrapolation — SCOTUS is very careful when choosing their words, and they chose “citizens” in that statement.

      3. The author states that subsequent laws affirm that children born abroad to US citizen parents are natural born citizens. Other than for the non-binding Senate resolution concerning McCain, no such laws exist. There are statutes (Title 8 Section 1401) governing who is a citizen at birth, but that is not the same thing as a natural born citizen (and this statute does not use that term).

      Finally, the article goes into great length about how the CIA, the media, the government, etc. are in on this ruse. Given that this is true, then we need to ask ourselves this question: With all that powerful backing, does anyone think that the most powerful man on the planet will be unable to someday “produce” a piece of paper showing a Hawaiian birth? This is why I say the eligibility focus should be on Obama’s dual citizenship at birth (British citizenship by descent from his father), because there does not exist any document which will ever show that Obama Senior was a US citizen.

      Obama’s father was a British subject. Regardless of where Obama was born, Obama’s citizenship status at birth was governed by the 1948 British Nationality Act. THE question that the media and the government do not want asked nor answered is this one: How can the status at birth of a US natural born citizen be “governed” by the laws of Great Britain?

  7. I think this about covers as well as it can be done;

    Obama born British is constitutionally disqualified
    The heart of Obama’s eligibility issue is whether a President Elect with dual nationality can constitutionally qualify as a “Natural Born Citizen” or whether the Founders intended this qualification to exclude ALL foreign influence in the President compared to “Citizen” for Senator. Furthermore, US Constitution Amendment XX provides for “if the President elect shall have failed to qualify.”
    The strict difference between constitutional qualifications of “Natural Born Citizen” for President over “Citizen” for Senator is that the President must be born of two US citizens and be born within US jurisdiction to exclude all foreign influence. Birth within US jurisdiction is essential BUT INSUFFICIENT!
    Barack Obama Sr. was an alien Kenyan student from the British East African Protectorate of Zanzibar without permanent US domicile. Barack Obama (I) was not a US citizen but a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies.
    Consequently, Barack H. Obama (II) acknowledged he had British citizenship at birth by The British Nationality Act of 1948. That automatically disqualified Obama from becoming President. He also became an Indonesian citizen by adoption to Lolo Soetoro.
    As President Elect, Obama failed to provide any evidence that he had qualified. He failed to provide evidence that both his parents were US citizens. Registrars in Hawaii and Kenya both claim to have Obama’s birth certificate. Hawaii grants certificates of birth to any person claiming that such a birth occurred. Furthermore Hawaii even grants birth certificates to children born outside of Hawaii if the parents declared Hawaii as their legal residence within the year previous to the child’s birth.
    Obama failed to provide any original birth certificate or associated evidence sufficient to distinguish between these differing public claims of his birth.
    Following is evidence of this intent from the Constitutional Convention and drafters of the 14th Amendment.
    First US Chief Justice John Jay recommended to Constitutional Convention President George Washington:
    “Permit me to hint, whether it would be wise and seasonable to provide a strong check on the admission of Foreigners into the administration of our national Government; and to declare expressly that the commander in chief of the American army shall not be given to, nor devolve on any but a natural born citizen.” (Jay emphasized “born”).
    Washington acknowledged and the Convention changed “citizen” to “natural born citizen” without debate.
    In “The Law of Nations”, (1758) Emmerich de Vattel defined “natural born citizen” as combining both parents’ allegiance (jus sanguinis) with birthplace(jus soli):
    “The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens. . . to be of the country, it is necessary to be born of a person who is a citizen, for if he be born there of a foreigner, it will be only the place of his birth, and not his country. . .”

