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The SEIU is based in Washington, DC and according to Wikipedia, is closely allied with the Canadian Labour Congress

Stanley Kurtz, a Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, pointed out in a September 23, 2008 Wall Street Journal article that, “Despite having authored two autobiographies, Barack Obama has never written about his most important executive experience.”

The experience that Kurtz referred to was Obama’s appointment in 1995 as Chairman of the Board at the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC), a “school reform organization” founded by his longtime friend and political ally, Bill Ayers. Ayers, a home-grown terrorist for the Weather Underground during the Vietnam War era, has written, in his book Teaching Toward Freedom, that his educational objective is to “teach against oppression” as embodied in “America’s history of evil and racism, thereby forcing social transformation.”

Kurtz notes that Obama served on the Board of the CAC until 1999 and remained actively involved in the organization until 2001. Although Obama was insistent that the extent of his relationship with Ayers was that Ayers was just “a guy” from the neighborhood, a September 2008 article from WorldNetDaily offers details that Obama’s relationship with Ayers was much deeper and that CAC frequently granted money to far-leftist organizations and causes.

Kurtz, in a follow-up article published in the National Review, exposed Obama’s wealth-redistributionist ties to the New Party. According to Discover the Networks, most New Party members hailed from the Democratic Socialists of America and the militant organization ACORN. The party’s Chicago chapter also included a large contingent from the Committees of Correspondence, a Marxist coalition of former Maoists, Trotskyites, and Communist Party USA members.

Although the Obama machine tried to dismiss Kurtz on its Fight the Smears website, evidence exists that Obama was heavily involved in the New Party in 1995, and, according to New Party News of Spring 1996, page 1, was a bona fide New Party member.

According to the Romanticpoet’s weblog, evidence compiled by noted Marxist researcher Trevor Loudon demonstrates that Obama, as early as 1993, was involved with a New Party “sister” organization, Progressive Chicago.

This organization was formed by members of the New Party as a support group for “progressive” candidates. Its main instigators included New Party members Madeline Talbott of Chicago, ACORN and Dan Swinney, a Chicago labor unionist.

In 1994 Dan Swinney was listed on a “Membership, Subscription and Mailing List” for the Chicago Committees of Correspondence, an offshoot of the Communist Party USA. And in 2009, Dan Swinney’s Center for Labor and Community Research (CLCR) was listed as a signer of the Progressives for Obama website.

Although CLCR’s Mission, “To strengthen communities through initiatives to redefine, rediscover, and rebuild the manufacturing sector in the knowledge economy, seems rather benign and almost altruistic, a closer look at the documents on the organization’s Publications page makes clear that CLCR is focused on social, economic and environmental (green) justice.

One example is Dan Swinney’s article on Building the Bridge to the High Road. Let’s take a look at what the Mutualist Blog: Free Market Anti-Capitalism blog had to say in its review of Swinney’s work.

He’s preaching to the choir as far as I’m concerned. I’ve written myself about the need for the alternative economy or counter-economy to grow beyond merely operating in the interstices of a state capitalist structure, and to evolve into an interlocking network of cooperative production, finance and retail operations that will eventually supplant the existing state capitalist framework.

The blogger offers further praise:

Swinney draws several lessons from his years of experience in the CLCR, of using High Road practices to save and turn around failing business firms under labor and community leadership.

One of them I strongly agree with:

The market is not synonymous with capitalism. The market is an achievement of human civilization that both predates capitalism and will persist for a long time even if capitalism is replaced by another system.

Another interesting fact is CLCR’s relationship with ShoreBank. Bob Williams writes in a June 2003 article titled “Model of Economic Democracy” that “Shorebank Group from Chicago’s South Side” functioned as a “mentor” in helping Williams establish “Western Canada’s largest financial services cooperative,” Vancity Capital Corporation, a subsidiary of the Vancity Credit Union which functions as a business lender in the new economy that lends against cash flow on a subordinated debt basis (cash-flow-based, unsecured term loan financing) to British Columbia’s businesses, co-operatives and non-profit organizations. According to Vancouver’s Straight.com, “Vancity has over $14.5 billion in assets and more than 400,000 members” and focuses on environmental success and social sustainability.

Williams grew up in an “old socialist family,” and like Barack Obama, is very familiar with Community Organizing and community organizers. He is also used to serving on the board of organizations which focus on “economic justice” and has served in public office as the Chairman of the board of the Crown’s Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (also of interest on ICBC’s website, B.C.’s Fairness Commission Report – related to healthcare).

Williams, a devotee of Bologna, Italy’s Professor Stefano Zamagni, writes in his 2003 article that “The old Chicago school view of economics as ‘only an exchange of equivalents’ in a commercial marketplace is a view that is unacceptable to Zamagni.” “… the modern attempt to build the welfare state as a highly motivated goal that has gone somewhat awry because of the nature of state delivery systems and the lack of reciprocity in the relationship between the provider of welfare and the client; a pattern that is complicated further by the differing values of the politician and bureaucrat involved in the process.”

