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by Sharon Rondeau

The U.S. Constitution is being burned as the Hawaii DOH continues to hide the truth about Obama

(Mar. 5, 2010) — Among the documents which The Post & Email Legal Fund recently acquired with the financial assistance and support of the readers of this e-Newspaper, shocking evidence has been found which apparently indicts officials of the Hawaii Department of Health for conspiracy to deprive U.S. citizens of their constitutional right to due process.

The incriminating evidence was found in an inadvertent disclosure of emails between Ms. Janice S. Okubo, Communications Director for the Department, and Kenneth David, Supervisor of the Vital Statistics Office.

It appears that David took it upon himself to do background checks on those making UIPA requests and on that basis suggested to Okubo to deny responding to their lawful requests for the release of government documents, requests which they made on the basis of the grants of rights of access accorded them by the Hawaii Uniform Information Practices Act (UIPA).

Following this email exchange, the Department of Health discriminated against citizens whom it perceived to have “a hidden agenda.” The term “hidden agenda” was coined by David to refer to citizens who questioned Obama’s legitimacy to hold the office of president: a clearly political view, on which basis they could not be lawfully denied access.

Kathleen Gotto makes a UIPA request

The criminal conspiracy seems to have come to the fore in regards to a UIPA request made by Kathleen Gotto. In the course of that request, she sought further explanatory information from the Vital Records Department, on October 3, 2009, by email:

From: Kathleen Gotto
Saturday, October 03, 2009 5:44PM
OHSM, Vital Records
Okubo, Janice S.
Per Dr. Okubo

I asked Dr. Okubo the following question:

“If amendments are made to a Hawaiian Cert of Birth and a late birth certificate is issued in lieu thereof, is it reasonable to assume it is called a Late Hawaiian Cert of Birth?” (Dr. Okubo replied) I do not understand your question. Please send this request with clarification to vr-info@doh.hawaii.gov

I just want to know what an amended Hawaiian Cert of Birth is called after it is amended. Is it then called a “late birth c3, ertificate”, late Hawaiian Certificate of Birth or something else? The amending of Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian birth certificates appear to be different in your DOH Vital Records section.

Also, perhaps you can provide me more clarification on the last question I asked Dr. Okubo:

“From the amendment instructions above for a non-Hawaiian cert of birth, once it is marked up with the changes, does it stay in the file like that or will a new one be issued similar to the late HI BC?: (Dr. Okubo replied) As I understand, any changes to Hawaii vital records are noted on the record.

Here’s my point: What Dr. Okubo stated is true for what (appears to be) non -Hawaiian BCs only. The Vital Records Amendment section appears to differentiate how amendments are done to both Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian birth certificates. The amended Hawaiian BC must be cancelled and a “late” birth certificate is issued in lieu thereof. However, that does not appear to be the procedure for non-Hawaiian BCs. They are to be amended on the face of the record, not replaced with a new BC apparently.

Therefore, in addition to the question above asking what a “late” cert of birth is officially called after an amendment is this question: are Hawaiian birth certs amended differently from non-Hawaiian birth certs? It reads that way to me. It is clear that the amended Hawaiian BC is replaced with a “late”/new BC. What is not clear is whether the amended/marked-up non-Hawaiian BC stays in the file marked up or is it replaced with a new BC incorporating the changes?

Thank you for clearing this up for me. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can provide any more clarification on my questions. They come right out of the Vital Records requirement. It’s just a bit confusing with Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian BC amendments.


Kathleen Gotto

The Conspiracy is hatched by Ken David

After receiving Gotto’s request, Ken David of the Vital Records Department sent the following email to Janice Okubo:

From: vr-info
Saturday, October 03, 2009 6:18PM
Okubo, Janice S.
Alvin T. Onaka, Ph.D.
FW: Per Dr. Okubo
Saturday, October 03, 2009

Hi Janice,

Did you want me to respond to Kathleen’s email? I might not even try to clarify her questions. Instead, should I reply, I would probably appeal to the confidentiality of our records and the procedures we follow.


VR-Info (Ken David)

Okubo then replied to David:

From: Janice Okubo
Cc: ‘Alvin T. Onaka, Ph.D. 8:28PM’
Sent: Saturday, October 03, 2009 8:28PM
Subject: RE: Per Dr. Okubo

Hi Ken,

If you are able to respond succinctly then I would appreciate that. I don’t plan to respond to any further e-mails from this person. I was just required to provide a response to the UIPA request. Thanks.