    Alexander Hamilton explained:
    “ . .every practicable obstacle should be opposed to cabal, intrigue, and corruption. These most deadly adversaries of republican government . . . [come] chiefly from the desire in foreign powers to gain an improper ascendant in our councils.” To protect the President’s election from foreign powers: “. . . raising a creature of their own to the chief magistracy . . the convention have guarded against all danger of this sort, . . .”
    Delegate Senator Charles Pinckney summarized the Electoral College and Presidential qualifications:
    “It was intended to give your President the command of your forces, . . . . . to make it impossible for the different States to know who the Electors are for, or for improper domestic, or, what is of much more consequence, foreign influence and gold to interfere; that by doing this the President would really hold his office independent of the Legislature; . . . This therefore they have guarded against, and to insure experience and attachment to the country, they have determined that no man who is not a natural born citizen, or citizen at the adoption of the Constitution, of fourteen years residence, and thirty-five years of age, shall be eligible…. ”
    Rep. John A. Bingham, Union Army Judge Advocate and drafter of the 14th Amendment said:
    “[I] find no fault with the introductory clause [S 61 Bill], which is simply declaratory of what is written in the Constitution, that every human being born within the jurisdiction of the United States of parents not owing allegiance to any foreign sovereignty is, in the language of your Constitution itself, a natural born citizen”.
    Senator Lyman Trumbull, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, inserted “subject to the complete jurisdiction thereof” into Amendment XIV, explaining:
    “That means ‘subject to the complete jurisdiction thereof.’ What do we mean by ‘complete jurisdiction thereof?’ Not owing allegiance to anybody else. That is what it means.”
    The foundational issue is whether or not we uphold the Rule of Law and the Constitution. Once we begin to ignore it, we soon will have no protections against tyranny. In the 20th century, 33 Democracies descended into tyranny by failing to preserve their constitutional protections. e.g. Germany to Hitler, Russia to Lenin and Stalin, China to Mao Tse Tung etc.
    Obama’s posting the “Certification of Live Birth” is a specific diversion to focus attention away from the critical issues of:
    1) His British citizenship by birth,
    2) His Kenyan citizenship by independence, and
    3) His Indonesian citizenship by adoption.
    Obama’s British citizenship at birth disqualifies him per John Jay’s letter.
    Obama’s Kenyan and Indonesian citizenship each breach the spirit of the Founders’ intent in prescribing “Natural Born Citizen”.
    Other issues Obama probably wishes to hide:
    4) His original Hawaiian Birth Certificate was NOT likely signed by a medical witnesses, raising questions as to its validity.
    5) He has multiple Hawaiian Birth Certificates from each of his mother’s marriage, divorce, and remarriage.
    Will we uphold the Founders’ constitutional intent to exclude all foreign allegiance and influence on our President in this Republic? Or succumb to mob (“majority”) rule?

  8. YouTube BP Fails BOOMING SCHOOL 101 Gulf Oil Spill

    This will blow all of us away….. just pass it around please

    Obama IS A USURPER and will be found out when it may be too late for us all!
    From day one I have see his con job….24/7 I hope we get the ducks in a row soon!
    Thanks for all everone has been doing….It sure has taken a life of its own.

  9. i first researched barry in 06′, after two and a half hours, when i shut off the pc, i knew his legal name is barry soetero, he’s a kenyan born indonesian citizen and a lifelong communist and muslim. i won’t bore y’all with the rest. the fact is i wrote everyone you wrote, plus. silence is all i ever recieved so, i joined AMERICAN GRAND JURY and performed an act of citizenery i never thought i would have to. then i found youtube, i rant as freexratedspeech. here’s the deal bob, what we have here is a criminal conspiracy never before seen. if leavenworth’s gallows are still up, they would be working daily for 3 month’s, easy. it’s AWESOME to find people who know the truth of what’s really going on. GOOD JOB! but, with all the co-conspiritors involved, it will be an uphill fight, all the way. though i never recieve a response, i will keep writing to all the criminal’s involved, informing them of their treason. never give up on the truth.

    1. Rick,
      Thank you so much for your work. I, too, have tried to keep letting everyone I know of the treason that is taking place in our capitol. I will continue to do so and hope you know that you are not alone in your quest.

  10. Again, a very cogent, articulate and objective essay to the ineligibility issue. The mounting tensions are not so much the facts as they become disclosed to the public. Rather, the ignoring of such facts by those whom can take a course of legal action. We can blog all day long and certify sources and documents that expose his deception and still NOT see action from those that have authority to do so. It is at a juncture of such disbelief to the goings on of this Republic, that the level of citizenry ready to take Constitutional rights to the inept, corrupt Capitol right quick. The deficit of moral integrity is so staggering that a total voting wipe of ALL incumbents is necessary. But you say, there are good leaders still in DC. Where are they on this issue?

    Everyone is distracted about oil running in the gulf they forget the spilling of patriotic blood that flowed deeper and costlier to procure a free people, with “liberty and justice for all.” Where is the outrage for the real environmental contamination of blood filled battle fields, maimed bodies, to preserve a Nation that said, “Under God, indivisible…” the commitment of our Founders was not forged with “comfort” using a laptop, it was fueled (no ties to oil) on CONVICTION. Do you want freedom to ring true? Then slam every government official you know with phone calls, faxes, emails, letters, courier pigeons, texts, tweets, and whatever else conveys your heartbeat to DEMAND a proper vetting of this phantom person barry soetero occupying the White House. When we purge the curse of his lies, the czars in place, the reversal of his policies and extricate the corruption of his modus operandi then, we can see green shoots of freedom springing up once again.

