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by Sharon Rondeau

Lt. Col. Terry Lakin has been on active duty in the Army for 18 years

(May 12, 2010) — A formal hearing has been scheduled in the case of Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, an Army medical doctor and flight surgeon who has refused to follow all orders until Obama’s eligibility to serve as Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. military is proven.

The court martial process begins with a formal investigation, and the Article 32 hearing is the first step in the process.  The media and public will be able to attend the session on June 11, which will take place at Walter Reed Army Medical Center located at 6900 Georgia Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC  20012, Building T-2, Room 134 at 9:00 a.m.

Lt. Col. Lakin had announced on March 30 that he would refuse all orders from his chain of command until Obama showed his original birth certificate to prove that he is a “natural born Citizen,” as required by Article II, Section 1, para. 5 of the U.S. Constitution to serve as President and Commander-in-Chief.

Lakin and his civilian attorney, Paul Rolf Jensen, appeared on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” last Friday, May 7, 2010.  In a contentious confrontation with his guests, Cooper insisted that Obama was born in Hawaii, which is unproven as of yet.  The video of the interview can be seen here.

Jensen is a trial and personal injury attorney with more than 20 years of experience practicing in Orange County, CA and owner of Jensen & Associates, APC.

In a press release today, the American Patriot Foundation has announced that a senior JAG officer will be assisting in Lakin’s defense.

Donations to Lt. Col. Lakin’s defense fund can be made here.

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  1. It’s good that many commenters share the same opinion:

    In short: Having a foreigner father (Britiish) Obama had a dual allegiance at birth. Thus he isn’t Natural Born Citizen /Article 2-1-5/ and not eligible to be POTUS regardless of his birthplace.

    The whole stuff related to this point is contained in (please follow through all links on your way):

    (together with a “prescription” for everybody who is interested to ACT – What To Do about that: a widest dissemination of the /potentially “self-exploding”/ flyer “To Fellow American Citizen!” – the only way /in current circumstances/ to inform /despite the mainstream media, Congress, and courts/ WE THE PEOPLE about the Constitutional problem of Obama’s Ineligibility).

    Let’s hope that the information about the point pertaining to Obama’s dual allegiance at birth was submitted to LTC Lakin (I asked about that earlier), but according to ObamaReleaseYourRecords (Friday, May 14, 2010 at 12:34 PM) “…LTC Lakin’s attorney… is not going to give away his whole playbook…”

    1. Amen!

      Instead of grousing because he may not be doing it the way you would have him do it, we should all be grateful to him for doing it at all. What he’s done and what he’s intentionally gotten himself into takes a great deal of courage. I’m glad that LTC Lakin is on my side. He and people like him are one of the reasons I’m proud to be an American.

      Good luck, LTC Lakin, and God bless you.

  2. Mrs. Rondeau,
    Thank you again for another “eye opening” interview. I will look forward to future updates on this issue and appreciate your efforts.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: You’re quite welcome, and we’ll keep working!

  3. One can’t help but feel torn between immense admiration for Lakin’s zeal and utter exasperation for his “zeal without knowledge”.

    Lakin already knows that, on the birthplace/birth certificate matter, there is no “smoking gun”. There is no positive fact that directly impugns the President’s birth in Hawaii. There are good reasons for suspicion and doubt concerning his birth narrative, but suspicion and doubt are not facts, and are certainly not valid reasons for disobeying orders.

    Lakin might prevail if he includes, among his reasons for disobeying orders, the FACT of Obama’s foreign nationality at birth. Early writings of the Constitutional era show conclusively that the purpose of the “natural born citizen” provision was to exclude “foreigners” from the presidency, specifically persons who were “foreigners” (citizens or subjects of a foreign country) at birth. Even if Obama was born in Hawaii and was a U.S. citizen by birth, the fact of his British/Kenyan citizenship at birth is undisputed, and directly challenges his natural born citizenship and presidential eligibility.

    Lakin’s decision to put all of his eggs in the birthplace basket, and to not include, in his defense, the Presidents foreign nationality, seems incredibly unwise and ill-advised and, very likely, fatal to his case.

