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THEM THAR ARE FIGHTIN’ WORDS: “For I know Not What Others May Choose, But For Me Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death” Patrick Henry, 1775

Letter to my fellow Americans, from Doug Cook

The Gadsen Flag, symbol of American Independence.

(December 22, 2009) — I wish to share with you a few guiding tenets of liberty and instruments of law of our republican nation and their relation to our nation as seen from a civilian’s perspective.

In all of history there have been thousands of civilizations, society’s of every kind through time, but America is quite unique. In all of these civilizations and nations there has been a form of absolute power. Either it was a king or potentate, a dictator, tribal chief or big boss of some kind, or a ruling class or body of elites that held power and control over the people. Never before was there a country where the people were the boss. What is unique about America is how “We the People” are the Big Cheese.

E pluribus unum; our republic is set up where only the people are the just power. This is the big safety of self governance and sovereignty. This is everything. Without this there would be no United States of America. Never before in the history of the human race has the beauty of liberty transpired and thrived. United We Stand, Divided We Fall.


E pluribus unum:  out of many one. Habeus corpus:  an important instrument for the safeguarding of individual freedom against arbitrary state action. Quo warranto:  protection from wrongful exercise of powers beyond those authorized by statute. The Posse Comitatus Act: statute prohibiting federal military personnel and units of the National Guard under federal authority from acting in a law enforcement capacity within the United States, except where expressly authorized by the Constitution or Congress. Novus ordo seclorum:  new order of the ages. Annuit Cœptis: “He (God) has favored our undertakings.”

Our government: government of the people, for the people, by the people. This is the key; a constitutional republic in which people are the sovereign. It is the keystone of the bridge spanning the timeless river of tyranny that our people constructed and crossed out fleeing subjugation and entering into self-determination and Liberty…crossing the Delaware River we became the owners of this great nation.

Government and corporations by their very nature can not be sovereign, they are contradictory terms.  To be “sovereign” is to be human, free. An entity cannot be free; it only exists through control of the people or by will of the people. Republican government does not repress it represents; ulterior forces are at work which if left unchecked will usurp our sovereign powers. If we choose the former we are subjects, if we choose the later we remain free citizens of a republic. Neigh time it may be to cross the Rubicon again.

“A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned – this is the sum of good government.” – Thomas Jefferson


It is easy to understand what resides in the heart. Difficult to express through acts of freedom.

The American Revolutionary War, George Washington’s steadfast leadership; his knowledge that loosing was not an option. The loyalty of the men under his command, Bunker Hill, Colonials dressed as native Americans dumping tea in Boston Harbor, the battle of Brandy Wine Creek, Ben Franklin’s sublime diplomacy, Thomas Jefferson’s ink and quill; what hardships and overwhelming odds faced those Continental Soldiers and Colonial Revolutionaries fighting the mighty British empire? Standing alone with meager materiel, small hope of salvation but for their own druthers. Without question they where hardy folk. They believed in something larger than themselves. They truly must have for it was a brutal journey these men and woman took, they chose liberty or death…and made the enemy die for their country; a small band of brothers and sisters who overcame the power of the world’s supreme potentate. Those Patriots kept an eye on the ends. These heroes of liberty got a foot in the door of sovereignty and by courage of the heart ripped it off it’s hinges so it could never be closed again. The deeds and actions of those warriors and Patriots assured that we would thrive these past 234 years. Ideals of Liberty vindicated by history.


I have been on this earth for 51 years, so much has come to pass over that half a century. I am born of a legacy two and one half century’s long. My ancestors like so many, where drawn to the shining light on the hill with no small hope and ideal. Good and bad America has weathered through a dynamic history of our land. America sure has accomplished so many amazing things. Our country has a new millennium before it, one can only imagine what glorious achievements lay before us; this is in our blood, it is the spirit of greatness. I am proud of my country beyond words, tears of joy fortify my Patriotism.

With old glory flying and an ear to the ground, clearly malice is afoot. Disreputable events are going down that are cause for genuine redress; we the people are close to not being the empowered. It is hard to define the concern to protect against things sinister; think the long view of duty to God and Country. Call it a gut feeling or something on our radar just on the edge of detection that is not supposed to be there. Intrinsic values eroding. Always be prepared. Honor the flag for which it stands. Always strive to do the right thing and the sky is the limit. Live by the truth. Live free or die. This is the country I wish to live in.

In the simplest terms my fellow countrymen, we are on the threshold of becoming subjects to a wishful ruling class of wealthy and powerful individuals and special interest entities. In fact if you wade through the politics of our time, and look at the meat of the matter, you can grasp that we the people have become a nuisance to the ends of the means of a self appointed elite; grist for the mill of ever increasing greed for more power and wealth.

The depths of disdain evident by elitism for the common welfare of the common people is manifold. Evidence in the form of stolen prosperity is rife across the land, clearly evident in derisive snobbery directed against our birthright concerns. The treasures and wealth of my country is literally being robbed blind due to treasonous acts. Gerrymander is the god of war; the artillery of choice of power brokers, a malignant cancer of the republic, cultured and propagated by those who hold only interest for themselves. By any name this is creeping tyranny, subjugation in the making through unconstitutional indenture.

