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by Arnie Rosner

At the U.S. Capitol website, it states that "the U.S. Congress conducts investigations to oversee the executive branch, and serves as the voice of the people and the states in the federal government." Is Congress derelict in its duties?

(Apr. 10, 2010) — Since you are my representative in the 46th district, it is important to me that you understand my position.  Under these outrageous circumstances, I find it difficult to remain civil.  I fully recognize that I may not have all of the facts totally correct and therefore, I would respectfully request that you correct any misconceptions expressed in the following.

First I would appreciate a response to the 20 charges against Congress listed below.  Your prompt reply would be appreciated.  Since when did it become legal under our Constitution for you to do the following:

  1. Abusing the public trust
  2. Unabashed violation of the rule of law
  3. Unprecedented violations of the Constitution
  4. Violating my civil rights
  5. Violating my right to free speech
  6. You and all the other members of the 111th Congress permitting the fraudulent certification of Barack Obama as president
  7. Using public assets to bribe legislators in exchange for partisan favors
  8. Recklessly illegally committing all American citizens to future financial obligations
  9. Permitting Obama to make treaties without the advice and consent of Congress
  10. Congress’s refusal to heed our grievances and abide by the will of the people
  11. Denigrating our military heroes by court-martialing them for doing the job they have been trained to do and labeling them as “right-wing terrorists” upon their return from the war theater
  12. Taxation of the people without representation
  13. Congress authorizing its own pay increases year after year when the country is bankrupt
  14. Congress authorizing its own separate, luxurious health care plan
  15. Congress’s exemption from participating in Social Security and authorizing its own retirement program
  16. False and misleading statements made by government representatives
  17. Your failure to properly represent my interests as your constituent
  18. You and every member of the 111th Congress permitted gross abuse of the legal system
  19. You and every member of the 111th congress is guilty of dereliction of duty
  20. Your violation to uphold your oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

You may find my criticism to be unjustified as it applies to you, but let me assure you, this is not just about you. To clarify this point further, my references are directed to all of the members of the 111th Congress. In my mind, this Congress acted as an institution; consequently, you all share the responsibility for this gross abuse of power.

It is my contention that at any time, a true patriot, a true representative of the people, a representative sensitive to the need to protect the integrity of the Constitution, was legally compelled, by reason of MISPRISION, to stop any unconstitutional or illegal proceedings by immediately taking the floor and declaring:

It is unconstitutional for us to enact a law that exempts “us” from the terms and conditions of it.  So, any of us who votes for it, or even brings it up for a vote, is violating his or her sworn oath to protect and defend the Constitution and must therefore remove himself immediately from this chamber and from the process that would even consider such an unconstitutional act.

Such a champion of the Constitution could have followed with:

That said, I invite all who agree with me to leave this Chamber immediately and to refuse to be a participant in this unconstitutional  process and act.  Please, follow me, – and may God have mercy on the souls of those who refuse to do so!

Granted, this would have required exceptional leadership and courage, but let me remind you, Congressman, you were not elected to be just “present” as my representative in Congress.  This was a unique time in history where the legal basis of our government was challenged. This was a time which called for leadership, not simply representation.

We are speaking of the failure of a political process that should be governing our great nation.  We are speaking  to the intent and the spirit in which the American values of justice and the rule of law were established.  With few exceptions, those values, until, specifically, this Congress, the 111th Congress was seated, had been held in high regard and were respected and revered.  Today, as a result of what I consider as the illegal, flagrant abuse of power, these values, processes and principles have been totally abused and violated.

Even representative John Boehner called attention to and confirmed the very nature of this egregious set of circumstances.  Sadly, however, no one had the courage to step forward and protect the Constitution from this eventual act of rape, an act not only perpetrated against the American legal system but against the American people as well.

But you know, Congressman Rohrabacher, in my view, you and the rest of the members of this Congress openly invited this disaster.  There were many signs and indications of pending problems.  This whole set of circumstances could have been averted but even with many warnings you chose to ignore them.  Therefore this represents to me one more count of MISPRISION.  Even when I visited you in your office and challenged the  very core of this situation, Obama’s eligibility, with great confidence, you passed off my concerns as not being relevant or important.

What I find very strange is that we see consistent evidence of a gross cover-up.  Did your failure to act render you a party to this crime?

