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by Sharon Rondeau

David Cameron, 43, is Great Britain's youngest Prime Minister since the year 1812

(May 12, 2010) — Following the national election on May 6, Gordon Brown resigned as England’s Prime Minister on Tuesday, with 43-year-old David Cameron assuming the position, returning the Conservative Tory Party to power for the first time in 13 years.  Polling begun last fall had shown that the party had been favored to win.

Three candidates had vied for the position of Prime Minister: Cameron; Gordon Brown of the Labour Party and current PM; and Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrat Party.

The Tory party had won a majority of Parliament seats in the election, although not enough to avoid a “hung Parliament,” after which negotiations followed to outline ways in which the parties would work together.  According to an ABC News report, the discussions were difficult and stressful.  Compromises reached were that six members of the Liberal Democrat Party will hold Parliament seats, and Clegg will be Cameron’s Deputy Prime Minister.  This was the first “coalition government” which Great Britain has had in seven decades.

Following the election, Cameron was quoted as having said that one of the duties facing public servants is “making sure people are in control and that the politicians are always their servants and never their masters.”

Cameron has also expressed a desire to limit immigration to Great Britain, developing a plan to leave Afghanistan, and “to be in Europe but “not to be ruled by Europe.”

George Osborne, also of the Conservative Party, will serve as Finance Minister.  Also a conservative, William Hague will serve as Foreign Affairs Secretary.

Originally, Gordon Brown had planned to resign in the fall, but his plan changed yesterday in the wake of the May 6 election in which his party came in second.

In a speech following the formation of the new goverment, Cameron reportedly said that people should not ask “‘What are my entitlements?’ but rather, “What are my responsibilities?” and rather than “What am I owed?'” people should consider “What can I give?”

The new prime minister’s website is here.

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  1. This sketch written three years ago gives a good indication of David Cameron’s attitude to The USA.
    Just Ignore the silly comments by the author of the article.
    David Cameron repeated his key values after he became Prime Minister – FREEDOM, FAMILY, OPPORTUNITY and COMMUNITY.
    Unfortunately, the Liberal Democrat party, five of whom are now included in David Cameron’s ‘cabinet’ (ie are at the top table of Government decision making) are traditionally anti-American and in favor of unilateral nuclear disarmament (although they don’t admit to that any more).