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By Douglas Cook

(Dec 31, 2009) — To say that “you would not be here reading this if you where not concerned for what is taking place in our country,” is a logical assumption.

“What to do?” “What can I do?” “What is the safe smart move?” — These are some of the questions running through all our minds.

The safe move is the smart move, in common times.

But these are uncommon times for us. Time is becoming a critical factor. Our liberties are rapidly dissolving. There are events taking place that if the right choices are taken brave people will be rewarded.

I have faith in the patriotic nature of we the people. People power is where it is at.  As a person of conservative values you may have asked yourself about the political Parties, where have they been of late? It is an honest question. I think they are out getting new dentures and Armani suits.   Time has arrived to refresh these political Parties. Time to refresh our Republic.

Now is the time to renew the people into the true power factor that we always have been. It is ourselves that know what we want. It is we who know what is best for ourselves. It is we that far outnumber any political party in power. It is we that are the true power brokers.

The power we hold as the people is monumental. It is bigger than any.

It is larger than us.

It is America.

You, and you and you, and you and I and she and he, us and we have everything to gain by taking control of our destiny our lives and our great society.

We are our brave hearted soldiers who may die in a far place far from comfort and those who love them, whose bravery arises from being utterly scared of dangers of combat, who may never hold in their arms that beautiful creature born of blood. The blessed hearted lady who operates her daycare from her home, never charges you for watching your kids when you have to stay late at your job. The old guy who has worked 30 years in a trade craft who has more knowledge than any new college graduate engineer, his knowledge discounted and brings home a quarter of the pay. The police officers who never know if they will end up in a pine box, but have such honor and courage they never waver in their duty. The miner who may go to eternity in the lonely dark confines of a coal mine. The pilot who against all odds lands his 50 Ton airliner on a river because he believes in all his heart everyone on board can all walk away. The family who gives up everything from the home country to become citizens in a nation that believes in and is founded in liberty and self-determination. The Doctor who strives to cope with the mysteries of life, who carries silently the Hippocratic Oath as a badge of courage. The fireman that humps 50 pounds of gear 70 flights of stairs with higher regard for your life than his. These folks and so many more believe in this place called America, they believe in it so much they will do whatever it takes to contribute something of themselves to our way of life. You all, you who want so little contribute so much. These are people who number in the millions upon millions.


Compared to we the people, the folks in elected office who are currently chartering our destiny are numbered in the mere hundreds.

How does that grab you?

And what will really bake your noodle, consider the number of folks in our elective government who are visibly and actively working in the people’s best interest and wishes?

I do not see a many. There are, God bless them, a few who stand by us, who believe. They need us and we need them. These few have a lot to offer and are wise men and woman. They are we. We are they. Heroes?

There is most likely no messiah of the flesh waiting in the wings, no hero, or savior who is going to come to our rescue; one man or woman is not going to do be able to so, this is not America. There are many Heroes though. If you were to ask where are they I would say to you; they are regular folks, they are we and we are they. Out of many comes one.

We are our saviors, in a sense. We are the ones who will come to the rescue. That is the beauty of it; it is part and parcel of who we are as a people and a nation. This is where greatness lays.“We the People” is our God given and our constitutionally guaranteed right to self-determination.


On Sept 12, 2009, over 1.7 million people gathered together in one place, these are folks who believe in each other and their country. Do you suppose there are other Patriots who could not be there in the flesh? Do you surmise that their spirit was there? Is it safe to contend there are tens of millions more that could not attend?

Might there be quite a bit more than this?

Heroes? Do any of us know of a time or place where so many gathered peacefully for something so grand and noble? Think about it. Think about how profound this is. Yet how simple it is.  If you understand this my friend you now have the power, you have the gift to see beyond time.

Our way of life is assured if we the people incorporate as an entity to be reckoned with. Neither one nor anything is going to do this for us.

A simple truth of the matter, I can not with my hand shading my eyes scanning the horizon see a political party out there with our best interest coming before any other?

I can see, I can envision, a vast number of people who are afraid of what is becoming of our beloved country, and our way of life and I think they are very angry, are deeply concerned and are looking for redress. Redress from usurpers, dictators.

Now it is the time for us to take those concerns of and beliefs in Liberty and of Freedoms to re-form a union of people and government that serves the interest and desires of the people.