Just look at the evidence presented here that foreign influence is controlling our government.

And if the eligibility of the person in the White House is not of such importance, why is Obama spending large sums of money to continue to seal his records?  And why, may I ask, is this Saudi prince so interested in meddling in the political affairs of this country?  Please correct me if I am wrong, but does this not constitute a clear and present danger to our national security?  Doesn’t this act add Treason to the list of charges against this Congress?

I see this as part of a larger problem where the administration has engaged in conduct that has violated the First Amendment rights of Americans.  This demonstrates that the media have been engaged in suppressing information and abridging the content.  Just what do you propose to do to address this violation of the Constitution?

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  1. From ..Judicial and Statutory Definitions of Words and phrases Vol. 2
    West Publishing Co. 1904
    “Cheat and defraud,” as ordinarily used, mean “every kind of trick and deception, from false representation and intimidation to suppression and concealment of any fact or information by which a party may be induced to part with his property for less than its value or to give more than its worth for the property of another.”

    Just substitute the word property with America and you have your present day brand of American politics beginning with the ILLEGAL president Obama and his devaluation of America which includes his overselling of unnecessary public policies which will only increase your cost of living in America as he moves us into socialism!

  2. This has to stop. It is as if we hired a crook and his croonies to run our casino or bank and now he knows all codes, combinations, procedures and security measures we have in place.

    Even if he is just voted out he and his followers will wreak havoc for a hundred years across the globe.

    Letting this continue is the most dangerous thing we have ever done. Possibly the most dangerous thing ever done for the people alive and yet to come.

    He must be ousted as the scum usurper that he is.

    See what Pastor Manning has planned.

    He is right.

  3. As Toby Keith states in his hit song, we need: “A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action” in the removal of the USURPER.

    1. Does anyone here have a link to the Kenyan Parliament Minutes from Nov. 5 or 6, 2008, right after the presidential “election”? The Kenyan Parliament referred to Obama as “son of this soil,” or something to that effect. I have the document on my hard drive, but it would carry more weight if someone saved that link. Thank you.

    2. And I quote one of my favorites by Edmund Burke, ” All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”.

  4. Mr. Charlton should start an article on the nonsense we hear about Obamacare, Obama’s ineligibility, Obama’s INSANITY..from our so-called Representatives (who actually spit on us), and all the taboo topics (like they will NOT broach the subject of Odinga)…
    My Congressman Jay Inslee voted not to use Obamacare himself, just for us, he will not comment on Odinga, and his staff insist Obama being born in Hawaii suffices (even though they have no proof). He has no comment on Russia, Iran, Israel, but he is awfully proud he played some b-ball with Obama. My Governor Christine Gregoire has offered to fight AGs who want to defeat Obamacare, and she sits on Obama’s Governor’s Conference board of 10 Governors representing the 10 FEMA zones (part of Obama’s consolidation for centralizing his power) and she gets paid for both a federal and state position, which is unconstitutional.

  5. The fact we have a foreign usurper sleeping in our White House is a far bigger deal than most think! This is a Communist coup in the process of destroying America as we have known it for 223 years and turning it into a Communist third world style outpost controlled by the New World Order. This coup is not new they have been setting up shop for over 50 years. Remember Joe McCarthy? He tried to save us when we were only children but Edward R. Murrow used the new media TV to make old Joe look like a evil man full of hate. He was trying to save America from the Communists but guess what, the Communists won! Now they have their puppet sleeping in our White House, their comrades in our House, Senate, and behind the benches of our Federal Courts. How many of our “leaders” are card carrying Communists? I’ll bet you there are far more than “You” think. This is not just one man from a foreign country that got enough money from foreign sources to be able to buy his way into the most powerful position on this small rock we live on. This is a World Wide Communist Coup! The question we all should be asking today is just who is on “our” side. Those that are are few and far between. Most are located here on the web and not on any MSM outlet and certainly not holding a political office in our once great country. My fellow Americans “WE” are alone, left to defend ourselves from the Evil that threatens all we hold dear. The only chance we have is for a group to gather that has the power and the money to fight a well funded world wide coup with more money and power than any country on earth. This may well be the biggest fight America and it’s Patriotic Americans have ever fought. Are “you” up to this task? Join the fight if you are. Good Luck and God Bless us all.

    1. Thank you for your generous words. Considering all of the outrageous material contributed by our elected officials every day, documenting their illegal actions is simple.

