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March 26, 2010

Dear Editor:

The U.S. unemployment rate officially stands at 9.7%, but 36,000 more jobs were lost in February 2010, and small businesses continue to close due to the collapse of the real estate market

I have been unemployed since May 1, 2009. I was a mortgage banker and lost my job with a small regional bank. They took TARP funds and then immediately began downsizing. I live in a Northwest Florida community where the military is our largest economic contributor. My husband is a small business owner whose business is on the brink of folding because of the real estate market. He is a Licensed Professional Surveyor. He and his business partners own a surveying and engineering company. Since 2007, they have been forced to lay off all but six of their nearly 50 employees. Besides the layoffs, they have been forced to eliminate all benefits and reduce  working hours from 40 to 32 hours a week for their employees. My husband has gone months without a paycheck and we have had to cash in our 401K plans just to be able to buy our basic necessities. We have also had to stop paying any unnecessary bills like credit cards and health insurance. We have gone from having very high credit scores to having really stinky credit.  However, that is OK; we are still healthy, or at least the rest of my family is. I have thyroid disease and diabetes and couldn’t find health insurance even if I could afford it. I broke my leg recently and was forced to use a chiropractor for treatment. Thankfully it was a very clean break and I was able to just use a boot and stay off of it. Everything is alright now, but things could have been very different. Having said all of this, my husband and I don’t want any of what is going on in our country now.

The reason I’ve told you all of this is because I have a question. We have had to sacrifice so much, and we are told that we are going to have to sacrifice more “for the good of the country.” My question is, “When are the employees of our federal government going to sacrifice something?”  We keep hearing the country is on the verge of bankruptcy, yet our government continues to spend as if our tax dollars are monopoly money.

I would like to begin a campaign to reduce the salaries of all federal employees by 20%, including the President. I would also like for Congress to be made to reduce its budgets by 50%. I don’t think the American public should have to provide Congress and their families with free travel all over the world on private planes with all the alcohol they can drink and pretty flowers to look at. And let’s face it, they ain’t stayin’ at Motel 8!! I think if we banned Congress’ s families from traveling with them on Congressional trips that we could save billions of dollars.

My last job made me fund all of my activities outside of the office and then fill out an expense report. If congressional members had to spend their own money with the risk of not having it returned, maybe they would think twice about spending. In addition, jobs in the private sector don’t generally allow you to take your health insurance with you when you get fired. Your pension and 401K benefits also stop the day you get fired. I would also like to point out that no other job on the planet allows you to retire after just five years on the job. What’s up with that? If Congress knew their benefits and salary would go away if they lost their jobs, they would be more inclined to listen to their constituents, now, wouldn’t they? I could go on and on, but you get the drift.

I have never been into politics in my entire life. I’ve always been too busy working to provide for my family. This is the first time in my life that I have ever been AFRAID OF MY GOVERNMENT. I want to be involved in the solution for my children’s sakes, but I don’t know how. I am pretty good on the phone but I don’t know whom to call. Please, do you have any suggestions as to how I can do my part to get this fixed? I’ve written to my representatives but they just keep sending me the same canned responses. I guess they are too busy to listen.  Too busy or preoccupied with their next trip halfway around the world at taxpayers’ expense or their next fundraiser with their elitist friends in Washington, DC.

I wish I had plenty of money so that I could just do what most do and throw money at the problem, but that is the one way I cannot help.

What can be done about the size, scope and spending of our federal government?  How can we bring it back into line with the U.S. Constitution, which limited Congress to 18 enumerated powers?  How can we stop the spending of borrowed money at a rate that is mind-boggling even to the best economists in the world?  Where do we begin?


