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By Doug Cook

Sarah Palin during the 2008 Presidential Campaign

(Dec. 21, 2009) — The phenomena and popularity of Sarah Palin resides in the hearts of millions of conservative minded Americans. Across the blogosphere and in the new media press there are countless examples of admiration and respect for this talented and principled woman. This popularity transcends hatefulness expressed by many who fail to recognize or are unwilling to speak as to why she is so popular.

Mrs. Palin is simply not part of the elitist landscape that has dominated politics and most of the mainstream press for decades. She faces the same tactics of personal destruction that Ronald Reagan and George W Bush were subjected to by the same  aggressive left propaganda machine.

Much like Presidents Reagan and Bush, the tactics and strategy of hateful people roll off like water on a ducks back. Why is this so? Mrs. Palin’s concerns lie with people, her principles are a reflection of what most folks believe is a better and noble way of government for people. Not to mention she is a regular Jane done good. A great Mom and  beautiful faithful spouse, an intelligent hard working  God fearing person who brings home the bacon.

Mrs. Palin also is admired as a modern day representative of the concept and founding intentions of  the citizen politician. The idea of a citizen who serves her country and her fellow countrymen with the honor and dignity in unselfish service, having similar courage that is so uncommonly common of our brothers and sisters who serve their country in the armed services.


I think it is safe to say her motivations are very simple and clear. Love of Family, God and Country; a steadfast belief in Liberty and Prosperity. It is unquestionable these are her guiding lights. As an example, looking to the words of Mrs. Palin’s speeches, to the content of her recently released book “Going Rogue”, she without reservation stipulates that her commitment to public service and her belief in serving is her duty as a citizen of the United States of America. Period. Her desire to serve comes from her  understanding that anyone can accomplish anything in this great nation. That serving as a citizen politician one can affect a quality of life and way of government that empowers ‘We the People ‘in unparalleled prosperity and freedom to have any choice, to be whatever we desire.


In such a humble and God fearing person, there resides the Noble and profound roots of what our founders established for our great Republic. This is part-and-parcel of the admiration and respect Mrs. Palin garners from folks all across the country. It is clear she understands God is the bedrock of our nation; how belief in a higher power  empowers a people and its country believe in itself.

Sarah Palin has crossed the Rubicon of standard and statist politics in America. To many of the upper crust and elitist lairs of America, Sarah Palin is an unfathomable anomaly on their radar screen, a “pagan and part of the unwashed,” lower-class, trailer trash.  To so many common folk, Sarah is just what she is, one of their own.


In the broader scope of all things so American and Patriotic, what Sarah Palin represents is a great underlying yearning and desire for a way of life based upon and rooted in the simple things of life: a good, decent, paying, secure job; the liberty to be free from government and special interests sticking their noses in and imposing their will in every  facet of one’s life. The knowledge that government is best here to serve, not be served. Rock solid certainty that the government is preserving our security and Liberty with all its might and is leading the world in freedom; both by strength of arms and leadership through a diplomacy of example. That welfare is interest of the people; that it empowers, people through self worth, not for chosen people to live off of. For a nation run and operated in a frugal economic manner. Prosperity created through wise use of the nation’s wealth and resources in sound and rational ways that return the dividend that its citizens  have invested in, in the first instance. I suspect many understand at a base level this leads to ever increasing prosperity, that Sarah Palin embodies this and has the credentials to back up her words with actions and deeds.


What so many people also see in Mrs. Palin is trust. Trust in knowing where she comes from, and trust she never forgets this. Trust in knowing where Sarah Palin is going. Trust in knowing Mrs. Palin calls a “spade a spade”. Trust in knowing that even if one does not see “eye-to-eye” on every issue or policy, trusting Mrs, Palin has your best interest in mind before above and besides any other interest.

Last but not least on the qualities of character of Sarah Palin: she holds an abiding trust in people all around her. Sarah has the beautiful quality of understanding we are all different in so many ways, that our Nation is the great melting pot of humanity;  everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt of personal dignity, and the God given rights of Freedom, Liberty, Self -Determination, and the Liberty to live one’s life as intended by our Charters of Freedom:  The US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Considering these things about Sarah Palin and the simple hopes of so many of The United States of America, it comes as no wonder, but as a wonderful thing:  This person if she so chooses could be Mrs. Sarah Palin President Of The United States of America.

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  1. During the POTUS election campaigning the left pitted Mrs. Palin against Obama because they knew full well that McCain was weaker; and they simply feared this woman as she was indeed a direct threat to their socialist agenda. Surprisingly this occurred even though she ran as VP and NOT as President which was an eye opener for me. In addition, the left realized early on that based on qualifications Mrs. Palin was indeed more experienced and possessed far greater CEO attributes, if you will, as apposed to Obama who possessed none at that level.

    Is she ready to be POTUS? The next few years will lend credence to a thorough and more in depth examination of her future positions, performance and goals. Time will indeed tell. That is as long as our Constitution is still in affect which is becoming more doubtful as days pass. This is simply based on what has happened since January 20th, 2009; not only to each of us as individuals but as We the People of the greatest nation this world has ever seen and perhaps will ever see.

    GOD help us all.

  2. Some of you Palinbots need to read THIS…



    Mr. Charlton replies: Bob, you can search the site and see I am no supporter of Sarah Palin; however, I leave the issue open for free discussion, because she is a natural born citizen.

    However I will not endure the comparison of her supporters to Obots, whose man is a usurper and marxist. If you persist in such verbiage, I will erase your comments. Sorry, if you think that does not make sense, but it does…just like you don’t compare someone who does not suit your fancy to Hitler, you don’t compare Palin to Obama; that’s uncivil and it lessens sensitivity to the criminality of Obama.

    I require that much civility at the least here in the comment section.

    …as for the link, that is always far game, post as many as you like. I will not however permit links to articles which defame others with lies, on whatever spectrum of the aisle the targets are.

    However, having read your link, I’d say this: probably 70% of parents have no idea what music peronalities stand for. The error of the above article is one made by many authors, to attribute the morals of a musician to his fans; his fans like him for his music, not necessarily his morals. Do some think that it is morally ok to listen to immoral music, and yet do not condone the immorality it advocates? Yes, a lot of folks live that way. As a Christian and philosopher I would fault them for that, but I cannot see how you can use such an argument to indict Palin for not being a conservative. Being a “conservative” is a political category not a religious one. If you examine “conservative” ideology, you will find that they are in fact socialists, which is why Rhinos follow donkeys into Socialist tyranny…

  3. Memo to Sarah Palin et al:–

    All Sarah has to do is publicly state the Const. Art 2 Natural Born Citizen issue (clearly differentiating it from the Hawaii birth certificate ‘birther’ issue) — AND IT WOULD ROCK THE WORLD!!!!!!

    it would change the course of America!

  4. You could argue she already threw one election, and conservatives want her to run again? I too had high hopes for her, but do not trust her anymore… especially after being paid $millions for a book deal brokered by Robert Barnett. Use google and connect the dots, people.

  5. Sarah Palin could run circles around Barry obama or what ever his name is today. At least she has been Mayor of a town, Gov. of a state and I know more about her past then anyone knows about Barry.

    1. One question…why is she silent on NATURAL BORN CITIZEN? Should this not be the litmus for truth and belief in “America”? What is USA without its Constitution? I have written her specifically involving NBC, to no avail. Then there is that “Stupid Conspiracies” Facebook posting. She had me, she lost me. Until she takes a specific direct stand on NBC, she is no different than all of the other corrupt thieves capitalizing on this “crisis”.