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by John Charlton

This fundraiser met its goal on Feb. 17th.

(Feb. 6, 2010) — The Post & Email is seeking your help to assist us to acquire hundreds of pages of documentation which can be used to expose Obama’s British connections and to force the release of his vital records.

We need your assistance because two private investigators are in possession of the documents and we need to pay out $200 and another $600 for the costs of investigation, copying and shipment to us.

The first investigator will provide us information which we can report in toto, so within days of reception you will be able to see the documents yourself in PDF format.

The second investigator is providing hundreds of pages of information which will serve as a document repository for lawyers wishing to sue Obama to obtain release of his vital records.  It will take several weeks to scan these in electronically, but most will never be published because their usefulness in court would be moot if that were to happen.  The treasure trove will, however, enable The Post & Email to publish a series of stories that no other news agency would be capable of.  This latter collection will be acquired by The Post & Email Legal Fund, to which you can make a tax-deductible donation.

All this comes at a price, and there is the rub.

The Legal Fund has already made a commitment to acquire the larger collection of documents and the $500 is required to cover the remaining expenses, the total of which is nearly $1000.

You can make a donation for either purpose by using our online forms, either for Donations or The Legal Fund, regarding the specific document acquisition with which you wish to assist us.



You can also send a donation by check, payable either to The Post & Email, or The Post & Email Legal Fund, to:

POB 302
Stafford Springs, CT 06076

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  1. John,

    This is exciting, but do we know 100 percent that it’s for real? We’ve seen a lot of scamers in the last few months. However, I did read several months back, and I think it was on WND, that some British guy was investigating BO. Might be one of the same people.

    As soon as I get some money, I’ll send you something. Just want to make sure.


    Mr. Charlton replies: I only work with PI’s with impeccable credentials.

    1. As regard the British documents, they did not turn out to have anything to do with Obama: I am presently requesting and waiting for a full refund from the private eye. We will use the $575 in our investigation fund, for another investigation.

      1. I am happy to say that the PI, refunded The Post & Email, in full; kind gentleman that he is. I’ve learned a lesson from this. As a researcher in the field of academics, my idea of information is much more precise that a pi has; a pi often speaks very positively about what is found; but what is found is not always of any use at all, let alone pertinent to an investigation. If you ask a pi to do an investigation, make sure the agreement includes the specification that the information is legally connected to the individual you are investigating, and not just others using his name for their own purposes. While in my line of work this is obviously a condition for ethical endeavors, not all PIs think this way; to them the acquisition of any information is what they are paid for, and the accuracy or pertinence of it to your investigation is secondary. I guess this is a professional hazard when dealign with PIs. So a word to the wise.

        If anyone wants to suggest an investigation, please use the contact form above, so you can do so in secrecy, as there is no point telling the whole world what you are going to loook for.

  2. Sending a check snail mail today and also wishing it could be more. We are in same situation as Vic…..2 of our 3 children out of work so helping to support them, their spouses, and 5 of our 7 grandchildren. So much for relaxation in our retirement, but thanking God that we are able to help so far. John, I didn’t know which fund to donate to, so you can use it where needed most. Thanks for what you do!


    Mr. Charlton replies: Thanks, Thistle, you are a credit to the nation. We’ll apply it to the Legal Fund, since that goal has not yet been reached, and in 2 weeks there will additional expenses for that document acquisition too.

  3. I’m in for $100.00.
    I’m turning 70 and supporting daughter, son-in-law and 5 granddaughters.
    No retirement in sight