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by JB Williams, © 2010

JB Williams in his home office

(Feb. 20, 2010) — CBS News ran an internal internet poll asking Americans to grade the Obama administration on performance in the key areas of federal government. CBS didn’t dare report on those findings, but as of this writing, you can still vote in the CBS poll and see the staggering results here.

The results are currently as follows:

• Economy – 70.4% – F
• Foreign Policy – 61.8% – F
• Health Care – 81.6% – F
• Terror Threat – 65.2% F
• Energy & Environment – 59.2% – F
• Social Issues – 57.7% – F
• Bipartisanship – 80.6% – F
• Afghanistan – 83.1% C or lower – 31.2% – F
• Iraq – 86.5% C or lower – 35.7% F
• Obama Overall – 89.4% D or lower – 63.4% F

Only 2.82% of CBS fans gave Obama an “A” for overall job performance, and CBS is no bastion of conservative readers.

In November 2008, approximately 52% of American voters elected Obama as President. On Inauguration Day 2009, 67% of Americans said they were hopeful about the new “messiah,” with 41% showing “strong support” for the newly-elected resident of the people’s White House.

Thirteen months later, only 23% “strongly approve” and 40% now “strongly disapprove” of the Obama administration, according to Rasmussen Daily Tracking poll, which appears much kinder towards Obama than the CBS News poll that even CBS won’t write about.

No American administration in U.S. history has fallen from favor so fast…

Heads are Rolling

CNN reports that 63% of Americans want everyone in Congress fired, which makes the “progressive”-run Congress even more unpopular than Obama. Support for Congress is down to between 8% and 18%, depending upon which poll you look at on which day.

It’s official: we have the most unpopular federal government in 235 years of U.S. history and heads must roll.

“Progressives” are dropping out of re-election bids like flies in a vacuum-sealed container. Obama’s campaign help has been the kiss of death for Democrat candidates in New Jersey, Massachusetts and Virginia. A recent campaign stop in Las Vegas to help Sen. Harry Reid’s failing bid for re-election is driving Reid even deeper into trouble.

Byron Dorgan (D) and Christopher Dodd (D) have announced unscheduled retirement due to unhappy constituents back home who intended to put them on the unemployment line come November. Even more moderate Sen. Evan Bayh (D) has announced his retirement, despite leading in the polls and $13 million in his campaign war chest.

Putting a fine point on his reasons for leaving, Bayh stated, “After all these years, my passion for service to my fellow citizens is undiminished, but my desire to do so by serving in Congress has waned. For some time, I have had a growing conviction that Congress is not operating as it should. There is too much partisanship and not enough progress — too much narrow ideology and not enough practical problem-solving. Even at a time of enormous challenge, the people’s business is not being done.”

Two of the nation’s most progressive members of Congress passed away, Sen. Ted Kennedy (D) and Rep. John Murtha (D). Another will be leaving due to health concerns, as 86-year-old New Jersey Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D) announces a diagnosis of stomach cancer.

Rumors of a coming shake-up in the White House staff persist, and no Obama insider appears safe at the moment, with mounting public pressure to walk away from the heavy-handed Pelosi partisanship that has left the people’s business tied up in DC gridlock like never before.

Nobody’s Messiah Now

Obama can’t get a passing grade in any category today, and the Pelosi-led Congress is even more unpopular than what’s left of the man who was called a “messiah” only a year ago.

At any other time in U.S. history, predicting a complete Republican sweep in the 2010 mid-term elections would be a done deal and no Vegas odds-maker would dare take a bet to the contrary.

But 2010 is the year of the Tea Party

Inside the beltway, politicos are growing increasingly desperate to figure out exactly who these Tea Party folks are and what they really want. It’s not hard to figure out, though…

The Tea Party is made up of the 48% of Americans who voted against this mess in 2008, plus about half of the people who fell for Obama’s centrist-sounding campaign rhetoric only to find out after Inauguration Day that they had elected a Marxist wrecking ball to power. The Tea Party represents most Americans of all political stripes, though all constitutionally conscious, and it can’t be hijacked or controlled by either political party. So, it must be put down!

Hence, news of the Clintonistas cranking up the old war-room for an all-out counterattack on the Tea Party movement demonstrates just how concerned the progressive left is, at a time when it appears that Democrats are not only likely to be replaced with Republicans, but constitutional conservatives… – God forbid!

The heavy Marxist hand of Obama, Pelosi and Reid have certainly awakened the sleeping giant, and Carville and McAuliffe hope to put a choke-hold on the movement before millions of angry Americans can successfully snuff out the current march to Marxism (aka progress).

Meanwhile, even the most far left-core supporters of the Obama-nation movement have lost hope for the kinds of change they thought certain with control of all branches of the Fed in their death grip.

Code Pink is angry over Obama’s surge in Afghanistan, which might be the only correct thing he’s done since taking office, and the fact that he has made no progress in pulling out of Iraq, a war that was “illegal” under Bush in the minds of Code Pinkos.

MoveOn is so desperate for a “new messiah” that even rocker John Cougar Mellencamp offers more hope from his little pink house than Obama offers from the White House.

International socialists demanding the closure of Club Gitmo and civil rights for known terrorists are disappointed that Obama has dropped the ball on setting those terrorists loose after an OJ Simpson-styled public lashing of the US military.

Nothing has gone well for Obama. He can’t even address his kids at the dinner table without a teleprompter and as a result, people who foolishly placed their faith in a man from nowhere with a blank résumé a little over a year ago find themselves waking up to a nightmare of monumental proportions today.

And, since Obama & Co. have never run anything before, they have no idea how to run the country now. Despite holding back two-thirds of the stimulus money to be spent during the election year aimed at creating another false impression of economic improvement before the election, things can only get worse when spending us deeper into debt seems to be the only solution for every problem.

Higher taxes, more regulation and deeper debt spell disaster, no matter what business you’re in… Only if you live inside the DC beltway can you make any sense of that strategy.

But most Americans don’t live inside the DC beltway, and as DC elitists cinch the debt belt tighter and tighter around the neck of the average American, sooner or later, there will be no place to run and no place to hide.

From hero to zero in a single year:  No former U.S. president has ever fallen from grace faster.

Prior to Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter was the most unsuccessful president in U.S. history.  But even Carter looks bright compared to Obama…

With or without his traveling teleprompter, he’s nobody’s messiah now…

“A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned – this is the sum of good government.” – Thomas Jefferson

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  1. You think the surge in Afghanistan was the right thing to do?
    For whom?
    The Military Industrial Complex for sure.
    (Eisenhower warned us)
    The time they can suck in American people into the wars seem to be over.
    Afghanistan – 83.1% C or lower – 31.2% – F