David then emailed Okubo, suggesting a conspiracy to deprive Gotto of a response, the incriminating evidence of which is contained in the following email:

Subject: FW: Per Dr. Okubo
Monday, October 5, 2009 1:50 PM
Okubo, Janice S.
Alvin T. Onaka, Ph.D.
Re: Per Dr. Okubo

Hi, Janice,

I checked online for a “Kathleen Gotto” and I came across this letter that I presume she wrote http://blogtalkradio.com/MenifeeValleyRadio/blog/2008/11/15/Letter-to-the-US-Supreme-from-Kathleen-Gotto-This-is-a-vital-issue-to-us-all who accused Obama of “…who almost got away with stealing the Presidency…” I doubt that any answer I might send her would satisfy her since she has the same agenda as Rob Lamb (who accused me of lying and that I should be fired). Although Rob Lamb did not mention Obama’s name, he can be found online as another person who has a hidden agenda. It is interesting that in all of Rob Lamb’s emails he did not mention Obama’s name even once.



Image of the actual copy of the Email exchanged between Ken David and Janice Okubo at the Hawaii Department of Health, Office of Vital Records: this copy was inadvertently released by HI DoH staff in regard to a different UIPA request.

That this exchange resulted in an abrupt shutting off of information to Gotto is confirmed by an analysis of her email correspondence, which was disclosed by Gotto to The Post & Email. In confirmation of this conclusion, Gotto made the following remark to the paper:

The last correspondence I received from Janice Okubo was on 10/4 at 5:52PM. Ken David’s email to her about me was 10/5 at 1:50PM. On Oct 3, I had had correspondence with the Vital Records Office (where Mr. David appears to work), after Dr. Okubo had directed me there for any further info on “Changing an item on a Cert of Hawaiian Birth.”

I suppose Dr. Okubo can say that since I appealed to OIP (because of not getting forthright info from her), she was out of the picture. But I could argue that I had to go to OIP on 10/21 at 9:24PM because it appears Mr. David had smeared me to her on 10/5 and thus gave her reason to stop corresponding.

I don’t know what the legal ramifications of all this are, but it sure does look conspiratorial.

It looks like sufficient evidence for a charge of conspiracy to deprive Gotto of her civil liberties, even from a cursory consideration of the U.S. Code, Title 42, Chapter 21, Subchapter I of §1985. Conspiracy to interfere with civil rights reads:

(3) Depriving persons of rights or privileges:

If two or more persons in any State or Territory conspire … for the purpose of depriving, either directly or indirectly, any person or class of persons of the equal protection of the laws, or of equal privileges and immunities under the laws; … ; in any case of conspiracy set forth in this section, if one or more persons engaged therein do, or cause to be done, any act in furtherance of the object of such conspiracy, whereby another is injured in his person or property, or deprived of having and exercising any right or privilege of a citizen of the United States, the party so injured or deprived may have an action for the recovery of damages occasioned by such injury or deprivation, against any one or more of the conspirators.

The rights deprived are those granted in the UIPA for disclosure of government records.

On February 11, 2010, Janice Okubo, Communications Director for the Hawaii Department of Health, issued the following statement:

The Department of Health is entrusted by the people of Hawai‘i to protect the vital records it maintains. The Department operates within the confines of the laws that govern state and federal agencies and will continue to do so. No amount of bullying or spreading rumors and false innuendos will persuade the department or its officials to break the trust of the people, operate outside of the law, or misuse the information it is entrusted to protect.

While it is admirable that Ms. Okubo’s department seeks to “protect” birth and other records, it is patently obvious that the Department does not follow its own state laws when it comes to releasing information. She stresses the importance of privacy, but fails to follow through when openness is in order.

If the Hawaii Department of Health did this with Kathleen Gotto, then against whom else did they discriminate?

It appears that Mr. Charlton was also targeted, because his UIPA request of Sept 27, 2009 was never answered until Dec. 28, 2009, well beyond the ten-day answer period mandated by the law. At that point, Health Department personnel denied having any internal records about the information sought. Only after repeated complaints to the OIP in November 2009 and a letter from that office to Okubo on December 8, demanding a reply, was any response received at all.

If you believe the above information is sufficient to demand a public investigation, you can contact the following officials, who would have jurisdiction to undertake such:

Governor Linda Lingle
State Capitol, Rm. 415
Honolulu, HI 96813

Tel.: (808) 586-0034
Fax: (808) 586-0006

Lt. Governor Duke Aiona
State Capitol, Rm. 415
Honolulu, HI 96813

Tel.: (808) 586-0255
Fax: (808) 586-0231

Florence T. Nakakuni
US Attorney for Honolulu
PJKK Federal Building
300 Ala Moana Blvd., #6-100
Honolulu, HI 96850

Phone: (808) 541-2850
TTY: (808) 541-1850
Fax: (808) 541-2958

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  1. The incompetent, arrogant half wits who work for the government actually wonder why so much ammunition is being sold…They’ll soon understand.

