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by Sharon Rondeau

We have been using something a bit more modern than this 1920s-era wax cylinder dictation machine, but we would like to upgrade to the 21st century to bring you more news faster.

(May 16, 2010) — We at The Post & Email know that our readers enjoy interviews of patriots who are fighting to save our Republic by seeking the truth about Obama, running for state or federal office, or organizing events to raise the public’s consciousness about the dangerous precipice of socialism on which our country is now teetering.

In order to bring you more interviews with a faster turnaround, we would like to purchase a transcription machine which will enable us to record and transcribe an interview in half the time it is currently taking using an old cassette tape recorder.  The cost of the transcription machine is about $225.

No donation is too small, and the purchase of this equipment will greatly help The Post & Email to increase the number and scope of interviews.  November is not far away, and we want to interview every constitutional candidate running for  Congress, the Senate, or a governorship before Election Day.

Subscriptions to the Editor’s Note are growing. If you haven’t already, please sign up to be the first to receive the upcoming week’s news every Sunday evening for only $15/year.  You can do so by using Paypal and indicating “Editor’s Note” in the purpose line, or sending a check to The Post & Email, Inc., P.O. Box 302, Stafford Springs, CT  06076.  If paying by check, please be sure to include your email address in the memo line so we can add it to the mailing list.

Your donations will also help us to cover more news stories such as the Columbia Trial currently taking place in Harlem, Obama’s communist connections, his Selective Service record, the illegal immigration crisis on our southern border, Tenth Amendment issues, and everyday Americans’ fight against government tyranny and despotism.  The Obama eligibility issue will  remain front and center until our questions have been answered, and we will continue to seek to uncover those answers.

The Post & Email wishes to thank all of you who have given generously to help us grow, especially in these difficult times.  It is our desire to present the news in a thoroughly-researched way as it happens and to become the premier news site for those who support and defend the U.S. Constitution.

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  1. Where is the page or button to sign up for Sunday evening Editors Note?

    “Subscriptions to the Editor’s Note are growing. If you haven’t already, please sign up to be the first to receive the upcoming week’s news every Sunday evening for only $15/year.”
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Thanks for the question. There isn’t a separate button, but simply send in $15.00 by using our regular “Donate” button and in the memo, put “Editor’s Note.” Or you can send a check with your email address on it to: The Post & Email, Inc., P.O. Box 302, Stafford Springs, CT 06076.

  2. In the interim while you are collecting funds, this may offer you a solution.

    Why not try recording on a “Digital” tape recorder or using a VOIP (phone via computer) connection which allows you to record the interview to create a MP3 file. http://www.Talkshoe.com can do this and it’s FREE and so are other FREE programs like http://www.vyew.com which is a web conferencing software similiar to “GoToMeeting.”

    Once you have the audio/voice file in MP3 format, you can input the interview into an “open source” computer program like “SIMON” and it will transcribe the interview for you. http://sourceforge.net/projects/speech2text/
    You should just have to proofread the transcription to make sure the software was able to figure out all the words.

    Whenever I am looking for something, I type what I am looking for in Google and the I also type in the words “open source.” I can usually find a FREE software program, similiar to a program I would have to pay for.

    Google: voice transcription software, open source

    And take a look at the results. Hope this helps!
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Thank you; we will check into this as well.