I speak for many as a patriot

By our own hand of acquiescence, not out of commission but of omission, we are subjects of power struggles among treasonous factions of a ruling class bent on chopping our country into special interest realms. Witness the ruthless crescendo of our national treasures doled out to the blue sky money managers under the guise of stimulus and bailout. A rush to spread a taxed excise garnered from the people’s hard work and prosperity to a class of fellow conspirators completely out of control. In the crush of the elitists to secure their piece of the pie, events have culminated to the point where nothing remains sacred to the means of the ends of ever more greed and power.

If history proceeds on the present course, no matter what happens to our country the elite class is set for life. The tiny portion of our population that resides in the secure and secret places of usurpation are well entrenched and therefore difficult to dislodge. The keys to many doors are held in the hands of too few.

Reality is such that we as a people are now at a point in our history where short of revolutionary change, there are few effective methods remaining that are robust enough to rid our country of  omnipotent brokers of power. There are dangerous key people who have ulterior intent, who are running block on we the people. This here lays a weak link in the nefarious chain of command undermining our America.


Most importantly, in every respect we are lawfully sole proprietors of our future. Only “We the People” are keepers and protectors of our laws and charters of freedom rooted in the tree of liberty. These crucial aspects are the framework of our republic. We the people are the fasteners that hold the structure of our constitution together, and together only we can keep the wrecking ball of tyranny from crashing down on our sovereign home. Aspects of our representative branches of government are in disarray, have become stale, lost direction, totally corrupted. Only through the uncompromising conscious will of the people, by utilizing this force of freedom, do we remain a great nation not relegated to the trash heap of history. In the collective heart of America resides all that is great and honorable in America. This is where salvation will come from, it is what America is all about. It’s people.


Communism, dictatorship and other proven failures of subjugation are empty vessels, devoid of dignity of spirit, instruments of rule in no means shining beacons of mankind. Our current elite are very much a house of cards. It is a structure built on a rotten foundation of greed and usurpation. The Republican way of governing is set on a bedrock of God’s blessings, liberties and freedoms. A quality of and reserved for a free people. In true indication of right and greatness millions the world over desire a life in America, a place like no other.

A paradox of this struggle is the simple fact that there are so many good and well intentioned people who are unaccustomed to a subversive enemy cloaked in a myriad of benign forms, screened by fabrications and sublime insidious propaganda, a foe that undermines countless morals and traditions in order to subvert attention from goals subversive and sinister.

By consequence, many are reluctant freedom warriors. The spirit of 1776 is innate in the patriotic collective conscience, but it requires a powerful catalyst for a call to arms, to commit to measures necessary to secure our heritage.


The choices of self determination remaining to us as a society and nation are becoming fewer in proportion to growing omnipotence of the federal government and crippling growth of the national debt it is creating.

The viable courses of redress require hard choices and a collective brotherhood of patriotic sacrifice. It will require relinquishing many aspects of our lifestyles and devotion of our under-utilized collective might for the job at hand. The payback far exceeds any short term loss.

Sacrifice will empower us with resources to overcome the tribulations we are facing, strength of faith to re-establish and assure our long-term Constitutional way of life; and by good consequence prosperity unequaled.

Our founders understood how their republic would evolve and with wise foresight instituted checks and balances to address the times that have arrived to us. The needed tools and mechanisms of redress exist, stockpiled by wise patriots 234 years ago against this day. The rewards are beyond measure.


We the People have to open one big can of Yankee Whoop-Ass on financial potentates and political power brokers running wild through the governmental and financial halls of our Republic. Call the bluff of the sharks circling, draw the line in the sand, and force the hand of tyranny into the light of day revealing the traitors within our midst. Count coupe on the culprits and cabal. Throw the bums out, send them packing. For it they think that their unconstitutional ideals are better for America, they can attempt an overthrow in a country rife in dictatorial government. It is where traitors belong.


I’m hoping there are many of you out there that want the same thing; in fact I wager many brothers and sisters in the wilderness of worry and concern for God and Country really-really want their country, in all its glory, to be an even better place than it has been in all its history. Bless those who have remained steadfast in the call to redress.  They have heralded the rise of a second coming to greatness emulating our forebears. That big old can of whoop-ass is chock full of the means to get the job done in grand style.

So I’m asking you, stand up for your country. Stand for what is right and just. Refuse any and all treason against you. Hold the concept of Liberty and self-determination close in your heart, give strength to others with your beliefs. Trust in the wisdom our great Creator gave us, his is wise and just council, his morals of life, his guiding commandments are manifest in our destiny. Stand for lawful redress of republican government, give no quarter nor accept such from the evils eroding the foundations of our Republic.

There is no place like our home and land. Stand in pride of your way of life, fight for your Prosperity and Liberty, for your family, for your God and your country.

May providence shine its blessing upon you and your loved ones this Christmas respite.

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  1. A constitutional convention is not the way to go.
    It would more than likely be populated by traitors and no telling what would come out of it.
    The states can repeal these amendments without a constitutional convention. All they have to do is get the legislatures to introduce and pass repeal amendment and governor to sign it. If enough states pass the repeal amendment it is law regardless of Washington DC traitors or President thinks or wants.
    In other words we need to get after state officials, they have sit back and not done their duty just like federal officials!!!

    1. You really don’t know what you’re talking about. Amendments can only be proposed by the Congress or a Convention. The idea of individual states just doing on their own is completely wrong. A Convention would be populated by representatives from the states who would have a interest in taking back some authority from the Feds. Therefore the idea that it would be full of Federal traitors is unlikely.

  2. The States and the People must demand an Article 5 Constitutional Convention so that the 16th and 17th amendments can be repealed. This is the only way to regain our country short of armed revolution.