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by Sharon Rondeau

How many names can one woman supposedly have?

(Apr. 28, 2010) — The online newspaper AllAfrica reported during Obama’s 2004 senatorial campaign that his father had married “Anna Toot” in Hawaii and that the marriage had produced a son.

The article dated August 15, 2004 discussing Obama’s “sudden rise to stardom” while running for the U.S. Senate also provides details about his so-called “Kenyan roots.”

It states that “According to the family, Obama’s father travelled to America to study at the University of Hawaii in 1959. While there, he worked for an oil company and married his second wife, a white woman, named Anna Toot, and their union produced Barack Obama Jr.”  It also reports that Obama’s step-grandmother, “Mama Sarah,” who apparently raised Obama’s father, stated that Anna Toot’s father opposed the marriage, which contributed to its demise when Obama Jr. was two years old.

The author of the article writes that Mama Sarah received letters from Obama Sr. asking her to intervene on his behalf to “save the marriage.”  Mama Sarah has also been quoted as stating that Obama Jr. was born in Kenya and she that she was an eyewitness to the birth.  The tape was included in at least one lawsuit filed by attorney Philip J. Berg.

One paragraph begins with, “Tracing Obama’s home was a simple task.”  It is described as “well known,” and a differentiation seems to have been made between that of Obama’s step-grandmother and his “home”:  “By local standards it is a vast well kept compound with Sarah’s battered brick house sitting imposingly at the far end.”

The article is entitled “Special Report:  Sleepy Little Village Where Obama Traces His Own Roots.”

An article in The Daily Nation dated June 5, 2008 contains the subheading “Kenyans believe that with this win, their ‘son’ will implement Africa-friendly policies that could lift the continent from poverty.”  The article describes Obama as “a son of Africa who has made it good in the world” and a “son of Kenya.”  Whether or not the writer is accurate in his statements is clouded by his use of the terms “redneck Democrats and diehard racists” in describing those who might not vote for Obama.

A website showing Obama’s purported genealogy claims that the word “Toot” was Obama’s maternal grandmother’s nickname and claims that it is a Hawaiian word meaning “grandmother.”

An article reposted at Obama for America from The Washington Post extolling Obama’s achievement of the presidency and outlines his purported “formative years” growing up in Hawaii states that Obama’s maternal grandmother was known as “Toot.”  The article makes many claims about Obama’s childhood, adulthood, and his parents, albeit with very few references to sources and no external links.  The author of the post stated of Obama’s father, “He called her  (Stanley Ann Dunham) Anna.”

A pro-Obama website describes Obama’s grandmother as “Toot,’ to Obama.”  An Irish newspaper also claims that Madelyn Dunham was known as “Toot.”

A blogger’s entry on The Daily Paul from December 19, 2008 refers to Obama’s mother as “Anna Toot.”

It has been reported by many news outlets that Stanley Ann Dunham used aliases.  Is it possible that she adopted the pet name “Toot” used for her mother as a surname and hence used the name “Anna Toot” some of the time?

Reportedly, Stanley Ann had been known as “Anna” since high school.

Dunham was also known as Stanley Ann Dunham Obama, Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro, and Stanley Ann Dunham Sutoro.

Was “Anna Toot” a nickname, alias, or real name?  Did she have a social security number?  Where is Anna Toot now?

Why did Mama Sarah identify Obama’s mother as “Anna Toot”?  Why did Stanley Ann, if she is Obama’s mother, use an alias, at least where Obama Sr.’s family was concerned?

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  1. I have never done a SSN search, and like AuntieMadder said, can’t afford much of anything either BUT I did go to HowManyOfMe.com and found there are :
    508 people in the U.S. with the last name Toot.

    There is 1 person in the U.S. named Steve Toot.

    There are 2 people in the U.S. named Steven Toot. (I did find out one is a vice president for a development company in Boulder Colorado ).

    And just for giggles there are fewer than 115 people in the U.S. with the last name Obama.

    AND there is 1 person in the U.S. named Barack Obama. (I guess he really is “the ONE”–huh! One of what?)

    I have wondered for some time if his parents were never actually married and therefore the officials could not put the last name on the birth certificate no matter what the mother claimed — unless the father signed a form accepting paternity. Perhaps he refused to do that although privately saying yes he thought the baby was his. And maybe when SR made the trip back to Hawaii during Christmas of ? was it 1972? it was to finally sign the voluntary paternity papers and at that time the birth certificate was amended TO Barack Obama.

    It would explain that trip Senior made for “family business”.