  2. Great investigative work. Typical action by government employees is not to act on a request and then see if anyone follows up. If not issue is dropped. They never expect someone will keep pressuring until they receive the information – document requested. We always hear about racial profiling but what about the profiling of FOIA requestors. Let’s hope that more employees within the HI government will “leak” information and documents so that the vast majority of America will realize that Obama is a fraud and imposter. Perhaps the greatest future screen play for a movie.

  3. This is just as egregious as racial profiling; a violation that the libs would be screaming their bloody head off about, “DEMANDING” a full investigation.

    Instead we have an entire state with government officials from the top down and from both sides of the aisle, ignoring pleas for assistance to obtain information that “we the people” have a lawful right to request and obtain.


  4. Has there been any formal complaints made directly to the attorney general’s office regarding the illegal behavior of Ms.Okubu and Mr.David? It would seem to me that whether or not there was a hidden agenda identified by Mr.David the information was LEGALLY requested, and an alleged “HIDDEN AGENDA” wouldn’t even be relavent. I think that the request should be made via the attorney general’s office, or perhaps via the state attorney DISCIPLINARY commission. These people are all members of the Hawaii Bar Association.Perhaps a few well scripted questions put to them might go a long way towards loosening Okubu’s and Davids grip on the information requested.

  5. Superb article, Sharon, as ever.

    I know you will not answer this, because you are obliged to protect your sources, but I would love to know how the “inadvertent disclosure of emails between Ms. Janice S. Okubo, Communications Director for the Department, and Kenneth David, Supervisor of the Vital Statistics Office, took place.

    Also, if one inadvertent disclosure can take place, we may have hope that others will do so, as well.

    The walls are breaking up – brick by brick by brick.

  6. Gianni,

    Please realize something: The Hawaii DOH personnel were bribed and paid to (1) NOT reveal anything about Soetoro/Obamas’ 100% FOREIGN BIRTH IN MOMBASSA, KENYA in Africa and to (2) NOT REVEAL ANYTHING about “Barack Hussein Obama II’s” illegal and phony Hawaiian COLB AND BC that Soetoro/Obama has fraudulently put on file in Hawaii. They are legally killing themselves to protect Obama because Soros has paid them all enormous amounts of money in bribes to conspire to REFUSE to let any information that they are DUTY BOUND in office to report to people in transparency about Barack Obama II out to the public.

    The New World Order/One World Government & Federal Reserve psychopath Elite Dictators* are working behind Soetoro/Obama and they give Obama daily orders of what to do in office. We need to get to the communication telephone call records, cell phone records, and emails of Soetoro/Obama who is working for them and NOT the USA people. These people * are ordering Soetoro/Obama to bankrupt the USA and to destroy the Sovereignty of the USA, so Soetoro/Obama can create, & usher in, & bring in & set up the Fascist/Marxist/Communist – Radical Islamic Muslim North American Union Totalitarian Dictatorship, in the place where the Sovereign USA stands today.

    It is up to We The People Sovereign American Citizens to Stop the 100% ILLEGAL actions of the Hawaii DOH, who are refusing to do their LEGAL DUTIES, by DEMANDING a Grand Jury Investigation on ALL OF THE ILLEGAL ACTIONS OF THE HI DOH, and by DEMANDING Congressional Hearings on the Hawaii DOH office personnel, by DEMANDING IMMEDIATE And EXTREMELY URGENT EMERGENCY CONGRESSIONAL HEARINGS ON BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, AND BY WE THE PEOPLE BY THE MILLIONS STANDING UP AND MARCHING & DEMANDING OBAMA STEP DOWN & RESIGN from Office because WE THE PEOPLE KNOW AND HAVE 100% INDISPUTABLE & IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE that Barack Hussein Obama II is a 100% Illegal Alien who is currently using the STOLEN Social Security Number #042-68-4425 from Connecticut, and Obama NEVER lived in Connecticut.

    WE THE PEOPLE can easily get Soetoro/Obama removed from office with the above evidence, so we can PROTECT THE USA SOVEREIGN AMERICAN CITIZENS FROM the CAREER SERIAL CRIMINAL & USURPER OBAMA and ALL of the MANY, MANY DAILY crimes Soetoro/Obama is committing in the USA against us!!

