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Editorial by Doug Cook

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, where liberty & gerrymandering began

(Jan. 21, 2010) — I was raised in New Ipswich, NH, just over the border from Ashby, MA.  I’ve been  investigating vote-rigging in the Massachusetts special election, and this is what I think happened:  it was in place long before the 19th, mostly in precincts where the conspirators expected the largest turnouts, places where phony tallies can be smuggled in and hidden and you can add only so many before it shows up. Those turnouts occurred, but what they failed to account for was twofold:  the number of Democrats who jumped ship, and, more important, how many small towns beyond Rt. 495 and into the Berkshires had tremendous turnout for Brown. I’m talking about places such as North Athol, Townsend and Russell, where everyone knows everyone. You can’t sneak in more than a few votes.  For decades, these towns have contributed few votes to the statewide totals. But not anymore.

In these small towns resides the decades-long disenfranchised electorate that saw in Brown someone who believed in them, and in turn they believed in him. They could smell it; Brown passed the small-town America smell test with flying colors. No vote-rigging could cover this spread. It’s not that people in this country have been complacent for decades; they understood during that time that there were few choices other than the political machine. Their radar has always been up, but now there is a new paradigm that cannot be corrupted by the elite and ready for the taking.  Decades of being treated like so much political chattel is coming back to bite those who have been the enablers of gross misconduct and gerrymander.  After all, gerrymander originated in Massachusetts.

The SEIU, ACORN, Coakley, and the Obamas, et al have no comprehension of those of us who live  in what they see as a wasteland of Bibles, guns and unwashed knuckle-draggers. We have been ignored for so long that we plainly do not exist in the collective Alinsky mind.

We are the Mongol horde, and we just crossed the Rubicon on DC frontier lands. DC is naked just as Rome was. These supposed representatives are now just as naked as the prince dictator.  The exodus has begun.  Like cockroaches when the light comes on, they will be scurrying like mad, genuflecting before the unwashed masses because the true depth of their transgressions is irrefutable, no longer covered by the fig leaf of “business as usual.”  Like a Mao Tse-Tung Christmas tree ornament, things have gone beyond the pale. There are no redeeming values left to bargain with, the jig is up and they are all toast.

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  1. There are a lot of us small town “unwashed knuckle-draggers” out there that believe in the U.S Constitution! I come from a long line of them! One of my relatives through my grandmother Ella Henrietta Matilda Caroline Penn got fed up and joined up with a group back in 1776 and signed a document to that effect. He was John Penn from North Carolina and the document was the Declaration of Independence.

    I spent six years of my youth in the U.S. Navy defending the rights of these Obama voters to vote stupid, and they certainly took full advantage of it in 2008?!?!? Fortunately, it also allowed the Brown voters to vote for freedom and the American way of life in January 2010. Hopefully intelligence and common sense will again prevail in the November 2010 elections!

    God bless America, because we certainly need it!

  2. “It’s not that people in this country have been complacent for decades; they understood during that time that there were few choices other than the political machine. Their radar has always been up, but now there is a new paradigm that cannot be corrupted by the elite and ready for the taking.”

    Brilliantly said, Mr. Cook! The ‘machine’ effectively enslaved enough Americans, and in the MA election, the citizens saw a crack in the gate of freedom and rushed through it for all of us.

    The icing on the cake is that the machine did it to themselves by changing the rules to suit themselves in the first place. Had the governor not appointed a temp. senator which effectively delayed a special election, Scott Brown and the voters would never have pulled off such a stunning win.

    Our mission is clear. FIRE CONGRESS!!

  3. Mr. Cook, This election has inspired me to watch everything these elisist do!!! So much so that I have gone out and joined the Republican party . I live and work in the Berkshires and am sick and tired of having NO CHOICE other than the DEMS and they have proven to be corrupt and unresponsive.
    I have called Senator Kerry’s office several times about Health Care and Cap and Trade and was basically told WE DON”T CARE HOW YOU FEEL !! Senator Kerry will vote for what he thinks is best !!! Well Senator Kerry you are in my sites and you think that this all will pass WRONG!!!
    I will do whatever it takes to defeat this man in his next election money,( whatever I have left after they pick my pockets clean) time etc. This man needs to go!!!!!!

    1. Now that is what I call the “Spirit of 76”, you know, like what was stamped on Mass state vehicle tags! Like what the elites tried to remove from NH tags in the dark of midnight; “Live Free or Die”
      Your my Hero man.
      You go for it brother, don’t for one second doubt your part in Liberty. Your Liberty. It is as profound as the principles of constitution, because you and I are the Constitution, we are the living in “living document” I’m with you all the way, we are a revolution of 2. You know what is also so profound?
      You believe.