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by John Charlton

(Feb. 26, 2010) — In response to the public outcry over my last report regarding Okubo’s apparently false response to my request for index data from the Hawaii Birth Index, Miss Janice Okubo has directed staff at the Hawaii Department of Health to release a pdf file containing what appears to be scans of a computer printout containing redacted pages from the Hawaii Birth Index for those sections, which would contain the surnames Payne, Dunham, Soetoro and Obama.

My initial UIPA request of January 22, 2010, sought the index data for all children on the Hawaii Birth Index whose parents’ surnames were either Obama, Payne, Soetoro or Dunham.  The Certificate of Hawaii Birth was issued from 1911 to 1972 for those who wished to have a document proving that they were born in Hawaii.  It was a way to apply for a document for those who were born a year before the request was made and who did not have a standard birth certificate, presumably because they were born at home, not in a hospital.  I had made my UIPA request to determine if Obama was born before Hawaii became a state, but a name on this Index does not exclusively prove that.  If you read the link on “Certificate of Hawaii Birth” you can see that it was granted to those who provided what the Department of Health considered sufficient proof of a a birth in Hawaii.  Thus it provided a vehicle to claim a Hawaii birth without actually being born in Hawaii, if only one succeeded in convincing the Department that you were.

In response to the evasive denials of my original UIPA request and the outright claim I had written what I did not write, Miss Janice Okubo admitted to me last week that microfiches of the Hawaii Birth Index did exist and that they did not contain the said surnames.  Following my disclosure of that to several friends, I was given a copy of a Treasury Department Document from 1949 showing that at least one individual with the surname Dunham was born in Hawaii during the period in which the Hawaii Birth Index was used.

As a consequence, I wrote Miss Okubo and asked for copies of the microfiche to prove the veracity of her claim and offered to pay for them.  I also suggested to readers of The Post & Email that they contact Mrs. Lingle, the governor of the State of Hawaii, asking for an outside review of the matter.

Today’s release of a pdf file appears to be the Department of Health’s way of responding to this public outcry, even though the documents do not prove anything, since they are not prima facie evidence of anything, other than that

1) the Department does not understand how to respond to a UIPA request:  I asked for microfiche copies, not pdfs of computer printouts,

2) does not understand how to respond to the Press:  obstructed my UIPA request for three weeks, made false claim, and never responded to my email to Miss Okubo asking her to look into this matter,

3) and does not understand how to respond properly to a public call for investigation with solidly confirmatory documents:  if the Department thinks these images are corroborating evidence, I would hate to think what kind of evidence they accept to issue a Certificate of Hawaii Birth!  If this is the standard of evidence in 2010, what was it in 1961?

Indeed, an impartial observer to this present affair, considering this manner of response of the Department to my UIPA request, now has even more evidence to regard the claim of Obama being born in Hawaii (based on having a Hawaii Birth Certificate) as even more dubious, as that Department evidently does not understand or use any professional sense of the term “prima facie evidence.”  This can only mean that any Certificate of Live Birth that they might issue is worthless as evidence without a concomitant disclosure of all supporting documentation filed to obtain it — which has been the contention of this e-Newspaper from the beginning.

Please note that it is not an unimportant fact that the images released do show that the Birth Index data does contain the names of the parents.  In her correspondence with me, Okubo denied that I could ask for the Birth Index information for children based on the surnames of the parents.  So if these images are evidentiary in any manner, they are evidentiary of Okubo’s obstruction of my initial UIPA request, since I never asked for the parents’ names, only the names of the children.  She has the names of the parents right there; why did she refuse to do a search on that basis?

Finally, it should be emphasized that this UIPA request is not in itself very important, but the manner in which the Department of Health has responded to it is what is important.  If the actual microfiche shows no such surnames, then Miss Okubo will be vindicated, and I will apologize, as all I am interested in is the truth.  Miss Okubo, we, the press or the public cannot know what that is unless you cooperate with the UIPA in a timely, courteous, exact, and coherent manner.  When you fail to do this, you only undermine the reputation of your own department, even if on account of such failures, we might at times doubt or believe you when we ought to do the opposite.

Below are electronic images of the PDF file, in a format which makes their viewing accessible to the readers of this electronic paper.  I have only reduced them and converted them to jpg.

A Redacted Computer print-out, allegedly of the Hawaii Birth Index for surnames beginning with "Du"


A Redacted Computer print-out, allegedly of the Hawaii Birth Index for surnames beginning with "Ob"


A Redacted Computer print-out, allegedly of the Hawaii Birth Index for surnames beginning with "Pa"


A Redacted Computer print-out, allegedly of the Hawaii Birth Index for surnames beginning with "So"

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  1. From the Dept. of Health website:
    “The Certificate of Hawaiian Birth program was established in 1911, during the territorial era, to register a person born in Hawaii who was one year old or older and whose birth had not been previously registered in Hawaii. The Certificate of Hawaiian Birth Program was terminated in 1972, during the statehood era.”

    Those other Dunhams may have been (probably were) previously registered in Hawaii, probably born in a hospital and received a regular birth certificate.

    Unless I misunderstand the situation, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the Dept. of Health responded incorrectly. Unless those Dunhams were not registered at birth, they wouldn’t be on the Hawaiian Birth Index. Instead of a Certificate of Hawaiian Birth, they would have a regular Certificate of Live Birth.

    Someone should ask for the same names from the regular birth index. They may be playing games with the names given to the indices. The register for those who received a “standard birth certificate” at birth probably has another name.

