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by John Charlton

Dr. Orly Taitz, being interviewed outside of the Santa Ana Federal Court building.

(Jan. 25, 2010) —  Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq., arguably the most famous personality of the popular movement seeking to remove Obama from office on the grounds that he is ineligible constitutionally, has announced her interest in preparing to campaign for political office.

Lead counsel in the case Barnett et al. vs. Obama et al., Taitz entered the public forum last year with her representation of Ambassador Alan Keyes, Gail Lightfoot and others on the California ballot, who sued  Deborah Bowen, the California Secretary of State, regarding the admission of Obama to the ballot.

Taitz gained national fame for her defense of Major Stefan F. Cook in the Federal Court of Columbus, GA, when the latter sought an injunction to prevent his deployment to Iraq pending the discovery of documents which would determine Obama’s citizenship status.

Known as feisty, determined, and a patriotic fighter, Dr. Taitz’s entry into politics is expected to draw wide support on account of her crisp and clear reputation for loyalty to the U.S. Constitution and interest in upholding the public trust for the sake of guarding the rights of citizens from all walks of life.

Taitz’s personal story, as an immigrant of Jewish ancestry from the former Soviet Republic of Moldavia, gives her a rich background to connect politically with Americans of all backgrounds who value liberty and the values which have made the United States of America what She is.

You can read Dr. Taitz’s announcement regarding her interest in running for office at her website. Taitz is seeking to raise the very modest sum of $3,000 to set up a campaign; a campaign manager, and feedback from supporters as to success of the proposal.

It seems that if Orly Taitz ran for California Secretary of State, she would garner the greatest financial support, since it is obvious that if she won that office, Obama would never be elected president again.  Her campaign for such an office, therefore, would garner the support all those wishing to rid the country of Obama.

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  1. Hate to say this, but for Orly, she is crazy to do this. She has set herself up to an ambush by the L-A global media which will use that psyops term birther against her and those who want the truth about Obama!

    1. Hi Bob,
      I take your point, however Orly has been through much worse, ie: death threats, someone tampered with her car and her husband’s car, she has endured all kinds of abuse which is, imho, unspeakable. She is a tough lady with a heart of gold bigger than Russia which is 1/6th the land mass of the globe, and I can guarantee that the media rants are the least of her problems. Orly will never quit. I know that about her. Besides getting rid of Kenya Boy, she will clean up the mess in CA and the government. Woe to Holder, Land, Carter, and the rest!!!!!

  2. You go, girl! Dr. Taitz is an extraordinary human being. Any job she obtains will be done with uncommon devotion and excellence. Few people are as persistent, as tenacious, as determined as she is. She would make the best Attorney-general or SOS that California has ever seen.