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by JB Williams, ©2010

Congress is right now trying to force its unconstitutional will on the American people by pushing through "health care reform" without even taking a proper vote

(Mar. 17, 2010) — The unconstitutional process taking place in Washington, DC has most Americans feeling as if they are living in the Twilight Zone. Since when is wiping out private health care a method of “reforming” private health care, and on what basis is Obama “gaining supporters” for his plan when the bill hasn’t even been written or reported on by the CBO yet?

There is NO honest, open debate happening on a piece of legislation that nobody has seen yet. But that hasn’t stopped Obama & Co. from twisting arms to gain support for a bill that doesn’t exist, despite the fact that most Americans violently oppose any effort by the Fed to seize control of one-sixth of the US economy via health care.

So let’s take a real-world look at the health care discussion on the level of the average citizen supporter of nationalized health care.

Believe it or not, I actually have a few regular readers from the other side of the aisle. I assume it’s because I get their heart rate and blood pressure up and eliminate their need for a cardiovascular workout.

But one of my oldest friends from across the aisle is Nick, and Nick wrote me concerning my last column, The Truth About Progressives – aka Marxists.

“Quick question – My buddy Jeremy got laid off from FedEx in Sept. after 13 years with the company. Without many employment options out there for him, he decided to return to college. That was probably a good idea. However, that leaves him without health insurance. He can’t afford it. What’s your advice to him, Dr. Williams?”

As always, I tried to provide my best advice…

“Don’t replace an incoming producing job with non-income producing expense and hope to balance your personal budget. He has to replace income with income, not income with expense. I hope he signed up for Accounting 101…”

Nick didn’t appreciate my advice…

“I appreciate your candor. I’ve been waiting for a conservative/Republican to state their true belief about health insurance, which is: “If you don’t have it, tough luck!” Your honesty is refreshing. I’m sure Jesus would be proud.”

I asked Nick to answer a few questions…

1) Name the Fed programs that ran on budget as projected and didn’t go bankrupt?

2) Who came up with the HMO and what did the HMO do to health care?

3) What do you think the Fed runs well?

4) Why do people from countries with socialized medicine come to the USA for treatment, even when they can’t afford it?

5) Since the bill isn’t even written yet, and the CBO hasn’t analyzed it yet, on what basis is Obama “gaining support” for his plan?

Nick is still thinking…

Then I decided to offer Nick what he wanted…

“I agree to pay for your friend’s health care needs while in college. But as the payer, I get to define what his health “needs” are, and what treatments are economically acceptable to me.

Still want me to be his health care provider?”

There is one rule that you can never escape on earth.

He with the gold makes the rules

If the gold is in the hands of the people, as it has been for more than 235 years in the United States, then it is the people who make the rules. Nick’s friend Jeremy is free to make his own choices, whether to work or go to school, have coverage or not have coverage, choose what types of coverage to have, all at his own discretion.

But if the people allow their government to control the gold, then it is that government who gets to make all the rules, who is covered and who isn’t, what is covered and what isn’t, which treatments are economically acceptable to the universal payer, and which treatments aren’t.

In short, this is why people from all parts of the globe come to the United States for medical treatment, even though they have “universal care” in their home country and often can’t really afford the treatment they need in the United States.

Americans can tell where foreigners are from by the condition of their teeth, their skin, their hair or other health-related physical traits. We can tell which visitors come from countries with “free” health care. What does that tell you about “free” health care?

It is a matter of life and death

A supporter of universal health once asked me what heart bypass surgery is really worth – indicating that the USA price for such a procedure is too high… He was from Canada.

I answered:  “That depends on whether or not I am having a heart attack at the moment you ask. If I’m not having a heart attack, the bypass surgery is too expensive. But if I am having a heart attack, who cares how much the surgery costs or what I have to do to pay for it?”

The point should be very clear now… do YOU want to decide whether or not you get that surgery, or do you want your government to decide? He with the gold makes the rules.

This is the health care debate in the real world. Are there things we could do to improve the quality and affordability of health care in America?  Of course, and we should do those things. But name one federal program that the Fed has run well?

  • Freddie and Fannie?
  • Social Security?
  • Medicare?
  • Medicaid?
  • Food Stamps?
  • Welfare?

Every program has been plundered, wasted and bankrupted by the very folks telling us they can run one-sixth of the US economy and make your health care decisions for you…

As average citizens, we can buy a hammer for less than a tenth of what the federal government pays for a hammer on average. That’s because nobody is more careful with your money than you are…

So when the government says that they can manage YOUR money and your health better than you can, on what basis do you believe them? There is NO track record to support such a silly notion.

So, on what basis is there any support for nationalized health care?

Do you think Nick still wants me to be his friend’s health care provider?

Only in the Twilight Zone….

