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by Sharon Rondeau

Governor Jan Brewer (R) took office after Janet Napolitano (D) went to serve in the Obama regime

(Apr. 23, 2010) — Governor Jan Brewer (R) has signed a bill to restrict illegal immigration in Arizona, a state which currently has an estimated 460,000 illegals living within its borders.

During a press conference earlier today, the governor cited some of the reasons that she had decided to sign the legislation:

“We cannot delay while the destruction happening south of our international border creeps its way north.

“…I firmly believe it represents what’s best for Arizona.”

“We in Arizona have been more than patient waiting for Washington to act.  But decades of federal inaction and misguided policy have created a dangerous and unacceptable situation.”

“I believe Arizona, like America, is governed by laws.”

Some of the provisions of the bill are:

  • It would become illegal for a person to knowingly harbor an illegal alien except in the case of providing emergency services;
  • Working without proper documentation or soliciting prospective undocumented workers would be against the law;
  • Law enforcement personnel would be compelled to determine whether or not a person is in the state illegally if reasonable doubt existed as to his or her status upon apprehension.

During the press conference, Governor Brewer also announced that she would be signing an executive order which would establish training for law enforcement officers in the area of illegal immigration.

The full text of the governor’s remarks can be found here.

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  1. I love Jan Brewer!!!! Arizona citizens should be very proud of her.

    I pray that more states will have the courage to do the same.

  2. When I read through the 3 provisions listed the article said this bill has, [such as it would be illegal to knowingly harbor an illegal alien, soliciting prospective undocumented workers would be against the law and etc.], I thought those things just sound like plain ol’ common sense. How can anyone in their right mind even think otherwise? And yet people are yelling racism and protesting. Sometimes I just can’t believe this is the America I grew up in.

  3. CHEERS to Governor Brewer! I hope more states follow along. It’s about time someone took action to stop this INVASION. Let them yell racism until the cows come home. These Saul David Alinsky tactics demeaning anyone in opposition doesn’t work anymore.

  4. She did sign the bill:

    Breaking News: Ariz. governor signs controversial immigration enforcement bill

    “We in Arizona have been more than patient wating for Washington act. But decades of federal inaction and misguided policy have created an unacceptable situation,” she said. In a lengthy statement, Brewer declared the law would not lead to infractions of civil liberties, saying she would impose new training standards for police to guarantee as much. “I will not tolerate racial discrimination or racial profiling in Arizona,” Gov. Jan Brewer said.

    For more information, visit washingtonpost.com:

  5. UPDATE:5:22PM est Gov. Brewer has signed the bill. :) It goes into effect in about 90 days after sessions are over. Obummer called her move misguided. Actually, she has more sense than he’ll ever display. She cares about her state and the people (legally) in it. Hooray for AZ!

  6. As of noon today, maybe 30,000 protesters are at the capitol building. Some from California are here? which isn’t their bill and AZ sure doesn’t want to follow in California’s footsteps. Many are yelling this is racist or hate bill. Amazing moronic slurs coming from illegals themselves. What a shame we cannot enforce our immigration law. Mexico is very strict about going past a tourist VISA expiration. We should use their laws in the USA about immigration.