  4. What’s wrong with this picture? Unfortunately I see several things. My first concern is why would Lakin, a well educated & intelligent man, retain a personal injury/civil trial attorney vs an experienced criminal law attorney? Since he supposedly faces court martial; why doesn’t the top brass take over his defense rather than just assist? Why would Jensen even accept Queen Cooper’s invitation to perform in his circus act? It seems Jensen would at least advise his client to stay silent & not say anything especially to the lamestream lapdog media. And why so unprepared for CNN’s lynch mob? When BO’s favorite fairy queen Cooper barred her fangs, Jensen & Lt. Lakin looked like deer in headlights! This is a CRIMINAL case. This is Not a JOKE. Or is it? How is it possible Jensen simply disregards the nbc significance & chooses to omit an agressive pursuit? It just so happens BO is advising Kenya on a new Consitution! Why would he just brush off vital information with solid evidence? Can Jensen spell “dual allegiance”? Oh wait…Andy Martin jumped with his words of wisdom to save the day. According to Martin, the founding fathers’ reason for including Article 2, Section 1, paragraph 5 to the US Contitution, was to fight off potential fly by “inseminators”! Puhleeze! Do you see where I’m going with this? On to more questions.
    Why is the hearing at Walter Reed? Do they just happen to have a court room within a hospital? Maybe so. And maybe unimportant; regardless, another hmmm from me. Why is Safeguard Our Constitution asking for donations for witnesses’ travel expenses? Again, this is a CRIMINAL trial and witnesses are subpoened. If they don’t appear, per judge’s orders, a bench warrant for arrest is issued. Period. The judge isn’t sending out party invitations. Who is representing the usurper? Which one of five law firms? The usurper paid approximately $1.7 million TAX DOLLARS to seal his records. Seems strange after all this time, effort, & expense, they suddenly don’t have an objection to the media’s presence. And why would lapdog media want to cover this story now? Never mind. No need to answer such a silly question. I can only pray the picture I see is somehow distorted & flawed and something other than what it clearly appears to be.

  5. I smell yet another fox in the hen house. A wolf in sheep’s clothing…if you will.

    No one that has such and interest in the NBC cause would willfully disregard the obvious.

    Don’t hold your breath.

    It’s Judge Carter “Part Deux.”

  6. I certainly hope and pray that Lt. Col. Lakin’s defense attorney(s) do not base his case solely on the BC issue but, rather, on all the issues making Obama’s eligibility suspect.

    As for the BC issue, according to http://www.obamafile.com > Eligibility > Birth Certificate > First They Will — Then They Won’t, between 06/08/09 and 06/18/09 the Department of Hawaii Home Lands scrubbed its web-site of “In order to process your application, DHHL utilizes information that is found only on the original Certificate of Live Birth, which is either black or green. This is a more complete record of your birth than the Certification of Live Birth (a computer-generated printout). Submitting the original Certificate of Live Birth will save you time and money since the computer-generated Certification requires additional verification by DHHL.” and added “Certification of Live Birth” as a primary proof of eligibilty document.

    As for SR515, it’s quite telling (to me anyway) that no similiar resolution was ever issued declaring Obama eligible to be POTUS.

  7. Everyone should stand with Lt. Col. Lakin for the courage he has shown to stand up for America. None of the high ranking cowards and traitors in our military have bothered to speak up, or join him. They are a complete disgrace to America and I am ashamed of all of them. I hope they are reading this post you total traitors to allow this great hero to be treated this way.

    All of you took an oath to uphold the Constitution and protect and defend. Lt. Col. Lakin is the only one of you that has done so. So we are left with a bunch of cowards and traitors playing GI Joe. What a disgrace!!!!!!!!!

  8. I would like to know how he retained this attorney. I would certainly not donate based on this attorney’s performance and knowledge of what a Natural Born Citizen is thus far.

  9. Well, if the lawyer I saw with Lakin on CNN is going to carry the trial, I’m afraid it’s going to be messed up. The guy barely had a grasp of what “natural born” means, and never brought up the Obama-confessed dual citizenship. I’m not sure we have the sharpest representing the Lt. Col., and I’m real worried this trial — our only chance so far — might not do it.

