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by John Charlton

In response to this appeal, we’ve raised $360, from 7 donors, as of Feb. 20th:
Thank you, one and all!

Some serve by going off to war, others by supporting the troops.

(Feb. 14, 2010) — It’s that time of the year when many of you will be receiving a tax refund.  Why not consider investing it in The Post & Email?

Sites like the Huffington Post were privately financed by slush funds from the Democratic Elite with as much as $25,000,000.  Other sites, like Redstate.com, which bans the Eligibility Question, can afford to retain attorneys as editors.

The Post & Email, Inc., however, is literally a shoe-string budget operation.  Donations and revenue combined, prior to incorporation, were less than $6,000; and of that, only about $600 went to reimburse our writers for their work.  We have in the past done so from the revenue of ad sales, at about $0.01 per word. Yes, a penny a word.

Even Mr. Farah of World Net Daily — I am told — pays about $0.10 per word, which is considered low in the industry.

I’d reimburse writers more than that, if I had the funding to do so. I myself do not get a salary.

I thought initially that Advertising sales would suffice.  But since the Eligibility Question still draws a lot of ire, many advertisers are afraid to advertise with us because they fear harassment.

However, fundraisers have been quite successful, since you the readers can give anonymously. We’ve raised nearly $5,000 that way.

So my suggestion is this:  If you make whatever donation you can, from your tax return, we can have the funds to pay our regular writers a sufficient amount to offset their time and work to write.  None of our writers has a regular paying job.  But neither are the reimbursements of $40 to $150 each has received in the past for all that they wrote in one month really anything more than token compensation. (In exchange for reimbursement, they concede to The Post & Email, Inc., copyright of their work, in perpetuity).

If readers donated more, we would have better researched and more timely reports; because then the writers could devote more time to their work and make space to do so.

It’s up to you.  WorldNetDaily has an annual revenue of $10,000,000. Free Republic raises more than $300,000 annually, and Freepers do most of the work, as they are reporting the news to themselves.

The Post & Email, which publishes more in-depth and focused reports on the Eligibility Issue, probably will have an annual budget of more like $20,000.  So you calculate who is more worthy and who is more needy.

I hope you choose to support The Post & Email.

If you wish to make a donation, click this link:


Please note that donations are not tax-deductible.

Report on results of Previous Fundraiser

We met the two goals set, $200 for a cache of documents about Obama’s British connections, and $600 for documents usable in legal actions to obtain Obama’s vital records.  Plus we received an addition $375, which will go to our investigative journalism fund, for future projects for which we will hire Private-eyes to dig up info on Barack Hussein Obama.

The British Documents have been paid for, and we should have them this week; I will be reporting about this once we do.

The Legal Documents have already been received in the name of our Legal Fund, which disbursed monies to offset the cost of acquisition for a citizen -researcher who obtained them for their own purposes.  In exchange for the grant from the Legal Fund, The Post & Email acquired the original copies, a CD-ROM containing the PDFs of each document, and an Exel Data Sheet index to the entire archive.  This archive contains 600+ pages of documentation detailing every UIPA request/response made to/by the Hawaii Department of Health regarding Obama’s birth certificates. from 2008-2010.

We will be studying these for consistency of response, and offering an indexed PDF library of them to lawyers interested having a copy for their legal records, or to use as evidence in the legal cases.  Attorney’s can contact me about this, via email, or through our Contact Form above, to inquire about the details.

Thanks, to all who helped, by their donations and work, in obtaining these two sets of documents!

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  1. I wish to make an anonymous donation. Please tell me how to do it.

    And God Bless you, Mr. Charlton, for a great website.


    Mr. Charlton replies: If you want to make a 100% anonymous donation, send a money order or cash to our CT address…see our About page