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May 21, 2010

Governor Jan Brewer (R-AZ) assumed office upon the departure of Janet Napolitano for the Department of Homeland Security in the Obama regime

Dear Editor:

The following letter has been sent to Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona:

Your success at establishing the traditional American values as a baseline in the state of Arizona is an incredible accomplishment. This is especially impressive during this politically-charged period of American history, a time where progressive politicians had succeeded in making political correctness the established norm.

Thank goodness for your strength and resolve. Speaking for many of my friends and neighbors, in California, as Americans, we salute you.  Our governor should only have an equal degree of courage. Instead, I think he has morphed into one of his famous “Girly Men.”  By his destructive actions I believe he has adopted the philosophy of that very rare and now extinct bird previously known as the Floogle Bird, a bird which demonstrated the unique characteristic of flying in ever-decreasing concentric circles until it physically destroyed itself and disappeared forever.

Since you have already established Arizona as the first beachhead from which all other states might create a similar model,  may I suggest the following additional actions be taken to solidify that position.

Dear Governor, let me add that those of us dedicated to the basic American principles who share your vision of a restored America also advocate invoking states’ rights as enumerated by the Constitution.  Further, consistent with the guarantees afforded us by the Constitution, and considering that the federal government has failed to live up to its basic responsibilities to the great states and citizens of this Union, it would seem fitting to implement the following actions to recapture some of the costs we pay for federal services which have not been delivered:

Effective immediately, let us assert our respective state sovereignty and:

  • Redirect all W2 Payroll and other federally-designated tax revenues collectible within the state of Arizona to the Arizona state treasury
  • Immediately issue a challenge to the Obama Eligibility issue and demand an immediate investigation by an independent investigator in light of all of the new conclusive evidence of gross wrongdoing on the part of many members of the federal government.

As I see it, Governor Brewer, there is no reason that we as citizens need to tolerate a government which fails to be guided by the will of the people.  This is especially true when we are being routinely defrauded of services for which we have paid but the federal government routinely fails to deliver.

By your brave and courageous actions, you have already demonstrated the incredible leadership qualities so conspicuously absent in this 111th Congress and especially this illegal administration.  Therefore, can we, the conscientious voice of the free Americans, count on you, as a proven leader of the democratic process, help us confront our domestic enemies, namely, those members of government who have characterized their criminal behavior as violating their oath to protect and defend the Constitution and the rule of law?  We are speaking of members of this government who no longer represent the will of the American people, the people who elected them to these high offices.

Can we count on you, dear Governor Brewer, to act on behalf of the little people?


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  1. How could I have been so stupid for so long! How did I miss the obvious solution?

    View this link and the solution should also become obvious to you.

    Ship this agent of Islam, a lying deceiving, illegal alien, who has misrepresented himself as an American, defrauded the American people and continues to attempt to destroy the very fabric of the American republic, back to Islam where he belongs. I will even pay for his ticket out of my personal funds. Not tax payer funds as is his practice.

    But let us take this a step farther, let us also ship all of the members of our government, who have supported this illegal alien along with him. Those members who have also committed treason, fraud and violated their oath to protect the Constitution. Without their complicit cooperation, the illegal recognition of this impostor would not have been possible.

    I am sorry ladies and gentlemen, this betrayal of America is a very serious matter to me. One so serious, no manner of apology is acceptable. In my view, those who have engaged in this conspiracy will be dealt with in the most serious manner ever experienced in our republic. There will be no amnesty. There will be no forgiveness. Let the record be clear, on this matter there will be no turning the other cheek.

    As I see this situation, each and every member of this government has had more than ample opportunity to step forward to address this matter of illegal usurpation. All levels of government including the supreme court has been placed on notice. Let there be no misunderstanding my fellow AMERICANS, The act to participate in this conspiracy was a conscious and voluntary decision.

    There have been many opportunities to come forward to honor their oath and to protect the Constitution and yet every member of government, and it is a matter of public record that they are all aware of this criminal action, have voluntarily made the conscious determination to commit this crime; with premeditation as well.

    In a moment of humanity, I have endeavored to understand the nature of possible reasons the members of our government have sold out America this way. I have attempted to give them the benefit of the doubt. But my fellow Americans there is nothing that I can conjure up that could possible justify selling out America in the manner that our elected officials have conspired to execute.

    Now along that line, let us not forget to include those members of the media who have also participated. There can be no forgiving them for this failure to honor their responsibility to provide the American citizens with a truly independent version of news and events. Their decision to join into this conspiracy, to violate the traditions and the ethics of responsible journalism is equally complicit.

    Let me make this point very very clear….this whole matter has nothing to do with politics. As the courts will attempt to wiggle out of their culpability by labeling such a condition as a political question or one without standing. My response is simply BULL!

    This is clearly a matter of constitutionality and the rule of law. We will not accept any divisive interpretation to distort the truth here. We have had quite enough of that from the incessant stream of lies emitting from the illegal alien.

    Therefore may I suggest, that those of you that agree with my sentiments as expressed, exert every effort humanely possible to pressure your elected representatives to come to their senses and take action to restore a legal balance of power between the three branches of government as quickly as possible, so the legitimate political process can be restored.