This is the time to stand by our Founding Fathers who gave us, we the people, the tools and the wise answers to do what needs to be done.

There is no other time. There is no other place. This is our Home. There is no place to run. This is where it is my friends and fellow Patriots.

The cold hard reality is that values and philosophies of Liberty and Freedom only spoken of or written about do not a nation make. Liberty and Freedom requires refreshing through action and deeds.

Vote not only your conscience when you pull that lever, call out not only your voice or write with your hand, vote with your checkbook, invest in your security with Washington’s, and Lincolns, and Hamilton’s, give Grant and good old Franklin a say too. Invest in the people who seek elective office who swear the oath of fealty upon the heart and bible to our Constitution and Bill of Rights, to the republican form of constitutional government.

What you may say?
Yes, dollars, or bullets and…
That is not the path. This is not the choice.

I say you, Have faith o ye faithful!

We have the power, yes we do. It may be a concept difficult to visualize at first look, once you give it a good think it is not so hard to realize what is staring us in the face.

The situation is ripe for the picking. We have a viable political entity called the Republican Party that is ours for the making. There are elected people who are our compatriots, many who are easily displaced. The timing could not be better. This is our time, this is our saving grace. We the people can build the Republican Party into the Constitutionally conscious committed arm of the representation of the will of the people.

Forget the current state of affairs of the Democratic Party, they do not stand a chance against a citizenry locked and loaded. Give discount to the Obama administration. It is a house of cards. It exists only through the dictator’s tactic of divide and conquer. Give little concern for vehicles of moral corruption’s; a morally bankrupt left has little power over those who cast aside those evils.

This great nation is not a country of the few for the few. It is not a country for the benefit of the privileged. It is not a nation of slaves to agendas and special interests. It is not a nation for the benefit of the elite who rape of us for our treasure and rob us of our prosperity.

It is the time to leave this corruption of liberty in the dust of history.

We are a nation of laws and people undivided. This is the bond that binds us and is unbreakable.  We have our differences yes, differences do not divide; differences make us strong as they are the source of our greatest strength. Always has and always will. It is a balance that is healthy. We are a nation of different people; this is part and parcel of the strength and moral fiber that makes us what we are.

Liberty, Justice, Self-Determination, Prosperity and Freedom.

Patrick Henry told the audience at St Johns Church in Richmond Virginia on March 23 1775 “Give me Liberty, or give me Death.” Among those in attendance that day where Patriots and future Presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. History tells us these Heroes and Patriots responded with a chorus of shouts, To Arms! To Arms!

These are Heroes who risked treason to a potentate; risking all they had in belief of what is now our country. But treason it was not, it was fealty to human dignity, belief in being free and prosperous, at all costs.

They are Heroes in the flesh long gone.

Might be it is for Heroes of our time to carry the day.
In 1831 Samuel Francis Smith wrote in the opening lyrics to “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee”

My country, ‘tis of thee,
Sweet land of liberty

It is to you and I, us and we, our time has come.

This is our God blessed country.

This is where the Heroes are.

We are the Heroes.

From Canadian Free Press article By Doug Cook, revised & republished originally from Monday October 26, 2009

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  1. Unfortunanately, we Heroes have no real leader or center of leadership! We have many groups and indivudals trying to make a difference, but so far without success?!!? They have no power and especially alone. The freedom opposition on the other hand has the power of the Congress, The White House, and the Federal Judicial System to continue suppressing the Heroes! Until a leader steps forward with the organizational ability and finiancial backing to take back America and return it to the people, all we can do is continue to protest, pray, complain, vote in sometimes questionable elections (New Jersey), blog, and communicate with unresponsive bought and paid for politicians!?!? What has this accomplished to this point? I mean really?!??

    Although, there are some politicians who seem to be taking up the banner, every Republician in Congress certified a.k.a. Barack Hussein Obama as POTUS without properly vetting him?!!? To this point in time, I have seen NO effort on their part to correct this ERROR despite all of the requests by constituents and Federal Court cases attempting this.

    It is obvious to me and many millions of AMERICANS that we need a leader to step forward and unite all ot the patriotic efforts going on in AMERICA today!!?!? The path we are on at present is just not getting us there. I am not advocating a violent revolution! I am only saying AMERICA needs to take back our country and the AMERICAN way of life provided for in the Declaration of Independence, the U.S.Constitution, and the Bill of Rights!!

