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by Neil Turner

Today is Patriots' Day in Massachusetts, where in 1775 Paul Revere began his famous ride in Lexington

On April 12, 2010, ten minutes into the third hour of your broadcast, you said: “I’m not a ‘Birther’ but … Barack Obama is an American citizen, born of a U.S. woman citizen …”

You then talked about a member of the Kenyan Parliament making a statement to the effect:

“… how could a young man born here in Kenya, who is not even a native American, become the President of America?

I immediately called in to try to get you to discuss this a little further, but your screener told me that you had expressed yourself clearly and would not discuss it any further today. However, I was confused as to where you stood on the matter.

The question I left with your screener was: Why do you, Roger, think that the usurpation of our Presidency by Fraud and Deceit is neither a High Crime nor even a Misdemeanor?  I and millions of your listeners would have liked to have have heard your considered response to this, lest we conclude that someone made you an offer that you couldn’t refuse.

However, on Tuesday, April 13, I was stunned to hear you read Clause 5 of Article II of the Constitution in its entirety but then hide behind the point that foreign parliamentarians shouldn’t go making statements about our government – about things they know nothing about, such as our requirements to be President, rather than actually discussing the legitimate doubts surrounding the eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to serve as President and Commander-in-Chief of the military.   I, like millions of patriotic Americans, was appalled at your response to the people who demand that anyone swearing an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States be held to that oath.  Your attempt to sidestep Obama’s eligibility problem was pathetic.

The following are your excuses and my answers to you on your avoidance of Obama’s ineligibility:

McCain was not born on U.S. Territory (he was born off-base in Panama), but a Resolution by the Senate confirmed that he was Natural Born, and therefore eligible for the Presidency.

Not true.  A cabal of Senators, including Barack Obama, passing a Resolution (S-511) does not amend or change an Article of the Constitution.  The requirements to do that are much more complicated, as I’m sure you’re aware.  You must also be aware that, if McCain had actually won that election, the DNC would have challenged that very same meaningless “resolution” by the Senate committee and would have produced all the proof that the Article II Constitutionalists (which you so derisively call “Birthers”) have produced so far, and which you, our “trusted” media, have so effectively silenced.

Barry Goldwater was most likely not a Natural Born citizen.

Barry Goldwater never succeeded in being “elected” President of the U.S.

Barack Obama says, without a lot of documentation, that he was born in Hawaii.

Let me get this straight, Roger.  Do you, as one of our supposedly more intelligent and purportedly patriotic voices for conservative Americans, mean to tell us that you will accept a known Constitutionally-ineligible lying Marxist thug, who failed to register for the draft (thereby making him ineligible for office in our Executive Branch), but produced ludicrously fraudulent documentation to try to prove otherwise, and who has used at least 39 different stolen Social Security numbers in his life of crime leading to the usurpation of our Presidency – WITHOUT A LOT OF DOCUMENTATION?  What little “documentation” he has produced is all fraudulent, and you know it.

You have fallen for the oldest trick of the Alinsky crowd.  They’re going to drag you away from the major issue, which is stopping Obama’s march towards socialism.

I contend that you, Roger, have fallen for that oldest of Alinsky tricks:  Drag them away from the major issue – which is to RESTORE OUR CONSTITUTION BY REMOVING THE USURPER, for taking over our Government by force of contrivance, concealment, fraud, and deceit – a pure and simple act of TREASON!

Let’s assume that is turns out that he was actually born in Kenya.  It is not a High Crime and Misdemeanor!  The “stupid” question of whether or not he is Natural Born would have to go to the Supreme Court … who would never oust a sitting President because of where he was born (or words to that effect).

Roger, I have some further questions for you:

  1. Why do you say you’re “not a ‘Birther’” when you obviously know that those who are asking the most basic questions about Obama’s origins are just trying to find out if he satisfies the Constitutional requirements to be our President and Commander-in-Chief?’  Most of us contend that anyone who does not want to uphold ALL the terms of our Constitution are violating the very concept of our being a Constitutional Republic and that the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land.
  2. Why were you concerned that a member of the Kenyan Parliament would make the statement “…how could a young man born here in Kenya, who is not even a native American, become the President of America?”
  3. Are you willing to repeat again, on air, before millions of patriotic American listeners, the exact terms of Article II of our Constitution regarding the “Natural Born” requirement to be POTUS and CINC and to take calls to discuss this matter publicly on air?  I would venture that your listenership will increase five-fold immediately.

