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by Sharon Rondeau

Rep. Joe Sestak currently represents the 7th Congressional District of PA, which includes most of Delaware County. He will be facing Republican opponent Pat Toomey in the November senatorial election.

(May 27, 2010) — Rep. Joe Sestak claimed in February 2010 that someone in the Obama regime had offered him a high-ranking position in exchange for abandoning his primary bid against Sen. Arlen Specter.

In an interview with Larry Kane on the “Voice of Reason” show, Kane asked Sestak if the rumor he had heard regarding the offer of “a high ranking job in the administration” in return for agreeing to withdraw from the Senate race was true.  According to Kane, “Sestak looked a little surprised by the question,” but answered “Yes.”  Sestak did not elaborate further, according to the report.

Fox News also interviewed Sestak shortly after the Larry Kane broadcast, during which Sestak affirmed his initial statement.

Sestak did not give up on his senatorial ambitions and won the Democrat primary against Specter last week.  Specter, who had switched to the Democrat Party last year with support from Obama, had been a senator since 1981 and is finishing his fifth term.

Ironically, before the primary, Sen. Specter had raised the “specter” of “misprision of felony,” or “when you don’t report a crime” on Sestak’s part if his allegations were true and he failed to report it.  Sestak is now saying that he answered the initial question, and “”Anything that goes beyond that is for others to talk about.”

Seven Senate Republicans have written a letter to Eric Holder requesting that a Special Prosecutor be appointed to investigate Sestak’s allegations.  In March, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs avoided a direct answer to the question.  On May 22, 2010, Gibbs stated on “Face the Nation” that “people who have looked into it assure me the conversations were not inappropriate in any way.”  However, Gibbs has also stated that the Obama campaign put  Obama’s “birth certificate” on the internet, something which the Hawaii Department of Health has refused to corroborate.

The authors of the letter to Holder stated that Sestak repeated his claim about the job offer last weekend on “Face the Nation” and “Meet the Press” and reminded him of a pledge Holder made at his confirmation hearing to be “an independent attorney general.”  They stated that Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich had recently replied to a letter written by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), who had first requested that a Special Counsel be appointed on the Sestak matter, maintaining that “a special counsel is not needed in this instance.”  Issa had requested the Special Counsel on April 21, 2010 and stated that the job offer, if true, was a “crime” and an “impeachable offense.”

Issa has stated that a felony could have been committed.  However, Sestak has refused to answer any further questions about the alleged bribe.  Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL) has stated that “the onus is on Sestak” to elaborate on the details of the alleged offer.

The signatories to the letter to Holder were Sens. John Cornyn (R-TX), Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Charles Grassley (R-IA), Jon Kyl (R-AZ), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Orrin Hatch  (R-UT), and Dr. Tom Coburn  (R-OK).

All Obama has said about the matter is that a statement will be coming “shortly.”

Instructions to citizens wishing to file allegations of wrongdoing may do so through the Office of Congressional Ethics here.

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    1. “Maybe the left is behind….” Yes! Behind curtain 3 we have Hillary & Bill.

      Hillary was a member of the research team to impeach Nixon. How ’bout that?

      The threat of impeachment provides solid collatoral for Jezzebel to run for POTUS and BO will step aside.

  1. Can we all say, “BLACKMAIL”? Is the usurper more stupid than previously thought? I think so. He actually thinks he can trust the Clintons? William Rockefeller Clinton certainly didn’t agree to cover BO’s backside without something in return. Mark my words….Hillary 2012!
    BO will resign due to ridiculous false reasons & H. foaming at the mouth Clinton Bulldog will step right up.
    Please say it ain’t so! BO will go down in History with HC reform, Cap & Trade, Financial Reform, VAT Tax, Net Neutrality, etc. perfectly intact and another Communist will be allowed to continue the destruction.

  2. As I understand it, Obama cannot be impeached. Only a de jure president can be impeached, not a de facto one. He will have to step down. I think the military should send a cadre of their best to escort the usurper to a holding cell while he awaits trial.

  3. now we have another act in co. this is an impeachable offense –but the only way to get to the truth is for the American people to do the investigating and hold the trial as congress will never do it and why does any one think that there was any other reason to install as a.g. any one except some one who would give him a pass as far as Clinton goes its still comes under the Equal Dignites Act —or master servant rule —so now Clinton can go to jail as and acessory —and or conspirator

  4. Unbelievable corruption! Nobody really believes the story that it was Bubba who made the offer to Sestak but it puts enough space between the White House and the person who actually made the offer (i.e. Bubba) to get them off the hook! Let’s face it, if the whole explanation is as simple and innocent as they now say, then why didn’t they just admit to this when the allocations were first raised?