    You should also request the same names from the Hawaiian Birth Index between 1960 and 1972.

    Then ask: When a person amends a Certificate of Hawaiian Birth and receives in return a Late (standard) Birth Certificate upon surrender of the COHB, does the person’s name disappear from the Hawaiian Birth Index? Does the person’s name then appear on the regular “standard” birth index, as if that’s how it would have appeared at the time of his birth?

    1. On the Leo Donofrio blog I remember were two occasions that the name “Dunham” was misspelled in a response.
      By accident?
      I thought it was a way for them to give false information, but not directly lie.

  2. My question: is this the same list that would have been made public to the news papers in 1961 use by these papers to post Obama’s birth announcement?

    If not the request for that list given to the news papers should still be public from 1961 because once public always public.

  3. …meaning someone took advantage of the Hawaii laws allowing foreign-borns to call themselves Hawaiian born after 1971…this would align with when he ostensibly started pricey Punahau.

      1. meaning could one apply for these non-conforming bc’s after 1971? I take it to mean these were for home-births or foreign-borns (based on testimony that parents lived in Hawaii for 1 year prior to purported birth)…

        What the lists do, is exclude Obama from having a non-conforming bc for all probable years of his birth, i.e. he can’t say he had a home-birth or pre-statehood birth as any excuse for not having a hospital bc, which he does not have.

        Between Fukino breaking laws, Okubo’s obfuscations/lies, Lingle’s noncompliance, Attorney General’s refusal to corroborate, Kapiolani’s reports that he was not born there…I see nothing remaining except a total fabrication.

  4. Since the Hawaii Birth index does not show him, does this mean he was not born in Hawaii, unless of course, he was born in Hawaii, but someone filed for a late or amended Certification of Live Birth some time after 1971?

  5. What am I missing here? I do not see any of the surnames in question listed in the above posted pdf files. Does the date range of this supposed index include when Pres Obama would have been born, and if so, does not that fact that his surname is not present in the index indicate that Hawaii has no record of his certification of live birth, proving that what Obama posted online is bogus?

  6. Let’s hope the auto dealerships who are SUING because they were INJURED (unlike the other BC lawsuits) directly because of Obama. Obama is president. He ordered an auto task force and the closure of auto dealerships based on political motives in part. THEY are demanding Obama PROVE he is legitimately our president (give up that BC and and school information, etc) and if NOT eligible, THEY GET BIG BUCKS and Obama goes to jail. I just hope the dealership member are not frightened off or paid off. They are our hope.

  7. Is it my imagination or is the line at the spot where Dunham would normally be –slightly crooked? Crooked as in hand drawn after a cut and paste job maybe removing the name Dunham? And since we know there SHOULD be at least one Dunham perhaps (not knowing who might be related to them), removing all cases of Dunham? Or am I seeing things?
    BYW Thank you! And keep up the good work, one of these days somebody somewhere is going to make a mistake and it will unravel.

  8. John —

    Once again, you’ve done impeccable work. Today’s article is right on the money, tightly-worded, and proves beyond a shadow of doubt that the Marxist usurper has used devious methods to gain entrance into the White House.

    You must continue to search to uncover all the facts surrounding the Marxist usurper. You are just above the target. Any day now, the Marxist usurper will be dragged out of the White House in cuffs and thrown in jail! Any day now!

    Bless you,

  9. John, I’m confused. Does Hawaii have more than one Hawaiian birth list; in other words, do they also have a regular birth certificate list in addition to this Certificate of Hawaii Birth list?
    These people are so slimy. The redacted parent names show that they are still hiding a lot.

  10. John, Now that you have established that a Certificate of Live Birth does not exist for BO perhaps you can file UIPA requests for “Certification of Live Births” with the Office of the Lieutenant Governor

    Lieutenant Governor, State of Hawai`i
    State Capitol
    Honolulu, Hawai`i 96813

    Phone:(808) 586-0255
    Fax: (808) 586-0231
    e-mail: ltgov@hawaii.gov
    I have filed UIPA requests with this office for information regarding apostilles and/or Certifications for BO but have not been successful., even though the state of Hawaii clearly states that this is where these records are kept.
    http://hawaii.gov/ltgov/office/apostilles Please Help!

  11. Look, again, it’s real simple. Even if obama was born in Hawaii, that wouldn’t even matter. Both your parents have to be born in America as well for you to be qualified for President. I simply ask this again. was Obama’s father born in America? No. Case closed. He is in office against the Constitution. He cannot be President. Please, someone from the left, please tell me I’m wrong, please and provide your reason why. Please show me that Obama’s father was born in the U.S.!

    1. Vattel’s definition of “natural born Citizen” is “born in the country to parents who are citizens of the country.” The parent or parents could be naturalized citizens, having come from a foreign country but relinquished citizenship of that country and taken an oath of allegiance to the new country. But they must be citizens at the time of the child’s birth to make the child a “natural born Citizen” with no foreign allegiance of any kind.

      1. Well said. And we need to keep this in mind should Bobby Jindal run for President or VP in 2012. Jindal is not a natural born citizen. He was born in Louisiana to parents who were legal immigrants from India. His parents later became naturalized citizens, but they were not citizens at the time of Jindal’s birth. Jindal was born with a foreign claim (from India) on his citizenship and allegiance.

    2. You are correct. Obama Senior was a British/Kenyan citizen. Now, some will say that if Obama Senior turns out to not be the father, and that Obama’s real father was an American, that Obama would then be a natural born citizen (assuming a birth in Hawaii, of course). I disagree. Obama would still not be a natural born citizen.

