Florida Legislature rejects federal health care mandate


by Sharon Rondeau

Seal of the Florida House of Representatives

(Apr. 22, 2010) — The Florida legislature has passed a proposal which would allow Floridians to vote on a constitutional amendment which would ban the federal government from imposing any health care mandate on the state.

Earlier today, an official release from the Florida House of Representatives indicated that the measure had been passed by that chamber, but no mention was made of when it would go to the Senate for approval.  That happened this afternoon.

The Florida Tea Party Patriots’ website states that “The Florida Health Care Freedom Act will exempt Floridians and from buying health insurance and Obamare.” [sic]

The Tenth Amendment Center had reported the resolution’s introduction in the Florida House of Representatives in July 2009.

Two days ago, Rep. Scott Plakon (R), the sponsor of the resolution, had said of the measure, “We’re just trying to assert a simple right for Floridians, a right to health care freedom.  It is my personal view that type of right should be along the lines of freedom of assembly, freedom to worship, gun rights and other important rights.  We’re talking about freedom to make choices over our own health care for those of our family and we think it’s an important addition to the Florida constitution.”

The proposal will be on the November 2, 2010 Florida ballot.

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  1. thistle   Friday, April 23, 2010 at 2:08 PM

    Hope other states follow suit. I’m willing to move to any of them that do.

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