  2. I didn’t bother to save the URL, but someone did an ancestral search of
    the grandparents side of the family and found the name of Anna Marie Toot
    who was born in the 1780’s and died in the 1840’s. Too early to have a social security number, but possibly grandma used that name as an alias,
    or perhaps it was just a family insider thing and she got stuck with the nick

  3. I believe that the story about Stanley Dunham objecting to his daughter’s marriage to BHO Sr. is not true. There are photos of Stanley with BHO Sr. (unless they’re faked, photoshopped photos). Stanley was a close friend of Frank Marshall Davis. I doubt the man was racially prejudiced, whatever else he may have been. It’s likely that Grandma Sarah was told this fib as a way to explain why BHO Sr. left Stanley Ann or vice versa.

  4. Poetry Critic, the word “toot” has also been used a short way to say “expelling intestinal gas.”

    You could be right that The Won’s lie is small in comparison to those on the list you linked to but if I were a betting woman, I’d wager that it’s the other way around and that he shouldn’t be in the White House in the first place. In fact, I’d also wager that he’s not and wasn’t at the time eligible to be a senator in the IL state senate or even employed in the US without a work permit.

    1. I so agree with you! I think Mobamba’s WHOLE LIFE has been a big lie. As Americans, I think it is difficult for us to believe that somebody would just set out to fool us so bad. But, IT CAN HAPPEN HERE!

      I am so tired of being called “crazy” for just having a normal healthy skepticism.

      Poetry Critic

  5. Perhaps you should consider writing an unauthorized biography of the squatter in the WH, assembling all these accounts into one resource.

    1. …Or, one of those names was registered in HI when his mother returned from Kenya with her new baby. Perhaps her father wouldn’t allow her to give him the name of his father but didn’t want the baby to have his mother’s maiden name, either, as it would either prove or imply that he was born a bastard. So, they reached back a generation for a last name for Baby Steven (or Barry). Further, since her choice of mate being black was what sent her dad into a tizzy, maybe he was light skinned enough as a baby, particularly in comparison to Hawaiians, that “white” or “caucasian” was put in the “Race” box on his COLB, which she did at her father’s instructions.

      This would better explain taking the name of the father who had abandoned him as a toddler, according to the popular story of his years from birth to adulthood. That’s something I’ve never understood as it seems to me that a man would want to have and use and carry on the name of the man who loved and reared him, rather than revert to the name he had been given at birth by the man who didn’t hang around long enough for the son to get to know him. If it had never been his name due to circumstances beyond the control of his father, then taking the estranged father’s name would be more about taking the name that’s related to his birthplace and roots.

      Then, of course, there’s always the possibility that his father lied to Sarah, telling her that the separation from his American wife and their child was beyond his control because it was a lot easier than telling her that the novelty of a much younger, white girl had worn off.

    2. why not. do a ssn search and see what you get. this gets more ridiculous by the day. i saw a short clip of him at that town hall today and he is really looking gaunt. he needs to lay off the ****.

      1. I’ve never done a ssn search before. I do believe one has to pay for those searches and I’m so poor that I can’t even afford to pay attention sometimes! However, there may be some reading her who’ve paid in advance for searches. I do believe some of the services offer an unlimited number of searches over a period of one year or three months or whatever. Maybe someone here has paid for one of those deals and wouldn’t mind searching some Barry/Steven Toot names.

    1. Mike, anything’s possible when it comes to his ancestry and who he really is. The only argument I have against that theory is that he looks so much like his grandfather, Stanley Dunham.

  6. In Hawai’i Tutu is grandmother. Only a haole would disrespectfully shorten it to “Toot” as his family has done. I have never heard a local person do that. BTW- grandfather is Tutu Kane.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Thank you; that is very good information.

  7. “Toot” is probably just his grandmother but it is interesting that The word “Toot” is defined at the Urban Dictionary (I took out the naughty stuff):



    3)the blast hole on the side of a bong or pipe
    5)To snort powdery illegal drugs

    2. toot
    geordie word for cocaine
    giz a line of toot
    by geordie Oct 24, 2003 share this

    4. toot

    sniff heroine, coke, crushed up pills – oc,coke,pcp, or whatever floats your boat
    Man, let’s go toot that 160 mg of oxycontin!
    by BiGr Mar 3, 2005

    Maybe this is why Mobamba doesn’t want us to see his birth certificate.

    Plus, there is a real good Internet Article here:


    It is about some of the lies told by Presidents, and how big they are in contrast to the lie about ONE SINGLE PIECE OF PAPER Obama is telling. If they can tell the BIG ONES, they can sure tell a little one about a birth certificate.

    Poetry Critic