      It does not make any difference as to the real parentage of Obama, because Obama Senior claimed him as a product of the marriage. In the time of our Founding Fathers, all that was necessary was for the father of record to claim he was the father in actuality, which Obama Senior did in the divorce papers. In the time of our Founding Fathers there was no way to test (such as with DNA) for paternity. If a man claimed to be the father of a son, then that was good enough for all legal purposes of identity, passing on of inheritance, land grants, and especially citizenship.

      Obama’s citizenship status at birth was dual (US and British/Kenyan) and so was his allegiance. His status at birth was “governed” by the laws of Great Britain. Natural born citizen status is the “strong check” against foreign influence, and this influence was present at the birth of Obama, as well as in the years that followed. These are all facts which will not go away should his father turn out to have been an American.

    3. Both parents do not have to be born in America. They can be naturalized citizens, if naturalized prior to the birth of the child. The fact that 0bama’s father was a Kenyan citizen would negate 0bama being NBC, because the citizenship of the child flows from the father.

      1. Barack Hussein Obama Livebirth Mombosa Hospial Kenya 08-04-61 as witnessed by Paternal grandmother Sarah Hussein Obama, she named maternal halfbrother George & Maternal Halfsister Alma in the room at time of birth, did not name Obama Sr. Hawaii 1963 Mother Stanly Ann Durham married Lolo Soetoro-Indonesian. 1964 Mother Stanly Ann Soetoro Indonesia Naturalized herself & Barack using application by marriage to a National of Country. Stepfather Lolo Soetoro Adopts Barack & Changes his name to Barry Soetoro Jakarta, Indonesia 1964. Hawaii Livebirth Reg issued to Maya kasandra Soetoro Maternal halfsister to Barry Soetoro she was born 08-15-1970 Jakarta, Indonesia. We have a Foreigner with Dual Citizenship in our Oval Office= USURPER/TREASON! Phillip J.Berg.com

  12. was there any name under “U” for UBAYD, another last name which has been suggested as being the original family name? Mother being NOT Stanley Dunham but rather an Ethopian woman, Father being UBAYD and an Egyptian national? Thanks.

    1. My word of advice for all who have ideas like these is that they file UIPA requests on their own to ask.

      Hawaii is passing legislation to label people ‘vexatious requesters’ so it’s going to be up to those with new ideas to see they are carried out for themselves.

      It’s very easy to file one!=)

      1. MissTickly,
        Could you please summarize your findings and then Leo’s findings. Both of you took down all your info and we have no way to check what has already been done.


  13. Here’s my take after following since June 2008. (This is not an original thesis of mine.) BOjr is a NBC by SAD and FMD. BOsr is a stooge to hide the real father’s infidelity and pedophilia, along with MPD and SD knowledge of the abuse of their daughter. LS comes in to sweep up the mess, as duty calls. They all went along with it ( and could get away with it) because each in some real way is connected to the “gas” company, the same one that funded the Dunham’s move to Hawai’i, Anne’s globe tripping and little Barry’s early education through real estate held under alias. We’re stuck with a 50 year old lie that has been doctored, bandaged, clipped, and falsified, and more recently scrubbed, snubbed, and whacked because the company still needs the information it is charged to gather centralized.

    There’s an even better part II: but this line just predictably follows the nature/ nurture phenomenon of privilege, party, and royalty.

    When the Paraclete got to this point in his research I urged him to narrow his FOIA requests to include Davis and dates before 8/4/61. No luck. He shut down his site to focus well on his clients. Miss Tickly’s blog disappeared to focus on family. Finally, a journalist with chops for the truth.
    (Sorry for the jargon.)

    1. isnt SKY news part of the Murdoch Empire where the Saudi Prince, according to terrorist turned Christian Mr Shoebat, has openly boasted of manipulating reporting and editorial content?

  14. I find it hard to believe that the repubs, knowing his BC was in question, sat back and did nothing to expose him before the election. GW could have gotten his hands on his BC, among others. As for the reps that have signed petitions demanding to see the BC, if they were in office before the election, had these questions and did nothing, well that seems like a crime to me.
    I will be honest, I consider them all shady crooks, playing good cop/bad cop,knowing just when to jump up claiming ‘God’, yet they all have the same agenda, and it has nothing to do with protecting the constitution or doing what is best for ‘we the people’. I find it real shady how the same politicians that never spoke a word about this in time to prevent O from ever getting into office, are now with such precise timing, making sure to bring this and other things up to keep ‘we the people’ so consumed with this BS, so that they can (both parties) continue on the same path as always (deleting our rights) knowing we won’t notice.
    Think of me as a nut if you like, but if you really believe O was not born in this country, really believe there is a coverup going on……then you need to be going after every repub that was in office before the election. What is worse? A person you never really trusted to start with, lying about his place of birth to get into office……or the people you not only trusted to have your back, but the people you voted into their well paid position, to allow that person to not only run for office, but actually win that office and not bother to investigate the charge or even say a word about until after it is more less too late? I don’t care who these politicians are, what party they vow their souls to, or what crap they promise. They all put their ownselves first, they will only go so far when it comes to outing each other for a crime, because they too have many secrets to hide.
    The American people need to step back, do their own research, real research, actually documents, not blogs, newspapers or TV news, before jumping on any bandwagon.
    DC and the DC run media will use the issues they know the people are passionate about (healthcare, birth certificates, famous folks), knowing that passionate people when stirred up tend to not do alot of fact checking, so they only have to say a lie a few times, and soon network news is stating it as fact. Then they just kick back in their nice office watching ‘we the people’ do the dirty work for him, and he comes out smelling like a rose.
    All I am saying is, if you hear it, research it, if you read, research it, before allowing yourself to speak it or forward it as truth. And please, someone tell me, am I the only one pissed off as hell that my party, the republician party, my republician president allowed a man to run for president with his citizenship in question???? I compare this to as if my husband is cheating on me. I am not pissed at the female he is cheating with, I am pissed at him. After all, she never promised me anything…HE DID. I expected nothing from her, she owed me nothing, so I hold him responsible. The same as with the O business. I hold the Repubs I voted for and trusted responsible. It is their job to protect this country, and if O is not a citizen, they failed their job, and owe at least to me, an explanation as to what they were doing that was more important then stepping in BEFORE the election. For these reasons alone, I am led to believe that they have seen the BC, and are using the people that still have faith in them to cause chaos. After all, not one media person that is pushing this BC thing has even questioned the republician party as to why they stood by and let it happen.
    BTW..I am now an independent.

