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News Analysis by Harry Hunter

(Jan. 22, 2010) —  In a January 22 report from Little Rock, Arkansas, the Associated Press says the man on trial for murdering U.S. Army Pvt. William Long at a recruiting center last June has now asked the judge to let him plead guilty to murder and attempted murder.   He now claims he is “a soldier in Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and called the shooting ‘a Jihadi Attack.’”  Surprise, surprise.

The New York Times first reported the alleged shooter’s letter to the judge at its website on January 21 and today posted a follow-up report saying that the Little Rock prosecutor was cool to the plea shift because it would require waiving the death penalty.

The suspect was born Carlos Bledsoe, whose father owns a tour-bus company based in Memphis, with a branch in Little Rock.  Apparently young Bledsoe was trained in the ways of jihad in Yemen, and his Muslim name became Abdulhakim Muhammad.  According to the New York Times, Muhammad said in his letter, “I wasn’t insane or post-traumatic, nor was I forced to do this act.”   Apparently this soldier of Allah does not want to be denied the promised rewards for killing an infidel.   No, he wants full credit for his cowardly assault on non-combatants, although he may also want to plea himself out of the death sentence prosecutors seek.  The Christmas bombing attempt in Detroit also had Yemeni roots.

According to the AP story, “Muhammad has called the shootings justified retaliation for U.S. military action in the Middle East.”  Since I have previously written that the United States has been in a religious war since September 11, 2001, I take all this as corroboration of my view.  Even Muslim-born, Muslim-educated Barack Hussein Obama, who preferred to refer to our ongoing conflict as a human-caused disaster or some such thing, now admits that the United States is at war with Al Qaeda.

That being so, why on earth would the Obama administration now be inviting Tariq Ramadan, grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), into the United States, as reported January 20 in The Weekly Standard?  According to Thomas Joscelyn’s article in the Standard, “the Obama administration has decided to lift Tariq Ramadan’s ban from the United States.  Who is Tariq Ramadan? . . . By word and deed, he is today a leading member of the European branch of the MB.”

Pvt. William Long, 23, murdered on American soil by an Islamic jihadist, June 1, 2009.

So what is the Muslim Brotherhood?   Mr. Joscelyn’s article explains that, for starters, “The MB is the mother organization for some of the terrorist groups that became part of Al Qaeda’s core, including Ayman al Zawahiri’s Egyptian Islamic Jihad. Osama bin Laden himself was first wooed to the dark side by Muslim Brothers teaching in Saudi Arabia.”

Joscelyn further explains how the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda aim for the same end result—Allah’s rule—and how Tariq Ramadan’s “numerous lies [to the West] have been exposed.”  For example, Ramadan likes to purr into Western ears that jihad is “entirely peaceful,” that Al Qaeda attacks on the West are merely “interventions,” and that only Muslims can understand the Koran.

So why is someone at the heart of our enemy’s infrastructure now welcome in our country?  The answer might lie in the natural sympathy Barack Obama feels for Muslims and in his willful ignorance of the religious nature of the war we are in.

This all connects to Obama’s ineligibility for the office he holds, which is  explained more  fully here.   Obama has never held undivided allegiance to the United States.  He was born to a Kenyan father who was a British citizen.  His father’s family and his stepfather’s family are virtually all foreigners and Muslims.  America deserves to be led by an all-American President and Commander-in-Chief, as the Constitution requires.  More and more Americans are demanding just that.

Finally, you can watch a news report about the terrorist attack, through this YouTube video:

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