The entire nation is anxiously awaiting someone of your stature and patriotism to do this (Rush won’t, Hannity won’t, Beck won’t … somebody must have made them an offer they couldn’t refuse), or are we all so brain-dead that we will continue to follow blindly into hell someone we know nothing about – except that he is obviously INELIGIBLE for the Office of POTUS and CINC!?!?

TREASON, I assure you, IS a High Crime.  There are no degrees of Treason.  Treason is Treason, and can be punishable by death.

Roger, I recently posted an article wherein I discussed the fact that no one in Congress, the Judiciary, and even the media was willing to even mention the words “Natural Born” as a requirement to be President.  They just all ignore it and say he’s a “Citizen,” and if you’re a “Birther,” you must be crazy to even be concerned about those words (Natural Born).

*P.S.  We know that he is now “probably” “an American citizen” – since he married American citizen Michelle Robinson, an attorney at the time (working closely with now convicted felon Tony Rezko), who then provided him with the cover and documentation to become “an American citizen.” What on earth does that have to do with the Article II requirements for POTUS that you read to us?


Roger Hedgecock‘s radio show is broadcast daily from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM ET.

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  1. Bill Cunningham mentions eligibillity all of the time on his show. I wonder why he hasn’t caved to whatever the “big dogs” have???
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: While I do not listen to any mainstream radio any more, I agree with your point. There have been those such as Cunningham and Michael Savage who have discussed the eligibility question and even had guests such as Orly Taitz and Phil Berg on their shows. So there really is no excuse for Hannity, Limbaugh, Medved, Malkin and the other “conservatives” who either have shows or are in the media frequently to stonewall. They all know it’s an issue and don’t have the courage to admit that they missed it during the campaign. So their solution is to pretend the problem doesn’t exist. The walls are starting to tumble!

  2. I agree with B Fuller. I want to add that I have written all these people and not one has replied. They are complicit in this dangerous cover up and when the time is right they should be held accountable to the public at large. The only one with the brains in that group is Hannity. He has said that there is nothing wrong questioning Obama’s citizenship and that Obama should provide the simple document to show the citizens. (I paraphrased) He has been fairly quiet on the issue to this point. O’Reilly and Beck are retards concerning this issue! Limbaugh too has talked about it similarly to Hannity. Folks, someone is definitely putting a gag on them. There is no question but by whom, what, when and where ?

    1. Douglas J. Hagmann is the founder and director of the North east Intelligence Network and CEO of a multi-state licensed private investigative agency serving many Fortune 500 clients (homelandsecurityus.com).

      Canada Free Press working with North East Intelligence has documents and testimony of Major News anchors from MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CNN, CBS and FOX were threatened by Obama Administration staff, NOT to bring up the BC or Natural Born Citizen issue.

      They state that they are storing documents in the US and copies in Canada, and one other Country.

      part 1 http://www.therothshow.com/demos/recent/hour1Aug0709.mp3

      part 2 http://www.therothshow.com/demos/recent/hour2Aug0709.mp3

      part 3 http://www.therothshow.com/demos/recent/hour3Aug0709.mp3

      1. They’ve said this for over a year now. Storing documents? If you have a story, break it. If you don’t, quit wasting our time.

    2. Perhaps they have deemed it unworthy because they know that (for a long period of time or) for now, it wasn’t going anywhere, and it was impossible to tell when. Think of what kind of opportunity cost that would be. Like it or not, the leftists have done a good job of demonizing our legitimate claims. It isn’t a conspiracy. On this issue, these men are ignorant and/or lazy — myriad factors point to it not being worth it for them. Period.

      1. Obama’s occupancy of the Presidency is a blatant and serious violation of the Constitution — the highest law of our land. Unlike the nebulous “general welfare” or “interstate commerce” clauses, the “natural born citizen” clause is one of the most straightforward provisions in the Constitution.

        Our Founding Fathers would be disappointed to find that the three branches of government, along with the media, have failed to uphold, refused to investigate, and ridiculed those who question—a very, very simple provision in the Constitution. Its laws can be amended, but they should never be simply ignored.

        We can argue the constitutionality of the various legislation proposed and passed by this administration, but the very legitimacy of our Commander-in-Chief, who has sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution, is arguably the most important issue, as it is the most symbolic of all. The buck stops at the President’s desk. Either his power is granted, and thereby limited, under the Constitution—or he is placed, or places himself, over and above it and the law.

        These Conservative talk show hosts should find it “worthy” to defend the Constitution. The only thing standing between us and the government,that is supposed to represent us and protect our liberty and freedom, is that now very fragile document.

