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by Sharon Rondeau

Ft. Hood is the largest active-duty base in the U.S. military

(Apr. 29, 2010) — The Pentagon has refused to turn over documentation from last November’s fatal shooting of 13 people, one of whom was pregnant, at Ft. Hood, TX by an Islamic terrorist.

The U.S. Senate issued a subpoena deemed “unusual” requesting information on witnesses and communications which the Pentagon is unwilling to release because it contends that it could imperil the investigation of Maj. Nidal Hassan.

According to The Washington Post, the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee claimed it had sent four letters to the Pentagon and two to the Department of Justice before sending another letter warning that the Committee could vote to file a lawsuit over the matter.

Congress is seeking information which the Pentagon and FBI are reluctant to release on the grounds that it might “have a potentially negative impact” on the prosecution of the crime, including interviews already conducted with witnesses and Hasan’s personnel file.  According to Sens. Lieberman and Collins, who are the chair and ranking member of the Committee respectively, military and FBI personnel were permitted to speak with investigators but not with members of their Committee.

The Committee began its own investigation of the murders shortly after the incident occurred in early November 2009.

According to a Fox News report dated April 20, 2010, the deadline for the administration to turn over all of the requested documentation was Monday, April 26, 2010.

Some of the information which the Pentagon will not release is documentation of communications between Hasan and Anwar al-Awlaki, a Muslim terrorist residing in Yemen.  There is evidence that the two conspirators discussed the appropriateness of jihad against U.S. military serving in Iraq as well as “innocent people.”

An official description on the website for Ft. Hood states: “Fort Hood covers a total of 340-square miles and supports multiple units, a corps headquarters and a robust mobilization mission. Fort Hood also meets the training and support requirements for many smaller units and organizations, thus maintaining a vital defense force for the United States of America.”

However, when Hasan opened fire on November 8, 2009 on his fellow soldiers, 14 were killed, including an unborn child.  Awlaki is considered a Muslim terrorist recruiter with whom Hasan had been in contact as early as 2008.

Family members have apparently reported that Hasan wanted to leave the military and had retained an attorney to assist him despite having received a promotion to the rank of Major in  May 2009, about six months before the shooting.

A Pentagon spokesman stated that “The department has and continues to cooperate with Congress while ensuring the integrity of both the administration’s own internal reviews as well as the criminal investigation and prosecution of Nidal Hassan.”   However, Lieberman and Collins stated that their “efforts have been met with delay, the production of little that was not already publicly available, and shifting reasons why the departments are withholding the documents and witnesses that we have requested.”

According to a report published shortly after the murders, Hasan had written posts about suicide bombers, describing their plans to kill “enemy soldiers” as “a strategic victory.”

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  1. Folks! Please be reminded that it took the lives and the shedding of blood and guts of American Patriots to break free from a tyrannical monster in order to make way for the creation of the greatest country in the world, the United States of America! Please don’t be surprised to learn that here in the early 21st century it just might take even more American Patriots to lose their lives and the shedding of more blood and guts in order for the modern American patriot to take back this country which has been hijacked and stolen by a new tyrannical monster of the evil and corrupt democratic and republican government that openly treats the U.S. Constitution has if it were toilet paper! There could be “Give me LIBERTY or give me DEATH” times ahead for us!

  2. Either Barry is sympathetic to jihadists, or he fears the of potential of retribution, or both. I am tired of all the PC tiptoeing around this issue. What part of “we want to destroy America” or at the very minimum subjugate it citizens to Sharia law does he not understand?

    At least Bush had the guts to take them head on and call it for what it is: “Radical Islamic Jihad” and “War on Terror”. “Man-made disaster” speaks volumes. This regime is truly gutless…

    1. He’s sympathetic to jihadists, epicurious, because he’s one of them. He’s a stealth jihadist, a political jihadist, an economic jihadist and a cultural jihadist, all in one.

  3. Why would we expect otherwise? BHO is one of them, “likewise from within”, even though he was born outside the Country. Wake up America, Dhimmitude is here now. Best Google that new word so we can get familiar with it.

    1. Bob, do you know Holder’s religion, if any? Is he also Islamic?
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: I recall reading somewhere that he was once a Black Panther, but I would have to verify that again to be sure.

      1. Well, if true, it would certainly explain why Holder dropped the charges against the Black Panthers in the voter intimidation case. Objectivity clouded by political allegiances. Pretty typical of this regime.

      2. epicurious, objectivity clouded by religious allegiances is what I’m wondering about, with Islam being where is allegiance lies.

  4. The regime may not want to release information showing that it closed its eyes to the threat of terrorism, and even refused to call it a terrorist act. Mowing down people in cold blood isn’t terrorism if it’s done on Obama’s watch.

    Providing the information to the senate would also be very bad in terms of timing, what with the president calling out swat teams on a bunch of old ladies at a tea party rally.

    Get this picture in your head. Obama won’t call a muslim who murders 14 people a terrorist, but he calls out a swat team on old ladies wearing tea party shirts.


    1. Yo – Yo right! I can’t get the picture out of my head – that’s so funny – The problem is he has proven himself to be a radical and probably related to the murderer at Ft Hood.