    1. >>I find it hard to believe that the repubs, knowing his BC was in question, sat back and did nothing to expose him before the election <<

      maybe they're on the same team?…

      On February 28, 2008, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) introduced a bill to the Senate for consideration. That bill was known as S. 2678: Children of Military Families Natural Born Citizen Act. The bill was co-sponsored by Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL), Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY), Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ), and Sen. Thomas Coburn (R-OK).

    2. Not hard to believe at all. The Republicans (aka the stupid party) nominated their own non-natural born citizen (McCain). McCain was born in Colon Hospital in the city of Colon in the Republic of Panama, and like Obama, he was a dual citizen at birth.

      And the Republicans will remain quiet, for they have a rising star named Bobby Jindal, who is also not a natural born citizen. Jindal was born in Louisiana to legal immigrant parents from India who were not US citizens at the time Jindal was born.

    3. The Republicans said nothing because they put up an ineligible candidate as well. John McCain was not born on US soil but in Hospital in Panama. Both parties, signed co-sponsored and signed by Obama, Resoulution 511, making John McCain a natural born citizen. This was unconstitutional as all get out, number one, you cannot make someone retroactively a natural born citizen (defacto law), they must be born one; number two you can only change the Constitution through amendment. Both parties are guilty and complicit!! That is why you do not hear a peep from the Republicans, they were guilty of the same thing. There is an mighty agenda on both sides of the aisle to allow a 14th amendment citizen to enter the Presidency, a giant erosion of our Constitution. Our country and people are in great danger. We have a one party system masquerading as a two party system, that is a dictatorship. How can we trust either party? A new third party (which in actuality will be a second party) is what is needed, galvanizing Conservatives/Red Dogs/Independents/Tea party/912ers into one new party that is for the Constitution with only vetted Constitutionally minded candidates running. I am not saying that there are not good people in both parties, but both parties are corrupt and the good within have to leave and join the new.

      1. Good point about that resolution trying to retroactively make McCain a natural born citizen — you are either a natural born citizen at birth or not!

        Natural born citizenship is attained by the laws of nature and not of man. If you are born in the US to US citizen parents, then no human law is needed to say you are a US citizen. Your citizenship is self-evident to everyone — you are obviously and naturally a citizen — you are a natural born citizen. Furthermore, no foreign country can lay any claim to your citizenship and allegiance at birth.

  15. Under the circumstances of Obama’s birth,Obama was a Brit at the time of his “Birth”,under British and US Law. His Mother did NOT meet requirements for time as a US Citizen in order to even confer Naturalized status on Obama. Obama,Sr. was a polygamist voiding any marriage to Obama’s mother. Obama,Jr. was illegitimate at Birth and NOT a “natural-Born American” in any event.

    These facts are uncontrovertable.

    Obama is encumbered from being POTUS for reasons other than just his birth status. He has been charged with Treason and is prohibited from holding any office in the US Government,should he found guilty.

    Additionally,there is an ongoing dispute in the courts with regards to whether or not Hawaii is technically NOT a US State and is,in actuality, a SOVEREIGN nation.

    1. Not exactly, because Britain DID recognize polygamous marriage if they were legal in their colony, Britain considered Obama, Jr. a legitimate child.
      Again, the definition of natural born citizen entails the citizenship of the parents, and BHO Sr. was a Born British Subject (now called citizen).

  16. I was given a copy of a Treasury Department Document from 1949 showing that at least one individual with the surname Dunham was born in Hawaii during the period in which the Hawaii Birth Index was used.

    that’s the one I was referring to.

  17. I accept all that has been said as being true. If so, and you had absolute proof from whatever source that was, that some Dunham’s had been born in Hi., then why doesn’t that show up on these records. If Dunham’s were definitely born in Hi and doesn’t show up, then wouldn’t that mean that an Obama could have been and not show up also. I very much appreciate your work and you keeping us informed.

  18. According to Phil Berg, Dr. Fukino’s Public statement about Obama being born in Hawaii was actually illegal since Dr. Fukino has no authority to disclose private information in Hawaii vital records. Phil Berg may actually be right. Dr. Fukino referred to “Original Vital Records” which could only mean the Birthing Index that is Public information. This would indicate that Fukino’s statement is not based Obama’s Orginal Birth Certificate. If this not true then Fukino did in fact break the law by revealing private information Hawaii Vital Records. It remains to be seen on what FACT or DATA Fukino used to create her PUBLIC statement. Using Obama’s Birth Certificate for that fact or data would be in sense illegal disclosure of private information contained in a Hawaiin Vital Record.