  3. How untimely, from wiki:

    Stephanie Tubbs Jones (September 10, 1949–August 20, 2008) was a Democratic politician and member of the United States House of Representatives. She represented the 11th District of Ohio, which encompasses most of downtown and eastern Cleveland and many of the eastern suburbs in Cuyahoga County, including Euclid, Cleveland Heights, and Shaker Heights. She was the first African American woman to be elected to Congress from Ohio.

    On December 19, 2006, Tubbs Jones was named Chairwoman of the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct for the 110th Congress. She was also a member of the House Ways and Means Committee.

    On August 19, 2008, Tubbs Jones was found unconscious in her car, having suffered a cerebral hemorrhage due to a burst aneurysm in her brain. She was taken to an East Cleveland hospital, where she died the next day.

  4. Just a long shot, but it is my personal opinion that Tim Russert went there and became the example as to what will happen if you should venture there.
    Mid June 2008, RIP. Smack dab in the middle of the breaking news and false COLB. The hot potato cooled real quick.

    Are we entitled to FOIA records as respects the POTUS’ lawsuits as well as paid hours? Wonder how many lawsuits are pending that we do not even know about.

  5. Arnie Rosner says:
    Tuesday, April 20, 2010 at 12:06 AM
    “Is talk show host ROGER HEDGECOCK a victim of coercion, death threats, threats of violence and intimidation from an unspeakable authority?…
    …Now just who you suppose might be behind something like this?”

    I think we can endlessly consider those questions and probably never will find a correct answer.
    I’d suggest “in current circumstances” (it means – a wall of silence built by the media, Congress, courts) to ACT pragmatically.

    I suggest to everybody read one more time my call:

    If you don’t find flaws in “The ultimate proof of Obama’s Ineligibility to be President Of The United States (POTUS) according to the Constitution”, which one of options in the flyer “To Fellow American Citizen!” do you prefer???

    I think we don’t have a luxury of a procrastination – on a recent Tea Party
    I already saw signs “OBAMA 2012” (brought by some infiltrators).

  6. Is talk show host ROGER HEDGECOCK a victim of coercion, death threats, threats of violence and intimidation from an unspeakable authority?

    Now this is just an opinion, at this point, but I have seen this exact same type of unexplained change in behavior applied to other talk show hosts. A real pattern seems to be emerging.

    Ann Coulter
    Bill O’Reilly
    Glenn Beck

    My imagination?

    Could it be that there is a criminal conspiracy being perpetrated on the American people. A conspiracy to disseminated false and misleading information to distort the truth and to control public opinion?

    To impose brainwashing technics to discredit those who would raise any focus on the eligibility issue? An issue on which the administration has spent inordinate amounts of money suppressing and applying damage control to minimize?

    Now just who you suppose might be behind something like this?

    1. I wonder the same thing about the so-called conservative talking heads that refuse to discuss the eligibility issue. Even if fear and intimidation are driving their silence, it seems that at least one would finally decide living in fear wasn’t worth it and speak out. How can the suppression of these people’s intellectual curiosity be so effective, and so complete?

  7. Any chance someone can reach LTC Lakin and explain the dual citizen argument, so that he can focus on the fact of Obama’s non-US citizen father instead of the birth certificate?

    Since we know absolutely nothing of this credent in the White House, one must start here. The father is the key to his nationality.

    Who knows what the BC says???

    1. The preponderance of evidence clearly shows BHO is ineligible. To be eligible he must have been born of two US Citizens within the jurisdiction of the US, this to avoid the issue of dual citizenship. So, though the BC is irrelevant, for some reason Barry is withholding it. Must be something very embarrassing in his long form birth certificate. Murky stuff, indeed.

  8. TEXOMA ED’s comment is perfectly on point. Even a layman can easily understand that Obama is INeligible. Tragically, Hedgecock and his fellow talking heads illustrate Thomas Paine’s worst nightmare, sunshine patriots. They’re either moral cowards, intellectually challenged, been bought off, or they simply lack the requisite political courage and moral clarity to deal with the issue cogently, honestly and comprehensively. Your call. In any event, their deafening silence on this seminal issue belies a level of gross negligence which is wholly unpardonable. Their cavalier treatment of this issue has left a bitter taste in my mouth and has seriously diminished their credibility as genuine men of the people and conservative defenders of the Constitution. Who’s kidding whom? Clearly, shamelessness knows no bounds and it infects all politcal persuasions.

    1. I don’t see how it’s possible for any of them to be ignorant of what being a natural born citizen means. Since they are the leading cable talk show hosts, I wonder if the word got to them, “better not, or else.”

    2. Thanks Jim. See also my reply below to Mike who replied to Kristin.

      Slamdunk, who replied to you below, hints at the very real possibility that the media has received threats to their jobs or worse.