Sheila Massey

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  1. Join the Tea Party. Find out who the good candidates are and help get them elected, find out about the bad ones, too and spread the word– make calls for your candidates, talk to and email people about your preferences, make sure that like-minded people vote, help raise money, even if you are broke yourself. Write to the good officials. Don’t even waste your time with the bad ones. We have learned that they won’t listen anyway and that the only language they understand is money, votes and discipline. If you don;t believe me, just open your eyes and see what is happening now.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Do the Tea Party candidates acknowledge that Obama is a usurper? I have received reports from many first-hand attendees at tea parties which indicate that many tea partiers, while well-intended and opposed to big government takeovers, spending, and unconstitutional expansion, will not acknowledge that Obama is a usurper. If they would acknowledge this fact, it would not only do a lot for their candidacy, but it would also help to oust Obama when we have a completely constitutionally-minded Congress, hopefully next year.

    1. I agree that Obama’s ineligibility is a fact….but, many in the Tea Party have been affected by Obama and his Main Stream Media’s use of “Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals” to isolate, ridicule and maginalize anyone who ask the simple question of Obama, “prove you are a “natural born citizen”, or a citizen at all for that matter. Obama cannot and will not prove it…..but, the Tea Parties are afraid they will lose credibility if they question Obama’s eligibility.

      A sad look at the effectiveness of ridicule.
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: I would think it would be their strongest argument against everything he’s doing: not being eligible to do it!

  2. 20%? Let’s demand at least 40% reduction. Did anyone notice Pelosi’s suits? Rest assured she doesn’t shop at Macy’s. And who pays for all the cosmetic procedures? Hmmm. Does anyone know that Michelle Obama has 22 personal assistants? YES THAT IS CORRECT! All of the preceding first ladies dating back to Eleanor Roosevelt had absolutely no more than 2 !

  3. Ladies, I empathize and sympathize with both of you. The company I was working for in 2002 was being destroyed by the union contract we were under and decided to close the facility totally. 800 people were put out of work because the union would not negotiate in good faith for an upcoming contract. I found another job working for one-third of my previous salary. We moved out of our home and into an apartment and sold the house to friends. I have to work because my wife has had diabetes for almost 20 years and the cost of medication is astronomical. In addition, she has had 7 eye surgeries as the result of her diabetes. The only way we are still above water is that we saved all of our lives and I worked two and three jobs whenever necessary to stay out of debt. Those savings are now severely depleted. We, you and I, are the true heroes of this country, the “middle class” BO is trying to destroy. I refuse to let the progressives and their usurper win. My progressive congressman (who votes with Pelosi 98% of the time even though we are a red state and district) will not make the return trip to Washington this year because of folks like us. We have formed a tea-party group and joined surrounding groups in our area that are of like mind and goal which is to VOTE HIM OUT. I have found that getting involved in this activity has eased the pain of the moment and gave me hope for the future and my children. Good luck and God bless in your future ventures.

    1. 12GenerationAmerican- You bet they do! The left winged liberal radicals always have their hands stuck in the pockets of hard working, honest, TAX PAYING, citizens demanding more entitlement programs because of their “victim” mentality. Oh Boo Hoo! I’m sick to death of the same old Pity Party.

      I have only one thing to say to them, “Keep drinking the Kool-Aid”

  4. I, too was in the mortgage industry and 2009 was my final year. The govt made massive laws that made me decide it wasn’t worth staying in the business. Now that good ole boy Barney Franks and co rewrote all the quidelines to disqualifty good people to get loans, there is no more lending. Friends of mine in real estate haven’t sold anything for nearly a year. These are commission based jobs.

    The government has forced the elimination of the housing market which makes up jobs nationwide.

    Hillary Clinton was the originator of this, of course silently, letting Obama and co take the lead, but she ultimately started it.

    Health care will destroy what is left of our economy and these criminals know this. This has been their agenda for many years.

    Most people who had careers in the housing market, be it realtors, mortgage brokers, etc have spent years in the market place and are seriously displaced now.

    I doubt the manufacturing of jobs will even begin at all, employers will start downsizing more, lowering salaries, throwing the employees benefits into the govt and Obama gets his wish for the destruction of America from a super power to a 3rd world country.