    1. Starla,

      Some of what you said I can go along with, but the whole One World Order, Soros, and born in Kenya thing, being treated as it were indeed fact, I don’t buy yet. I believe Obama’s mother tried desperately to get her son American citizenship through a late filing of a birth that many have occurred outside of the US, and found out that Hawaii was the easiest way to do it. I believe Obama’s mom realized she had become impregnated by an guy who cared little about her. Obama’s mom was a starry eyed, do-gooder liberal anthropologist who believed it was her duty to not only befriend persons of color–the oppressed–but also have sex with them and maybe marry them. It was her small way of “giving it to the man” and offering herself as a trophy to men of color who were oppressed by colonialism and racism perpetrated by white men in power. When things started falling apart in the relationship, though, she realized it would be beneficial to get her son some sort of US citizenship.

      To what extent the young Barack Obama was told about the circumstances of his birth and how young he was, I do not know. Maybe early in his life he was not as guarded about the story of his birth, and there might be some folks out there who know the real story. At some point when it became clear that Obama may have presidential aspirations, specifically in 2004, Obama along with others very likely colluded to scrub every trace of evidence regarding the truth about his birth, and there is massive evidence that this has been the case since 2004. Obama also wrote not one but two books about his life, knowing full well that a gullible mainstream media would accept it and not attempt to indendently verify the accounts he offered. And they have a handy strategy for anyone who does attempt to do the investigative reporting required to ferret out how much of it was true: they call everybody a racist or a right-wing radical who can’t stand the thought of a black man being POTUS. It takes hard work by citizen journalists turned real journalists like John here to start digging through all the obfuscation. This is doubly hard because the mainstream media is sitting on its hands. There are no Woodward and Bernstein’s digging for stories on irregularities in Obama’s life story. They are completely absent. So it falls on concerned citizens to do the digging, and they become instant targets for derision and worse.

      Anway, I cannot say there are not connections to Obama, Soros, and the New World Order, and I cannot say for sure that Obama does not have evil intentions to destroy America. I can see how some persons can make the case though. I simply am waiting for more evidence of this before I go the next step.

  7. Other than my occasional on-line pen name, RobL, or sometimes just Rob, I have not used any other name, that I recall, on the web. Not sure what Ken David is alluding to in his October 5, memo, printed here. He is certainly one very misguided individual.

    He is correct, however, I did not refer to the name ‘Obama’ in my emails. I did not need to. His identity was not germane to the question I was asking. For Mr. David to make that a point in his letter is curious indeed. How can the state of Hawaii legitimately hire people so ill equipped to deal with issues important to the people of the state?

    As I pointed out over and over again in my various emails, which went out to Governor Lingle, Attorney Geneneral Bennett, Dr. Fukino, OIP Directory Tsukiyama, OIP attorney Joesting, Communications Director Okubo, State House Member Ching, State House Member Finnegan, State House Member Marumoto, State House Member Marcos Pine, State Housse Member Thielen, State House Member Ward, State Senator Hemmings, State Senate Member Slom, Ken David, and others, I was interested in format only; I was not concerned with ANY specific individual. I also had numerous telephone conversations with members of the staffs for some of the above, and attempted to reach other individuals with whom my requests had purportedly been given to for resolution and response.

    All to no avail. Copies of my inquiries, and the notes of my telephone conversations are available if requested.

    Rob Lamb

  8. You may recall that Nixon and his minions were brought down, not for fostering a botched burglary, but for the COVER UP.

    That’s what this is turning into and I hope it purges from public service every single miscreant who abandoned their oath to uphold the Constitution.

  9. [Dr Ang’awa had worked in Embu, Kiambu, Kilifi, Mombasa, Kakamega and Bungoma and was one of the best known members of the medical profession in the country]

    Interesting Indeed!!!

    As for the Hawaiin DOH, these people are bought and paid for by Obama-Holder. Zero credibility.
    The only way to bring them to justice is cut off US government funding.
    Hawaii is not legally a state anyway, just ask the natives.

  10. INTERESTING DEVELOPMENT!!! Remember Dr. James Angawa? He was doctor who attended Obama’s birth in Kenya according to Lucas Smith’s alleged Obama Kenyan BC. Dr. Angawa was later killed. A story was written about it: http://allafrica.com/stories/201002010485.html
    The story contains a very interesting paragraph:
    “The f…amily lived in high-class government quarters in Upper Hill. Among their neighbours were Dr Njoroge Mungai, former President Kenyatta’s personal physician, President Kibaki, who was then minister for Finance and the late Barack Obama Sr, father of American President Barack Obama.”

  11. Wow, this is definitely a smoking gun of illegalities and conspiracy being committed by the Hawaii Department of Health. It is plain as the nose on your face. Again, I ask anyone, what are these people so afraid of? What are they hiding? And why are they seeking information on people making these requests.

    Congratulations to all who have carried out a diligent effort to arrive at the truth. What the Hawaii folks are doing stinks to high heaven, and heads should roll over it. It is just not tolerable that a state government would act this way.