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by Miriam Mata, blogging at http://usurpador.blogcindario.com/

“Imagine! I am not with Bush, I am against the war. I am neither democratic, nor republican.  The parties limit much and I do not have party. The moment is complicated that we lived there from the 911. Is the first time that we faced the terrorism and hopefully we find the form to finish that guerra.”

On today’s Miami Herald

Estefans to host Obama


Cuban-born singer Gloria Estefan and her husband, Emilio, will host Barack Obama at their Miami Beach home April 15  for a Democratic National Committee fundraiser. – 9:16 AM ET

I heard on the radio this fundraiser will be $30,000.00 per couple.

The Estefans organized a rally last March in favor of the ladies in white.  On the video, the demonstration in Miami  was attended by more than 250,000 people.  Also,  the video shows the Ladies in White in Cuba when they were taken into custody.

The woman is saying, “Or they kill us on the street or put us in jail or give them their freedom. Because we are not going to stop walking what ever happens.”


And then just less than two weeks later they invite Obama to their home.

No one can hurt the cause of freedom in Cuba or in America  more than they are at this time.  America has an Usurper at the White House who is destroying our Republic and because of his actions at present or past will not do anything  to rescue the Freedom of Cuba. At least half of  America’s people are trying to preserve the  Freedom granted by God , and the Usurper is celebrating with  the  Estefans to help the Democratic Party, the party which in Congress has been proved wants us to be slaves under socialism like in Cuba under Castro.

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