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by Sharon Rondeau

The White House has stated that former President Bill Clinton spoke to Rep. Sestak about abandoning his Senate ambitions. But why would Bill Clinton have anything to offer Sestak?

(May 28, 2010) — One day after Obama promised a statement from the White House regarding the claim by Rep. Joe Sestak that a “high-ranking position” in the regime had been offered to him if he agreed to drop out of the PA Senate race, the story is that White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel asked former president Bill Clinton “to talk to Sestak about the race.”

However, the story which Sestak first told on Larry Kane’s show and to several other news outlets in February and again in March was that he was offered a “high-ranking” position within the administration if he abandoned his plans to run for the Senate.   When Kane asked Sestak if he was “offered a job by someone in the White House,” Sestak had answered “Yes,” but did not elaborate further.  He did not mention  Bill Clinton.

In an online report today, Kane stated that he had had knowledge of a possible job offer to Sestak, which was what prompted him to ask the question toward the end of  the February interview.  Kane also said he had contacted the White House press office to obtain clarification of Sestak’s remarks and did not receive a response for 15 hours.  At that time, Kane stated that he was told, “You can say the White House says it’s not true.”

A statement by Robert Bauer, White House Counsel, maintains that “the White House Chief of Staff enlisted the support of former President Clinton who agreed to raise with Congressman Sestak options of service on a Presidential or other Senior Executive Branch Advisory Board.  Congressman Sestak declined the suggested alternatives, remaining committed to his Senate candidacy.”

On May 7, 2010, Obama issued Executive Order 13490 which “waived” the “requirements of Paragraph 2 of the Ethics Pledge of Mr. Robert F. Bauer,” Obama’s White House Counsel and former attorney for the DNC.  Obama has reportedly used Bauer as his personal attorney, and the waiver allows him to continue to do so as well as Perkins Coie, the law firm which has also defended Obama against numerous eligibility lawsuits.

Sestak has declined to elaborate further on what might have been offered and said, “The rest is politics.” A video of an interview with Sestak on MSNBC depicts Sestak making the statement but also confirming that he was offered a “job,” not an unpaid position, can be viewed here.

A writer for The Washington Post editorialized that Obama’s statement yesterday that the White House would release an official statement on the alleged incident was “Good” and that “Republicans will continue attacking no matter what. But at least now this battle can be fought in the realm of facts, rather than in a shadowy fact-free arena where Republicans are making generalized charges of a ‘cover up.’  This will prove to have been the right decision.”

Another report dated today begins with “Forced to disclose backstage political bargaining…”  The article also included the fact that Tim Kaine, chairman of the DNC, and Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL), both had called on the White House and Sestak to set the record straight regarding Sestak’s original claim.

It is possible that even if Clinton had been the one to approach Sestak about an unpaid advisory position within the regime, a law still could have been broken.  The White House has admitted that it did attempt to play a role in discouraging Sestak from seeking the Senate seat, and several Republicans have asked the FBI to investigate.

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) stated today that a misdemeanor was committed by the White House, adding that it had “co-opted President Clinton in it.”

Sestak stated yesterday that he would issue a statement after the White House spoke publicly about the issue.  He  also said that his brother Richard, Sestak’s “top political adviser and campaign lawyer,” spoke with the White House  on Wednesday of this week about “what’s going to occur.”

Yesterday Obama refused to answer reporters’ questions.  Of Obama, Sestak commented, “I think the president’s a pretty legitimate, you know, person,” he said.

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  1. Simply offering a thing of value as a condition of/in exchange for Sestak ending his campaign was enough to make it a Federal crime. The law doesn’t require Sestak to have accepted the offer.

  2. And another thing. It would have been illegal for Sestak to accept the job. Obama’s lawyers want us to believe that all that was offered to Sestak to make him quit his campaign was a job without value that he couldn’t legally accept anyway. And of course the New York Times and washpost have both given a big sigh of relief and stated that it has now been proved that no crime was committed and we can all just move on now.

    Aren’t you glad that the we have honest people in gov’t and the fourth estate is looking out for us so well?

  3. I’m so torn between the level of corruption and the level of stupidity.
    Abraham Lincoln quotes
    “No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar.” Is this so hard for them to understand?
    I am a former Democrat now Tea Party for the reasons listed above plus many others. They have now reached levels of insulting people’s intelligence never thought possible.

  4. Yes, they all had meetings with each other over the last several days, got all their lawyers involved, and finally came to agreement on how they would fool ( i mean what they would tell) the public.
    They decided they would tell the public that they tried to convince sestak to drop his senate bid by offering him something that had absolutely no value whatsoever to anybody.

    Heckuva story, eh?
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Sounds to me as if they’re cooking the books to cook up a story!

  5. At least there is good news in all this. Sestak’s political career is over. Tisk Tisk. Another minion bites the dust in November as Toomey should soar with this one! Sestak worked as an assistant to one of the most corrupt Democrats in PA (Murtha), and as clearly demonstrated today, will jump anytime the usurper snaps his Communist fingers.

    We’ll see what the FBI does. Please pray it’s more than what the corrupt CIA and our so called military has done.

    1. “We’ll see what the FBI does.”
      I’m afraid I’ll disappoint you, but the FBI follows the orders of Eric Holder, and I simply cannot see how someone like Holder, who’s been:
      (a) with the Clintons and worked hard to put back on the street the Poertorican terros –
      (b) then carried water for Soetero, and now, as a AG, keeps the lid tight over Soetero’s illegitimacy, and is sueing the daylight from CIA operatives, let the Philly Black Panthers back on the steeet, and prepares the case agains the state of Arizona –

      … will do anything that might endanger his benefactors?
      Nope, he will not, and the FBI will follow his orders – and of course, we, as a nation, we should face that fact that we are a bunch of cowards who don’t dare to speak about… “and I want for Patricia a job like Michelle’s at the hospital” –

  6. Ah yes, all in order. The Bauer legal touch can only keep up so long. At some point he will forget one detail, one mess up, and barry’s days are over. The fact of humanity is one cannot keep record of the lies perpetuated over the long haul. The tripping will begin soon. The pressure is mounting, under pressure mistakes are made. Please note- in quick time of office the countenance of the liar-in-chief is aging very quickly. This will end soon. The human frame is not able to withstand the duration of living a lie. The enormous amount of stress to cover tracks and worry of making a mistake is devastating to the very health of human sustenance. We watch and keep gathering facts more & more, the weight of evidence to the simplest of minds crashes the illusion and deceit of the impostor barry soetero.
    The reason he takes so many breaks and plays so much golf is he cannot cope. The community organizer has no wisdom to lead a nation. Fake it, ’til make it is running short these days.

  7. Bo offered the Job to Sestak there is Video/Audio Proof : http://bit.ly/95ySYM
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Thanks very much; I included the video in the article I just wrote. That was a tremendous addition, in my opinion. And Sestak definitely did say “job,” not “unpaid advisory position.”

    1. Goverment regs, nothing of value, not even a stick of gum. Send Rahm and Clinton to jail for election tampering. I smell a Nixon misstep in the making. They can take care of it now or wait until the fall when it’s worse. I hope they wait.