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by John Charlton

Popular art abounds, about Obama, on the net: it's just not the image he was working for.

(Jan. 28, 2010) — When historians look back at the “Obama years,” I think they will be hard-pressed on the one hand to explain the fanatical zealotry of his followers who did everything they could to cover for the lies, faults and failings of their false Messiah, and on the other hand, why it took America so long to expel the foreign body from its body politic.

If you consider the grand panorama of what has befallen America in the last three years, you have to admit that Obama is without a doubt the biggest shyster in the history of the world:  an absolute nobody who succeeded in playing on the psychological needs of a far-left rabble to seize power over the most powerful nation in the history of the world — and that, without either being eligible for the office or showing his birth certificate!

But as much as his mentally deranged, and very often perversely illogical, sycophant rabble-supports run hither and thither to shore up his public image, the truth is that Obama admits his guilt in, oh, so many ways.

Take, for example, the most obvious fact:  Obama won’t go on record, affirming that he is a natural born citizen of the United States of America.

The only time, as far as anyone knows, that it appeared that he affirmed that he was, was on the forms for his candidacy in the State of Arizona, yet even there his campaign was quick to point out, when questioned, that a surrogate signed the statement, and not Obama.

If he was, in good conscience what his supports loudly claim him to be, he’d have no trouble admitting he was a natural born citizen.

Yet in his debate with Alan Keyes he admitted he wasn’t. He’s even admitted he was born in Kenya.  Read the first-hand witnesses’ testimonies.

Obama is, in this aspect, very much an anti-Christic personality. Because whereas Our Most High Lord Jesus Christ did not hide the fact that He claimed to be God and the Son of the One whom His fellow Jews called “God”  — even though many of his followers were unsure of this — so Obama, who won’t claim he is a natural born citizen, is followed about psychologically by a coterie of Marxists, socialists, hippies and terrorist-wannabees who go absolutely berserk in public or private if you question Obama’s natural born citizenship status.

Obama’s followers are thus more dogmatic when it comes to their beliefs in him than even many so-called “Christians” today are in regard to their belief in Jesus Christ.

That’s just not normal.  It’s not even healthy, politically or psychologically.

You can get a pulse on what the Net thinks about Obama by Googling “Obama is not a natural born citizen.” You will find 3.96 million mentions in the Google database.  I’d have to say that that is not indicative of a successful propaganda campaign, to say the least.

But Obama admits his guilt in other ways.  He won’t even show his original vital record or birth certificate.  Not to his critics, not to his opponents, not to the Supreme Court Justices, not to Congress.  It seems that he won’t even show it to his campaign, because the Daily KOS and Factcheck.org had to put out forgeries to respond to demands to see it.

That is not just strange, that is weird.  A person who acts that way is obviously suffering from an extreme psychological problem of hyper-insecurity. A fact proven by his 132 references to himself in his State of the Union speech.

Obama admits he was not born in Hawaii, too, because he claims it every day, but will not show any proof of it.  Why is that?  Why go to the lengths of hiding your birth certificate for three years, in the meantime cajoling the entire nation through your campaign, your political operatives in the media, and through Dr. Fukino in Hawaii to claim you are born in Hawaii:  why not just show your $15 birth certificate?

What the media won’t mention is that Fukino also said he had “original vital records,” an apparent admission that someone amended his place of birth (cf. Analysis section of “His Name is Steve Dunham”).

The most that independent researchers have uncovered is that there was the birth announcement for someone born on Aug. 4, 1961 in two Hawaii papers.  But who that was, we have no way of knowing, because the papers do not report the name of the child; they don’t even identify the place of birth.

If you Google “Obama is guilty” you will find 692,000 hits in Google’s database: that has just surpassed “Bush is guilty” by 30,000 — so much for that “Change we can believe in!” slogan.

Moreover, Obama’s proficiency at mendacity has, consequently, become almost proverbial.  One day parents will scold their children saying, “Now don’t you be another Obama!” when catching them in a lie.  One day it will be said in the halls of Congress, “The last thing we need is another Kenyan in the White House!” to signify the disdain for a politician who is without character and integrity.

If you don’t believe that, just Google it:  “Obama lies” has 347,000 mentions in its database; that surpasses even Lucifer himself, who with “Satan lies” gets only 197,000, and “the Devil lies,” 148,000!

That’s a stunning accomplishment, considering Old Sparky’s been around since the dawn of creation.

Well, I’ll give the guy this much credit:  at least Obama has managed to become the object of envy in Hell, so he can be sure of having a bright and fiery future when Sparky takes it out on him for it!

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  1. Excellent article.
    As we choose our next candidate for the next President of the United States please choose the next President that you ARE SURE he or she will bring charges against this fraud, liar, manipulator and crook, and all the criminals who aided and abetted the worst robbery, act of treason against The United States of America and against the American people in history. I’m sure some will run like he– but we cannot let them get away with what they have done to everyone in this country. I hope I live long enough to see this happen.