      My words simply reveal the long string of their reprehensible conduct. But it is Sharon who puts the illumination into the way the words glow. Sharon is the ultimate word smith.
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: Well, thank you, sir!

  6. The entire government knows that obama is not a natural born citizen. They know-I have written to many of them providing all the proof they need to investigate and demand his documents.

    I spoke directly to my Congressman’s aide and he told ME! I asked why and what and where and when will this end and he is removed and he told me that “they just don’t know how to go about it!” I said, plain and simple, send in the FBI or the military and arrest them all, cuff them, put them in prison. Now trial, because they are all guilty as hell and by aiding, abetting, and association.

    So what do I get in return? More surveys asking for donations! I fill out the surveys and would not and do not contribute, they all have more money than me. There is talk going on in certain high up govt agencies ( I can’t disclose my source) that they know and that this particular agency considers themselves part of WE THE PEOPLE and are monitoring everything and the 4 yr term may become shorter. This is good news, and after a conversation tonight, I know I feel better.

    1. Heather-And what “certain high up govt agencies” would that be? CIA? Puh leeze. With all due respect Heather; I cannot for the life of me conclude that any govt agency is pulling for WE THE PEOPLE. And what else is for them to monitor? The evidence is stacked all the way up to their backsides but still no action. Another question the “4 yr term MAY become shorter? MAY? I’m glad you feel better for whatever B.S. you were told. But I don’t.
      Obama succeeded with the unconstitutional HC reform bill using Mafia style tactics & shady backroom deals while spitting in our faces & on our Constitution. And he’s just getting started. His next move is to implement a national ID card for all Americans under the false veil of immigration reform in order to track our every move. He wants control over the Internet for “Net Neutrality”. Great. Now we’ll all be lamestream media lapdog robots. The disarmnament Treaty he just signed with Communist Russia is setting us up so we won’t be able to fight our way out of paper bag. Cap & Trade is just another hoax to increase taxes reducing our disposable income & with more govt control. Oh. But the “Annointed One” says its to save all the little fishies and the poor Polar bear floating around on that last ice cube. BS! More left winged propaganda pulling on our heart strings to achieve his Nazi agenda. Should I go on? I think not. We are in serious trouble fellow Americans with ObamaNazi. He is moving at lightning speed to destroy us and just may succeed if not thrown out on the WH steps NOW. He’s so well aided by deep Communism infiltration with good ole George Soros protecting him in the dark shadows. This man is a walking Lucifer and his Nazi background and crimes should be exposed. At the tender age of 14 he was robbing the dead bodies of Jews executed during WWII without any remorse. “If I had not done it; someone else would have.” Oh. Well I’m sure his mother was so very proud! He contributed many millions to Obama’s campaign fund and wants nothing more than to expedite a Communist takeover & destroy the United States of America. I’m glad you feel better; but, I sure as hell don’t.

  7. Awesome ! Thank u Arnie for the much needed wake up call to Kool-Aid drinking representatives in office! Recently, I submitted comments to a newsletter sent by Rep. John Boehner re: HC bill. My comments simply addressed the need to aggressively pursue Obama’s “natural born” citizenship status. It’s logical and much easier since each state would be saved from the costly expense of Repeal since the bill would be “Null and Void” if Obama is deemed unqualified. My comments were deleted. So much for that. Lets keep turning up the heat and I assure you they will “GET THE HELL OUT OF MY KITCHEN”

  8. An excellent ex-position Arnie – That sure explains the PROBLEM -Thank You; Now we will find out if America still has What It Takes, to solve this.

    1. Arnie is, for sure, getting in some good licks.

      My own letter sent several months ago exactly as below to all three of my CongressCats – one Rep, 2 Sens – meant the same thing with feeling but with no less vim when I said (and I quote) with respect to BHO:

      “Get that **** out of MY White House!!”

      It was short and sweet enough that I’d have thought all 3 would understand it and at least acknowledge the letter, but guess what … NADA!!

      Go Arnie …

      1. Just for the record, my short-but-sweet letter to all three of “my” congressmen had the term shown as “****” in my edited post here was completely spelled out in my letters and not even written with the S. O. B. abbreviation.

        That was several months ago and still not a tremor from “my” CongressCats. Perhaps they couldn’t understand the message???