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by Art Phillips

Painting of Thomas Jefferson by Gilbert Stuart. Jefferson was known for his belief in "republicanism," which declares that sovereignty lies with the people

(Apr. 9, 2010) — The reality that I am moved to write a letter with the following content reveals a truth all Americans are beginning to recognize. We are in the midst of an unraveling of the fabric that has bound us together for the past 233 years, a fabric which supports the weight of all which we, as a people, hold dear.

Our Freedoms, Liberty, and Justice, just to name a few, are all supported by and dependent upon the strength of this Red, White, and Blue fabric called the United States Constitution. Creating such a fabric required many different threads, each carefully selected for its ability to withstand time and stress while maintaining its strength, integrity and values. The threads had to be bound together tightly so that they could not be divided so as to prevent compromising the integrity of the fabric. Each thread of this fabric has a name, to mention a few:  Honor, Duty, Loyalty, Morality, Strength, Honesty, Trust, and many more. All the threads in this fabric represent the greatest attributes of the human race, one race, with different shades of one color.

Prior to the 2008 election, the majority of citizens of the United States of America were well on their way to creating a new race, the American race:  a new race of people with only one color, the American color, and only one name; American, not “Asian-American” or “African-American”; simply American, a race bound together by its hopes and dreams and care for each other.

The struggle for this dream has taken over 200 years and millions of lives. It is disgraceful how the actions of those running for the honor of serving in public office have set back this noble achievement by many years. I ask you men and women in the Congress, as well as the men who ran for president, was it worth it? Was your ambition, your pride, your need to be famous or whatever self-serving goal you were seeking worth destroying what millions of Americans gave their lives for?

Do not tell me you don’t know what I am talking about. Each of you knows very well that the despicable use of race in the 2008 election was obscene, and you all share the responsibility for it. The 111th Congress, as well as the 2008 presidential campaign, will be looked upon as the blackest days in American history thus far.

Though I have served my Country and my family has sacrificed much for our way of life, I have failed to do my duty. I took an oath to protect the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. I was not diligent in the exercise of my duty to protect our Constitution from malignant growth known as government. Congressmen, Congresswomen, Senators and putative president, you represent that growth. It is your blind ambition and self-interest you serve rather than the American people and the Constitution you swore to protect.

Actions taken by this regime and legislature amount to a direct attack on the Constitution and the rights and freedoms it guarantees. You have forgotten that it is not your place or your right to tell the people what you are going to do. It is your duty and obligation to ask the people what they want! When I say it is your duty to ask the people, I mean the majority, not the few that simply seek to be coddled.  Ask those who have made and make this nation successful. This government has made too many false assumptions with regard to the reason it was elected.

For too long I have lived under the misguided assumption that individuals elected to the highest offices in the land, individuals that took the same oath to the Constitution I did, would honor that oath. I believed that they could be trusted and things like Honor, Duty, Loyalty, and Morality were as important to them as they are to me. I made a serious error in judgment with regard to many of them. Many in the Senate and House of Representatives do not have the capacity to possess such ideals. Think about it:  people who are supposed to be the guardians of our Constitution are trying to limit free speech, restrict the free exercise of religion, and remove the right to own arms.  Even worse, they refused to vet a presidential candidate who is most likely not even a citizen of these United States, but quite possibly an illegal alien; not one member of the Congress has had the backbone to stand up and demand this usurper’s documentation.  This is the most egregious constitutional affront our nation has ever suffered.

What person in their right mind has the audacity, the arrogance or the ignorance to expect people to apologize for the success of their nation? The only change we need now is to remove such ingrates from office. If our country is such a horrible place to live, why do so many around the world want to come here? Why does our government want to reward criminals and provide them with free medical care, subsistence and free education at the expense of those who can’t afford it for their own families? People who have entered this country illegally and laugh at our laws, many of whom commit crimes in our country, are given property and rights paid for by our citizens even when these same citizens are losing their own homes. If these illegal aliens want to live in a country like the United States of America, then they need only to go back to their own country and pay the price Americans here have paid and build another America of their own.  The world could certainly use more.

Americans owe the world nothing, nothing at all. This nation has always provided for the rest of the world freely and willingly. Our nation has fought and sacrificed more than any nation on earth for those in need around the world. Now some of you in Washington have the nerve to think we should apologize for our success. You are very much mistaken if you think this American feels apologetic, and don’t even think of apologizing for me!

Our nation’s success was purchased with the hard work, sweat, tears, suffering and blood of ordinary people who possessed extraordinary will, courage and values. I am proud of this nation because of citizens who were willing to share that success, along with the blood of their sons and daughters, with the world. I despise any individual calling for or making an apology for the sacrifice of my brothers and sisters in arms, be they living or dead, or any citizen of our great nation. Get it clearly embedded in your conscience that the United States has nothing to apologize for!

