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by John Charlton, Editor & Founder

UPDATE:  Jan 4, 2010 — 5 AM ET: Donations in response to this appeal have reached approx. $3000; which is sufficient to “save” The Post & Email from the recent crisis to-have-to-move-our-site.  We are negotiating the move to a highpowered, secure site, outside the USA; where we can operate our electronic paper free from the political influence of Obama and his supporters. The funds, thus raised, will go entirely for the costs of the new site.  While transfering to the new hosting company this site will continue operating, and readers should not notice any difference other than, perhaps, the loss of a few comments posted during the final moments of the transition, which should occur in the next 72 hours. As part of the necessity of backing up this site you are reading, The Post & Email also established a safe means for receiving the signatures gathered in the Petition drive, which was launched at midnight. So the move will not affect or impair that campaign.

I personally want to thank all the donors, from those who gave $10 to those who gave over $1,000.  Together you showed the Obots who have been drooling over the impending disappearance of the e-Paper, that patriots, working together, are stronger than Marxists working for themselves.

UPDATE:  Jan 1, 2010 — 10 AM ET: After scouring the globe, I have found 4 companies to seek quotes from.  As they all seem will come in at less than $300 per month, without the requirement that I have a technically proficient webmaster on call, I have revised downward the amount needed to move The Post & Email to a company which won’t harass us for our political views.  My initial estimate of $10,000 was based on bad advice, from a pro-Obama salesman.  The current donations received from this appeal stand at $510 via PayPal (yet as unknown by surface mail) and a potential pledge of $1200 in future support.  There are advertisers standing by to place adds worth $750 if the campaign is successful in saving The Post & Email, so with a little bit more help from our friends, I think we will survive this crisis.  Please be generous.

One thing I have learned from all of this is that according to the Patriot Act, all personal information on any website in the USA is accessible by the Federal Government 24/7, without any notice being given regarding search or seizure.  For that reason I believe as editor, that The Post & Email will serve its readers better with a server outside of the country, even if as a U.S. Citizen I feel deeply in promoting jobs in America.


This was to be the official Logo of the Petition Campaign

(Dec. 31, 2009) — Earlier this week, I put out for public debate a copy of the Petition to the Hawaii Government, demanding the release of Obama’s Vital records.

My mistake was that I assumed the United States of America is still a free country.  I have learned it is not.

The reason I say that is this:  the news that The Post & Email was about to start this Petition Campaign has gotten all the companies providing The Post & Email  Internet services, scared silly, and no American company wants to work with us.

Thus in response to the text, The Post & Email was Alinskied.  Whether these companies were threatened or not, by some actual intervention, or whether their reaction is merely a response to their perceptions of the current political environment, under the Obamacare bill, is immaterial. The result is the same.

Basically, for The Post & Email to continue to exist, the site must be moved to a high-end professional, internet security environment, outside of the United States, where our opposition to Obama will not be a cause for harassment.

Failing that, The Post & Email will have to cease publication in about 1 week.  Two of the largest Internet hosting companies in the USA have basically shown us that they are willing to shut us down on notice; I am only able to write this appeal, after 5 hours of pleading with one of them to allow me access to The Post & Email again (after 27 hours of being shut out of the site).

So to continue to exercise our free speech we need to go overseas, and pay for high end security against hackers, and put this all on a dedicated server.

Presently The Post & Email does not have a budget for that.  It would exceed even the revenue we hope to raise from our monthly advertising, which was meant to reimburse writers for the consignment of the copyright of their articles and pay for normal operating expenses.

Our Current donations stand at approx. $800, Legal Fund donations at approx. $700; for an approximate total of $1,500.  The Post & Email has yet to pay for incorporation, which is estimated to cost at least $600.

However, if readers can come up with $3,600 or so in donations in the next week, we could continue.  The $3,600 figure is to pay a 1 year Internet hosting contract with technical support for a highly protected, dedicated server, overseas.  Since such services must be contracted on a yearly basis, The Post & Email has to have the funds upfront.

Donations can be made electronically through our donation page, “Make a Donation”, on our top navigation bar.

Funds must be raised by Jan 6th, 2010.

The Petition Campaign cannot begin before this move, because the names and addresses of those signing the petition can basically be erased at whim by an American company so pressured.  And I believe that it would not be ethical to begin such a campaign without the security necessary to ensure that what The Post & Email promises to deliver, we do actually deliver.

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    update Jan 3, 2 PM Eastern Time

    Thank you to the donors who have donated about $200 more, since the last update…the total is about $2700, $900 to go…

    How much this $900 will be necessary, I do not know…one plan is about $2400, but all plans will charge us for more traffic…the words is still out…..I am finding foreign companies more helpful, since the politics surrounding Obama and his supporters is not taken so seriously outside the USA….