  2. I think I need to clarify that I wasn’t laughing at the article, which is excellent. I was laughing at some of the ways you stated things like what mom’s in future might say when catching their children in a lie, and what Congress may say in the halls years from now, as well as “Old Sparky” comments. All of those got me tickled, but the article itself is great. I read it to my husband tonight, and he liked it as well. :-)

    lol on the German comment and wish my 2nd son was here to translate. He took the language for 2 years in high school, but is married and hasn’t lived at home for years. Do I see the words, “Not American” ?

  3. “The only time, as far as anyone knows, that it appeared that he affirmed that he was, was on the forms for his candidacy in the State of Arizona, yet even there his campaign was quick to point out, when questioned, that a surrogate signed the statement, and not Obama.”

    I missed this about Obama not signing the Az form. Do you mean the az presidential preference candidate nomination paper? John, do you remember or can you direct me to where this information that a ‘surrogate signed the statement’, ‘not Obama’ can be found?

    Thank you for providing us with such great information on your web site!


    Mr. Charlton replies: Ask Phil over at The Right Site of Life, as I believe I read about it there during the summer.

  4. If you look carefully at the signature on the AZ document mentioned I believe most people would agree it is that of none other than our hero, the Putative President.

    That “passing strange” as we say in TX since he has never shown himself to be legally eligible to hold the office he now occupies.

    But what’s one more “little lie”, eh??

    There are far more than that as shown in these two short videos; especially in the quotation in the second one by the Roman Senator Cicero in 42 BC. They start slowly but have huge amounts of information along with a bit of fun:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsX5DzZHkIU Three Little Words

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNGG8tIJNMY Merry Christmas OmeriKa!!

  5. Ich bin damit einverstanden. Obama ist ein Verlierer! Er ehrt nicht die amerikanische Verfassung.
    Alles Gute.


    Mr. Charlton replies: Durus, please, a translation for us who are not German!

    1. “Ich bin damit einverstanden. Obama ist ein Verlierer! Er ehrt nicht die amerikanische Verfassung.
      Alles Gute.”

      I agree. Obama is a loser! He does not honor the U.S. Constitution.
      Good luck.

  6. Thank you John Charlton for helping to wake up America to the fact THAT OBAMA, the USURPER, is out to RUIN AMERICA – if we let him. Sure the horse is out of the barn, does that mean we should just sit back and let him tear up the garden, our should we be reining him in before total devastation is done ???

    I curse the people who were willing to let this happen, and who were actually complicit in electing this destructive foreign implant into our midst, by exempting obama from producing his birth, education, health and all basic records. By abrogating their responsibility to protect and to defend the Constitution in this way, it makes all such participants complicit to the point that when obama is arrested for treason, then his co-conspirators should likewise be charged.

    Now I praise and support all the many Patriots who are stepping forward in growing numbers as the true voice of the people of America. Many had insight into this disaster years in advance, and are now doing what they can to correct this mess, Pastor David Manning, Commander Fitzpatrick, Major Stefan Frederick Cook, U.S. Rep., Nathan Deal, J.D. Hayworth (R-AZ), Dr. Orly Taitz, just to name a few. Should also mention some valiant reporters such as John Charlton, J.B. Williams, Doug Cook, Rush Limbaugh, and even Sean Hannity, although the latter still seems compelled to give democrat idiots like bob beckel, juan williams, etc., way too much air time, even after shaking himself loose from colmes.

    Anyway where do we go from here ??? Do we say oh well – it will just automatically all sort itself out?, Venezuela didn’t, Cuba, Russia, Iran, didn’t, so what now?. Well here is something real that we can do… even though we don’t really have time to wait until the next election, and even though we may see results from the Patriots mentioned above, every Citizen should VERY PEACEFULLY campaign in mass at every hangout of their liberal, traitor representatives in the House and Senate. Meet them at their homes, their offices, town hall meetings, congress, senate, white house itself, and also at the offices of the totally worthless news media outlets, most of which are traitors too.

    NOW HERE’S THE KEY FOLKS … we all must make our political representatives know very, very clearly that the good old boy, bump on the log, do nothing, fossilized, liberal progressive, obama co-conspirator politician will soon be a thing of the past. TELL THEM THAT!. LET THEM know that unless they stand up and protect and defend the Constitution as they had originally sworn to do – they will be toast. Meanwhile let the new guard of Patriots coming up through the ranks have your full support and trust. Politicians like Nathan Deal, J.D. Hayworth, they are NEW GUARD who will serve the people with honor and integrity, and who will keep the Nation together, as our blessed Founding Fathers under God Almighty’s direction intended it to be. IT’S NOW THE PEOPLES MOVE – LET’S ROLL ! EVERY DAY$’ DELAY WILL CO$T US TWO EXTRA DAY$ TO REPAIR $$$.

    1. Thanks for sharing the action plan. One year later cases against Obama before the courts are dwindling, main stream media continues to attack the birther movement, and tea party is luke warm to embrace the Obama eligibility issue so the grass roots level is vital to bring the right change. My other hope is that a national leader will surface who will get in the face of Obama and challenge his eligibility. So far other than a J.D. Hayworth Republicans have been timid because they knowingly allowed Obama to to become the first president to take office not a naural born citizen.