    United we stand! Divided we fall! Have you heared that somewhere before! I’m sad to say, I do not have the ability to put this into motion as I am just like the rest of you many frustrated patriot bloggers out there!

    God bless and may 2010 be the year of regaining our country!

    12th Generation AMERICAN

    1. Dear 12th gen,
      Think about your concerns in another light; Leaders have failed us miserably in the duty they hold to we people. This duty is commiserate with the truth that people voted them into office. The failure is in the truth that the people are not represented. This is where the true failure lies.

      The beauty of our republic lies in the truth that We People are the Sovereign. The representation that is voted for, not the power assumed by the elected, is given to others that did not vote and are not sovereign.

      You have the same power and sovereignty as every other person, it is legaly and lawfully granted to you only. This is your country, it belongs to you, you are THE sovereign power.

      Do not be dismayed, lift yourself from thinking you are a victim of forces greater than you, cast aside stigma placed upon your person that you hold no power to determine what is for you. These are plain old lies. When you see accept and understand your place and importance in your country, you are empowered to effect changes that you determine is right for you.

      By doing so, you become a power of many who choose this also. This single concept then becomes an instrument of power that has no equal and there is no foe that can withstand the force of redress and recourse as is the intent of the laws of checks and balances of our Republic.

      By doing so you empower others to do the same, and they in turn empower others till we people are reckoned with and justly create the power to correct wrongs against us and our instruments of sovereignty.

      Thinking outside the box, for no leader by the nature of liberty and freedom, because of the checks and balances in place, has this power and sovereignty to accomplish this.

      You see my friend and fellow compatriot, Liberty and Republican government lies in the heart and mind, if you believe in the power vested in you as your birthright it simply is. It lies within your heart and your heart only, it does no lie within what people who have no interest in what you know is best for you wish you to believe.

      Simply it is a matter of believing, when you believe anything is within your self determination.

      Believe me when I say to you you are not alone if you believe.

      By these means leaders that represent we people will arise, they will be true leaders due to the simple truth this leadership will be born from the roots of Liberty and determined to be so by we people as the leadership that we demand.

  2. Wow! Doug, I have been stirred. I feel as if I just read a pre-American Revolution piece by some ex-patriate from Britain in the new land of promise who was acheing to break lose from the tyranny of the King.

    I felt shivers as I read this article. It brims with hope for the preservation of our republic. As you are well aware,the republic must be defended constantly. It is forever the target of those in the world who hate that we have such blessings of liberty as the freedom to speak our minds,the right to assemble peacefully and to the redress of grievances as well as Life,Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for ourselves and our Posterity.

    I picture myself on that perfect day in 1787 when the US Constitution was ratified enshrining our rights forever,a written guarantee that the government would never be able to abuse us in ways King George was so ept at. Despot wannabes have tried. We have one in the Oval office now who is trying to compete with the likes of King George,Hitler,Pot,Stalin,Lenin,Amin,Chavez and Armadinejhad.

    I thought I was already rev’d up. You proved me wrong. With writings like yours how can real Americans remain apathetic? In the annals of history I see “America the Beautiful-Where the Heroes are” being placed alongside 18th Century patriotic tomes such as “Common Sense” by Thomas Paine.

    “We the people” have duties and obligations as well as the Blessings of Liberty. We must be “ever vigilant”. We are honor bound to do whatever it becomes necessary to do in order to preserve and protect our constitution and our republic.

    The blood lost by hundreds of thousands of our ancestots,lost in order to pass on to us what was conceived in 1776,is something that can never be ignored. We too must offer our “blood” if need be,so that the United States will continue to be an oasis of freedom in a world intent on domination of it’s “subjects”. “We the People” are not “Subjects” we are the “King”.

    Doug McKay said that “The Second Amendment is the reset button for the US Constitution”. Right now we are pursuing the issues in the courts. It is incumbent upon the courts,congress and Obama to respect the constitution. While not advocating violent overthrow of the US Government,I must say that lest the Three branches Executive,Judiciary and Legislative return to respecting the Fourth branch,”We the People”, the Three
    may find themselves in a “Bit of a Sticky wicket” not unlike what the Brits faced in 1776.

    Ironically, Obama IS a Brit!