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March 28, 2010

Dear Editor:

Politicians of both parties have repeatedly ignored and violated our founding documents and principles. What action do "we the people" need to take to save and revive our country?

I am among a large contingent of Americans who are fed up with the politics of both parties and changed affiliation to Independent or none.  In January I threw my hat into the political ring by registering to run as an Independent candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in District 2 Oklahoma, the seat currently held by Dan Boren.

There are four Republicans who will be on the primary election ballot, and as of this past Friday, I became the fifth by announcing my decision to return to the Republican party.  And as of today, the change is reflected on the Federal Election Commission website.

Last Saturday, March 20, was a critical day for America.  Thousands answered the “Code Red” call to get to our nation’s capital to protest the massive entitlement bill that we cannot afford and most Americans don’t want.  This massive 2,000-page monstrosity being hawked as “healthcare reform” is nothing more than a government takeover of one-sixth of our economy and heavily laced with “goodies” and paybacks to Democrats in Congress, their allies and supporters.

I was one of the 40,000 or so Americans who stood outside the Capitol building shouting “Kill the Bill!” and “USA!”  We don’t want our country turning into a socialist nation, and yet this is where we are rapidly heading under the dictates of Obama’s regime and a far-left “progressive” Congress.  It made no difference that people from all 50 states, including a group of us from Oklahoma who drove 1,300 miles non-stop to make a last plea to stop the takeover, as we ultimately lost the healthcare battle.

But we haven’t lost entirely.  All indications are good for conservatives to reclaim the Senate and House in November, but party politics could ruin our chances if Republicans don’t change the way they do business.  And by this I mean it’s less about money than it is adhering to the Constitution as the Law of the Land:  the difference between attending a $100 a plate fund-raising dinner in Muskogee or driving 1,300 miles non-stop to defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

Respectfully submitted,

Miki Booth
Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives
Wyandotte, OK

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  1. I think your running in the Republican Primary is a good idea. I don’t know much about the other four candidates, but I would think that you will emerge as the strongest and truest Conservative. Are the rules such that the winner has to have more than 50% of the vote, whereby, if not, a runoff between the two candidates is held? Best wishes to you, Miki.