    The key to a complete restoration of the political balance lies in the resolution of the ineligibility of the usurper. This is a matter of the highest priority. A priority that supersedes everything else.


    I for one have had enough! What about you?


    Available 24/7 – Defending freedom is no part-time job!
    714-501-8247 – mobile

  2. Go to Conservativemonster.com regarding information from the Dr. Manning Columbia Trial and his Press Conference today. “In God We Trust.”

  3. We can only hope that the Governor of Arizona will act. We need to keep the letters going and going and going. Thanks Arnie.

  4. Actually, the one in AZ legislature who is pressing the eligibility issue on AZ ballots is Judy Burges. Outstanding representative and I have personally talked with her office numerous times regarding the bill making progress through chambers. It may not get through until after summer break but it is making progress.
    I am amazed at new headlines today that ICE may not process the illegals that AZ submits to the agency. Isn’t that bizarre? That means the law enforcement arm of the immigration laws already on the books (nationally) is negligent at best or intentionally desiring illegals to keep pouring in the country. What does that tell about obummer and napolitano policy?

    1. It amazes me not a whit, that noone will pursue the eligibility issue. After all the info out there, after all the hours of research I have personally done, it’s insulting that the brightest and best of the conservative media won’t even touch this. The day will come, and soon, when we’re sitting here in a complete shambles, broke and hungry and under the boot of a sho-nuff dictator, when Rush, Hannity, Beck et.al. will have to finally break down and admit that they REALLY BLEW IT BIG TIME. We tried to warn them. But by then, you won’t be able to hear or see them regret it anyway, unless you’re sitting in the same safe-house as they are. It’s like a hungry man trying to learn how to fish…there’s a fish right there in the water, but you’re casting your net in the sand. It won’t be much longer, I believe, that with the continued evisceration of our society, our laws, and our livelihoods by these criminals and usurpers, there won’t be any nets used to “catch fish”, this time around. Keep pushing, BHO & Co. You’ll soon learn the true mettle of the American spirit. I hope Rush & Co. will be with us then.

    2. It means that Obama does not respect the sovereignty of any state. I would call his bluff take the illegals to the boarder and put them out without ICE. Arizona has the law and the sovereignty to so.

    3. Is there another AZ assembly scheduled this year? Although no dates are given, it appears there are possibly three special sessions that could occur before years end. http://www.azleg.gov/SelectSession.asp

      As I understand it, the bill is not yet dead as it never received an up or down vote in the Senate. It was tabled by Senate President Burns late in the session. If there is another session scheduled for later this year, everyone should write to all the Republicans in the AZ Senate where they have an overwhelming majority and implore them to please pass this legislation. If such a bill ever has a ghost chance of passing, it is in AZ. They have the fortitude to get it done. Governor Brewer should be all means be included in the correspondence.

      While they’re at it, they should revise the bill to demand the release of ALL personal records that demonstrate the integrity of potential candidates, not just a birth certificate.

      Maybe another petition drive is in order. It might get some media coverage since AZ is already in the LSM hot seat. The addresses of all the AZ legislatures can be found here:


      Thanks Arnie for standing up for the little people who collectively are more than a majority over the elected elite. I for one, am not willing to become a serf.

  5. I think we should adopt Mexicos immigration law-after all the Dems were so pleased with the statements and commentary of Pres Calderone-he and his Nation must know what is the best way to handle illegal immigration!

  6. On a related note, I listened to Rush for a while today. It was, “open line Friday”, and Rush laid out the rules at the beginning of his show. Mainly, “no kooks”. He seemed to emphasize this rule more than he has in the past. I am sure his description of a “kook” includes anyone who believes there is even a slight chance that Obama may not be Constitutionally eligible to be president. If that were not the case, he would be getting many calls about Barry’s obvious ineligibility, the definiton of “natural born citizen, Barry’s hidden records and refusal to show a legitmate birth certificate. etc. No one that calls in to Rush, (and the call screener lets the call through), ever wants to discuss any of that.

    Might as well face it, to Rush, you are a “kook”.

    1. Rush and other conservatives have been threatened with the loss of life and FCC privileges. Remember Lou Dobbs had bullets fired into his house. I do not know where things stand exactly, but when you smell this foul smell you know something big is awry
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: There are now many citizen journalists who continue to speak out, write and receive the same threats. Yet we continue with our work in finding the truth.

  7. I sent an email a few days back , asking about the eligibilty issue ( Bill ) I got a response that stated “It had been killed in the Senate ” So , then start over , that is exactly what OBAMA has been doing over & over , & Paying U.S. Tax Dollars to pay Attorneys to Hide his records !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thomas;

      They thought they ‘killed’ it in the Senate with their stupid SR 511, published on a piece of paper that is as valid as the bogus COLB they have been positng all over the world.

      As Rev. Manning said in his closing arguments at the C.I.A. COLUMBIA OBAMA Sedition & Treason TRIAL, “The funny thing about EVIL is that it has no place to hide; no place else to go.”

      For a report on the Trial of the Centuries, go here:

  8. Another fine letter, Arnie. Good work! May or may not have any effect, but keep them coming since it may help motivate others.

    1. To all of you…..

      You wish to be helpful?

      The eligibility issue is the singest largest threat to Obama.

      You too must express your own thoughts on this matter to every elected official you can find.