Consider this:  why don’t those of you in Washington who have degraded, insulted and slandered our country, its military and many of our citizens start correcting the disastrous course you have taken by making a long overdue apology to America and her allies? Speaking of apologies, the media, those in television mainly, have betrayed their profession, their country, and themselves. What is most discouraging about the media is the fact that they know very well they have lost all credibility and trust. Some journalists even admit that they don’t report news anymore; “We make the news,” one of them stated. You won’t find any honor in this profession any more.  Every single one of them knows the questions swirling about Obama’s eligibility or lack thereof, yet they continue to fawn over him like the sold-out souls they are, completely failing in their duty to report what our government has done and continues to do to its people.

I have a great deal more to say; however, I am sure most congressmen and senators feel they are far too superior to even acknowledge an average citizen, much less read all of this. To those in our government still holding to your beliefs and values, those who still honor the Constitution and believe in freedom over tyranny, I salute you, respect you, and I have your back so long as we stand. But there are indeed very, very few of you there now.

To the rest, look carefully in a mirror. You are just a person like everyone else. There is nothing special about you. There are many in this country who can do your job far better than you ever will. You are only insulting the rest of us and making fools of yourselves acting as though you are any better, any smarter, or any more qualified at what you are doing than a million others are. You were born, you will age, and you will die just like every other person on this earth. Why not leave behind a positive memory and an unselfish legacy? No one is unaware of the mistakes he  has made; each of us knows when we are doing something for the wrong reasons.

I hope I can get through to at least a few of you in government before the betrayal of the American people turns to outright treason. Or has it already reached that point?  Where is your Courage, Commitment, Honor — all those things a leader must possess?

What could be so valuable to a person elected to serve a nation as great as the United States that he or she would betray such a trust? I can’t answer that; however, we are witnessing this very thing in our government. It seems that most of those we trusted to protect our beloved Constitution have betrayed every citizen in the United States. In the past six months we have seen our Constitution, our Military, and many average citizens slandered, threatened and subjected to vicious attacks which were totally unwarranted. The present regime and Congress are by all means and definition guilty of treason. When will one of our many Law Enforcement, Judges, Justice Department or courts find a little of the courage our soldiers have and make these traitors and criminals answer for their crimes? It looks as though the only ones who are going to be punished for our government’s dishonor and criminal activity is US, we the people. Those guilty of betraying the United States Constitution and the American people are absolutely engaging in the crime of treason. At such time as the American people return their government to law-abiding representatives, those guilty of treason now will be brought justice. The justice they will face will be the very laws they are attempting to destroy.

God Bless our great nation!

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  1. “The first object of my heart is my own country. In that is embarked my family, my fortune, and my own existence. I have not one farthing of interest, no one fibre of attachment out of it, nor a single motive of preference of any one nation to another..”
    Thomas Jefferson “Program of a democrat” 1799

  2. “The true theory of our Constitution is surely the wisest and best, that the States are independent as to everything within themselves, and united as to everything respecting foreign nations. Let the General(Fed) Government be reduced to foreign concerns only,…may[It] be reduced to a very simple organization and a very ‘unexpensive’ one; a few plain duties to be performed by a few servants.”

    Thomas Jefferson to Gideon Granger, 1800 -Centralization would lead to despotism-
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: If you would like to do a report on Thomas Jefferson or any of the other Founding Fathers, I think it would be a good series to publish here at The Post & Email.

  3. So many things I have said right along. This is put perfectly and should be read by all Reps and Senators. Our Gov. is out of control and it is time someone has really spoken out.

  4. With honor and ethics and patriotism and love of country, a letter well written.

    I pray that it gets read and pray harder that the proper action is taken to arrest, try, convict, and sent to prison all of those who turned their backs on the American people and our great country.

  5. Art Phillips:

    Well and truly stated!! I second whatever motion you care to make. It is very clear that the principals in the Kerchner et al v. Obama et al know that of which you speak since they are suing not only Obama but also each house of Congress and Nancy Pelosi and Dick Cheney for failing to do their constitutionally-mandated tasks with respect to this past election.

    If you read their original action, this becomes very clear and the (taxpayer-paiod) attorneys in the DOJ (part of the Executive branch) are actually engaged in a wholesale onslaught and outright attack of our Constitution. I believe that classifies as treason as well as the many acts of most in the “political class”.

    The legal pleadings in the Kerchner action are very much worth reading if you’d like a primer on Constitutional law.

  6. Finally somebody says the truth without fear. I always said that but some people did not believe me or act as these things were true, how the Republican party knows Obama is not a citizen and does not say a thing.
    If Communism is so good, why is Russia broken, Cuba starving and Chavez going to destroy Venezuela?

  7. Folks, if I had the ability to express my thoughts as well as Mr. Art Phillips just did, I would write precisely the same article; in fact I wouldn’t change one word. I am quite sure there are many more of us that feel same as I do, and as Art does, and as he has so eloquently expressed. So what are we going to do about this now Good People ??? because the longer this usurper obamination is permitted to inflict his un-American, “radical Islamic” desires on the America, the tougher it is going to be to restore God and Nation back to We the People; if it isn’t already too late. It may well take a Military Coup by our Brave Military and Brave Police working together to start arresting these home grown terrorists in Congress, and all foreign usurpers. May God help us.