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  1. Folks, it absolutely defies logic why obama so desperately wants this health care bill to go through, when we all know that he has never run anything honest, successfully, ever; and that by his increasing our debt by one trillion dollars is saving money ???. Isn’t Good Health Care supposed to save us all money?. We certainly all do need good Health Care but this is not it. This tyrannical push by obama is ONLY A POWER GRAB OF OUR ECONOMY, AND CONTROL OF YOU. Can we not see and understand what happens with evil like chavez, castro, hitler, stalin, and now obama. WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP

  2. “Why President Obama and His Marxist Allies are Pushing Socialized Healthcare” explained at:

    Trevor L. states “I have written this post to explain why President Obama is so desperate to pass health care legislation, seemingly regardless of the cost to the Democratic Party.

    The reality is that President Obama owes his success and his hold on power more to three Marxist groups than he does to the Democrats.

    The three organizations, Communist Party USA, Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism and Democratic Socialists of America, all worked with Barack Obama for years and helped get him elected.

    Now they want payback.”

  3. ramming this unconstitutional health bill down the country’s throat is exactly why we have said all along that following the constitution for eligibility is important. it’s a slippery slope.

    us eligibility people to country: TOLD YOU SO!

  4. I believe the Attorney said Article I section 5 of the Constitution.
    House leadership is trying to say that a newer rule allows them to
    ignore it, but the newer rule only refers to a section of any bill and
    NOT the total bill.

    Hopefully Repubs will fight this to a positive outcome.

  5. I heard on Rush today, and some of you may have heard too, the former
    Justice and Treasury Attorney calling for the House Republicans to muster 20% of the House to force a vote on the bill.
    Assuming of course that Pelosi’s gang does not have the 216 needed.
    40 House Dems are currently holding out and non-commital causing Pelosi to try to deem it to AKAObama’s desk. A forced vote would neutralize the attempt to deem it thru.

  6. I wonder if anyone has reached the conclusion a poster at CW’s website made which is a reality check for those with healthcare and are struggling now…………

    The (government) healthcare you will be billed for (by 2010 tax form or payroll deductions) doesn’t provide benefits until 2014.
    Therefore, to protect your family until 2014, you must continue paying premiums for the healthcare you have now.
    You will be paying twice (maybe more than twice) than what you are struggling to pay now…….are we stupid???
    How can this possibly get our country through this economic disaster taking place??
    It won’t…….just part of the Ponzi scheme and plan to destroy America.

    I don’t think this is about covering all legal citizens…..it’s about destroying this country. The Kenyan way.

  7. If this passes the only way in the future for any Democrat at the city, county, state , federal level should be impossible to win without fixed elections.
    If A Democrat comes to my door he will be sent packing NOW!
    First I will ask why I would want to vote for any Communist.
    WAKE UP DEMOCRAT PEOPLE WAKE UP. This will not only extend to the ones voting you are judged by the company you keep, in this case party affiliation!

  8. The Rule to allow the Senate Bill to be ‘deemed as if’ passed by the House is much like the British Nationality Law that ‘deems’ a person ‘as if’ being a ‘natural born subject’ regardless of where they are born.

    Being an obsessed Birther I see coincidences morphing into conspiracies everywhere I look.

    Regardless, the ‘0s’ disregard for the Constitution is apparent in everything he does and/or tries to do.

  9. Let me guess, this pal of Nicks didn’t get laid off fedx in reality, they are doing fine. He got busted in a P test and now is headed back to the party life at some lefty college where dope is OK and he got a loan as a minority from this administration so he can get a BS to instruct serve America children in the ways of being lazy demanding dopers who hate real men who would slap them like their mother when they give lip rather than buck up and produce. No, the guy wants a cushy job, no blisters and a fat paycheck he can taunt the floozies with. His best bet is the rodeo, thats doing fine too. Anyone with two bottom sides will have a better chance of landing safely and still get a cheer from the crowd.

  10. Nick,

    I don’t think Jesus is too thrilled when a person reaches into someone elses pocket to fund a wonderful program.

    but, that’s just my opinion.

  11. Don’t forget to tell Nick that the state his friend is in probably has a mandate that forces the insurers to cover treatments he neither wants nor needs and that the state also limits the insurers he can buy from.

    1. This message is for you Democrat House members who are intending to vote YES to this Healthcare Bill; “GET A LIFE” and look at what you are doing to your Country. Yes unfortunately it is your Country too; so act like it, listen to Your Constituents, listen to the Majority of Americans who don’t want any part of this, do your damn job properly, instead of following blindly your “community organizer leader” who has never run anything honestly or fruitfully for Humanity, and who is acting like he knows better than the 85% of Americans, WHICH HE HIMSELF IS NOT !!!. Look at the facts WE JUST CANNOT AFFORD TO DO THIS, AS IT WILL CRIPPLE THE COUNTRY”. But that’s exactly what BHO wants, along with the rest of his Fascist Buddies. “Can’t let a Crisis go to Waste” to quote one of them; if not let’s create a crisis, as in “Health Care Bill”. Hugo Chavez all over again, or Hitler, or Stalin, take your pick. ARREST THESE GUYS !!! So far any bill that has been passed by this Administration has not been read by anyone in Congress who passed them; is that now considered to be responsible ????? Either they immediately change their vote to “NO”, resign in shame or we vote them out, and arrest and charge most of them for HIGH TREASON. WAKE UP