  9. I think most of us know that Obama’s parentage isn’t American. The court system will not accept the stated fact that Obama’s father was Kenyan/British as PROOF. They want hard evidence, and that means a BC.

    1. The court MUST accept BHO Sr as the legal father. It is the legal status, even if it does not match the actual biological or event. There is a divorce citing BHO Jr as the child of a marriage. Even if the marriage was a sham that must now be the accepted legal status. Remember legal status and actual event can be two completely different things – ask any adopted person!

      Even if BHO Jrs actual father was someone else or if the actual BC has no father name on it, the legal status must be that BHO Sr is the legal father.

      1. I agree. It does not make any difference as to the real parentage of Obama, because Obama Senior claimed him as a product of the marriage. In the time of our Founding Fathers, all that was necessary was for the father of record to claim he was the father in actuality, which Obama Senior did in the divorce papers. In the time of our Founding Fathers there was no way to test (such as with DNA) for paternity. If a man claimed to be the father of a son, then that was good enough for all legal purposes of identity, passing on of inheritance, land grants, and especially citizenship.

        Obama’s citizenship status at birth was dual (US and British/Kenyan) and so was his allegiance. His status at birth was “governed” by the laws of Great Britain. Natural born citizen status is the “strong check” against foreign influence, and this influence was present at the birth of Obama, as well as in the years that followed. These are all facts which will not go away should his father turn out to have been an American.

    2. Exactly. TexomaEd and BikerJohn,

      It could be the most obvious thing in the world. But what’s the reality? It isn’t effective, for better or worse. Like Kristin says, no one accepts that, for whatever reasons.

      I don’t buy the “He’s leading you around.” You act like there hasn’t been a case that mentioned he was born a dual citizen and therefore ineligible. Quite the contrary, my friends, NEARLY EVERY ONE has. It’s not that convincing, sadly.

      Unless you are willing to say I’m wrong about him NOT being born at Kapiolani, it indeed is a very big deal to discover the other details. If all that mattered was his dual born status, why would he bother sealing all his other (read: college) records?

      Precisely because he was more than a dual citizen at birth. The possibilities are endless, but they are damaging, and you are WRONG — they matter.

      1. The birth certificate cannot prove Obama’s eligibility. It can only further disprove it should it show a birth outside the US, for it is a fact that Obama Senior was the legal father of Obama. Obama Junior was legally a dual citizen at birth regardless of where he was born.

        For those who are focused only on the birth certificate, consider this question: Will the most powerful man on the planet, with his substantial financial backing, be able to produce a piece of paper showing a birth in Hawaii? On the other hand, there does not exist a document which will show Obama Senior to be a US citizen. This is why the media will not discuss the dual citizenship issue — they cannot win it.

  10. A well-written letter, Neil, except you left out the entire issue of Obama’s dual citizenship at birth which he got from his British/Kenyan father by descent. You see, a natural born citizen must be born in the US *and* he also must be born to citizen parents (plural). So, even IF he was born in Hawaii, he would still not be a natural born citizen. Obama Senior was a British citizen, and this is a FACT that Obama readily admits on his website:

    “When Barack Obama Jr. was born on Aug. 4,1961, in Honolulu, Kenya was a British colony, still part of the United Kingdom’s dwindling empire. As a Kenyan native, Barack Obama Sr. was a British subject whose citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948. That same act governed the status of Obama Sr.‘s children.”

    Read that last sentence again, and carefully. Then ask yourself: How can the status at birth of a natural born citizen of the United States of America be “governed” by the laws of Great Britain?

  11. You’re eating from the palm of his hand. He’s leading you around like a bull with a ring through the nose. So long as you continue to pursue the elusive long form birth certificate – and make yourselves look like fools in the process – you will never see the truth hiding in plain sight.

    When Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, he was a British subject, a Kenyan citizen, and a US citizen. His divided loyalty is exactly what the natural born citizen clause is designed to prevent.

    He has you so focused on his place of birth – a position that requires discovery of evidence which he controls – that you won’t see the position that requires no discovery: He was born British. He was born Kenyan. There is no evidence that a natural born citizen of the United States can have divided loyalties to different governments at the time of birth.


    LTC Lakin and his attorney to be on Gordon Liddy show tomorrow morning

    Please be sure to listen tomorrow morning, April 20, 2010, to the G. Gordon Liddy radio program. Lt. Col. Lakin and his civilian lawyer will give their first ever live interview to G Gordon Liddy, who is spending the entire first hour of his nationally syndicated program (from 10-11 am Eastern Time, 7-8 am Pacific)

    The show is syndicated nationwide, and station list is copied below so you can find your local station. This may be the ONLY time that LTC Lakin is free to speak to the news media, so be sure to listen!

