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by Sharon Rondeau

Obama and Raila Odinga in Kenya in 2006

(Feb. 10, 2010) — On January 1, 2008, CNN ran a story which began, “Gangs of young men armed with machetes are roaming the streets in Kenya as post-election violence threatens to engulf the country. Horrific attacks are being reported, including the torching of a church where people who had sought refuge were burned alive.” The Mail & Guardian reported that at least 300 people were killed and 70,000 displaced from that one incident alone.

The article went on to report that the violence erupted over the December 27, 2007 election results between the incumbent president, Mwai Kibaki, and rival Raila Odinga, with Kibaki being declared the winner by a slim margin. What the story did not report was that Odinga had claimed to be the cousin of Barack Obama, who was running for the U.S. presidency.

Also not reported was that Obama had campaigned for Odinga in a visit to Kenya in 2006. Having traveled to several African countries on a “fact-finding mission,” according to the Canada Free Press, “Obama consistently appeared at the side of fellow Luo Raila Odinga (“your agent for change’), who was running for President” at that time. In fact, Obama was so outspoken against the Kibaki administration that he became considered an unwelcome meddler in Kenyan political affairs. His visit there ended with a public rebuke in which a government spokesman stated, “It is now clear that he was speaking out of ignorance and does not understand Kenyan politics; we earlier thought he was mature in his assessment of Kenyan and African politics.”

After the election, the torching and burning of civilians inside Christian churches escalated to some 1500 deaths and over 500,000 Kenyans displaced. Moreover, reports surfaced shortly after the violence broke out that it was planned in advance. The acting Africa director of Human Rights Watch (HRW) went on the record as saying, “We have evidence that (opposition) ODM politicians and local leaders actively fomented some post-election violence.”

Odinga was the ODM, or Orange Democratic Movement, candidate for President. Educated in communist East Germany, his history includes subsidized Saudi Arabian oil deals when he was Energy Minister as well as ties to Muammar Qaddafi’s regime, which gave him political support. As part of his campaign platform, Odinga opposed the arrest of those suspected of being Al Qaeda sympathizers. His position struck a chord with Kenyan Islamics who opposed the policies of the U.S. and Israel.  According to The Christian Post, Odinga had promised to institute Sharia law in “total disregard of the Constitutionally guaranteed rights of freedom of worship and equal protection of the law for all Kenyans.”

While Obama has reportedly denied that he and Odinga are cousins, Obama lent strong support to Odinga during his campaign against Kibaki. According to WorldNetDaily, Obama had “designated a personal aide as his direct contact for the 2007 Kenyan presidential campaign of Raila Odinga, who later was appointed prime minister after his election loss was followed by widespread, deadly violence…” Reportedly, emails between Obama and Odinga were obtained by WorldNetDaily’s Jerome Corsi “by an insider in Kenya who fled Odinga’s Orange Democratic political party and requested anonymity because of the danger of retaliation.”

Currently, as Prime Minister of Kenya, Odinga is being pressured to fight corruption within his own office by firing those individuals “who have been implicated in a multi-billion shilling maize scandal.”

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  1. thank you for a comprehensive article. you have filled in information necessary and would like to see this article spread around more. many have no idea.

  2. Where is the Republican Party? They should be calling for hearings if they want to remain a viable party. This is a prime opportunity for McCain to prove to the voters of AZ that he is a man of conviction and he will protect the American citizens. Let’s not forget that when we remove Obama and Biden, McCain has the right to become president because of a fraudulent election.

    1. I am not so sure of that. I think the way it will work is that when Obama is removed for being a usurper, Biden (if not complicit) becomes President, but only temporarily until a special election is held.

  3. There is so much terrible news about Obama’s past and present that is
    coming out everyday in volumes. I pray that somehow there will be
    some outstanding victories here and soon in revealing to the masses
    just how bad he really is. Our survival depends upon it, because no
    matter how much his life has been mixed up, this is one very dangerous
    man who is out to destroy America.



    Under the Logan Act it is illegal for a Senator (Obama) to campaign for or raise money for foreign politicians.

    1. Odinga was a KNOWN enemy of the United States at the time. Kibaki,our ally. Obama knew this. Odinga was assolciated with the radical islamist group that BOMBED two US embassies,one in Tanzania and one in Nairobi. Because Obama was a US Senator at the time he actively campaigned for Odinga,against Kibacki,Obama “owed allegiance to the United States”. As a result of campaigning for Odinga,Odinga was made Prime Minister of Kenya,institued Sharia law and promoted Islamic radicalism. Obama gave “aid and comfort to our enemies”.Obama is “Guilty of treason” against the USA.

      See 18USC,Part 1,Chapter 115,Sec.2381 and Clinton V. Jones,520 US681(1997)

      “WHOEVER,owing allegiance to the United States…adheres to their enemies,giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere is guilty of treason and shall suffer death…shall be incapable of holding any office under the US”

      Clinton v.Jones…
      “A sitting President is NOT immune from prosecution for acts committed before taking office”

      How did a traitor,fraud and usurper get elected POTUS?

  5. Yes, here in Illinois we knew about this. He was using Illinois taxpayer’s funds to travel to Kenya to support his “cousin” who murdered innocent Christians so he could take power. However, the MSM which was already covering up for Obama, refused to report this as it should have, along with so many other cover-ups for Obama along the way, including his ties to Rev. Wright, Tony Rezko, Bill Ayers, the list is staggering.

  6. So obama claims he isn’t that guy’s cousin. Then he apparently was just there to give moral support to the guy’s agenda. Ignoring the kenyan constitution and implementing sharia law. You know, the laws where they cut people’s hands off if caught stealing, things like that. And how can we forget the death penalty for muslims who renounce their religion and become Christians.

    They have to make up scandals on Palin and they won’t even report real ones by this guy.

    1. Right yo, to them 5 words on her palm are bigger than Obama helping to incite genocide. Odinga has ties to al Bakari and Khadafi. No coincidence that Farrakhan and Wright both met with Khadafi in Tripoli. Kibaki had complained that Obama was “Odinga’s stooge”, Odinga/Kibaki have a shared presidency now as a negotiated deal to stop the genocidal violence. Obama was a sitting US Senator, he violated the Logan Act. The media could care less that he’s involved with this terrorism, especially Khadafi who’s behind all the proxy wars in North Africa including Darfur, to whom Obama just gave $2.5 Million of OUR dollars! GRRR