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by SteveX09, blogging at http://stevex09.wordpress.com/

Yesterday a new “strategy” for the use (non-use) of nuclear weapons against nations that don’t have any in the event of an attack against the United States was announced. Obama basically said even a biological or chemical attack would not cause America to respond with nuclear weapons. Here, in part, is the new strategy:

For the first time, the United States is explicitly committing not to use nuclear weapons against nonnuclear states that are in compliance with the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, even if they attacked the United States with biological or chemical weapons or launched a crippling cyberattack.

This so-called “strategy” is the most foolish and dangerous approach to national defense I’ve ever heard. What incentive does this give the enemies of America to not attack us? You NEVER reveal how you would respond when attacked, unless the response is to be with much greater force. When hit, you hit harder and with much greater ferocity … then you take away the incentive for further attacks. This guy is a complete idiot, and clearly a very naive person to be in charge of protecting the interests of America.

Today Obama and his band of terrorist sympathizers are also revealing new terminology in the war on terror, which is the “plan to remove terms such as “Islamic radicalism” from a document outlining national security strategy and to use the new version to emphasize that the U.S. does not view Muslim nations through the lens of terrorism.”

I wonder who Mr. Obama thinks is staging all the terror attacks upon America or in the world, for that matter? It isn’t the Italians or the Spanish. It isn’t the French or Germans. It isn’t the Canadians or Mexicans. This might come as a surprise to Obama, but it’s the Muslims. It’s the Islamic nations that sponsor and are the driving force behind nearly all terrorism. And these Islamic nations, who view America as the “great Satan,” are the very ones whom Obama coddles.

Here is an example of how one of our main enemies views Obama:

The Iranian president Ahmadinejad said, “Mr. Obama, you are a newcomer (to politics). Wait until your sweat dries and get some experience.”

With Obama disarming the United States and revealing how he would respond to an attack, he is giving our enemies an opening to attack America without fear of any meaningful retaliation.

Cartoon by Lisa Benson

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  1. I agree 100%. Obama is more deadly then Hitler and Marx ever were. He is sneaky and conniving (sp). We as a nation need to vote him out of office, and his cronies too!

  2. “A nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought. And no matter how great the obstacles may seem, we must never stop our efforts to reduce the weapons of war. We must never stop at all until we see the day when nuclear arms have been banished from the face of this Earth.” – Ronald Reagan, 1984, in China.

  3. SCOTUS Stevens recently announced he will retire sometime during Obama’s first term (possibly before the next SCOTUS session), at which point Obama no doubt will appoint another left-wing progressive Justice, at which point left-wing progressives will control all 3 branches of our government, at which point it will be time for either a military coup or another Civil War. God Save America.

  4. Outrageous! I recently submitted comments on Rep. Boehner’s newsletter yesterday regarding the HC bill. I wrote, “IMPEACH NOW”. My comment was rejected & not posted. GOD HELP US!

  5. Arrest him, convict him and his thugs for direct violation of our Constitution and the oath of office he took with his hand on OUR BIBLE! His oath is to defend and protect both foreign and domestic and he just violated that!

    Guilty as hell, no trial – a usurper deserves no trial, this is treason–his entire administration is guilty and are traitors to our country. No ands, ifs, or buts about it.

    Arrest him now! America is now in harms way, with her citizens.
    Arrest George Soro’s along with the rest of them. He is not a citizen of the US, he is the money man and planned this long ago. He hates America and he hated GWB–his own words for winning against John Kerry who Soro’s could control if elected.

  6. Our defense cannot allow the quarterback for the oppostion to
    fumble or throw the nuclear football out-of-bounds.

    SACK HIM!!!!!!!!!……………NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. …and it wasn’t the Jews, Christians, Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons, or other religious group. It has only been radicalized Muslims following the dictates of Muhammad to kill the “unbelievers”. Obama won’t acknowledge a holy war is going on in the Muslim faith; he is too much in agreement with it.

  8. Hypothetical paranoid theory: The president is purposely deconstructing the United States as we’ve known it one brick at a time. Imagine a person with allegiance to some other country or religion or idiology being elected with the help of the super left main stream media, the super left communist marxist socialist hollywood elite and outright lies of hope and change. His true identity hidden with the cooperation of speaker of the house, congress and the senate and protected by the judiciary. With allegiance to Soros, Muslims, Acorn, Unions and communists he is slowly opening the door to our enemies (his allies?). Remember how shocked we were to find that the Soviets had a spy in the CIA for 30 years! Why would it be so shocking to find out that a man we don’t know with allegiance to an unknown master could be elected by a dumbed down american public lulled into a false sense of hope and change could be a plant to destroy America? Look at the list of conspirators: Reid, Pelosi, Valorie Jarret, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, All Newspapers, Most Entertainers and the Muslims around the world. His allegiance to the Muslims is obvious. His intentions are questionable.

    1. Nothing hypothetical or paranoid about your comments; how about “factual”, because that’s exactly what is now happening to America, and if we don’t start arresting these thugs, then the country will soon be given over to them. Those who are now abusing the Constitution, should not be protected by it – cancel their term limits altogether and their judgeships, arrest them, eradicate this poison.

    1. Thank you Vanessa. Not being the most articulate guy around I had thought about this for a day or so and had to post it on the ol’ blog. I’m honored The Post & Email put it here.