    1. That is exactly what the Hawaii Petition Campaign is all about: Dr. Fukino made a public statement and is obligated by Hawaii UIPA law to disclose the “index data” used to prompt that statement. Since she has not complied with the law, it is up to us, the citizens of our respective states, to force the Hawaiian officials to disclose that information. While they do not have to show Obama’s birth records if they actually exist, they are required by law to reveal the “index data.”

  19. Obama should not be listed in this database. But what is interesting is that the baby’s name and that of the parent’s and the sex are considered “index” data and thus are NOT redacted! BUT in the other database DOH does not provide the parents! WHY? In a database the parents names must be part of the database index record so you can track heritage. But see http://hawaii.gov/health/vital-records/obama.html and there is only name and sex.
    The basic database index record should contain the parents names!

  20. I don’t mean to sound dense here, but I really don’t understand. Please, John, explain and help us understand why this important, because first off, I feel that it is.

    Also, why can’t she give you BO’s record verifying that he was at least born there? Which we know that he may not have been. I just don’t understand this, and I’m sorry.



    Mr. Charlton replies: I really cannot regurgitate the article in a comment in a more accurate manner. I can say that The Obama File has put a spin on this report of mine which is out of proportion with the article. Nothing about my article was to prove that Obama was born in or outside of Hawaii. I was trying to see whether he had or did not have, under his name or another name, a Certificate of Hawaiian Birth. See the link in the second paragraph to know what that was.

    1. If you haven’t already, sign on to the Hawaii Petition Campaign. Our first batch is on its way, but the more signatures we gather, the more pressure we will place on the officials in Hawaii to observe their own Sunshine Law regarding public information.

  21. OTP (one term president)

    p.s. the lyrics are at the right in the info section


    One term President? Naw, I’m not feelin that
    Hardcore birther here, let me make it clear fo ya
    Barack Hussein, he isn’t even president, we ain’t seen a BC
    He’s sealed up all the evidence
    OTP on my Camry, but I put a slash through the O
    He’s a zero term pansy
    Before Obama got elected, I was disrespected, all of my best predictions were rejected
    But now they all come to the MZA, I’m runnin five Tea Parties,
    flanked by these freedom fighter hotties
    I’m a right wing extremist, can I get a witness?
    You ain’t down if you ain’t on a watch LIST
    Socialist medicine, I told ya
    Spendin trillions on nothin, I told ya
    Payin for abortions round the world, I told ya
    Reppin OTP, even Angelina’s feelin me

    1. There are those that believe that is indeed the fact and that the Big ‘0’ Sr. was paid off for taking the wrap by being sent to Harvard, all expenses paid.

      The holes, blank periods and inconsistencies of not only the ‘0’ but his little underage mommy Stanley AnnE, his step daddy Soeto, his grandparents and their associations on both (all) sides provide just enough information to fill a book called, “SPECULATIONS FROM LIES”.

  22. Perhaps a series of requests for the same information presented to a few other States would serve as a useful comparison. The responses to such requests by the attending clerks may also be of value; indicate timeliness, efforts to cooperate by asking for additional information, 1960 microfiche copy output comparisons, etc.

    Is information available that would list Hi employee changes in the Government departments starting around 2008? New hires, promotions, bonuses, suicides, deaths, you name it.

    Indiana openly publishes State employee name/salary information +;

    Take care and be safe.

  23. You should check the Hawaiian graveyards and or death records. It’s a fact that years ago criminals illegally changed their identities by grabbing names off of tombstones. They could get away with it for a while because it took years before the entire system (social security, etc) was updated to the deaths. It would probably be more difficult today due to technological advances.

  24. This is interesting, but what (if anything) does it prove?
    By the way, who is Payne?

    Also, as some folks mentioned earlier, any birth records were probably “sealed” by court order when and if the party in question was legally adopted. It might help if someone who was legally adopted in Hawaii who had both their original and amended birth certificates would provide information about the original and amended certificate/record numbers and how they are alike or different. Presumably, if you have the amended certificate, you can find the original, because the numbers are probably “linked”…

    Good luck at ferreting out the TRUTH, which every American has a right to know and which should never have been hidden in the first place.

    P.S. It really is hard to believe that, if there is indeed anything “untoward” about any of the records in question, this information would not have surfaced by now! Presumably, several people would have access to the records in question and it would be very difficult to “cover up” such info.

    1. Perhaps I can shed some light on this:

      1. According to the HI Public Health Regulations, the certificate number, the DOB, place of birth, the attendant must remain the same on the new b/c as on the original b/c if an adoption, name change, legitimization, or paternity determinination were to occur.

      2. If the original birth certificate is amended, it would be positively identified as amended unless the amendment is the result of an adoption, paternity determination or legitimization. In other words, a name change, or change in DOB, place of birth, change in parentage (that does not meet the aforementioned criteria), birth attendant, etc. all must be positively identified as an amendment on the b/c and on the face of the COLB.

      3. The certificate number is the one constant that cannot be changed no matter what the circumstances are. The only thing I am uncertain about is if there is a different numbering scheme for Certificates of Hawaiian Birth and if the certificate number would change if the COHB was amended/converted to a late birth registration. The DoH no longer issues COHBs, and application for one is usually treated as an amendment and a late birth registration COLB would issued in lieu of.

