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by Harry Hunter


The Freedom Defense Initiative will launch on February 19, 2010 in Washington, DC

(Feb. 13, 2010)  —  When you do a search for “Atlas Shrugs,”  the website of Pamela Geller, the results page presents this message:  “You can avoid evil, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding evil.”  Pam Geller meets evil head-on, whether in the Obamination of our public schools or the Islamisation of Europe and America, and she gives no quarter to the enemy.

In an article posted Feb. 10 at Andrew Breitbart’s website, Geller accuses our own government of complicity in Nidal Hassan’s jihadist attack on unarmed soldiers at Ft. Hood last November.   First she provides some explanation:

Christianity does not teach its adherents jihad. The objective of Christianity or Judaism is not rooted in the murder of non-believers and the absolute mandate to murder, maim and destroy until the world lives under their religious law. That is Islam. That is its goal. Muslims know this. That is why you do not see blowback and protest and outrage from the Muslims against the horrible unrelenting Islamic attacks across the world.

According to Geller, senior level officials in the Army knew that Islamic jihad (holy war) was/is a threat to all Americans, especially military personnel, but those officials did nothing to hinder Hassan’s murderous mission for Allah.  Moreover, the Pentagon’s report last month on the Ft. Hood massacre was careful not to offend Muslim sensibilities.

There is nothing wacky or extreme or radical about Hassan’s devotion to Islam. What is wacky, extreme and suicidal is the Pentagon’s review of Hassan’s jihad without mentioning or addressing Islam and the objective of our mortal enemy – to establish Dar al Islam in Israel, Europe, and America. Nowhere does the Pentagon’s Ft. Hood report discuss jihad and the ideology that mandates and commands good Muslims to wage jihad against non-Muslims.

This is surrender. And it isn’t limited just to the Ft. Hood report. Did you know in the FBI’s Counter-Terrorism Manual, the word “jihad” is not to be found? Not once.

This is no accident. It is happening because for decades the Muslim Brotherhood (i.e., the Muslim American Society, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Islamic Society of North America, the Islamic Circle of North America, etc.), has infiltrated every agency and institution at the highest levels, and they control what is said and how it can be said.

In another article posted Feb. 11 at Atlas Shrugs, Pamela Geller sounds the bugle for a special organization, the Freedom Defense Initiative, to discuss the evils of covert jihad.  Founded by Geller and Robert Spencer, author and founder of “Jihad Watch,” the FDI will hold its kickoff in Washington, D.C., on Feb. 19 at the same time as, but completely separate from, the Conservative Political Action Committee annual meeting.  Geller barely conceals her contempt for CPAC’s avoidance of Islamic evil when she says, “There is actually a [CPAC] panel called ‘You’ve Been Lied To: Why Real Conservatives are Against the War On Terror,’ and that’s it.”

In contrast to CPAC’s studied conflict-avoidance, the Freedom Defense Initiative will present an impressive roster of anti-Islamisation speakers.  In addition to Geller herself, the principal speakers are:

• Steve Coughlin, former Pentagon Islam specialist who was fired “after pressure from Islamic infiltrators” and

• Wafa Sultan, author of the book, A God Who Hates and star of a televised debate with an Islamic cleric.

Other speakers include:

• Anders Gravers, Danish leader of “Stop the Islamisation of Europe”

• Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, who is “facing ‘hate speech’ charges in Austria for telling the truth about Islam”

• Simon Deng, “ex-slave, leading human rights activist against jihad in Sudan,” and

• Lt. Col. Allen West, “war hero, Congressional candidate, Florida’s 22nd district, future national leader.”

The Atlas Shrugs website will be highlighting each of these speakers in the coming days.  Geller notes that “Stop the Islamisation of Europe” (SIOE) has an interesting motto:  “Racism is the lowest form of stupidity! Islamophobia is the height of common sense!”  She also gives some background on SIOE:

SIOE exists to legally combat the overt and covert expansion of Islam in Europe and states that Islam and democracy are incompatible due to teachings within the Koran itself and some of the hadiths which comprise Sharia law. . . . Western values are under the most severe threat from Islamisation, but particularly Europe, at the present time.

The formation of the European Union was done covertly with the European people being kept in the dark about its aims and development.  Democracy has been systematically eroded, the latest example being the Lisbon Treaty.

However, the plan goes much further with the ultimate goal being a Eurabian superstate incorporating Muslim countries of North Africa and the Middle East and the European Union.  This was already initiated with the signing of the Barcelona Treaty in 1995 by the EU and 9 North African States and Israel and which became effective 1st. January 2010. It is also known as the Euro-Mediterranean co-operation.

In return for some European control of oil resources, Muslim countries will have unfettered access to technology and movement of people into Europe.

The price Europeans will have to pay is the introduction of Sharia law and removal of democracy.

All of this reflects the unpleasant fact that Islam is by its own teachings an aggressive, warlike ideology that teaches its faithful followers to be hostile toward non-Muslim ways, laws, and people.  The aim is to prepare the world for the return of the Hidden Imam by creating a global caliphate, and millions of Muslims take that aim seriously.   The Islamisation of Europe is just one mighty step on the Muslim path to glory.  And next will come the United States?

[Please note:  White we have linked to AtlasShrugs.com in our article, we caution our readers that the site has nudity.  As The Post & Email is a child-friendly site, which as a policy permits no such images, we issue this disclaimer, as the link to AtlasShrugs.com is necessary for this report.]

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  1. 1600 mosques…..AKAObama says IsssLOMB and MOOSlums in perfect enunciation…..Hmmm…..Hmmmm…….Hmmmmm.

    Says he will stand with them when push comes…….do you think the rest
    will stand for freedom, liberty, democracy?…..or their religion……