  10. Everyone keeps saying that NBC means born on US soil to two US citizen parents. While I believe right along with them that it’s a fact that that is what the Founders meant by NBC, I also know that it doesn’t matter what we believe. How the SCOTUS would rule is all that matters. I have no more faith in them rule against Obummer than I have faith in Obummer, Pelousy, and the rest of DC. You heard Clarence Thomas joke – JOKE! – about the SCOTUS “evading” the NBC issue. After that, I don’t understand how anyone can believe that they’d not “interpret” the Article II clause in a way that protects Obummer.

    Obummer knows the SCOTUS judges will rule in his favor. Therefore, he’d prefer to have the NBC issue taken to court than have his Kenyan birth verified and revealed. That’s why he boldly stated on his campaign website that he was born of a Kenyan father. That’s why he’s spent $2million (at last count) in legal fees on suits demanding he produce his BC. If the Kenyan birth/BC issue was simply a ruse to distract from the NBC issue, he would have presented the Hawaiin BC at one or more of the suits. After doing that, anyone attempting to present the NBC issue in court would look like the racist Republican, disappointed that his guy lost to a black man, that Obots accuse us all of being.

    He’s got the SCOTUS judges in his pocket. It’s the BC that he can’t produce.

  11. I’m afraid he may blow it here…he needs to at least include the foreign parent/dual citizenship at birth FACT instead of only focusing on the BC. I was not impressed with his lawyer either OMG he may be our best shot, he needs to get an eligibility expert attorney on board too…Apuzzo, Donofrio, Taitz, etc…someone who KNOWS the definition of natural born citizen. He also needs to demand the rest of the sealed documents and not just the BC plus it wouldn’t hurt if he threw in there about the fraudulent social security numbers. Please, Mrs. Rondeau, please contact him and explain how important it is that he include more than just the BC!

    1. I agree, and I think Andy Martin is a stealth-saboteur about this issue because he keeps harping on FMD without one shred of proof, as if he wants to facilitate bringing FMD into this to a) marginalize the entire case with nonsense and b)segue introduction of a NBC-compliant BC.
      Lakin please contact Donofrio immediately, he’s a genius shark poker player and constitutionalist, and he does not bite on to anything with no meat to it. Or Apuzzo, he’s a highly intellectual history-based constitutionalist. Please do not risk your future on your flimsy attorney or certainly Martin. Thank you.

  12. Anyone who can attend should attend. If you can’t attend, try to donate as much as possible.

    Since Lakin’s case is a criminal case, the Lakin case is our best chance at getting to the truth about Obama’s eligibility to be the POTUS.

  13. I completely agree with Stock , as he writes this is his reply [ finding of the Senate in SR511 clearly states “born to American citizens” as a fundamental part of “natural born citizen” eligibility ] in the ” Law of Nations ” Definition of ” Natural born Citizen ” it is as follows ” A child born on U.S. Soil to Parents not owing foriegn allegiance to any other Country ” OBAMA does not meet any of these qualifications !!! He has admitted himself that he was born of a NON U.S. Citizen DAD !! KENYAN CITIZEN !!

  14. Lakin intends to bring in Gen. Valley (Ret) to help him with his case. Lakin should also seek support from Cooke, Rhodes, Easterling, Hollister, Kerchner, Barnett, and all of Orly’s military plantiffs to help solitify his defense. Alan Keyes should also attend.

  15. It is absolutely critical to challenge on the basis of the fact that there is a foreign parent-McCain was subject to an inquiry and the finding of the Senate in SR511 clearly states “born to American citizens” as a fundamental part of “natural born citizen” eligibility.

  16. Sharon, Is Lakin also pursuing the foreign parent problem?
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: As far as I know, it is not part of his case.

    1. Mrs. Rondeau: WHERE did he get such BOGUS advice?
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: Do you mean how did Lt. Col. Lakin choose the attorney he has? I have no idea.

    2. I am a foreigner but even I know what is required. Lakin should be taking up the fact that the father is foreign- born. It is the real reason that the man in the WH is not eligible to be POTUS.