      4. All of the above are subject to meeting evidentiary/documentary requirements.

      1. Obama is not old enough to be the DUNHAM (mother’s maiden name) to be born in 1949.

        And, his maternal grandfather DUNHAM (mother’s father) was NOT born in Hawaii. Grandfather and Grandmother Dunham and Stanley Ann Dunham did NOT migrate to Hawaii until AFTER she graduated in 1960.

        So whoever this 1949 born in Hawaii named Dunham is just a Dunham.

  25. You sir are an absolute rock star. Your tenacity in this area is amazing. Your refusal to cave or quit even more so. Next question, have any idea who will use this to see if there can be a hearing and subsequent trial to bring the liar-in-thief to justice? Amazing work, Hope you send it to O’Reilly, Brietbart and Beck, Jim

  26. This proves that there are at least (but likely, only) two databases of birth records. These scans are from an archive of the Hawaii Birth program that issued “Certificate of Hawaii Birth” to those that requested it back when the program was(is?) active. Not surprisingly, Obama is not there given his heritage is not Hawaiian.
    There must be another database of Hawaii birth data used for the standard birth certificate program called “Certificates of Hawaiian Birth.” It seems they really do stoop to this level of semantics and obfuscation. I’m assuming other requests have been made for index data relating to the standard database.
    The area of redaction is a bit puzzling. I wouldn’t think the DOB and parents names need redacting. And as others point out the right side of the page likely contains certificate numbers or if the request had been approved, rejected or pending etc. If Obama does not show up on their regular database then you may have an even more important finding. This seems the case as you ask for an index list and she provides one but not necessarily for the database you wanted nor does the response make clear what database was used.

    I like your work. Some day this will all come out and I expect it to be very interesting.

  27. Thank you again. You have been working very hard and it is much appreciated.
    Under normal circumstances it is generally difficult working w gov. employees. This is even more a pain in the butt.

    I wish Leo and Miss Tickly had left their stuff up so we could review what they had received.

    I don’t find it reasonable that a parent would not have requested a certificate of birth before he was 1. The odds are that he was born in a hospital and a bc would have been issued at that time. Also for his mom to take him to Indonesia he would have had to show a birth certificate when he got his US passport. 1961 + 6 = 1967.

    If I have all that right, then we need to know what Miss Tickly and Leo received. If they received birth index info, then he was born in a hospital in HI.
    Did I summarize that correctly??

    1. “If they received birth index info, then he was born in a hospital in HI.
      Did I summarize that correctly??”

      No. One did not need to be born in a HI hospital to have HI birth records. Do a little more research in the comments to the stories on P&E and you’ll see that there are numerous ways that one could have been issued a HI BC or birth record, it looks like without even being born in state. The amended birth date that TerriK reported probably indicates by itself severe problems with BO’s original birth record.

      1. Yes I know you can get one by being dishonest. But besides that, assuming one is honest, he was born in HI.
        Now I didn’t know about this amended birth date that TerriK found. Can you explain more about that. Why did everyone take down there info??

        So I guess we can conclude, that if he was born in HI, it would have been under some very unusual circumstances. If his mom couldn’t afford to go to a hospital, it would seem to be a good example he could use to promote his healthcare plans.

  28. It seems the Certificate of Hawaiian Birth may only include those who are NATIVE Hawaiians.

    Since neither of B.O.’s (alleged) parents were “native” Hawaiians, his birth (assuming he was born there, which I question), may appear on a separate list of births in Hawaii.

    1. In 1961, births registered after 90 days, but before 1 year were identified as a “delayed birth registration”. Births registered after 1 year or more were given a “Certificate of Hawaiian Birth” regardless of their ethnic ancestry. The DoH did away with the COHB program in the 1970’s. Today, births registered between 90 days and one year are not positively identified on the COLB as being anything other than a normal birth registration allthough certain evidentiary requirements must be met. Births registerered after a year or more are now identified as a “late birth registration” this is noted on the face of the COLB.

  29. Good Work, John!

    Drip, Drip, Drip. Little by little the drops are escaping from the dam.

    As an amateur genealogist, I would not accept the COLB as to proof of birth unless I was working with 19th century type records and had searched through all birth records and public files.

    Sometimes, you are left with very little proof but that should NEVER be the case with 1960s births where there are substantial laws to record them.

    I would say by now, that Hawaii has no Complete set of birth records on Obama or he would have released the information. It is just to easy to obtain copies of birth records needed for whatever purpose.

    Thanks for your efforts!!

  30. Excellent continuing work on the Hawaii Dept. of Health angle. This, I feel, will be the real breakthrough on the Obama eligibility issue. Hard work and diligent research will keep putting the pieces of the puzzle together. You have already shed so much light on this becaus of the careful and systematic obfuscation with which these people are operating. Okubo, through her actions, appears just plain scared. Why? What is in these documents that she and others in the agency are so fearful of coming to light? Mr. Charlton’s work is the single most important sustained investigation into this entire matter. Kudos all around.