    Saturday, Jan 2, 2010: UPDATE — Noon, Easter Time…

    I want to thank all the donors, esp. those who gave so generously in the last 24 hours…

    Donations in response to this appeal total: $2500….$1100 to go….

    As for finding a company, I’ve been globe trotting, but nothing much can be done until Monday, due to the holidays…

  3. Question? Will $3600 launch the petition drive and provide the necessary security to this effort? Net, how much does the Post & Email need to launch and secure?


    Mr. Charlton replies: Kailuagirl, yes $3,600 in total. The whole point of moving the site to a highspeed dedicaed server, outside the country is to secure and enable the petition drive to commence posthaste. Infact everything is ready to begin the drive, I just need to move the site to such an environment to guarantee the integrity of the information receive during the drive. I specify in the update at the top of this article, what the status was as of 10 AM Eastern Time today.

    1. AOK. GTG. Happy New Year. God Bless America!


      Mr. Charlton replies: With friends like you, K.G., and all the other readers who are so supportive of The Post & Email, it will be a very happy New Year. Happier still if we can do something, however, little to restore the Constitution’s rule in this country.

  4. John,
    Would it be fair for me to assume that “Other” websites such as WND, that poll and have signed petition drives, are included in this type of requirement that is being asked of you? Are they overseas as well? I am not quite confident understanding what the legal differences are, have a petition or not on your website would appear to me as irreverent.


    Mr. Charlton replies: I don’t think it has to do with the fact that The Post & Email is about to undertake a petition drive; it has to do with the nature of that petition. There is something about Obama’s original vital records that evidently frightens Obama and his supporters, like the light frightens cockroaches.

    However, objectively speaking, the mere fact that Dr. Fukino admitted that Obama has original vital records, in the plural, means there is something odd about his brith filing, and I suspect personally that it is so politically damaging, that he and his supporters are willing to do anything to prevent disclosure.

    But in any event; if there is nothing to hide, why call those of us who want to see the originals disclosed, “racists” or “bigots” or “birthers”, or whatever. “Thou dost protest too much,” as Shakespear says in Macbeth.

  5. Donation will be forthcoming.

    SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!!

    $10K should be very doable – my concern is that this notice needs to be distributed far and wide.

    Even if you can’t donate right now, you can make a significant contribution by spreading this call for action.

    Every site you visit and can post a comment on you should use to alert others to this urgent need at the P&E. Post it on Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, FreeRepublic, RedState, EVERYWHERE!

    Encourage others to distribute the link as well. Flood the internet with calls of support for the Post & Email!

  6. Just made another contribution to support the work you do. There’s a ton of folks with and praying for you. Is it possible to keep us up to date on the status of the needed funds?

    May the Force Be with You . . .


  7. Thank you one an all for your comments and donations.

    I cannot post most of the comments, because they or my response could comprimise our security,

    But about half of them are from nasty obots who are licking their chops to see The Post & Email go under.

    The next few days will be see the outcome of this battle. A real grassroot effort, or the victory of Marxist tyrrany…

    DONATION REPORT: So far donations in response to this appeal have reached approx. $500…$9500 to go…

  8. Hi John
    I want to provide some information with several links and you filter is blocking. It is important and likely something you have not thought of. Is there a way to put a html link behind the text or satisfy the filter?


    Mr. Charlton replies: I cannot answer your question because it woudl comprimise our security.

  9. I just made a donation. I hope many others will help. We need to defend our freedom.

    There is an article on oilforimmigration.com which states that the same thing (or at least similar) happened to the editor at Midknight Review.

  10. John,
    Yes it’s hard to believe..that people wishing ill will upon the USA can find any/everything they want on the internet to assist with their bad intentions. However what happens when free minded liberty seeking people excersise their rights??? Your article it’s disturbing on many levels. If anyone would have told me these types of tactics to surpress freedom of speech were possible 1 yr ago I would of laughed at them. Now I know it to be true and I get more afraid for this country with each passing day Obama and his socialist/marxist thugs are in office. I’m making my donation now. Please know there are MANY-MANY like minded patriots who are behind your efforts 100% and want to see the petition campain move ahead.
    God Bless

  11. John,
    I just made my second installment. I am behind your efforts for transparency and eligibility of our elected officials 100%. My only suggestion would be to consider scaling back the website content ancillary to the petition efforts temporarily if it will allow you to get your hosting costs down.

    The primary concern right now should be determining the eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to be POTUS. A lot of the woes for our country hinge on his usurping of the office and abolishing our Constitution.

    Barack Hussein Obama said:
    “The Constitution is a fundamental flaw of this Country”

    As John Adams said:
    “I must study politics and war, that my sons may have the liberty to study mathematics and philosophy, natural history and naval architecture, in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, music, architecture, tapestry, and porcelain.”

    The Patriots realize that the MSM is no longer the place to get news so they will stick with you.

    Pixel Patriot


    Mr. Charlton replies: You make a good point, and thank you for your support.