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By Doug Cook

May 1775, Ethan Allen's Green Mountain Boys take Ft. Ticonderoga

(Jan. 12, 2010) — A valued reader and conservative commenter here on The Post & Email who goes by the screen name of “12th Generation American” posted an ingeniously funny but serious comment regarding an earlier editorial about the importance of folks like himself who post concerns and viewpoints on blogs and websites. This articulate commentator wrote in concerning his inability to garner a response from his elected representatives to the questions he has repeatedly submitted.

Though his posted comments are wonderfully intelligent quips and a humorous play on words, they belie a deep frustration with his congressman’s total refusal to answer his queries.

From “The Pen is to the Keyboard what the Sword is to the Gun“, comment posted by 12th Generation American:

Up to this point, my keyboard seems to be firing blanks at my Congressmen?!? I can’t get a reply!

Where can I find some “live” ammo for my keyboard?!!??

God bless America, because we sure need it!

Well, fine sir, here is the answer you rightfully deserve. I’m sure it is not the return you would receive from your worthy representatives, but I’m giving it my best, because you are my fellow brother in the cause of patriotic duty to Flag and Country.

Your rounds are hitting your targets; don’t doubt it for a second, my friend. Good communists hide their casualties so their adversaries cannot get a body count. You can rest assured your words are noted. Keep pounding those keys , buddy!

Treason committed by elite leeches vindicates all hardworking, honest Americans.  This in turn vindicates our concerns about the assault under way upon our freedoms and prosperity.  It serves as justification for our anger about the total absence of due representation and our welfare which our constitution requires our government to provide.

What we demand, we should not have to stoop to beg for. We bow to no one.

Your writing empowers we who only wish for proper governance through a mandate of the will of the people. Your voice lends evidence and gives truth to the enemies among us who commit treason against our cherished God-given fundamental principles, the constitutional disciples of freedom, liberty, prosperity and self-determination.

We who hold these principles of republican government cannot abide by the acts of usurpers and enemies. Their  sense of omnipotence and disdain for our constitutional laws and values reveals the fact that our general welfare and the very roots of our dignity and most cherished basic freedoms are of no regard to them, these felons and self-appointed potentates who wish to pirate our destiny.

The time has arrived to overthrow those who are in the midst of an attempted overthrow of our great nation, The United States of America!

In a call to Heaven, please, God, bless this wonderful country of ours you helped to create.

As of now, you are witnessing the Tet offensive of the radical Amerikan left.  The progressives and elites understand they have to preempt the will of the people before the center of perceived power shifts away from them. The time  in which we find ourselves is the leftinistas’ golden opportunity to transform our great free Republic into the Banana Republic of The United Socialists of Amerika.

If any have doubt remaining, witness the utter contempt for open and careful consideration and public discourse.  Witness the rush to pass bills and foist unsavory regulation upon an unwilling proud nation, acts of a subversive agenda no one wants except radical elites and entitlement-mongers. No dignity or freedom lies at the end of this path.

Mr. 12th Generation American,

Think about how good your efforts are, consider how effective it is if many such as you do the same.  Through people power, the Constitution and the United States of America are ours, lock, stock and barrel.

As long as the Constitution stands and that you believe victory is assured, we have already won the war. We need only now be vigilant in winning the battles.

What matters most is not lost. It requires a two-thirds majority vote in both chambers of Congress  as well as three-quarters of the states to change anything in the Constitution; it won’t come to pass. All the subversion by way of unconstitutional legislation and regulation taking place has no legal standing.  It is window dressing. If you believe it is legal then it becomes legal by consensus only.

The Constitution is inviolate.  The Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights are our big guns; your keyboard is the ammo.

When things look dark and you think all is lost, when the Constitution is outflanked, start linking belts together. Do the mad minute; that is when the absolute power of We The People becomes absolute in its might.  It is when we take the ultimate measure of protecting and preserving that which has always protected us.

It is taking the absolute measure of ourselves as a free people, a nation supported by the principles of liberty. This is our source of bravery. Remember:  no one or anything can take this from you; only you can surrender it. Surrender is not an option, failure is not an option; is this not so, my friend? Surrender is failure of a resolute heart, a failure of faith and our purpose. Our faith is our source of courage, our faith in God and our fellow men.

We are witnessing the bonsai bayonet charge of the radical left.  The window of opportunity is narrow.   At all costs, they have to make a suicide run at our true blue American ways, hoping to stack the deck so as to return to transform America in their own vision at a later time.

We the people hold the defensive positions, we hold the high ground, it is the advantageous strategic position. In any sense of the word, the radical left has no high ground, moral or strategic, to stand upon. They are bereft of moral character and wisdom from faith in a higher power. Something larger than themselves does not fit within the lexicon of tyranny. They hold themselves supreme among earth and men. It is to those of us who have faith, who believe in this thing called Liberty, we believe in something. It is the sum of us as a free people; it is called The United States of America.

Keep up the good work, my friend.  Every word is another straw on the camel’s back. Don’t doubt if for a second. The radical left hates freedom of speech; it is anathema to everything they despise about America and its people. As long as freedom exists, they cannot attain their nightmare of totalitarian rule. Every stroke of your keyboard bleeds the bastards that much more.

The culprits of socialism cannot do the dirty deeds required to further their agenda without exposing the doctrine for their Amerika. You see it, don’t you? That is why you write, is it not? Do not stop, not for one day or one second. Soon enough they are bled from red to white. Then you can put the boot of Liberty on their necks until they turn blue and expire.

If you bide your time, have faith, remain steadfast and resolute, your efforts will bear fruit.

You can be sure that an accounting of treason committed by traitors in our midst is due:  the scope of omnipotence and disdain provided by our elected leaders for hardworking, honest concerned Americans is tantamount to a total breakdown of the very constitutional principles and fabric of our great Republic.  Answers to this redress are not far off.  The catalysts of revolutionary cause for orange revolution is close at hand.

Sons of Liberty protest British Parliament's Tea Act

Forget not, We the People outnumber our internal enemies by at least 1000 to 1. When we as a people stand with one another, united in our cause of Liberty,  nothing and no one can withstand a force so aroused and just.

Do not discount even one word you write. Do not stop for a second. Give them the hell they desire so much; make them pay for their corrupt beliefs.

The Great Republic of The United States of America is not going down the drain of history.

Mr. 12th Generation American, my regards to you, sir.  Even though your ending sentence is not a question, it surely is a plea deserved of a worthy response:

In our prayers to Heaven, please, God, would you grace us by reinforcing your instrument of faith?  Humbly we ask in our time of dire straits:  bless this wonderful country of ours which you were instrumental in creating.

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  1. Wow….great piece and very uplifting.

    My visual of the tyrants running full force, bayonettes fixed & pointed at the American people, may they run smack dab into the Wall of Liberty, get stuck fast and expire. :-)

    We’ll have a long battle getting this country back to the way our founding fathers intended it to be, striking out every bad piece of legislation that changed our precious Constitution one stroke at a time over the last 100+ years, but everything is possible with our heavenly Father on our side.

  2. Mr Cook:

    Thank you for the kind words and words of encouragement! They mean so much coming from a fellow patriot like you!

    I encourage all readers to refer to this earlier editorial of yours and to which my comments were directed: “THE PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD”


    Please pay close attention to the exchange between Joe the Blogger and me. Hopefully something good will come out of his suggestion. My fellow patriot Carl Swensson is extremely dedicated to restoring our freedom.

    God bless