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by Sharon Rondeau

The Pinal County Sheriff's Department states that it "promotes community, government and police partnerships"

(May 1, 2010) — A Deputy Sheriff attempting to stop five men transporting marijuana was wounded by a gunshot to the stomach yesterday afternoon.

He was able to contact the authorities following the incident.  An hour-long search ensued for his whereabouts, and he was then taken to Casa Grande Regional Medical Center for treatment.

The deputy reported that an illegal immigrant had shot him with an AK-47 rifle.

While the shooting occurred in Pinal County, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio dispatched a SWAT team and helicopter to locate the wounded deputy and went himself to assist in the investigation of the incident.  A spokesman for the Pinal Sheriff’s Department stated that drug smuggling has been on the rise and that the smugglers are coming through his county on the way to Maricopa County.

The deputy, today identified as 53-year-old Louie Puroll, had been on duty patrolling in an area approximately 50 miles south of Phoenix when a member of a group of suspected drug traffickers shot him.  According to The Arizona Republic, the area “is considered a high-traffic drug- and human-smuggling corridor.”  Reportedly, helicopters dispatched to search for the drug dealers were also the target of gunfire.

Governor Jan Brewer made a statement on the incident:  “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Pinal County Deputy shot during a stop. Contrary to what some leaders say, our borders are not secure.”

Arizona has been the object of much criticism for having passed a law last week requiring law enforcement to verify the status of anyone suspected of being an illegal alien.  Reportedly, one county sheriff is refusing to enforce the new law.

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  1. I have Louie Puroll in my thoughts and prayers. I mentioned this at AGJ, that I’d like to see all deputies and police on duty in AZ wearing those kevlar flak jackets, and be given any other equipment they might need to get the job done. Maybe they need AK 47s too. Everybody goes home.
    I wish Jan Brewer was our governor!

    1. Wow, great video, Bob and a shock coming from CNN. Wasn’t Cafferty the one who said that Nancy Pelosi “is a horrible woman” ? lol I agree with him there too. I think it was CNN who posted the poll numbers that I mentioned in my last post too. Maybe they are opening their eyes a little more to truth instead of spin? It would be a refreshing change since I think Fox is sliding more left now.

  2. It appears that more people agree with AZ’s new immigration law than don’t. A national poll has shown that 4 out of 10 people agree with Arizona’s new law, 3 out of 10 do not, and the rest weren’t familiar with the law or didn’t have an opinion.

    This should show the gvmt. what they need to do, but of course, they will do just the opposite, as usual. My hopes is that more states will step up and follow AZ before Congress passes amnesty, defeated many times, but isn’t being allowed to die.

  3. Another example of why Jan Brewer was correct in signing the enforcement bill. The sheriff refusing to enforce the law is subject to lawsuits which I’m sure will be forthcoming. Every state in the country needs to follow Arizona’s example. If the federal government refuses to protect us from this alien invasion, it is left to the individual states to do so.