  31. Okubo may not have “index” data based on surname of the parents. Looks like the Microfiche is indexed by the child’s surname only. (or am I missing something?) Yes one would assume the two are the same but she is looking for a technical way to avoid giving you what you want. It is likely that the very minimal basic information was kept in a database to make it easy to find the child’s parents, and then find the parent’s parents etc which is the end function of a data base to prove HI heritage. BUT the printout looks like the type paper we used in the late 60’s on, with holes on the side for the tractor feed printers. (Proof is that the line spacing is the exact same on each of the three pages which clearly are not printed sequentially and slippage would otherwise happen) I’d speculate that they used the Microfiche as a backup system to the computer. What we see here are selective prints from a fiche viewer which were then redacted, scanned and provided thus. This old paper was always wider than high and I speculate the center would be in the middle of the “State of Hawaii” header. 11 inches high and spacing 6 lines to the inch, pre-folded. It seems likely that all this data is still in electronic data form, but for reasons of obfuscation they choose to show you prints from an old archival fiche. OTOH their early computer may have had such limited storage that they routinely printed out data to convert to a fiche product.

    One more piece of the puzzle…


    Mr. Charlton replies: I’ve seen institutions using this kind of computer print out paper even recently, it is by no means from the 60’s exclusively.

  32. Did Miss Tickly not get the alleged Index data for the name “Obama”,
    interestingly not with the parents names, but SAD and BHOsr. as Index data from the marriage file?
    That was presented as the Index data on file in Hawaii.

    Why is no “Obama” on this list?

    Are they trying to tell us something?


    Mr. Charlton replies: There are several Indexes.

    The Hawaii Birth Index (1911-1971), for requests for Certs of HI Birth, made 1 year after said birth

    The Birth Index, for all Certificates of Live Birth

    The Marriage Index, for Marriage Certificates

    The Death Index, for Death Certificates.

    Most UIPA requests have regarded the Birth Index. None I know of, sought data from the HI Birth Index.

  33. … step by step … and little by little. Good work, John! Hang in there and keep on keepin’ on.

    The guy WILL be either be confirmed as eligible or be “outed” by the truth eventually. Better sooner than later so our country suffers no more grievous damage.

  34. The cover-up of the cover-up of the cover-up still stinks. You would have to be deliberately ignorant or incompetent, not to ascertain what is clearly obvious: Obama has a verification problem.

    The courts are broken, the executive branch is broken, and I don’t need to discuss Congress. Keep digging, but remember, too many important people’s lives literally depend upon keeping the truth out of your hands.

  35. Since one can be born outside of the state of hawaii and get a hawaiin birth certificate, a certification of live birth proves absolutely nothing.

    When you combine that with the fact that Obama is paying a fortune to keep the underlying records a secret, it’s unimaginable that any legitimate reporter would not investigate.

    So here we are, having to go through a massive process of elimination to ferret out the truth. Fact by fact, one by one.

    Just as we look back in history and wonder how the citizens of certain countries could have been so blind and so willing to go along with obvious untruths and propoganda, future americans will look back on our time period in the same way. I think we’re a little bit closer to understanding how these things happen, though, having lived through it.

  36. To the plain eye of an old secretary, the pages definitely appear to have been cut off on the right side. In addition to no black line on the right, the title is not centered on the pages you were given. That would indicate there might be several more columns of information on the right, or no information at all and that’s why they just cut it off. But the title not being centered definitely indicates to me that the pages are wider than what was sent to you.

  37. John,

    Thank you for doing this for the public. I admire your thoroughness in the face of Hawaii DOH stonewalling.

    Obviously you have a printout of the Certificate of Hawaii Birth (COHB) Index ONLY here, which is a good thing. For the most part, it seems to eliminate the possibility that Obama’s “root” birth certificate was a COHB.

    However, is it possible a COHB Index listing for Barack Hussein Obama II could have been removed, as part of a sealed court order, from this Index before the Index was photographed on microfiche if there was an Adoption?

    Hawaii Revised Statute § 338-20, § 578-14 and § 578-15 govern the “Record of Adoption” and the “Secrecy of Proceedings and Records.” I can see Obama II’s (or possibly Barry Soetoro’s) records being removed to protect the privacy of an adopted minor. That may include a COHB from the COHB Index Okubo sent you.

    Do you have a sense that this is possible with the COHB?

    Obama II would have likely been adopted as Barry Soetoro about 1966, with a possible name change back as early as Dec 1971 when Obama II/Barry Soetoro returned to Hawaii from Indonesia with his mother (and when he met Obama Sr for the first time), or possibly with the first Soetoro divorce filing in 1980 or the last Soetoro divorce filing in 1988.

    Also, knowing WHEN the microfiche record was photographed may shed some more light on this. There should be a date tag at least on the first few pages of the microfiche file to reflect when it was created. Okubo may be able to shed some light on this, too.

    Thanks, RR

  38. Maybe a different approach would be to see how the DOH issues COLB/BC numbers. Are they issued in sequential order based on the date and time a child is born? Are/were stacks of COLB/BC given to hospitals with pre-printed numbers back in 1961. Were certain stacks of numbers issued to different cities, etc.

    When is/was a BC number issued, if a birth occurred at home? Wouldn’t learning how the BC numbers were issued help you to determine what hospital and what date, Obama was born? Couldn’t you easily narrow down children who may have been born just before or after Obama, by locating the BC numbers that were issued to babies born on the same day in HI? I read a post, not sure where, (maybe trsol or WND) that stated that another BC was discovered in HI and it had a Certificate number that would have indicated that the birth was AFTER Obama’s because the number was two or three digits higher in sequence, however, the actual Birth Date on the BC reflected that the birth actually took place DAYS EARLIER than the DOB listed on Obama’s Certificate.

    Doesn’t this sound fishy?

    I think finding out how these BC numbers were issued might yield some VALUABLE information that has yet to be obtained. Just my 2 cents.


