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Political Analysis by John Charlton

Michael Steele, the National Chairman of the Republican Party, met with leading Tea Party Movement representatives today behind closed doors.

(Feb. 16, 2010) — Today the National Precinct Alliance (NPA) announced a collaborative effort with members of Tea Party Express, which aims to encourage citizens loyal to the Constitution to seek precinct positions in the local organizational structure of the Republican Party.

Joe Wierzbicki, the National Coordinator of the Tea Party Express, spoke of the alliance in an internal memo issued to the estimated 350,000 members of Tea Party Express yesterday:

There are so many different fronts that we in the tea party movement must fight to take our country back.

Frequently, we at the Tea Party Express have focused on the “big picture,” if you will:  raising money for political campaigns – to support the “good guys” or defeat the “bad guys,” TV and radio ad campaigns on key issues of the day, organizing mass rallies, spearheading petition campaigns and email/letter/phone call/fax campaigns to key Members of Congress, news conferences, press releases to the media, etc…

But there is much more that needs to be done. Thankfully there are some great patriots who are helping to organize a national effort to provide tea party supporters such as yourself a fantastic opportunity to really change the way politics work – and ensure that constitutional conservatives are involved in the decision-making process of the major political parties.

Wierzbicki is encouraging members of Tea Party Express to use the information and strategy of National Precinct Alliance to take over the structure of their local party.  Wierzbicki speaks of “major parties” only.

Kathleen Hennessey, writing for the Los Angeles Times, emphasizes that the Tea Party Movement is being absorbed by the GOP via the National Precinct strategy.

Philip Glass, however, National Director of the National Precint Alilance, argues otherwise.  He believes NPA’s strategy will lead to a grassroots selection of national candidates.  As quoted in the LA Times article, Glass puts it succinctly:  “The party is over for the old guard.”

Philip Glass says that more than 30,000 patriots have been mobilized by NPA to work at the grassroots level for political change, with individual citizens as leaders. Glass denied that his organization is about choosing leaders.  Of NPA and Tea Party Express, Glass issued this call to unity:

Both organizations are about the people and their desire to take their country back from elitists who stopped listening to the people years ago. — As a result, all groups focused upon that goal should work together towards that end. This alliance is the beginning of patriot groups coming together on common goals in common strategies.”

It should be noted that all states have precincts in the Republican Party.  According to Sharon Rondeau, Managing Editor of The Post & Email, some states such as Connecticut have such a structure that local leadership is always chosen from the top down.

Reservations, however, are rightly had regarding the Grand Old Party

However, citizens should be cautious, because the Republican Party was just as much behind the installation of Obama into power as the Democratic Party.  The GOP chose McCain, allowed him to run a failed campaign, and then not only refused to object to Obama’s ineligibility for office during the campaign — even as ardent supporters of Hillary Clinton began to do so — but joined with the Democrats during the January 8, 2009 Joint Session in welcoming and applauding his usurpation to power.  Such was the GOP delight at having Obama reign over them that Dick Cheney did not even allow for the possibility of objections to Obama’s eligibility during that session.

There is growing evidence that the GOP acted this way because the party at the top is controlled by Saudi Arabia. Leading Republicans have refused to recognize the constitutional requirements of having a natural born citizen as president.  Some such as Ron Paul have openly ridiculed the question, or worse, said that their fear of “being laughed out of Congress” keeps them from bringing it up.  With moral leadership like that, there is not much hope.

Furthermore, there is continued speculation that the $300,000,000+ which Obama’s campaign received from foreign sources came from Saudi Arabia.

What possible benefit does Saudi Arabia have in redirecting the Tea Party movement into the GOP? Simply this:  since National Precinct Alliance is specifically against forming leaders, once the Tea Party is part of the GOP, the top-down leadership and big money interests will choose candidates to continue whatever strategic alliances that party already has.  And if the Saudi connections are still calling the shots, the Tea Party would, by attempting to infiltrate the GOP, in fact be taken over by Saudi interests.

Any “takeover” of the GOP or Democratic Party seems very unlikely, unless it is led by organizations which take firm positions on political issues which would benefit American sovereignty and the exclusion of Islam and foreign interests from the halls of power and control of our banks and economy.  Is NPA about that?

GOP Leadership seeks to take over the Tea Party Movement?

These fears are seemingly confirmed by a report issued today by Jake Gibson of FOX News about Republican National Chairman Michael Steele:

“The Chairman believes it extremely important to listen to this significant grassroots movement and work to find common ground in order to elect officials that will protect these principles,” said Katie Wright, RNC spokeswoman.

This is part of a broader effort by national Republicans to communicate directly with Tea Party activists rather than risk having their handpicked candidates get run over by the movement.

One Tea party activist who has traveled hundreds of miles to attend today’s meeting tells Fox News, “Steele wants to try to co-opt us, but we’re coming to tell him he doesn’t get it. We want to return the Republican party to its roots. We’re expecting some fireworks.”

Tea Party activists have targeted multiple Republicans they don’t feel are conservative enough, such as Florida Governor Charlie Crist and Senator Bob Bennett of Utah.

RNC officials tell us the meeting is “private,” but it looks as if we’ll hear all about it this afternoon, as Tea Party activists are planning to speak to reporters as soon as they walk out the door.

It would be very interesting to find out who was admitted to this secret meeting, as it appears to be a high-level strategy session for the takeover of the Tea Party Movement. Newsmax is reporting that the meeting is not going over so well with some members of the movement.

The question of the day is whether the old rule of political manipulation is in play here: Never mention or meet with the real opposition, but only with those who will be pliable to adopt your own agenda.

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  1. Any movement away from the constitution is unsatisfactory, but we’ve now moved from it to such a degree that some wholesale changes need to be made in our gov’t. I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I simply know i’ll be voting differently in the future. No more votes for enablers.

    Many think, and I previously thought, that you had to go the “lesser of two evils” way. My current belief is all that accomplishes is getting to the evil destination more slowly. Since there are generally only two people on the ballot for many positions, I’ll need to find out more about “write-in” procedures. I certainly hope they’re available.

  2. The GOP is certainly not to be trusted, and Sarah Palin *might* be a rogue republican who is not a country club neo-con, but at this point she doesn’t seem to understand and/or advocate what the Tea Party movement at its core is truly about:

    1) respecting We the People (as opposed to the career politicians and elitist power brokers) as the true sovereigns of this nation by

    2) protecting our glorious Constitution by adhering to every single proscription against government abuse and excess and by adhering to every single prescription of our individual rights as Sovereign Citizens.

    This means enforcing the Ninth and Tenth Amendments as well as recognizing and eradicating the giant elephant in the room that is Obama’s ineligibility and usurpation. Among other things, this will mean undoing *all* his appointments, especially all to the Supreme Court.

    He and his Dem and Repub enablers have severely injured our Nation and Constitution. For that they should be punished to the full extent of the law, i.e., removal from office and imprisonment (or worse) as warranted if High Treason be duly adjudicated.

    The system must be changed to eliminate career politicians – at a minimum by enforcing strict term limits and perhaps also by employing a selection process akin to jury duty. Power attracts evil and will corrupt nearly anybody eventually. Good citizens must serve and get out before they have sufficient time to succumb.