    As always check back regularly to our website, http://www.safeguardourconstitution.com, for updates on LTC Lakin’s case.

    As always, thanks for your support of LTC Lakin and his legal defense fund.

    American Patriot Foundation, Inc.

    All contributions are tax deductible

    1. Any chance someone can reach LTC Lakin and explain the dual citizen argument, so that he can focus on the fact of Obama’s non-US citizen father instead of the birth certificate?

      If LTC Lakin were to ask the question below, he would have the media absolutely squirming:

      How can the status at birth of a natural born citizen of the United States of America be “governed” by the laws of Great Britain?

      For even if Obama was born in Hawaii, he would still not be a natural born citizen because he was British citizen at birth — a citizenship he got by descent from his father. Like a naturalized citizen, who is subject to a foreign power at birth, so too was Obama who was a dual citizen at birth — and neither is a natural born citizen and neither is eligible to be President.

  13. I agree with “Thistle” – The silence and stonewalling on this “Huge Issue” is too far reaching to be Obama alone (after all even the Republicans won’t touch it, The Courts won’t touch it, most Conservative news outlets won’t touch it – And they ALL demonize those who continue to insist that this is a VALID Question about our President that needs to be answered).

    There MAY be bigger hands pulling the strings.
    Maybe the Bilderbergers?
    Just a thought.

  14. Marrying Michelle does not resolve the issue of his citizenship–HE NEEDS TO BE A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN, not a citizen by marriage, not a citizen by naturalization, but A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN !

    He must be arrested and removed from office as he is a usurper. He infiltrated our country be fraud and he is a traitor-which is treason and treason has always been punishable by death–either hanged or execution.

  15. Great letter, Neil. I believe everyone in the media has been threatened over the bc issue, but somehow, I don’t think it’s Obama that they are afraid of. I think it’s someone, maybe several someones, with a Lot of money and a Lot of power. Obama is just a puppet in my opinion. It would be wonderful if someone would investigate those in the background controlling the idiots in the whitehouse & DC and expose them all. The regime would fall like dominoes. It won’t happen, but it’s a nice dream anyhow.

  16. I think, even as powerful as Rush, Sean, Glenn, and Bill are, they still have bosses who wish to control SOME of what they say.

    There was a San Francisco conservative talk show host of many years (Lee Rogers) who continually bad-mouthed Islamists radicals, despite his bosses wishes and he finally got fired about a year ago. No matter that he was their most popular host after Rush.

    So, we Americans can be angry that they won’t discuss the birth issue. It makes me mad. But, I believe we have to be GRATEFUL for the information they can provide, and we have to fight this other issue on our own.

  17. Ladies & Gentlemen,

    I’m absolutely convinced that in current circumstances the only way to begin to solve the problem of Obama’s Ineligibility to be POTUS according to the Constitution – the widest dissemination (despite the media) through/by WE THE PEOPLE the information in the flyer “To Fellow American Citizen!”

    Please let’s do it! (I have distributed 500+ flyers on a recent Tea Party)

    To Fellow American Citizen!

    Please read (it’ll take just several minutes of your time) “The ultimate proof of Obama’s Ineligibility to be President Of The United States (POTUS) according to Constitution” (and a related stuff too)


    After reading that proof it’s up to your consciousness and conscience what to do:
    – do NOTHING (“What can we change anyway?”);


    – LET’S ROLL to uphold Constitution and repeal its distortions – share your knowledge (despite the mainstream media) with other Citizens by any means (talking, printing this short flyer, emailing, placing it on different sites, etc.) before the nearest Elections 2010 (and of course – well before the next 2012 Presidential Elections). “…WE MUST DO IT. NO ONE WILL DO IT FOR US.” Let’s try. “The IMPOSSIBLE is often UNTRIED!”

    (In short: Having a foreigner father (Britiish) Obama had a dual allegiance at birth. Thus he isn’t Natural Born Citizen /Article 2-1-5/ and not eligible to be POTUS regardless of his birthplace).

  18. There are a lot of assumptions and “what if’s” in this piece. The bottom line is that we, the American People, know NOTHING about Obama. We don’t even know his true name. Until proven otherwise, he is an illegal alien usurping the power and position of POTUS. Idiots like Hedgecock, Beck, Limbaugh, O’Reilly and Hannity are looking after their own wallets at our expense. They are cowards of the worst kind.