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by John Charlton

The new U.S. Senator from Massachusetts: Scott Brown, of Wrentham, MA.

(Jan. 19, 2010) — The American public has tasted Obama’s Marxist-Lite and is rejecting it with decisive force.  The special election in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is just one case in point, but a stunning case it is.  Scott Brown leads Martha Coakley by 5% in exit polls in the first hours of the day.

UPDATE — 9:25 pm: MSNBC reports that the Associated Press has declared a Brown victory.  Martha Coakley quickly concedes election to Brown!

WHDH Channel 7 has posted the early result, with 1494 of 2168 precints reporting:

Scott Brown (R) 715,962 53%
Martha Coakley (D) 630,859 46%
Joseph Kennedy (I) 13,693 1%

That’s an amazing result, in a state where Ted Kennedy would win with a 65% to 30% showing over a Republican candidate in a “normal” year.


UPDATE — 8:30 PM: WBZ tv Boston is reporting that 66% of voters polled, want the new Senator sworn in immediately. Since this controversy does not exist if Coakley wins, the results of this poll are indicative of a massive Brown Victory. CBS News is reporting Brown 50%, Coakley 46%. Voter turn out in suburbs is massive; not rare to see no one carrying signs for Coakley. In one polling station in a Boston suburb, all the names on the voter registration lists, which were visible, were crossed out, indicating that there is a very, high voter turn out for this election.  Early election results from the Boston Globe are unreachable to do the high volume of traffic pouring into their website:


And this on the vigil of the first anniversary of Obama’s ascension to power.

Indeed, Massachusetts residents are generally more gleeful than they have ever been at the thought that for the first time in 50 years, they have the chance to participate in a free election, to choose their own U.S. Senator and free themselves from the dominance and manipulation of the Kennedy family.

The candidate favored to win, Scott Brown of Wrentham, is a locally, well-known conservative who has been lambasted in the liberal media and political halls of the Bay State.  He was expected to have a hard time winning against the politically-entrenched Attorney General Martha Coakley.

But Coakley turned out to be the wrong candidate in the wrong year.  Renowned for her acidic character and outrageous liberalism, she was already a weak candidate in respect to women voters of moderate and conservative views, who detested her. She is pro-abortion, anti-marriage, and in favor of teaching the youngest of children how to practice perverse sex acts. Obviously, she is the political darling of the Democrat regime in Massachusetts; a state infamous for manipulating the electorate ever since a former governor invented the concept and practice of Gerrymandering districts.

Scott Brown, on the other hand, was widely known and respected among Republicans and conservatives for his stands against homosexual instruction in the schools and other socially conservative issues, like opting out Catholic hospitals from  a state law which would obligate them to provide emergency contraceptives to women alleging to be rape victims.

The desperation of Marxists and sodomites nationwide at the thought of Brown’s victory as a U.S. Senator is palpable.  One group out of D.C. is calling Massachusetts residents and claiming to represent Massachusetts Citizens for Life; the impersonation is to attempt to convince Brown supporters that he is not pro-life because of his opposition to Obama’s Health Care Reform Bill.  The truth is that Massachusetts Citizens for Life endorses Scott Brown adamantly.

Google Images is doing its share to disrupt Brown supporters by means of featuring on nearly every page of their archive for Brown swimsuit images of the U.S. Senator to be.

The depth of hatred for the Obama regime was manifested most pointedly yesterday when local members of the SEIU at Logan Airport came out in support of Scott Brown, the Republican!

Voter Fraud looks as if it will be an issue in MA

Noted liberals on MSNBC (Schultz: “I’d cheat to keep Brown from winning!”) and radio have even called for voter fraud to prevent the Brown victory.

Voter fraud is a major problem in Massachusetts, where anyone can walk into any polling station, claim to be anyone who is on the voter rolls, and vote in their stead, as no identification whatsoever is asked for.  The only way to know if voter fraud has been committed is for the real voter to go and vote and find his name already crossed off the registration lists as having voted.  In such a case, the voter then must show his ID and prove that he has not voted!

On one conservative blog, a MA resident spoke with young liberals from South Boston who openly admitted that they had cased the voter lists for those who are registered and do not vote and they intend to vote  ten times each at different polling stations across South Boston by impersonating such individuals.

Another report says that upwards of 3,000 citizens will be bringing their video cameras to polling stations to record any voter intimidation which might occur outside.  Massachusetts law, it must be noted, prohibits photographing or videotaping voters inside polling stations or within 100 feet of the exits.

UPDATE — 8:30 PM: The Democratic machine has been caught in various voter and election fraud gimmicks; from posting security officers carrying signs in favor of Coakley, to passing out ballots already filled out, and collecting voters’ filled-in ballots outside of the locked-boxes, so that they can be altered or replaced before tallying. In one case, an election official is counting the vote of an absentee voter who died before the election!

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  1. “The people of Massachusetts have spoken. We welcome Scott Brown to the Senate and will move to seat him as soon as the proper paperwork has been received,” said Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.

    Note for Scott Brown, Senator Reid and co want the proper paperwork. What a shame they didn’t ask for the ‘PROPER PAPERWORK’ For Mr Obama.

  2. Perverts and crimminal conspirators all.
    We all knew this early on, now maybe the
    rest of America has awoken to see it also.

    Now if only we could get Lenin’s useful idiots
    to wake up and smell the FREEDOM!!!

  3. Last week, the white house said that the mass election was a referendum on health care. This week the white house says they’ll press on with health care even if they lose the referendum.

    The white house is currently plotting to blame it all on coakley in an attempt to deflect all attention from their policies which are despised by so many. Of course if she should eke out an unexpected victory, they’ll be back on the referendum spin, telling us that it proves the entire country desperately wants this hideous health care plan.

    1. OMG! Please help our government from choosing people like this woman Martha Coackly who is anti-morality even with children who cannot choose anything let alone about sex……..SHE MUST BE A PERVERT!!! May God bless the USA from this pedophiles!