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by Sharon Rondeau

U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner

(Jan. 28, 2010) — The U.S. Treasury Department is openly providing protection to terrorists by removing thousands of names from an international watch list used to prevent European Union funding from reaching terrorist organizations, according to a report dated January 24, 2010 in Israel National News.

According to Avi Tarango, journalist for INN, thousands of names have been removed from the 443-page list of terrorists which is distributed to banks around the world to prevent funding from reaching terrorists or terrorist organizations.  According to Tarango, only the names of groups or subgroups of terrorists remain, while the specific names of individuals are no longer there.

The only name remaining on the list is Musa Abu Marzouk, who, though having received a PhD from the United States, labels himself a top leader of Hamas and has been designated a terrorist since 1995 by the U.S. government.  According to The Investigative Project, “while living in Jordan, Marzook is suspected of having played a significant role in planning and coordinating numerous terrorist attacks within Israel.”  Marzouk was expelled from Jordan in 1995.  In 2004, The Bush administration claimed that he funneled significant funds to the Holy Land Foundation and  indicted him for racketeering.

According to Maggie’s Notebook, on July 22, 2007, the “Pastor’s Page” at Trinity United Church, Obama’s former church, published a manifesto written by Marzouk on its website.   Maggie contends, “The self-stated goal of Hamas (represented in Obama’s church by Marzook’s manifesto) is to rid the world of Israel, believing that Israel has no right to a home in the Holy Land.”

While Obama has denied knowing about Reverend Wright’s extreme views on Israel, the United States, and other matters, a report from CBS News dated March 20, 2007, stated, “Wright said he warned the senator that their association could pose political problems, partly because of his history of supporting Palestinian causes.”

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