It appears that Dan Swinney has learned a lot from Robert (Bob) Williams in terms of “globalization” and “redistributive wealth.” After graduating with a Bachelor’s in History from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, Swinney worked as a machinist for 13 years in the Chicago area. He organized Steelworker Local 8787 at G+W Taylor Forge in Cicero, IL and served as Vice President. Taylor Forge closed in 1983. Swinney founded the Center for Labor and Community Research (CLCR) in 1982 in response to the thousands of manufacturing plant closings in the Chicago area.

In July 2005, Swinney started the Chicago Manufacturing Renaissance Council. CMRC has been working to inform the public and influence key leaders, organizations and institutions about the social and economic viability and vitality of the modern manufacturing economy and has established Partnerships with The City of Chicago, the Department of Community Development and the Office of Apprenticeship, U.S. Department of Labor and was even commissioned by the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association to issue a report to analyze the condition of Illinois manufacturing.

Although the CMRC may also seem like a benign, pro-business, pro-manufacturing organization, “The Trade Association as a Factor in Reconstruction” by Franklin D. Jones, Counselor at Law, Washington, D.C., clearly reveals that American “reconstruction” involves not only “labor organizations” such as the SEIU but also large and seemingly “reputable” Trade organizations.

This fact helps answer the question, “Why would a Trade organization that appears to be pro-business, pro-USA manufacturing jobs such as the Illinois Manfuacturers’ Association commission a socialist organization like the CMRC to issue a report?

If Trade Associations are indeed involved in this “reconstruction” effort, Obama’s appointment of Ron Bloom as Manufacturing Czar makes perfect sense, because it is only when Big Labor, Trade Associations and Government are working together that “reconstruction” can be achieved and a Socialist Utopia can be realized.

In the book, Global Profit and Global Justice, Shorebank, like Vancity, designs, implements, manages, and advises loan programs in local banks and loan funds in developing and transitional economies with capital from major financial institutions. Also like Vancity, ShoreBank’s focus is on triple bottom-line investing, the idea that a truly sound investment is one that provides financial rewards and offers social and environmental benefits.

To destroy the U.S economy, Globalist companies worldwide must be supportive of “reconstruction” efforts. Groups servicing these companies must be able to identify projects, raise capital and locate strategic partners. The world’s leaders on sustainability must frequently get together to attend conferences where they can network and exchange information and ideas on the best way to implement their New World Order agenda.

The SBA boasts "programs and services to help you start, grow and succeed."

On the home front, Globalists, through our liberal-biased educational system, the liberal media and various propaganda initiatives, have succeeded in demonizing our Founders, our Constitution, Business, Capitalism and the Free Market.

However, total “reconstruction” cannot be achieved by “brainwashing” alone, which has been going on for decades. It has to be achieved through a coordinated effort which, in effect, demoralizes and discourages entrepreneurs who attempt to realize the “American Dream.”

Entrepreneurs will have to be chronically discouraged. Therefore, taxpayer-funded Governmental agencies such as the Small Business Administration, developed to help entrepreneurs and small- and medium-sized businesses with training and financial opportunities, must function as a deterrent by offering “red-tape” and misdirection for entrepreneurs seeking help.

To achieve “reconstruction,” startups and existing small- and medium-sized businesses must achieve a high rate of failure. And the SBA must purposely have such poor and lax oversight that every program they are tasked with administering is completely unsuccessful, so their mission is never realized.

They must also establish small business loan programs riddled with “red-tape” in addition to,setting unrealistic expectations for small business owners who obtain SBA loans to ensure that there is a high percentage of loan defaults. This creates a huge financial burden for many community banks and further adds to the growing federal deficit and a win-lose situation where the Socialists win and the Capitalists lose.

In terms of competition in the marketplace, the system, through regulation, must create an un-level playing field that makes it so difficult for companies to compete and make a profit that they are forced to “move” jobs overseas. This creates a win-win for the Globalists, because when jobs are moved overseas, economic prosperity is “shifted” from the United States to poorer countries. This creates “wealth redistribution” and “social justice” for other citizens of the world and results in the job losses that causes our communities and our standard of living to further decline. Again, the Socialists win and the Capitalists lose.

We already know that Government is growing at such a fast pace that it is endangering our economy. If the end goal is to create a Marxo-Fascist “welfare state” where citizens are entirely dependent on the government for everything — healthcare, housing, food, etc. — what better way to achieve this goal than by controlling labor organizations, infiltrating trade organizations and “sabotaging” entrepreneurs and small- and medium-sized businesses to minimize the growth of the private sector?


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