    Mr. Charlton replies: How they assigned Certificate numbers is not something that they seem willing to admit, other than that Okubo did admit that the number was assigned at the time the State accepted the application.

    But the case you refer to, which is the Nordyke twins, is the other way around: they were born in the hospital where Obama now alleges to be born; they were born 19 hours after his alleged birth there. But their certificate has a lower cert. number, even though it was accepted days after Obama’s alleged cert was accepted.

    Therefore, dispositively, it appears impossible that the cert number on Obama’s alleged COLB is coherent with the date of his alleged birth and the date of the filing of his alleged birth application.

    Which leads many to conclude that the COLB is a forgery. However, it only leads to the conclusion that the Cert. number is anomalous, or forged. it could be that Obama would nto disclose to his Campaign what the real one is, because the real one is for some other kind of birth application, such as an adoption or foreign birth, and that the rest of the info on the form is what he claimed in a petition for amendment some time prior to 2007/8.

    1. Dear John,

      Thank you for your doggedness and determination with the Hawaii officials, and other aspects of the eligibility question. You are producing results.

      You have probably seen this outstanding post from Atlas Shrugs in 2008 by a reputable electronic-documents expert on the probable forgery of the online COLB, but for others, here’s the link:


      I must agree with you that the repeated nefarious actions of Hawaiian officials are now practically shouting that something is wrong with BO’s state records. The fact that HI DOH released some valuable Index Records information previously and made revealing statements about BO’s records indicates those actions were probably done without BO’s legal team’s advice. Therefore, the birth certificate issue is unlikely to be simply an invention by BO’s legal and/or political advisers to distract from NBC or adoption. Add to this BO’s constant lies about his past, and an apparently forged COLB, and a natural conclusion is that there may well be something in his HI records not so much personally embarrassing but deeply troublesome for him otherwise.

      The question is, exactly what? Soon before Leo Donofrio took down most of his Natural Born Citizen site, he posted that he had learned through (I think it was) an Index Record request that the HI DOH has some type of record of birth for BO dated before (or including) August 10, 1961. Within a few days (or less) of Leo Donofrio’s post, MissTickly (TerryK) had a similar type of post only up for about a day before she closed down her site. Her post was also based on a request to DOH, and revealed that BO has an amended date of birth in his state records. What this all means, I can’t yet see. But it seems that as other pieces emerge, they should be fit together with these two.

      Finally, just an FYI that since Glenn Beck began insulting the eligibility movement in January, his number of viewers have dropped noticeably. Thanks to Citizen Wells for his research:


  39. Lingle and the Attorney General of Hawaii, and even Okubo playing dumb, don’t seem to enthralled with the idea of heading to the gallows for Obama’s lies. Hmm, risking 320million p.o.’ed Americans for Obama’s track record of throwing supporters under the bus, decisions! decisions!

  40. These images do not even appear to be complete pages; it appears there are columns to the right of the sex that seem to be intentionally left off. The certificate number and date filed/accepted?


    Mr. Charlton replies: That’s the precise reason I requested copies from the microfiche and not printouts of a computer file, because on a printout you can set the computer program to print only that information you want to appear: the lack of certificate numbers makes me doubt that this is even such a print out, because obviously of what use is such a print out to a staff worker who is trying to pull the original vital record: none! You would think that the certificate number has to be on the Hawaii Birth Index, so as to enable the finding of the actual record.

    From the PDF file I have, I can affirm that it appears that the print out was purposely truncated by whoever scanned it, because there is a black border along all sides but the right.

  41. Is this index only of recipients of the “Certificate of Hawaiian Birth”? Was the “Certificate of Hawaiian Birth” the only birth record issued at that time? What is the date range of this data in the images?
    Certificate of Hawaiian Birth was the low-end document anyone any age on the island could obtain with no supporting evidence, if I’m not mistaken. Sun Yet Sen had one.


    Mr. Charlton replies: I received these images with no explanation or supporting information. Obviously, the HI Birth Index from pre 1960 would not be on a computer print out, but microfiches. I think it was not until 1980 that the Department even began to digitize information.

    1. Could you please re-state what your original request was for.

      It appears that whatever this data is, that she sent you, (assuming it is from the time period requested) shows that Obama was not born in HI, is that correct?

      I am trying to figure this out, so could you please explain, (computer print out notwithstanding) if ANY HI birth certificate would be listed on it. In other words, I don’t know if a COLB or a HI birth certificate are all supposed to be listed.

      It just doesn’t seem possible after all this time that she would just send you evidence that Obama was not born in HI.

      I am confused.


      Mr. Charlton replies: See the second paragraph of the article, where I have added explanation, to avoid such confusion as you have.

      1. Ok, thank you for your response. So if his name is not on these printouts and we assume he was not born at home, then he was not born in HI, is that correct??

        And your request was for 1961 correct??

        thanks in advance


        Mr. Charlton: There are a lot of ifs, all of which must be true:

        If he was not born at a hospital between 1911 and 1971, and
        if his parent(s) did not file for a certificate of birth before he was 1 year old, and
        if his name was not amended on the original vital record, via a name change or adoption,

        then if the Hawaii Birth index does not show him,
        he would not be born in Hawaii,

        unless of course, he was born in Hawaii, but no one ever filed for a Certificate of Hawaii Birth; in which case they could have filed for a late or amended Certification of Live Birth some time after 1971.

        That’s a lot of ifs…read it a couple times slowly….and if I made a mistake, I’ll let the experts correct me, here by replying to this comment.