  5. Bill Clinton did it. It was a UNPAID POSITION!
    Please US citizens believe this anyway. Bill cannot be impeached or prosecuted (see how easy it was to get Obama and company off the hook (they think).

  6. It’s looking more and more like the only way to remove the userper et al his cohorts would be via a military coup.

  7. The only outcome to this is sestak will say that he ‘mispoke’. Whether that will happen before the elections or after depends on public mood. If he can get by with it, he’ll wait till after the elections. If the democratic party doesn’t think he can put it off till then, he’ll have to fall on his sword and do it before the elections, jeopardizing his chance to be elected.

    As everyone else has said, nothing will come of this except a lot of sound and fury in washington. When the crimes were committed between two democrats behind closed doors and democrats are asked to investigate, it is a virtual certainty that they will simply change their stories. What’s to stop them?

  8. I agree it ain’t gonna happen. I don’t see how it is currently possible for Obama to be impeached, no matter how much he deserves it. When you own the law your worries about being arrested are non-existent.

    Since nothing is impossible with this regime, I have considered this possibility. If enough of the enablers who helped Obama illegally and unconstitutionally become president started to think the eligibility scam is going to crumble and take them down, they could cause an impeachment of Obama to occur. If Obama went out on ineligibility, as he should, he would take a lot of others with him…they knew he wasn’t eligible and helped enable the fraud. However, if they were trying to save their own butts, impeachment of Obama for something like the Sestak accusation could save them from being investigated in the ineligibility scam, while removing Obama himself from office.

    Probably not, but this regime makes me think this way…………

    1. Guess who’s going “under the bus” next? Someone thinks he saved his own butt (can you say Sestak) by reporting that it occurred, thinking it would blow over like everything else does, but he doesn’t have the schmooze that the usurper has, and he didn’t want to play the Chicago way, so –“…guess if we couldn’t get him to step down for Arlen Specter, well–we’ll have to get you another way. ” :) Buh-bye Sestak; thank you for flying obummer buslines.

    2. Bob, I agree with the possibility of your second scenario. But not only to save the enablers personally, but to save the liberal gains attained so far. An ineligible Obama puts ALL the gains since January of 2009 at risk since theoretically – his presidency never existed. But an “impeached” Obama preserves the gains.

      The only big ticket agenda item left is Cap and Tax. Given the political winds this might even be a write off by the liberals at this point. If so, the left no longer needs a radical Obama in place. He may be more of liability than an asset at this point.

  9. I am amazed at how the criminal acts that this administration engages in all get swept under the rug. From Blago, to Sestak, to GM not really paying the TARP, to Obama not being a Natural Born Citizen. The press whistles and looks the other way. They are committing treason.

  10. Once again the DOJ has stated that unless all participants involved complain of a crime taking place, nothing will be done. The DOJ in response to earlier allegations regarding ‘standing’ in the eligibility cases, has again stated that unless all participants complain of a criminal act, then nothing has taken place.
    The Black Panther voter intimidation is another prime example. The parties carrying the night sticks and intimidating voters would have to complain and that would be self-admission of a criminal act.
    In plain English as explained elsewhere, a person breaks into a house and kills the home-owner, the police arrive and unless all parties involved, the murderer, the witnesses, the police, and including the murder victim all conclude that a criminal act took place, no one has ‘standing’ to file a complaint.
    So Sestak would have to admit to a bribe, but anyone involved from the Obama administration, would also have to admit to the criminal act, before the DOJ would even look into the matter.
    Seems like the foxes are not only guarding the henhouse, but they are making up the ‘rule of law’ as needed.
    Holder is just another hidden ‘Muslim’ – protecting the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’
    Don’t be fooled.

  11. Of course he wont be “implicated”. It’s water rollin’ off a duck’s back! This guy is the President of the Teflon Wiseguys Club- always giving that smirkey little smile-always one step ahead of us idiots who just stupidly follow the rules. (oh, excuse me, yeh, I almost forgot, we make up the rules as we go along, right, Mr. Hastings?) Nah, nothin’ to do with him-somebody will take the fall for him-

  12. There’s no way Holder will appoint an honest and unbiased special prosecutor to investigate anything his boss does or has done. It ain’t gonna’ happen.