  11. From reading all the material on the subject of natural born citizens I can’t help but conclude the following:

    1) Citizens of united states was never properly defined by the framers mainly because only state law could define whom were born a citizen of the state which in return automatically made them a citizen of the united states under article 4.

    2) Congress in 1866 recognized not all states recognized people of color as citizens and set out to define who were citizens of the united states through statute and amendment to the constitution.

    3) Congress decided to recognize all persons born or naturalized as citizens of the united states as long as they could not be claimed as subjects of another country.

    4) The 14th amendment was clearly designed to recognized only those politically attached to the nation (citizens) and no other.

    5) Just as a naturalized citizen cannot be claimed by any other foreign power as their citizens, neither can anyone born.

    Obama cannot be a citizen of the united states under the true meaning behind born or naturalized subject to the jurisdiction of the united states.

    Justice Gray himself confirmed this in Elk v Wilkins writing for the majority in defining subject to the jurisdiction as political attachment and not mere place of birth. This was in perfect agreement with acts of congress of 1866, 1868 and 1874.

    “If it was intended that anybody who was a citizen by birth should be eligible, it would only have been necessary to say,

    “no person, except a native-born citizen”; but the framers thought it wise, in view of the probable influx of European immigration, to provide that the president should at least be the child of citizens owing allegiance to the United States at the time of his birth.

    It may be observed in passing that the current phrase “native-born citizen” is well understood; but it is pleonasm and should be discarded; and the correct designation, “native citizen” should be substituted in all constitutional and statutory enactments, in judicial decisions and in legal discussions where accuracy and precise language are essential to intelligent discussion.”

    It’s a rather clear testimony to the fact that simply being “native born” does not mean that one is “natural born” but “accuracy and intelligent discussion” are not the goals of propaganda.

    1. Please forgive me if I have misread your comment. I do not see the commonly accepted definition of NBC. The definition of a natural born citizen has been completely, thoroughly, and almost nauseatingly dissected and analyzed for us at the web site below. His name is Mario Apuzzo and he is the lead attorney in Kerchner vs. Obama. Even if you have a clear idea of NBC, Mario’s blog entries make for fascinating reading, very worthwhile !!


  12. Everything you say is true. He’s blatantly, in our face, hiding something on his birth certificate from the American public and everyone that has any power in this country is pretending to be oblivious to that fact.

    Similarly, the gov’t of our country is Never going to pay back what it owes in gov’t obligations. The world’s lenders are also pretending to be oblivious to that fact, too.

    In both cases, in my opinion, it’s extreme fear of the consequences of admitting the truth. So live in a delusion and hope it will go away.

    It’s not going away. There will be consequences. And they won’t be pretty.

  13. While you mentioned the “vetting” of McCain by the Senate Investigation, you neglected to add that Senate Resolution 511 provided a definition of “born to American citizens” which provides at the minimum a template for eligibility as seen by the Senate-for which Obama by his own admission does not qualify. The GOP could have and should have taken action at that point but failed to do so, and thereby every elected Official including McCain violated their Oath of Office to protect and defend the Constitution. This is no small matter. The viability of our Nation is at stake yet these Officials including the Judiciary failed our Nation spectacularly and tragically based on ignorance, misfeaseance, negligence or for fear of Political Correctness-its as simple as that. The damage already done unfortunately cannot be cured by a subsequent election-

  14. House Judiciary Committee Chairman ~ James F. Wilson March 1866
    “We must depend on the general law relating to subjects & citizens RECOGNIZED BY ALL NATIONS FOR A DEFINITION and that must lead us to the conclusion that every person born in the United States is a natural-born citizen of such States, EXCEPT….children born on our soil to temporary sojourners or representatives of foreign Governments.”

    B.Obama Sr – sojourner, personified, in this nation

    sojourn-to stay or reside temporarily

  15. “OBAMA” can not be a Natural born Citizen VIA U.S. Supreme Court Decision of the Definition of ” Natural born Citizen ” Circa Late 1700’s ==>Early 1800’s ( eg)U.S. Supreme Court Ruling on Definition == “A Child born on U.S. Soil to parents not owing foreign alleigence to any other Country ” therefore by “OBAMA’s” own admission of his Dad ( A Kenyan Citizen , non U.S. Citizen ) Even if “OBAMA” was born in HAWAII he still would not be natural born !!!